Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


105. Photoshoot


"How much longer is it?"

"We should be there soon. Sorry, I think I overestimated how close it was."

"I think you did too." An hour long journey has now turned into two hours. Harry's taking me somewhere that he knows. How he knows it? I'm not quite sure. 

We're in the middle of nowhere, speeding down a small country road with fields and wire fences on either side -the road has nearly been overtaken by long green grass. They look much healthier than they should in winter -probably due to the cold sun that glistens on every green patch of land around us.

"The weather's beautiful today -it's going to look great on my photos."

"I'm sure it will. You better be good with a camera by the way -I don't give every school girl the right to use me as a model for their photography project."

"Oh I'm good, don't worry." I look out the window and wish I had a camera on my lap to take a few photos as we drive. They're all in the boot though. "If you ask nicely I might even edit them for you..."

It makes him chuckle lightly as he takes a turn off of the road down a dirt track. I have no idea where we're going.

"Me? Edited? Don't worry -I won't need it." He's right. He won't.

"So where are we?" Harry's parked on the edge of a large clearing, it's extremely beautiful for a winter’s day and he's now opening the boot to take my two camera bags out. "I can take them."

"No it's alright. And don't you recognise it?" I see a house in the distance and on the opposite side of the field there is a covering of trees. The clearing's not so big altogether but it's very well thought out. I hear the running of water and realise that there's a river behind the row of practically bear trees. One of them is bigger than the others and has a thick piece of rope hanging off one of the branches hanging over the river. Everything rings a bell but I can't quite...

"I recognise it. Definitely. Was it one of your music video sets?"

"Some fan you are." He rolls his eyes and starts to walk over the field in the direction of the house. "Live while we're young."

"That's the one!" It explains why it's so familiar, except that most of the trees are now bare and there are no temporary swimming pools, football pitches, big helium light balloons or mixing decks.

"If I'm not mistaken... There should still be a little hut over there," he points to the trees that are further down than the old house "with all of the props and equipment in."

Half an hour later we find it. It's a small cement warehouse and we're rummaging through all of the boxes and containers of previous props that they never needed once the shoot was over. There wasn't even a padlock on the door to keep people out. I guess they didn't really mind who decided to use it once they finished.

“Look at this stuff…”

“Pick out whatever you want –it’s your shoot remember.”

I shout out into the warehouse, unaware of where he is. “Could you imagine if a fan girl found this stash? It’d all be on eBay or in her bedroom in no time.”

I hear him shouting back from somewhere to my right, behind a whole railing of the boys’ shoot costumes. “I wonder how much Louis’ sweaty shoes would get.”

“Probably just as much as a football you kicked with your foot!”

It’s a joke. He knows that. “What are you trying to say? I’m worth more?”

“Nope, it’s just that if you mention Harry Styles, then no matter where you are in the world, you’re guaranteed at least one scream. Even in an-“

“Don’t make an old person joke.” I hear the warning in his voice.

“Okay, okay.” We both start laughing and I hear the shuffling of a heavy object.

About 5 minutes later we decide to meet each other back at the entrance with the items that we’ve already discovered. Harry beats me there and I can see him sitting on something. It looks like a huge piece of blue plastic with planks ontop but I recognise it as being-

“Hey, isn’t that the raft that Louis and Liam fell off in the river?”

“The one and only.”

“You could get billions for that.”

“Who needs billions when you can have a great photo-shoot with yours truly?” He strikes a pose, one hand up in the air with an overly cheesy grin, and I wish that I’d had my camera out to capture it.

“So what’ve you got?” I rummage through the items in my arms.

“Um, a football, some glow sticks, a picnic blanket, some little flag things, oh, and do you recognize this?”

“My jacket!” It’s his tweed blazer that he wore in the video. “This is going to be too small though…”

“Exactly. It’ll show how much you’ve grown since you were here last year. What did you find, apart from the raft?”

“Come with me.” He takes my hand, leading me around a few rows of clutter, before we end up in front of the huge Land Rover and he climbs in. “Come on, get in.” I climb into the front next to him and he pushes everything I’m holding into the back.

“I thought Louis broke it.”

“Someone’s being doing their research… No, he did break it until one of the guys fixed it and made sure not to tell him.”

“Aw, poor Louis. I bet he feels so guilty and no one even told him that it’s not actually broken.”

“It might stop him from killing all of us the next time he gets asked to drive us all in a music video.” I can’t argue –his driving was pretty reckless from what I remember of the video. “By the way, what do you say about trying to put a tent up with me?”

“I say that it will be very interesting.” The tent’s already in the back along with everything else, and a mysterious bag that Harry hasn’t yet explained to me. He starts the engine and reverses his way carefully out of the warehouse, past the cover of the trees, and into the Kentish field.

 We’ve been working on getting the tent up all morning when we finally sit down on the picnic blanket outside. “Well that was a struggle… thanks for the help.”

“Well if it makes you feel any better I got lots of photos when I wasn’t doing anything.”

“Are they good?”

“Surprisingly, most of them actually are.”

“Well that’s great then.” Harry opens the mystery bag to reveal a picnic for the two of us. He’s thought of everything; plates, forks, cups, hot chocolate for just in case the sun went away (which it hasn’t) and cold lemonade for the expected warm weather.

We sit and talk for a while, eating our way slowly through the sandwiches and picnic foods –most of which he picked up from Sainsbury’s this morning.

“This is really good you know.”

“Yeah, I like it here too. It reminds me of old times with the boys.”

“I can’t imagine what it must be like to live your lifestyle… very fun.”

“And frustrating at times, but we won’t mention that –not today.” He smiles at me, pushing his shades up onto his curly hair. “Close your eyes.”


“Just do it…”

I do as I’m told and I hear him put his plate down. A few seconds late, whilst my eyes are tightly squeezed shut, I think I feel his breath on my face –only very lightly- but then it is gone and I hear running footsteps instead.

“Harry?” I shout out into the mildly cold grass.

“Keep them closed!” I wait for a minute, maybe two (I’m so calm that time is no object here) and then hear his voice one more time. “You can open them now.”

He’s nowhere to be seen but his coat has been laid on the blanket, so I just pick my camera up and blindly follow the direction from where I thought I heard him call; towards the river. I wander happily but also slightly self-consciously. He could be watching me from anywhere.

It gives me time to think. Why did I think I felt his breath on me? Am I just being paranoid or was he going to kiss me. I guess we’ll never know. No, don’t be stupid. I’m just being paranoid. We’ve said a hundred times that we’re just friends. Nothing more than friends… maybe… No. I won’t let myself think it. We’re friends.

I’m nearing the cold water, where the sun reflects off of the surface, when I hear his voice much clearer than before. I definitely went in the right direction.


“Where are you?”

“Look up.” He’s sitting on the tree branch above me, with the bunting that I found in the warehouse tied around the trunk. “This stuff’s pretty strong. You can use it to help you to climb up if you want?”

“Just a second. Photos.” I lift my Cannon up to my eye range and get a few photos.

“Oh right, yeah, I forgot.” For some pictures he smiles, others he glares and for most of them there is a weird, goofy charm hovering around all of his features. I like the more natural photos the best, although his sarcastic poses are quite funny.

Just when I think I have enough, and from different angles too, I find branches to support myself on and use the thick material bunting as ropes for my hands. Eventually, with a little bit of instruction from Harry, I am sitting on the same branch as him. “Hey.”

“Hey, do you come here often?”

“Does anyone tell you you’re as cheesy as fuck?”

“Sometimes… okay, I lied. Mostly…”

“But you’re also extremely funny.”

“Why thank you ma’am. I’ve learnt from the best.” The best being his band mates, I guess.

“Have you got enough photos of me yet?”

“Maybe a few more up here, and then I could use some more in the tent or whatever later.”

I take a couple of him, from different angles around the tree, and notice the slight blush on his cheeks, capturing it perfectly in a few photos. “Perfect. You were born to be a model.”

“Yeah… If this stupid music thing doesn’t work out then it’s always an option.” We both laugh and I notice that Harry’s chuckle is a bit more nervous.

“You okay?”

“I don’t really like heights.”

“Well, it would make sense that you just climbed 12 feet up a tree then.”

“I thought it would be funny.”


“Can I take some photos please? It’ll make me feel better.”

“Sure, of what?” It’s barely out of my hands when the shutter goes off again and again.

“Just everything.” By everything, he literally means everything, including me at some points.

“Don’t take photos of me Harry.”

“Why not? You look cute today.”

I ignore his comment and just roll my eyes. 

"What time's it Harry?"

"Nearly 4 o'clock." I manoeuvre myself onto another branch, where there is a fork that will support me if lie back with my feet on the trunk. It's actually really comfortable to relax up here. A few minutes later Harry turns to see where I've dissapeared to, a few branches higher than him. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I really like it here. Thank you for bringing me."

He doesn't reply, he just looks back at the pictures he's taken on my camera. I only just manage to crane my neck enough to see the dimple, on the cheek nearest to me; meaning that he is smiling. 


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