Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


149. Rooftops


“Woah,” Niall staggers forward under Liam’s weight as he tries to get ahead of everyone in the lobby. “Hold up mate. I’m not that fast…” Harvey was kind enough to help us back to the flats, but now that he’s left for Brixton with Mikayla, Niall and I have to help Sophia and a wasted Liam back up to their flat.  I’m supporting Sophia but she’s only a little tipsy.

“I’m fine Rosie. I’m not as drunk as Liam. You don’t need to hold me up.” She’s been assuring me the whole way back, but I’m not happy about her swaying around in her super tall heels. She could really hurt herself if she swayed too much or went over on her ankles.

“Just let me get you upstairs so you can take your shoes off and then you’re free to do what you want.”

“You’re bossy when you want to be.” She admires, playing with my ponytail whilst we wait for the elevator.

“Tonight was wicked!” Liam shouts as soon as we’re in the elevator, raising his arms and nearly falling over for a lack of support. Niall raises his eyebrows at me, slightly amused when Liam goes back to being slumped over his shoulders and turns to face him. “Niall tell me that wasn’t a good night. That was a sick night. And it’s 2013 now!” We all giggle at his enthusiasm, although it’s 2014, not 2013. “I could stay up all night! Geddit? Up all night with you Niall!” He starts to hum Up All Night under his breath, not paying attention to the rest of us as he day dreams happily.

“Yeah it was great. But no… I don’t think so mate.”

Liam ignores Niall’s declined invitation. “Soph, have we got any beers? Me and Nialler are gonna have a little party, aren’t we buddy?”

Niall laughs in disbelief as Liam grabs one of his pink cheeks to pinch it; reddened as a result of the cold, night air outside. “Liam, the only thing you’re doing is going straight to bed.” I admire his assertiveness as we enter Liam and Sophia’s flat, turning all of the lights on and helping them around. Niall takes his best friend straight to the bedroom, assuring me that he’ll only be a minute. I sit down on the sofa with Soph, helping her to take her shoes off so that I can put my mind at rest. We talk quietly as I wait for Niall to come back out.

“He was in a great mood tonight.”

She smiles to herself. “That’s my man. He's always happy when we go there. I like seeing him like that.” It’s weird, because I felt the exact same way about Niall tonight –it’s a mutual feeling.

“Awhh, you guys are just adorable.”

I suddenly hear an extremely loud source of music start to play –some sort of soft-rock ballad- and a deep voice starts shouting from the room next door. “Wooo party! Nialler… show me your dance moves!”

“Li.” Niall laughs.

“She’s got a rose tattoo but she keeps it covered! I play guitar but she’s into drummers! She’s seen my face around but she doesn’t even know my name.” Apparently when drunk, Liam doesn’t care for his singing to be in tune, he just belts out the words –making it a quite comical performance- even through a wall and closed door. You wouldn’t guess that the person singing was part of the world’s biggest boy band –no way.

Sophia and I just sit, giggling at the sound, but then the music is turned off and Niall’s tone of voice becomes less amused, though I can still imagine him rolling his eyes in light humor. “Liam. Liam, for the love of god. Get in the damn bed or I swear you’ll regret it.”

“Oh my god.” I mouth at Sophia as we both crack up laughing again.

“Fine. You don’t want to sleep, I’ll have to find some other way to sober you up.” Someone says. The next thing we hear is a load of shuffling before a shower is turned on and one of the grown men starts to guffaw –half with torment and half with laughter. I’m guessing that was Liam, and though I’m not sure I want to know what’s going on, it sounds absolutely hilarious.

“Someone help! I'm drowning." He's obviously not. We can hear Liam killing himself with drunk laughter instead. "Shit Niall! My phone.”

“It’s in the kitchen you dumbass.” Is all that Liam gets in reply.

About 10 minutes later, Niall makes his way out, his sleeves pushed all the way up to his elbows where they are slightly wet.

“I dunked him under a cold shower. It must have sobered him up a little cause he’s asleep now. You know what to do now Soph, can we leave him with you?”

“Yeah.” She smiles, jumping up to kiss us both good bye. “Thanks for that Niall. I'd never have gotten him to go to sleep otherwise."

"It's no problem. You learn what sobers each person up after spending nearly every night on the road with them for a few years."

Soph laughs humorously. "And I hope you both had as good an evening as we did.”

“Yeah, it was great!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Rosie.”

“See you later.” Niall waves, heading back to the elevator, but I’m slightly timid about leaving Soph to look after Liam by herself. She’s probably used to it by now but she’s still a little tipsy…

“If you need any help just call us.”

“Okay.” She agrees.

“And tell him I said to be good.” I laugh, walking through the set of metal doors after Niall.


“How many beers did you have?” I ask Niall as we step into his flat.


“That’s a lie!”

“Okay… I had four and some of that champagne, but that’s all.” That’s not bad for three hours of partying, I have to admit.

“I just don’t get how you’re so... sober.”

“Is it a bad thing? I just know how to handle my drink a little better than some people.”

“No it’s not a bad thing, but I did say you could let loose tonight and it doesn’t look like you did. I just don’t want you to feel like you can’t be yourself or get drunk in front of me.”

He smiles as he listens to me speaking my mind, shrugging it off when it’s his turn to think. “I am myself around you –but I must admit you are being a great influence on the alcohol side of things.” He gives me a wide smile from ear to ear and I’m glad he feels like that, and not that I’m just being a killjoy or burden on his boy-band party life-style. “Maybe I had something planned for when we got back anyway?”

“You do?” I smile, having to stop myself from jumping up and down.

“Yeah,” He starts across the living room and then frowns at me.

“What?” I ask, self-conscious of the way that he’s looking at me. “Is there something on my dress?”

“No,” he smiles “You look beautiful. But you might get a bit cold. Here.” He takes his biggest jacket off of the coat stand by the elevator doors –the one that is made of a thick, khaki, padded material and is lined with cream, faux fur.

He walks straight over to me and the next thing I know is that I’m being wrapped inside of it, the coat falling past my dress to rest just above my knees, the sleeves falling way past my hands so that I have to roll them up. Niall bends down slightly in front of me, making us the same height whilst he does a couple of buttons up and pulls the soft hood over my head. It smells lightly fragranced and musky like his aftershave, and I inhale the smell casually; no longer caring how I look.

“You look cute.” He tells me, pecking me on the cheek whilst my face flushes with hot emotion, and then pulls me up to the stair case that goes up to his roof. “Close your eyes.”

I do as I’m told, giggling as he guides me up each step backwards. I can tell when we get to the top because I hear the huge metal door squeak open on its hinges before the wind ruffles the fur lining of my coat’s gigantic hood. Niall’s grip on my wrists is lost all of a sudden and before long he shouts at me to open them. I open them, finding Niall standing in the middle of the roof beside two inanimate objects.

“Oh my god!” I giggle, half in shock. “What are they?”

He sits down on one of them, pretending to rev and steer crazily whilst he stays sitting on the spot.  “Mobility scooters I believe!”

“Niall why the hell have you got two bright red mobility scooters up here? You haven’t been terrorizing the elder public have you?”

“No,” He does the childish little, curled-lip pout that I love so much and looks to his side, as if he’s pretending to hide something. “Course not.” The wind ruffles his hair and he pulls his grey hood up from under his denim jacket, bringing back his impatience. “Come on, race me.”

I jog on over to the other scooter whilst Niall starts to drive around the open roof, taking small little steps to stop myself from falling in these heels before plopping myself down on the cold chair and turning the key that’s already waiting for my use. Before long I’ve got it working and manage to surprise Niall when he comes back around from the other side of the stairs by nearly swerving into him. 

“Oi you!” He shouts. I turn around in my chair to find that he’s taken a U-turn and is now chasing after me.

By the time he keeps pace with me, driving right by my side, I’m brought back to my original question as I grin and try to keep eye contact with him whilst steering. I have to shout over the wind for him to hear. “Why do you have the scooters again?”

“I managed to get them off Ben. I said I wanted to practice for the midnight memories video.”


“Yeah, we have to drive them through London. We really didn’t need to practice but I thought it’d be fun.” It is fun –he thought right. The roof is so open and clear, except for the stair case and the large air vent on the opposite side that we have to avoid hitting. We’ve just started racing from the side of the building closest to the air vents when I stretch my hand out and find Niall’s as soon as he realises what I’m doing. We laugh in harmony, steering with one hand and trying to keep close enough to touch with the other when we have to let go of each other's fingers to curl around the stair case which rises out of the ground. 

It’s a beautiful feeling up here; being able to shout and laugh and not care about how loud you are, due to the crazy wind that drowns each sound. I'm glad Niall gave me his coat. We’ve been racing around each other and doing figure eights around the rooftops for about an hour when I abandon my scooter, going to stand against the edge of the roof where the sky is starting to become a lighter blue in the distance. It must be nearing 4am, but I’m not tired in the slightest. I reaction it will take at least 2 more hours for the sun to rise completely over the horizon

It’s not long before Niall finds his way over, standing behind me; resting his arms on the wall either side of me and his chin on my shoulder.

“The sun’s starting to rise.” I tell him, pointing out the obvious.

“Look’s lovely.”

I lean right over the wall, trying to see the streets below. They’re littered by hats, banners and other assortments of New Year costumes. The only people that I can see wandering the dark streets are three women, all singing loud songs as the make their way home from a party. I have an idea.

“Niall?” I turn back to see that he’s observing the city around him, smiling with pride like it’s a miracle that he’s even here. I’ll never get tired of that look. “You said you needed practice?” He looks me in the eyes with full interest, paying me all of his attention. “Why was it again?”

“We’re riding the scooters around London for the Midnight Memories video. Down by the River I think.” He spots the inevitable glint in my eyes, narrowing his own at me in curiosity. “What are you up to?”

“I’ve got an idea.” I smile, looking back down at the empty streets.


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