Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


49. Passing The Word Around


I slid my legs over slightly, trying to find a cooler patch of duvet when I yawned sleepily and started to open my eyes. I was lying on a familiar, warm chest that had comforted me the whole night –allowing me to sleep better than I had ever done so before. I lifted my cheek, pulling it off from the place where it had grown accustomed too, allowing cooler air to reach it before laying it back down on the warm body beside me. Two bodies inside the bed had made added to the considerably large amount of heat, compared to when I normally slept in this bed by myself. A strong, warm arm was wrapped around my back, holding tightly onto the bottom of my long sleeved, pink t-shirt that was rolled up slightly at the hips –leaving a stripe of vulnerable, tanned flesh under the blankets.

I yawned once again before giving a big smile to the boy who was watching me from where he lay against the pillows. “Morning.”

“Morning love. Did you sleep well?” His gorgeous Irish accent never ceased to amaze me –I knew I’d never be able to hear an Irish person in the same way again, without thinking of this beautiful boy who was grinning at me and lay his phone onto the other side of his chest to where I rested my head.

“Really well. What about you?”

“The same. I’m sorry, I would have made you a cup of tea or something but I didn’t want to disturb you.” He gestured towards me and then further down the bed, where there was a bony knee sticking out of the duvet and I realised that I had slung my leg around his hip.

“No, this couldn’t be more perfect.” He squeezed me tight before kissing me on top of my hair and I released him so that he could go and take a shower.

The plan was to get ready, get in the car and go down to the local supermarket for breakfast and lunch supplies, before coming home to wake up my guests and play hostess.

30 minutes later Niall was in his baggy burgundy t-shirt and black low crotch jeans, sporting his white high-top trainers and a blue hooded jumper. I was wearing a skinny pair of blue jeans; a thick, cream, knitted jumper that had strands of gold thread interwoven into it; a pair of tan brown, slightly heeled ankle boots; and last of all was my brown leather and white fur jacket, on top. My hair fell down behind me, over my hood, in pretty ringlets that reached my waist. I applied a layer of mascara and liquid eyeliner, with a touch of lip gloss before we gathered our belongings and walked downstairs in each other’s company, chattering quietly so that we didn’t wake anyone else.

We were about to walk out and into the Range Rover when Niall remembered to grab his coat and our beanies and sunglasses –just in case- when I followed behind him and we both found Liam, half asleep as he sipped from a cup of tea. “Morning Liam. You’re up early.” I went to lean against the coffee bar and saw that his hair was still messy and he was sitting in the clothes that he had gone to bed in last night.

“Yeah, Sophia had to go to work this morning so she just rang me before she set off.”

“Oh cool.”

“Yeah... You guys look good. Going anywhere special?” Liam raised his eyebrow at me as I laughed and found Niall’s eyes.

“No... Just a little bit of food shopping for you hungry lot.” Liam smiled and then reached behind him to grab Niall’s arm.

“Are you guys going to be okay? Do you want anyone to come with you?”

“No,” Niall watched my expression as he spoke “The earlier we go the better –plus most fans are in school today right?” I nodded and Liam seemed satisfied.

“Okay, well that’s fine. Well I’m going to jump back into bed. I only got up to speak to Sophia.”

He got up and wished us well “Wait Liam, before you go...” He turned around quickly waiting for me to finish my sentence “Where’s everyone sleeping?”

Liam counted off on his fingers “Zayn’s in Justin’s room, I’m in the spare room next to him, I’m guessing Louis is in your parent’s and Harry put Rachel to bed so she should be in Lola’s. The only ones that I’m positive on are me, Zayn and Louis.”

“Okay, thanks hunn. Get some more sleep before we get back.” I got off the counter and Liam saluted us as he walked out of the room. Niall and I followed behind closely before leaving the house and jumping into the car.

“It’s chilly today.” I rubbed my hands together and turned the car heating and engine on.

“You’re right, it’s freezing. Ready to go?” Niall turned to me nervously and I reassured him with a smile.

 “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

“There could be some fans and paps towards the end..?”

“I’ll be fine if I’m with you.” His grin was doubtful so I tried again “I’m ready Niall. I can handle it. I want to be a part of your life and... well, I know what comes with that.”

“Thank you.” Niall reached forward and gave me a quick peck on the lips before I laughed lightly at how surreal it was before I stepped on the accelerator and steadily turned out of the drive.

We chatted for a while when Niall went onto twitter on his phone and started laughing at some of the tweets that his fans were sending him. “Everyone’s been asking about you you know.”


“Yeah, some of the messages are really sweet. Here, listen to this... ‘Niall! Please tell your mystery girl that she is only lucky person, and that no matter who she is we will be accepting of her when she decides that she is ready to allow us into her life. Love you both xx’.” Niall was beaming and I nudged his arm gently.

“Go on. Reply to her.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Just say... ‘Thank you so much. It means a lot to the both of us. Fans like you are the reasons that us boys keep going when things like this get tough. You may be seeing some more of my mystery girl very soon. Take care, Niall’ and put a kiss with it.”

“Perfect... I couldn't have said it any better myself. Right it’s done. Dont you think it’s lovely Rose?”

“Yeah it is.” I smiled to myself, feeling a little better about the worries I’d had previously about being accepted and welcomed into the boys’ little community. “You have some wonderful fans.”

“Yes I do, me and the boys... even you’re starting up your own little fan base.” I felt his lips turn upwards beside me and I shook my head gently, amazed at how well things were turning out between us. “What did you mean by that anyway? ‘You may be seeing some more of my mystery girl very soon’?”

“Well... I was just thinking that if you put anything up about me on your account then it would probably end up being world-wide news, am I right?”

“Yeah, probably. What are you getting at?”

“Well... How about we provide the information, give them a few clues, but don’t give it straight to them –let them search for it? We could put something up on my account? A picture maybe?”

“I think that’s a great idea!” I wasn’t too sure what he was going to think but I was glad to see his eyes sparkle at the idea. “Let’s do it now!” I passed him my phone after I had concentrated on turning into the Sainsbury’s parking lot and he unlocked it with the password that I had taught him last night whilst watching Thor. “I got it!” He laughed. I pulled into a space and Niall took  a selfie of us together –him in front (winking to the camera) and me pulling an excessive smile over his shoulder- what should I caption it?

“Umm... ‘surprise, surprise!’” Niall laughed and uploaded it to my twitter, instagram and facebook.

“Now we wait.”

I got out of my door, shoving the keys into my pocket and checking for my leopard print purse, and decided to correct his statement “No, now we shop!” Once Niall had gotten out and the car was safely locked, I linked my arm with his and walked towards the front door of the shop. “Have you got your beanie?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna put it on now actually.” He did so and I tucked a tiny piece of hair that was peeking out in a tuft back into his grey hat. “Thanks.”

“It’s alright.”

We were approaching the doors, so far unnoticed, when we bumped into a lady that was pushing her trolley out of the store. “Sorry madam.”

“It’s no problem love... hey –aren’t you that guy from the boy band? One Direction isn’t it?”

“Yes, thats me ma’am. We’re just out for a little bit of shopping though, so could you possibly try to keep it on the low?”

“For sure. My daughters a fan... I was just wondering whether I could get you to write your signature for her? She’s at school right now –it would be the best surprise for when she gets home.”

“Um...” Niall looked at me, unsure, and I encouraged him. “Yeah, why not?” The woman, who had a short brown bob, smiled at me as Niall scribbled on the piece of paper with the pen that she had provided for him. “There you go.”

“Thank you so much love. She’ll really appreciate it. Have a good day and take care of this young lady that you have. She’s a beauty.” I was given a friendly wink as she carried on out the doors and we entered the store.

A few people looked our way but we got around the supermarket mostly unnoticed -apart from a few hellos, here and there, and comments from parents doing their weekly shops or younger staff that were doing their morning shifts. I’d say that it was a pretty successful trip for a world famous boy band member and the girl that walked alongside him, linked only by the arms behind the protection of a trolley.


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