Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


61. Shaking on the Inside Also


I was half an hour early when the school gates automatically opened to let me in. I pulled in, over the speed bumps, and drove my way through the school's roads that led to the underground storage car park. When our school was rebuilt, this was one of the key features that the architects wanted to include, for the teachers and the few sixth form students that were able to drive. It was extremely secure and no pedestrian students were able to get down here, as it was either heavily guarded or locked at all times.

I sat in the car for a while and went through my phone lamely. Hardly anyone was on twitter –my feed was practically dead for the first time since Monday. 

It had taken me an hour to drive in from London. The roads weren’t as manic as I had prepared for, so I had arrived in plenty of time. It was just approaching 8:00 when I debated on ringing Niall, but decided against it, because he would still be asleep. That boy loved his sleep and I doubted he would get up earlier when he could be making the most of his lie in. Deciding against ringing him, I opened up my messages to record a video for him to wake up to instead.

“Hey Nialler. I’m missing you and I really don’t want to spend the day in school.” I looked away from the camera to pick a bit of bread off of the Panini that I was slowly eating. “Anyway, you’re probably still asleep. Missing you lots so don’t forget to let me know when you wake up!”

I ended the video and pressed send before I could worry about the way I spoke or how my hair looked. Niall didn’t care about anything like that –even if I did worry about things as petty as my appearance in front of my boyfriend. It still felt so weird having to refer to him as that. To me he was just my Nialler. However, I do know that if the situation was reversed, I definitely wouldn’t want him to worry about his appearance or how messy his hair was, when in front of me.

I continued to sit in the driver’s seat for another 20 minutes; the engine gently humming and keeping me warm with the company of some less familiar radio station. 

I picked at the remainders of my Panini, until a hand with black tipped nails tapped on my window. I jumped in my seat, throwing my phone across the car, until I remembered who the owner of the fake nails with black glitter tips was. She opened my door and threw her arm around my shoulder. "Morning!"

"Hey Rach! You bloody scared me."

"Oh I know, how are you?! Can I put my suitcase in the back?"

Rachel opened the boot before I could reply with "Sure." She seemed in a great mood today and I wasn't going to put a stop to it. "Yeah I'm alright. Not in my best mood today but I should be fine once I've woken up a bit more."

"Okay, was traffic bad?"

"Surprisingly no, but I’m tired of watching street lights fly by after the hour long journey."


"Yeah. You could only imagine. It’s even worse doing it alone. Hey, how comes you didn't reply to my text last night?"

"Text? What text? I went to bed early."

I couldn't see Rachel's face as she threw her black bag into the boot and bent over into the back of the Range Rover. Her answer was standard and so I didn't think anything of the unread text.

"Okay, doesn't matter."

"What did it say?"

"Just that we were all missing you -especially me and Haz."

"Bless." Rachel checked her phone and then smiled, after closing the boot first. "Oh yeah. It's here. I probably just missed it before I fell asleep."

Oh, that was fine then -at least there wasn't anything to worry about with either of our phones going awol.

It suddenly occurred to me that Rachel was standing here -even though she didn't drive. "Rachel, how did you even get in here? Wasn't the car park gate being guarded?"

Rachel fell into an easy stride beside mine as we walked towards the school entrance, her blue vintage dress swaying just above her knees as her brown, ankle boots tapped along in time with mine. "Guess who's on duty?"

The wink in her eye made it clear who it was, but I asked, just to make sure I was right. "Who?"


Yep, I was right. It was the young trainee councillor who talked to any students that had problems with family in general, or any issues that they needed help with at home. He was only at our school for a year of work experience, but had taken a shine to my best friend straight away back in September; telling Rach to refer to him as Josh instead of Mr. Carling and sneaking biscuits out of the staff rooms for her. 

It was as we turned the corner that Rachel beamed at me and we both waited for the string of flirty comments that normally followed after Josh got to take a look at her. "You found your friend then Rachel!" I was surprised that he had even seen me -normally I was invisible whenever Rachel could be seen.

He grinned at her, his grey eyes opened wide whilst they trained themselves on the pretty girl that I had known since being four years old. He was obviously captivated by her; especially as she flicked her hair and replied. "Yeah. That suitcase was so heavy! Thank you for letting me through with it."

"No problem Miss Stormes."

"Please, call me Rachel."

"Okay Rachel. I know I'm not supposed to do it but..." He looked around sneakily, to check that no one else was within hearing range "well... if you ever need another favour like this one... well I always have the keys to get in here." He also wasn’t supposed to be making a move on students, as a member of staff –trainee or otherwise.

He jingled them at us as we passed him and Rachel spun around to walk backwards; keeping eye contact the whole time.

"Thanks so much Josh. I'll bear that in mind."

"Please do. You know where my office is?"

"Of course. See you later."

The flirty comments kept bouncing back between them and I half expected her to blow him a kiss. Whilst she strutted through the entrance I turned my head back to see him drooling after her, longingly. 

Poor lad, he could only be about three years older than us at the most, and yet he still didn't have a chance in hell with Rachel -even if he didn't know that yet. 

I chuckled admiringly and understood why Rachel found it so easy to get boyfriends -especially when she could get boys queuing up for her, days after breaking up with her long term boyfriend (thank god for that). 

"You are so bad!"

"What? I've done nothing wrong." The innocence in her voice was sarcastic and audibly cheeky.

"You are so leading him on!"

"So what? A girl has to work to get what she wants." Her demeanour was confident and unforgiving and it made me envy her for a few slight seconds. I remembered not to be, as that was just the way that she was; just as I was more shy and reserved. We worked well together for a reason and were a perfect example of the saying 'opposites attract'. "You never know when it might come in handy." I laughed at her suggestive smile and caught the red ends of her hair so that I could run my fingers through them and unknot the tangles.

It was just like any other school day: we were talking about boys and laughing off any unexpected events; such as a boy in the year below us who walked into a pole, as he watched us from a short distance. Everything was normal, but the hundreds of girls eyes that trained on me as I entered the crowded canteen on my way to Rachel's media classroom wasn't. I hadn’t prepared myself for this big a reaction. Lola had said that yesterday was bad, but it must have gotten worse over night, as more and more people had obviously found out about my current relationship status.

A few of the braver girls shoved their way forwards to talk to me. I didn't mind until the ones behind them followed suit. Suddenly I was being crowded and pushed and pulled and screamed at, in the middle of a swarm of girls. A few older kids warned people to stay off me- but it was all fake. They only wanted my attention now that I had something to do with the boy band that they all loved so much.

Teachers eventually intervened and pulled a few year nine girls off of my arms, but the only person looking out for my safety was the best friend that trailed in front; warning people to get the fuck off of me and make room for us to walk through.

None of this was normal. In fact, it made me want to start running for the hills. It made me want to start running to get back into the safety of my Range Rover so that I was able to drive back to the normal life that I had left behind at London Koko, when I first laid eyes on Niall, but I couldn't do that. I didn't want to anyway -even if I didn't want to be here right now. Niall was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time –even if it came with all of the crazy and manic teenagers.

I was scared out of my brains. The flashes of mobile phone cameras that followed me down the hallways weren't helping but instead, just added to the pressure that was already building up inside of me.

I ducked my head and carried on following Rachel through the swarms of people. It was fucking terrifying. I hadn't been prepared for this at my own school.

As yet another flash went off in front of my face; the only thing that crossed my mind was the beauty of Niall's blue eyes as he blinked. Luckily it calmed me immediately, so I tried my hardest to concentrate on them; the way that his long blonde eyelashes easily tangled themselves up, the way that his pupils receded so that more of the baby blue of his eyes was visible. Eventually they were the only things I could see as I clutched my bag and tried my hardest to remain the strong and brave person that he would want me to be at a time like this -the type of person that he was trying to be when he supported me through the paparazzi the first time; even though I knew that he was shaking on the inside also. 


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