Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


50. She's a Winner


Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for your support. I am really enjoying seeing all of your reactions as I write this book. I also wanted to say that it would mean so much to me if you could like this story. We need more likes to share it around the movella's community. If you could also keep sharing it with other fellow directioners and friends it would be even better. Keep reading, Nialls_Tribute xo



“Ugh, it makes me sick –a beautiful, young couple; all loved up.” The elder woman at the cashier laughed shyly and held eye contact with each of us as Rosie leant forward to give her the cash. I had offered to pay but Rosie insisted that she used the money that her parents had given her.

“I’ll only spend it on clothes if I don’t get rid of it now!” She had argued with a laugh as we had made our way around the supermarket.

“Okay, well that was 68.95 so you have £1.05 change. Have a wonderful day you two!”

“Thank you very much.” Rosie took the change and I smiled at the greying woman.

“Thanks a lot. Have a good day!” I pushed the loaded trolley forward, with Rosie trapped in between my arms and the bar of the cart that I gripped strongly. We were just about to slide out of the exit when I had an idea. “Hey, hop onto the metal bar at the bottom of the trolley! I double dare you!”

“What? Now?” Rosie looked back at me to see my head nod with a huge grin –trying to encourage her. “’Kay.” She stepped onto it cheekily and it was much easier to push the trolley faster.

I swung the trolley out into the car park and then around the corner as Rosie squealed excitedly. Locks of her hair flowed behind her, blocking my vision, so I swiped at them to see where I was going. When standing on the bar she was only just as tall as me, meaning that I wasn’t used to not being able to see over the top of her head. I had just gotten to the car when I grabbed her waist and lifted her back onto the steady ground.

“Well that was something that I’ve never done.” She laughed and bit her lip simultaneously, giving me a great urge to kiss her. I pulled my hands away from the leather on her back to stuff them into my pockets when I felt someone tap me on my back.

“Niall? Niall! It’s really you! We thought it was but I couldn’t be sure! OMG.” A girl of about 15 or 16 was smiling next to me with two other identical friends on either arm.

“OMG it’s you!”

“No way, this is amazing!” The brunette one on the end was fanning herself –trying her best not to jump up and down in excitement.

“Hey sweethearts! How are we today?” I opened my arms to give them each a quick hug, and grinned at them as I patiently waited for them to calm down.


“We’re good!”

“Even better now that we’ve seen you!”

I laughed modestly “Aw that’s sweet. Arent you supposed to be in school?”

“Study leave for our mock GCSEs!” The blonde one in the middle, who had approached me first, said quickly.

“Ahhh... Rosie here is doing the same for her A Levels, aren’t you love?” I pulled Rosie to my side, by her hand, and waited to see what the girls reactions were like. The middle one’s eyes widened considerably before a smile fell on her face. The brunette girl’s hands flew to her face and the slightly chubbier girl on the end spoke up first.

“OMG. Are you the mystery girl?”

Rosie twisted her fingers around my hand, nervously fidgeting as she gave them a crooked smile “I guess I am. It’s nice to meet you girls!” She gave them a group hug and they beamed at each other.

“This is so cool!”

“Totally!”two of them agreed.

“Hey, can we get a photo with you?”

“Yeah sure! Who’s phone?” It still surprised me every time we got the chance to meet our lovely fans. I personally, knew that I would never be able to get used to any of the reactions that we received. They were so grateful and thankful; mostly hysterical, but I would have acted exactly the same way if I had gotten the chance to meet my idols when I was younger, before One Direction.

“I can take it.” Rosie kindly offered whilst the chubbier girl offered her Samsung Galaxy to her.

A few seconds later they had had three photos taken with me when one of the girls held their phone out to me. “Would you be able to take a photo of us with Rosie?” It had completely taken me by surprise, but in the best way possible. This was a good sign –it meant that my fans were already starting to accept her. First the tweet and now I was standing back, taking a photo of my fans posing with my girl. “Hey Rosie, we could be your first fans!”

“How cool is that!? What are you pretty ladies’ names?”



“And I’m Alicia.”

“Niall take note! My first fans!” I received an excited squeal that came accompanied with a wink as she wrapped her arms around the waists of the girls.

“Will do love! Right... That’s perfect. Say cheese everybody.”

“Thank you so much –both of you.” The blonde took her phone back from me.

“Yeah, thank you! This is honestly so amazing.”

“Aw it’s nothing. It’s such a pleasure to meet such lovely girls like yourselves.” Even I felt like I was under the spell of Roselyn’s effortless charm.

“Don’t forget to put the photos up girls and then we can see your twitter pages!”

“Of course we won’t forget!”

I turned to the brunette girl -called Kerry who was standing next to me- with tears of joy in her eyes, and staged whispered to her “And don’t forget to follow Rosie on twitter. She doesn’t even have a 20th of the followers I have!” I was being cheeky so expected the elbow that barged into my ribs from an indignant girl that clung onto my elbow.

“Hey! I may not be world famous but people are discovering me by the minute.” She gave the fans a wink and then showed them her twitter page so that they would recognize it later. “Bye girls! I wish you the best of luck in your exams! Have a good day!”

“Thank you. Have a good day too.”

“We love you guys!”

“Bye! Can you say hi to all of the boys for us? You guys are our inspirations!”

“Of course we will.” With that, me and Rosie loaded the bags of shopping into the boot and got into the car.

“We’re going to go a different way back to my house, by the way. Its quicker to go past mine, Lola and Rachel’s school.”

“That’s cool.” I sat back in my seat and observed the streets that surrounded us. Croydon was a lot like London and sometimes you could forget where exactly you were, until we moved into the more rural areas where the roads were paved but each pavement held a strip of grass with lines of trees beside the road. I preferred this part of Rosie’s home town. It was less like London and just a little bit more like home in Mullingar.

“Here, look on the left as we go past this road. It’s right on the end but you can still see it.”

I sat forward to wait as we went past and then felt Rosie slow down just a little. “Woah, its really big and...”



“It’s a new build. Like 70% of the outside walls are glass.”

“It looks more like a building in London that we would go to and do all of our meetings and interviews. Like a big company building.”

“Yeah. That’s what it feels like when you’re inside. You should see the music rooms though –every single one resembles a recording studio.”

“That sounds good. I wish my school had been like that; it was a huge boys school that was really old.”

“What, like green lawns in front of it, grand stair cases, gravel paths, thin glass windows with panes?”

“Exactly like that.” I laughed at how well she had described the stereotypical ‘posh’ school. “I remember the school’s main hall always smelt of polish and moth balls.”

“Euggh.” She laughed as we turned another corner and she imagined the smell that still haunted me. “You know, I always wondered what it would be like for me to go to one of them kinds of schools. You know, like strict rules, a boarding house, out in the middle of nowhere, really disciplined and having to wear an old English uniform; long skirts and hats –that kind of thing.”

I laughed fondly, because it made me realise how different the worlds that we had each come from were. My education had been exactly how she just described whilst she came from a more modern day school that was on the edge of Central London. Back in Mullingar we only had one car and that was our only way of getting round apart from mine and Greg’s bikes and the odd bus that came from Dublin to our village, only once a day. Rosie probably grew up with more bus routes than she could remember and taxis around every corner. I was used to all of it now, but back when I joined The X Factor, even the trains to get down to London were new to me. I had never even travelled out of Ireland before then.

“Trust me, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be in the movies.”

“Not even Wild Child?”

“No, sorry to burst your bubble.” We both laughed in harmony –hers light and high, mine loud and deep.

“Your laugh is actually hilarious.” She did an impression and it cracked me up yet again. “Its nice, don’t get me wrong.” I looked over at her with my eyebrows raised and she took a second to look over and smile before we pulled into her drive way.

“Home again, home again...” I mumbled as I pulled two of the five bags from the boot. I took the third one –leaving Rosie with the lightest two and waited for her to lock the car and open the door to her house.

We stepped out of our shoes and carried them into the kitchen before putting them down on the island counter that I saw Rosie put hers onto first. It was as I was pulling things out of bags and asking for instructions of where to put them that I noticed how much we had brought to replenish the empty cupboards.

“How much did we get?!”

“A lot.” Rosie laughed as she left the eggs, bread, bacon, sausages, tomatoes and orange juice onto the kitchen side so that she could start cooking whilst I put the last of the food away. We had gotten some stuff for lunch too so I put the chicken, salad and potato salad away into the fridge for later.

I was practically done when Rosie just finished cooking up the last of the bacon and eggs. The sausages were in the grill and she was keeping an eye on them whilst she halved the tomatoes and put them into the grill too.

“Is there anything I can do?” She turned back to me and her hair fell over one eye.

“You could butter the bread and make the drinks? You know what each of the boys will want.”

“Sure thing, love.” I put on a strong British accent and squeezed her waist whilst I got the butter out and started my jobs. I took a few seconds to watch her giggle and look at me through the corners of her eyes. I grinned back and she pushed her hair back self consciously.

“Don’t you think it’s weird?” her voice was quiet, but not in a negative way.


“You, the boys, all here with me?”

“Why is it weird?” I carried on buttering the bed, just listening to her voice whilst I concentrated.

“I’m just a regular girl, and so is Rachel. We’re doing our A Levels, we weren’t your biggest fans like half of the world’s teenage girl population were,” statements like that still bewildered me –it was hard to come to terms with the scale of our popularity. I turned to face her and she looked into my eyes once again “I just happened to be a girl who took her little sister to a concert. There were 75 other girls in that audience, and that was only one of your hundreds of concerts. This is all bloody amazing and I couldn’t be any happier right now, but why me?”

She smiled softly and gave me time to think. I couldn’t find a suitable answer to the question but a reply came out from my mouth before I even realised it. “I think the question that you meant to ask me was ‘Why didn’t you choose any of the girls that were in the audience before me?’. That would have been more suitable.”

“Okay then,” Her mouth turned upwards into a smirk “Why didn’t you choose any of the girls that were in the audience before me?”

“Because they weren’t you.” She paused and so did I. “Rose, do you believe in love at first sight?” I didn’t give her any time to answer “Because I don’t know about you but that night at the concert, when I first saw you and you looked into my eyes, it might not have been love but I know I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“That’s exactly how I felt too. But let’s not call it love.”

Her comment echoed in my mind and I suddenly worried that I had done something wrong. “Why not?” I was confused by her smile whilst I dropped the butter knife onto the kitchen side and she stepped closer to me. Her fingers pushed my frown back into a smile and she whispered something delicately. Her eyes sparkling and green.

“Because if this is love now, after 5 days, then what will we have in the future when we’re old and grey?” Her eyes closed and she pressed her soft lips onto mine. I still couldn’t control the emotions that I felt every time we kissed. Every other kiss, that I’d ever had was in vain, compared to this. None of them could ever even beat a peck from Rosie. I brushed my hands through her hair and thought about what she had said. ‘When we’re old and grey’. She was right; if that was love on thrusday evening then what was this and how could we show how much our feelings had grown when we were old.

“This might not be love but it’s something very close.” I gave her another kiss, feeling her lips position themselves into a smile between mine, when we suddenly heard a groan from the doorway.

“Ahh man... Rub it in why don’t you? ‘We’re together and you have no one’... Yeah, yeah, I get it.” Harry's Chesire accent laughed and Rosie threw a tea towel at him.

“Hey, just cause you're jealous! And what have I told you about t-shirts?”

“Calm down Rosie, just cause you can't handle this.” He mimicked Roselyns voice and gestured down towards his heavily tattooed body. I rolled my eyes.

“Why are you up anyway?” I laughed and tried to intervene between the jokey argument.

“Smelt food. Woke up. Now I’m here.”

“Well said mate. You can’t have any food yet though, we haven’t finished.” I smiled at Rosie and buttered the last piece of bread.

“Oooh look at you two. It’s normally me doing all the cooking; you’ve converted Niall!”

“I know, it’s amazing huh?”

“He’s only buttering bread!” Rosie laughed to Hazza as she nudged me with her hip. “Right the sausages and tomatoes are done. I’m going to go and wakeup everyone else.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure Harry doesn’t eat anything.” I winked at him and heard Rosie call over her shoulder, casually sarcastic, as she walked up the stairs.

“Yeah, cause I trust you with that food any more than I trust him. Eat any and there’ll be trouble.”

We laughed into the kitchen and I hummed a tune as I started on the drinks. I waited for the water to boil and turned around to say something to Harry. That’s when he spoke up before I could. “You’ve found yourself a winner Nialler.” He raised his eyebrows, impressed, and I knew that he was right. I could never let her go, ever, because Rosie was my winner and I knew that my life would never be the same again, with or without her around.

"I know mate, I know."


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