Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


133. Service Station


After successfully pretending to help Harry with making macaroni cheese –what? He’s a brilliant cook; he never even needed my help- we scoffed it down before going into his bedroom to get the packing done straight away. 

With him being one of the most organised members in the band, his bedroom is in absolutely no way a daunting sight. All clothes are folded neatly behind a set of sliding wardrobe doors and everything else is laid out practically on counters, shelves and cupboards around the room –a contrasting image to the one that Rosie’s described to me of Niall’s room. Boys will be boys, I guess.

Harry sings lazily as I help him move clothes from his wardrobes and drawers to a large black hold all that will fit nicely in the spacious boot of his land rover.

Half way through the hour that it takes us to collect all of his belongings and presents that he'll be taking up to Cheshire, Zayn, Perrie and Niall all pop in to say a quick goodbye before they share a taxi to Victoria Train Station. Niall's getting the train to a ferry port in Liverpool whilst Perrie and Zayn will be waiting there for a lift from Jonnie Edwards; Perrie's older brother who's come down to London to drive the license-free pair up to Newcastle. 

I was handed a few gifts from the three I them before they departed with flourishes of kisses, hugs and excitement at the news that I will no longer be spending my Christmas down in London.

At about 6 we hauled all of Harry's bags down to the car, making sure to lock the flat and switch everything off, before taking off south in the direction of my house.

I managed to pack in a record time of 27 minutes, impressing Harry a lot considering that he took more than double the time that I needed before jumping back into the land rover, pillows and blanket included.

We're driving up the m25 in deep traffic when I decide to climb into the back to change into a pair of loose bed shorts, a white T-shirt and my new OnePiece onesie.

Harry compliments me on how it looks as I settle back into my seat with a smile, but it doesn't take long before I have fallen asleep on the warm, heated leather against the blacked out window.

I always forget how peaceful it is to sleep in the car with the tall orange lights flying past one at a time. The rhythm is repetitive and calming like the ocean, although we've only just gotten around the m25 -London's busiest motorway- when he decides he needs a coffee break. Harry comes around to my side of the car to wake me up gently but I'm only drifting so it doesn't take long before I agree to come in with him and hop out of the car with him, shoving my pair of white Nike airs onto my feet and following behind him. Harry's got the hoodie that I have him on and the big hood shields his hair and bandana, but just to be extra cautious he puts his sunglasses on too.

We're just walking into the Moto service station complex when Harry turns to me with a smile. "Okay, go do what you need to do and meet me at the Starbucks when you're done." I observe the hall of eating areas, sofas and shop fronts and spot the Starbucks on the opposite side.

"Okay, got it."

With that, we both head off in our separate directions, heading towards the male and female toilets. When I've done my business, I go out to wash my hands and see how messed up my hair looks in the mirror.

I sigh loudly and start to throw my hair up into a bun when I realise I don't have any hair bands on my wrist. "Crap," I mutter, they're all in my bag.

Someone from beside me coughs. "Sorry, do you need a hair band?"

I turn to the side to see a girl my age who's holding one out for me. "Yeah, I do." I smile at her, but check for my own piece of mind. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, it's only a hair band."

"Thanks." I take it from her and secure my hair at the top of my head.

"Why is it I recognise you?" She's squinting at me with a tilted head.

"Oh..." What should I say? "I'm not really sure."

"Hmm... Maybe you just remind me of a friend."

"Yeah," I smile, "that's probably the reason. I cross over to a nearby hand drier, drying them quickly before waving to the girl.

"Thanks for the hair band. I've got to go now."

"Okay cool. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas to you too." With that I leave quickly and go back into the main hall, but Harry is nowhere to be seen so I decide to take a detour around WHSmiths. I'm just picking out a bag of sweets to share in the car, and a pack of chewing gum, when I get into the queue made up of a few lorry drivers and notice the TV above the counters. It's on sky news and... Funnily enough, there's a photo of Harry in the background that the mute presenters are gesturing towards. I don't pay it any attention until the photo changes and I'm faced with a really familiar photo. He's wearing the exact same outfit that he wore this afternoon at the cinema... in fact, as the screen pans out to reveal the whole picture; I'm also wearing the same clothes from this afternoon. My face is completely uncovered and Harry's arm is suggestively held around my shoulder. "Poor girl," one of the men in front of me comments with his friend. "Just another of the girls he'll be leading on this month." In an instant, as if I've just been burnt, I quickly reach up to pull the hood of my new onesie around my face. It results me in a few weird glances but I don't think any of them recognise me. I try my hardest not to look back at the screen but it's really hard when the background photo, which the presenters are commenting on silently, now changes to one of Kendall Jenner herself. I can't help the jealousy that spreads over the length of my thoughts but I also feel an extreme urge to laugh -everyone's so in the dark -unaware of how fake the whole thing is. But then I think about how the contract is influencing whatever it is between Harry and I, and suddenly, I feel that the jokes on me.

I'm called to a counter to be served, and I make sure to keep my head down as I slap the right amount of change down on the counter and walk out.

Luckily, when I reach Starbucks for the second time, I can see him at the back of the shop, sitting on one of two large and comfortable armchairs.

"There you are." He laughs. "I was starting to get worried."

"Harry I need to talk to you about something." I never knew they would be able to get the pictures out so soon -they were only taken about 6 hours ago.

"I'll get you a drink first and then we can talk."

"Okay." I agree and he goes off to the other side of the shop.

I'm just observing the customers scattered around the healthy amount of tables and chairs and people-watching when my phone starts to ring from the small coffee table in front of me and I pick it up automatically to answer it.


"Oh, hello, who is it I'm talking to? Is Harry there?"

It's a female voice. "Sorry, this is Rachel... Who are you?" I hope my number hasn't been leaked somehow...

"I'm Gemma."

I freeze in terror. "Shit." It's not my phone. "Oh my god, I'm really sorry, he left his phone on the table and I thought it was mine."

"It's no problem." She laughs. "Long journey huh?"

"Yeah, I'm not really all that with it at the moment."

"Don't worry about it. Mum just wanted to know when the two of you will be arriving."

"I'm not exactly sure..." I try to remember where we are. "If it helps I know that we've just gotten past the m25 and we're somewhere near Oxford."

"So a few more hours then?"

"Yeah, that sounds reasonable."

"Okay, the other thing was that we wanted to tell Haz that we've made up the spare room for you, but I guess I can just tell you now."

"Yeah," I smile "thank you. And I'm sorry it's been such late notice."

"No it's great. Harry's never really brought any girlfriends home to us before."

"Oh, I don't really think..."

"Sorry." She giggles in embarrassment. "I meant girls... Just a girl who's a friend, right?"


"So you'll be getting here late?"


"Well I'm about to go to bed so I guess I'll just see the two of you in the morning. Tell Harry we can't wait to see him - and to meet you of course."

"I will," I promise "and it was lovely talking to you! See you in the morning."


"Bye gemma."

She hangs up and I'm left smiling as Harry makes his way towards me with two take away coffee cups.

"I'm really sorry -I answered your phone by accident, it was Gemma." He looks surprised, but pleasantly so.

"Oh, that's okay. What did she say?"

I repeat the conversation to him. "She's really nice. I can't wait to meet your family."

"She's my annoying big sister, but you're right. I love her sometimes."

"Sometimes?" I laugh. "You're so generous. I only love my sisters occasionally." He smirks at my joke and his phone starts ringing again.

This time Harry picks it up and frowns at the caller ID.

"Who is it?" I ask curiously.

"Management..." He answers it cautiously. "Hello?"

I can hear the raised voice on the other end from where I sit.

"Harry, there are photos all over the news of you with another girl! Care to explain?"

He looks over at me with a reassuring roll of his eyes. "She's a friend. Care to explain why you're shouting?"

"I'm shouting because you're not going about this the right way! How can we sell a story about you and Kendall when you're being photographed with other girls?"

"Well not every girl I go out with has to be my girlfriend."

"Don't give me attitude. Your whole image and reputation is based on how you come across in the media. You're putting that in jeopardy!"

"My whole image and reputation was put in jeopardy the minute you set up the contract. Who said I wanted to be seen with a girl who's famous in the US and lives off her family's fame and money?" Couldn’t have put it better myself. Calm down Rachel…

"You were very lucky that Kendall agreed to be compliant."

"I'm lucky to be tied to a fake relationship for 2 months? Really?"

"All I'm saying is that you need to remember the contract. Any more funny business and there'll be consequences-"

"Just remember I'm on break now. No interviews, no publicity stunts and to be honest, you're lucky I've agreed to anymore set up dates. When I was told that we'd be on a break, I wasn't expecting to be working with a publicity stunt the whole time. Let me enjoy my Christmas break at least." He hangs up and tosses his phone onto his lap.

"I'm guessing that means we can't be seen by any more paps now?"

"No, not really. We should be going now before we're noticed. I'm sorry about all of this."

"Don't be. I was aware of what I signed up to." He nods curtly and takes a deep breath.

“What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“I just wanted to tell you about the pictures on the news –I saw them in WHSmiths on Sky News, but I guess you know that they’re out now.”

He lifts a corner of his smile, but it’s not enough to show off his dimples.

"I'm going to get a burger king for in the car, do you want something?" I nod and jump up with my coffee in hand. "Come on then," he laughs, linking arms with mine. "Let’s get out of here."

"Harry," I smile, catching his attention. "If we do get caught though, I guess there is a benefit to wearing one of these..."

He squints at me with inverted eyebrows when I zip my hood all the way up, leaving only a tiny air gap at the top of my head. He gives me a humoured chuckle and slings an arm around my shoulder as he leans over me and guides me around the busy central area of chairs and families, in what I hope is the general direction of Burger King.


When I wake up, the country roads that we are currently driving down are pitch black and empty in comparison with the bright and congested roads that I am used to back home in London.

I look to my left and see that Harry is only wearing a black v-neck t-shirt whilst his jumper and hoodie are strewn across the back seats. His face is red and the hair on the back of his neck is visibly plastered there. I must admit I'm extremely warm myself so I slap myself lightly awake before reaching forward to turn the air conditioning on.

"Hey sleepy." He smirks through the windshield with a quick glance at me, accurately timed so that his eyes only come off of the road for a few seconds.

“Sorry…” I yawn. I had promised Harry that I would try my best to stay awake and keep him company throughout the journey.

“It’s okay. Thanks for turning the air conditioning on by the way –it’s boiling.”

“You could have done it yourself.” I giggle and rest my head back against the chair.

“Yeah but I didnt know if you were too warm or…”

I grab his hand midsentence and put it against my cheek. His hand is almost cool in comparison. “Okay.” He chuckles. “I guess I could have done that… Did you sleep well though?”

“Yeah, I like sleeping in the car.”

“Really? I can’t stand it. I always end up with an aching neck.”

I wobble my head around just to check. “No, I’m fine. Hm… where are we by the way?”

“About 10 minutes away.”

Harry’s spot on, and once we’ve come off of the country roads, into a small town and a village, we soon arrive at his family house; just out of town on some sparse residential roads.

We haul all of the bags out of the car and Harry makes his way up to knock on the door, but before he can come into contact with the old metal knocker, the door is swung open and someone reaches out to pull Haz into a hug.

“How’ve you been buddy?” The man is large and wrapped in a black dressing gown with a visible pair of pyjama bottoms beneath, but his face is friendly and welcoming; he kind of reminds me of a large teddy bear although my drowsiness doesn’t aide the poor comparison. It must be Harry’s step-dad.

“Yeah, I’m good.” He gestures for us to come in and Harry introduces me. “This is my good-friend Rachel, and Rach, this is Robin; my step-dad.”

“I guessed.” I smile and offer my hand for him to shake.

“It’s lovely to meet you.” He turns to Harry. “Do either of you want a cup of tea or coffee? We can go into the kitchen but you’ll have to be quiet, your mum and Gemma have already gone up to bed.”

I wait for Harry to make the decision, and I must look pretty awful because he smirks before answering. “No, it was a long drive; I think we’ll just be going to bed.”

“Well that’s a good job because I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay awake for much longer either.”

“Sorry for keeping you up Robin.” I say and he offers me a shrug of his shoulders.

“No, don’t say sorry –it’s not something you can help. I was looking forward to seeing the two of you anyway. It’s good to have you back for Christmas this year…”

“Yeah, it’s good to be back. Okay,” Harry pats his step-dad on the back. “Well you can turn in now if you want. I’ll just give Rachel a quick tour of the house and then we’ll be turning in too.”

“Okay, well goodnight. Don’t forget to say a hello to Dusty by the way.”

As soon as Robin is up the stairs and out of sight, I turn to the curly haired boy and follow him around the ground floor beneath the old, dusty beams of wood in the low ceiling.


“The cat.” He chuckles, and just as we enter the kitchen, Dusty herself makes her way around the door; tail snaking around the two of our legs as she purrs loudly.

We both bend down to stroke her briefly before she pads off up the stairs into the dark corridor.

“Okay, so kitchen… the fridge.” He opens a door that’s disguised as part of the kitchen cabinets, but actually holds the huge double door fridge, and I’m glad he showed me. “This cupboard has all the breakfast things in if you wake up before me.” He opens it to find a huge box of rice krispies. “Oooh.. I like these.” He tips a few out onto his hand, making himself at home, and then carries on with the tour. “The garden’s out there, living room through here… toilet in there, but the big family bathroom is upstairs.”

I nod at everything he says and before long I’m making my way up to the top of the stair case as Harry turns the lights out and locks the doors, running up with our bags to join me. He carries on past me towards the end of the corridor and opens a room on the left. “This is the guest room where you’re staying.” The walls are painted white with pink and lavender decoration. I would personally prefer blue, but the room is cute and girly, and I must admit that I do particularly enjoy the sight of the huge padded quilt on the bed, which has white, pink, peach and lavender flowers printed onto the protective sheets, and I’m suddenly excited to jump into bed beneath it.

He drops my bags at the side of the bed and holds the door for me to follow him back into the corridor. “Phone…”

“What?” I pass him my phone anyway and wait as he taps around on it for a while. It’s not long before he hands me my iPhone back, along with a dazzling smile of pearly white teeth.

“The Wi-Fi password.” He chimes and I see that I’m already connected to a strong connection.

“Oh… thank you. This is better service than most hotels –you don’t even have to log in to the Wi-Fi or find your own room number.”

“Don’t take it for granted.” He laughs and carries on down the corridor past where we came from up the stairs. That’s where he stops to show me the door to the bathroom. Right next door to the bathroom is another door, but this time he opens it to a bedroom painted the colour of a setting blue sky. It quite obviously belongs -or used to belong- to a teenage boy.

“And this is my room.” I lean against the door frame and take in the sight. There’s a small desk in the opposite corner with a window where an averagely sized monitor sits, already hooked up to a computer. Around the room there are multiple shelves with CD’s, DVD’s and copious amounts of books.

“You read a lot?”

“I used to. Not so much now.”

I nod to myself and spot the large double bed that takes up most of the room and is layered with a fresh, white duvet. There’s a small bedside table on one side and a large, black, leather beanbag on the other side. “It’s a nice room.”

“Thanks. Mum’s tried to leave it as much as possible… give me a bit or normality to come back to.” He laughs quietly to himself. “Obviously there are a few changes.”

Above the computer desk I notice what he’s talking about… there are lots of frames and pieces of paper that have been stuck up… “Newspapers?”

“Yup… any articles, magazine spreads, certificates, awards… anything she can find to put up here. Even my x-factor audition sticker –the one with the number on.”

“That’s sweet.”

“And also a bit creepy.” He adds shyly but I don’t see it in that way –she’s just a proud mother who’s happy for her son. I’m excited to meet Anne tomorrow –I can imagine that we’ll get along.

I step back out into the corridor and Harry walks me back to the guest room, even though I’m adamant that I can remember where it is.

“Listen, if you need anything then you know where I am. Don’t even hesitate.”

“Okay,” I lift one corner of my mouth and turn the door handle behind me. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Rach,” he calls me back. “Come here and give me a cuddle.”

I do so and he squeezes me tightly against his fragranced chest. “Thanks for inviting me.”

“No, no I’m glad you came. It’s nice. Everyone will love you, I can tell Robin already likes you. We’ll make sure you have one of the best Christmases ever. You really deserve it.”

“That sounds good.” But to be honest, it already is the best Christmas ever. I’m away from London with one of my best friends, who’s also a member of One Direction. Come on –seriously- even if I hadn’t been visiting Harry’s family in Holmes Chapel, how could any other year have even competed with the last couple of months that I’ve had? There’s only one simple answer: they don’t, none of them do.

“Okay, goodnight.”

“Night Harry. Get some rest –you did a lot of good driving today. You deserve it.”

He backs down the corridor with a tired grin and a minuscule wave.


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