Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


169. Party Planning


I take the lift straight to Harry's apartment as soon as Thom drops me off at the flats -deciding that I'll go and talk to him first before taking the lift to Liam's.

Luckily, as I step through the doors, I see that both of them are sitting on the sofa with a couple of beers in hand.

"Hey Niall." Harry waves, pleasantly surprised to see me.

"Hey," I start towards the couch and take a beer from Liam, falling into the black sofa beside Harry. "Just the two people I wanted to see."

"That's lucky." Liam nods. "What's up man?"

"Well, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with a bit of party planning?"

"Hmm..." Harry looks over at Liam. "What do you think?"

They both burst out laughing at me as I bite my nails nervously. I would have gone to Zayn and Louis about the party too -it wouldn't have been a problem if they decided they didn't want to do it- but Harry and Liam have been to quite a few parties between themselves -more than my other friends- and they were always in charge of the little birthday celebrations us boys had together when on tour.

I knew they'd be the best help I could get; especially with all of Liam's party connections and Harry's VIP passes from an assortment of nights out with Grimmy, Corden and many more famous faces.

"Course we'll help." Liam says, crossing his leg over his knee and reclining into the sofa.

"So, I'm guessing this party isn't for Zayn?" Harry asks with a smile and a raised eyebrow. WE all know that Perrie's been organising his party, so there's only one other person it could be for.

"No, it's for Rosie." Harry nods his head with no surprise and Liam smiles at me like a proud friend who's been pushing me to find a relationship since he, Louis and Zayn started all of their serious dating.

"So what ideas have you got? What do you need help with?"

"Everything." I state -finding that it's much easier to sum up the things I don't know rather than the things I do.

"I want it to be in a club, on her birthday -next Friday."

"We can do that." Liam nods like it's a pretty simple task. "We'll need caterers?"

"We could just ask the company that come on tour with us?" Harry suggests.

"Yeah. Would you be able to sort that out H?"

"Yep. That's fine."

"So what else?" Liam questions out loud.

"Maybe some decorations... I don't know..."

"I could get Sophia to sort that out?"

"Ah, that'd be great Li. I'm sure she'd have a lot more fun with that kinda thing than us. Maybe get Eleanor to help too."

"Okay, and then there’s the guest list.”

We both look at Harry who shifts uncomfortably in his seat, not quite meeting either of our eyes as he stands up and walks into the kitchen space. “Well I guess Rachel could do that,” he pauses “but can you ring her about it Niall?”

“What?” If it wasn’t for Harry’s uncomfortable gaze I’m sure that both Liam and I would be pissing ourselves laughing at his peculiar behaviour.

Liam stifles a laugh with a cough. “What’s up man? I could tell something was weird before.”

“I’m kind of avoiding her.”

I can’t hide my surprised chuckle quickly enough and Harry stares me down for it. “Why?” It’s absurd… Why would Harry be avoiding his girlfriend?

“It’s just…” He supports himself on the counter and leans over the work top –sighing to himself. “It’s complicated guys.”

“We’re listening…” Liam encourages him, raising a narrowed eyebrow at me. I shrug in reply.

“Okay but don’t laugh… She kinda intimidates me.” He shakes his head in frustration as soon as he realises what he’s just admitted.

“She intimidates you?” Now it’s Li’s turn to accidentally laugh. “Sorry.” He raises his hands harmlessly before Harry can get pissed off.

“…When it comes to sex.” Harry explains further -cringing even more as he waits for our reaction.

We both look at each other, and then back at our stressed friend, before we burst out laughing together. I hold my side and fall sideways onto the couch whilst Liam covers his face with both hands and reclines his head onto the back of the sofa –his feet raised in the air as we continue to laugh.

“Guys.” Harry huffs seriously.

“Wait… Harry Styles is intimidated by a girl when it comes to sex? Can we get that in writing please?”

“Or a picture of that facial expression…” Liam only just manages to get his words out –causing me crack up even more.

“Fine.” Harry pouts, picking up his drink and making a move towards his bedroom.

“Naw, wait.” I chuckle, my laughter dying down –Liam copies me. “You can talk to us. We won’t laugh anymore.”

Harry changes his direction and steadily walks towards us –resuming his old position on the couch beside me. “Kay.”

“Sorry… Niall might not be planning on laughing but I can’t guarantee anything.” Liam admits –messing with Harry and assuring him with a wink.

Styles relaxes, or tries to at least; one leg crossed over his knee and his arms finding a comfortable position on the back of the sofa.

“So how exactly does she intimidate you?” It takes a lot of strength not to snigger at the word. “Harry Styles the UK sex symbol. Has he lost his magic?”

Harry does however laugh at that; punching my arm and biting his cheek with a reluctant smirk.

“Okay, so come on.” Liam says seriously –impatient to hear the gossip.

“Well, it’s just that she’s really quite body confident and I think it was because she was really intimate with her last boyfriend.” We all frown –who could forget that bastard Miles. None of us are really surprised that Rosie admitted to hating him right from the start –at least she was able to see that he wasn’t good enough for her best friend. “And I’m sure she wants to have sex but every time it nearly happens I end up freaking out or making an excuse… But I don’t know why!”

Harry frowns at us like it’s causing him a great deal of stress. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me!”

“You haven’t had sex yet? Maybe you could get a few pointers off Niall.”

“Shut it Liam.” I snap quickly as he snickers at me.

“Gee… Sorry Ni.”

“It’s not that much of a problem Harry…” I try out, my eyebrows knitting together as I figure out a way to resolve his problem or comfort him. It’s a shame Louis isn’t here –he’d be able to think of a million crude and helpful things to say –suggestive demonstrations included. “You’re probably still thinking about her past and comparing it to how it is now.”

“Yeah.” He hums, staring at his shoes.

“Plus,” Liam add, finally getting rid of his smirk and turning serious “You and her aren’t public. Not with Kendall on the scene. That’s probably bothering you more than you know, without you even realising it. We know you man; you have respect for girls and I already know you don’t want her to feel like you’re using her. She means more to you than that.”

I raise my eyebrow; impressed with Liam’s little supportive speech. He meets my eyes and... Okay… maybe his smirk hasn’t fully left the building just yet…

“Yeah.” Harry mumbles. “Yeah you’re right. Both of you are.” He says –making his voice louder and looking up at the two of us. “I think that’s what it is. Her past and her feelings are both on my mind… fuck, if this is gonna keep happening until after the trial and publicity stunts then I have no idea what I’m gonna do…” He rubs his hands together slowly –studying them carefully.

I wince. “Oh shit… I forgot about that. When’s the court case again?”

“A few weeks.” He mumbles, looking up at me before chewing his lip. He backtracks onto our previous topic of conversation. “Its like… the other day she was getting changed and she took her top off and then-“

“-Woah!” I cut him off. As soon as he starts to create the images in my head I know I need to put a stop to whatever he’s about to go on to say. “Yeah, um, in case you’re forgetting she’s my girlfriend’s best friend –practically her sister.”

“Oh yeah.” Harry laughs, his eyes going wide as he realises how weird that conversation could have gotten… and quickly too.

It’s weird these days… Last year, when we were doing the Take Me Home Tour and most of us were single, we were all quite comfortable with hooking up and laughing about our experiences together.

Of course Zayn was with Perrie, so he liked to keep most things to himself. Louis had also just started going out with El, so he did the same –or at least tried to- but now we are all in quite serious relationships and I would describe myself as being friends with all of the boys’ girlfriends...

Talking about anything that we used to would be nothing but absurd these days... As a changed person, I cringe at the stories Harry used to tell me from each city, and I can imagine that he probably does the same. Last year was our experimenting year. This year we are serious.

“So anyway, you and Rosie…” Liam tries; raising one corner of his smile and his eyebrows.

“Don’t even go there…”

“Well if you’re waiting for something special we could help you with a few ideas, couldn’t we Harry?”

Harry narrows his eyebrows at our jokey friend. “That’s weird Liam but yeah, I guess we could help… with ideas…”

I roll my wide eyes dramatically. “For instance… It’s her birthday next Friday…” Liam starts, chuckling at my dry expression.

“Oh really? It had escaped my attention.” I laugh back at him sassily.

“I don’t think he knew Liam.” Harry laughs with me sarcastically as I tut and roll my eyes once again.

“Ah… I see. Maybe he didn’t need our hints cause he’s already planning it himself!” Liam guesses, running a hand through the side of his short hair; a huge grin on his face. I launch my foot at him –reaching over to kick him square in the knee. “Ow.” He whimpers.

“That shut you up.” I guffaw, winking at my friend.

“Yeah? Well you better watch out Horan cause when I get you back you can bet your last dollar which knee it will be –and I can guarantee it will hurt twice as much.” He snickers at me and Harry rolls his eyes at our violent humour.

“Surrendered.” I laugh, raising my hands.

With my crippled knee, I’m not taking any chances.


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