Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


59. Slightly Letting Go

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Niall twisted his fingers through the holes in my knitted, bubblegum pink jumper and pulled me closer “Do you have to go into school tomorrow?”

The hot breath on my neck was hard to resist but I squirmed away, back over the midnight blue bed, so that I could see his turquoise eyes better. “You know I do.” He looked back into my eyes and I felt his fingers go through the wool to lightly touch my stomach.


He started to lean in towards me, trying to look his most irresistible. I almost gave in and succumbed to his touch, but remembered that this was his aim and lightly batted his face away. “You’re not playing fair.”

“What? Because of this?” His fingers brushed my stomach again, making the muscles that were there clench tighter. He knew the effect that he was having on me and was enjoying every moment of it.

“Niall.” We had already made out for over an hour; longer than we originally agreed. I had said that I neede to go to bed at 11 and it was quickly approaching midnight.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Stop.” I warned him with a slight smile. He glided his fingers again and I knew a way to enforce my words. “Right, I’m going downstairs. I need to get some sleep before tomorrow.” I turned my back to him, as I got up from his bed. It wasn’t long before I felt him take a tight hold on my hand, using the wrist that I had purposefully left resting on the bed, and pull me back.

“No, I’m sorry. I’ll be good.” He had pulled me back, so that I was even closer to him; both of our cold noses touching at the tips. “Sorry Rosie.” He repeated with a slight laugh as he pecked a few kisses on my cheeks and nose.

“You’re not sorry.” I held in the urge to giggle, as I pretended to get back up. It was when I heard him moan in annoyance that I threw myself back down so that I could kiss his lips quickly. “Surprise.” His eyes flew open in shock. I laughed shyly and he smoothed my hair out on the pillow.

“Look who isn’t playing fair now.”

“Yeah yeah.” I lingered on his lips again until I made him sigh. “I really need to go downstairs to sleep but I don’t want to go.” As I hovered over him slightly, I looked down at the hand that was gripping the front of his grey t-shirt.

“I’ll come with you. I’ll tuck you up and then I’ll leave you to sleep.”

“Are you sure?” He gave me a reassuring smile and took my hand as we went down to the flat that was mine for the rest of the week.

“C’mon then. Jump into bed.” I stumbled past that huge living room, which was central to the open plan flat, and wobbled through the bedroom door. Niall set himself on the lavender sheets of the bed, which was opposite a full wall of mirrors, and I climbed under the sheets next to him. When investigating the flat earlier, I had found out that the mirrors were actually the doors to the long wardrobe that was contained within the room. Apparently it was the biggest wardrobe out of all the apartments, which was funnily enough why the boys decided to put me in this one.

Whilst I lay against Niall’s flat and toned stomach, he ran his fingers through my hair and rubbed small circles on my temples. It was what he always did to calm me down and he had started doing it ever since our first encounter with the paparazzi last week –even though it felt like a lifetime ago. When we had visited Westfield’s shopping centre, not only was Rachel still dating Miles and she had not yet met three of the boys, but me and Niall were also only friends; even if the spark had been there from the start.

“We only met 6 days ago.” The realisation that I had said it out loud hit me straight in the face, but it caused no hesitation in Niall.

“That’s quite true love.” His soft Irish accent was a purr and I knew that I would never get tired of hearing him speak.

“A lot has happened in 6 days.”

“That’s also true. Do you find it weird?”

“No.” The words suddenly sprung to mind. I had spent enough time thinking about it to have already thought of an answer to his question. I rolled onto my stomach to see his face. “No, I don’t find it weird. I find it exciting and fun, maybe a little bit risky, but also thrilling and electrifying.”

“Dramatic and passionate.” Niall grinned at me as he added new words to the mix.

“I don’t find it weird at all. Maybe I never expected to be here, with someone like you.” He raised his eyebrows. “But why should it be weird –just because I’m here with Niall Horan? Things like this happen to everyone. Just because one of them is a mega popstar-“ Niall laughed at me fondly as I exaggerated the words by flinging my arms out to the sides “-it doesn’t mean that it has to be any different to other relationships. But then again it is, because I’ve finally found someone who I get along with more than anyone else. It’s finally happened to me, and it’s also happened to you. Together we are great so no, I don’t find it weird at all. I love it, in fact.”

“I love it too.” He took my hand and admired them as they interlocked with each other. “Are you ready to sleep?”

“Almost.” I rested my forehead against his, locking my eyes with his sea blue ones, so that he would take it as a signal to kiss me one last time before bed.

“Okay.” He resisted with a sigh. He pecked me on the lips happily and then rolled his eyes as I made it clear that it was not enough.

One passionate snog later, he kissed me one last time on the forehead as he tried to leave me to sleep. Niall was almost out of the door when I called him back. “Wait.”

I had no justifications for calling him back, except for one simple fact; I didn’t want him to go. He knew it too. “Rosie, you need to sleep –so do I.”

“I know, but... I’ll miss you.” It put a smile on his face and I curled up tighter in the purplish duvet with a cheeky grin.

“I’ll only be upstairs.”

“5 floors away.”

“It’s not that much.”

“It’s too much.” I smiled at how much effort he was putting into resisting against staying here with me for the night.

“Rosie. I need to go. You’re making it hard for me to say no –especially with the god-damn-cute green puppy dog eyes that always get you what you want-” he bit his lip as I fluttered my eyelashes even more “but-“

“It’s okay. I know –I was only messing with you.”

“Alright, but seriously put those eyes away.” I winked at him and he hesitated “Will I see you in the morning?”

“Probably not. I’ll have to leave at like 6:30 so that I don’t hit traffic. I can ring you at break or lunch though?”

“Make sure you do. I’ll miss you when you’re at school.”

“Me too. Do you know, we haven’t actually been away from each other since...”

“Since Sunday?” I nodded sleepily as Niall finished my sentence for me.

I yawned as I spoke. “Three wholeee days!”

“I know love, and I’ve loved every minute, but we do need to stay apart from each other sometimes or it will make times like next week even harder for both of us.”

I agreed with him but it didn’t make it any easier. Next week the boys were going over to the USA to do some promos. Saturday Night Live, XFactor USA -that kind of thing. “It’s so far away.”

“Further than 5 floors?”

“Yes.” I whispered admittedly.

“So don’t miss me while I only go upstairs to sleep.”

“No promises.” I laughed and reached out for one more kiss.

“Goodnight Rosie. Sleep tight.”

“Goodnight Niall.” I mimicked his accent, causing him to chuckle, as he slunk out of the room tiredly.

Luckily, I only had a few more minutes of being alone before sleep overtook my racing thoughts and I buried myself further into the comfortable mattress of the second floor apartment. The only thing missing was the second heart beat that had grown more and more familiar to me. I had grown used to it as we had slept together over the past two nights. My second heartbeat. My special Nialler.


With nobody around to distract me, I was starting to fall into an acute state of depression. I had met One Direction this weekend; they were lovely, lovely boys, but I had also lost my boyfriend of 2 years.

Alright, he was abusive and a complete idiot, but he was also my escape route from loneliness and solitary confinement.

We had been great together until a few months ago when he had started doing drugs and mixing the substances with alcohol. It turned him crazy but I forgave him each time. Each time he hit me, each time he threatened me, I held back the tears and forgave him because I knew that my Miles was somewhere deep inside of him; deep down beneath all of the weed, alcohol and tiny devilish pills.

I buried my face in the pillow and let every tear that I had been building up over the last few days, leak from my eyes. It hurt, because now, underneath all of the evil, I couldn’t even call him my Miles anymore.

I knew I didn’t deserve him. I knew I deserved better; but he was comfortable. Familiar. I took him for who he was because, as one of my favourite book ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ states: “We only take the love that we think we deserve.” Miles used to be my deserved love. Now he deserved nothing but my hate, and I couldn’t even justify why my heart throbbed for his loss.

The duvet was shutting off my air supply as I sobbed and gasped for air. I made no attempt to move it.

That was when I heard it. My phone. The familiar beep took over the sound of the room as I went silent. Familiar; it was a familiar sound. I was no longer lonely because on the end of the ringing was somebody who had me in their thoughts.

My eyes searched for the ringing and found my iPhone. It was laying next to me on the pillow and flashing as each beep sounded, deafeningly. It moved slightly as it vibrated across the cotton pillow case. The lock screen was visible through my watery eyes.


ROSIE- Hope you’re okay, we’re all missing you lots. Harry’s starting to look like a lost puppy without his friend J If you don’t reply I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Love you hunn xx

The message had been sent over two hours ago. How had I missed it? I’d only been lying here feeling sorry for myself. It wasn’t the message that had my attention though. It was the flashing icon that told me someone was ringing me. The name was unclear so I held it up to get a better look.


It was him... My friend. My lovely friend who had spent the last two nights keeping me from crying and feeling lonely –as I was doing now. My heart throbbed as I read the name. It was actually him. Harry was ringing me. I suddenly couldn’t wait to talk to him any longer and slid my finger across the panel immediately. “Hello.” My voice was impatient and I cringed at how easy it was to hear the tears and the desperation –mixed into one pathetic greeting.

That’s when I realised. It wasn’t Harry that I had answered. I had only imagined his name pop up on the front of my phone. Instead, I had just answered my demons. The voice made my skin crawl as I heard his heavy breathing on the other line. “We need to talk.”

Fuck. It was Miles.


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