Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


18. Orange Hot Chocolate


I took mine and Rosie’s drinks off of the bar, when Liam took them from me and put them on straight onto his and Niall’s tray. “Here let me do that. I’m waiting for one more drink so you can go and sit down.”

I leaned back, holding onto the bar, to see where my best friend was sitting. She was at the back of the shop, around a corner,  cosied up with her feet tucked underneath her and her coat sitting on her shoulders –sitting on the same sofa as the blonde boy from One Direction. It still felt surreal to me. Especially with the older one standing next to me now, within arms reach.

She was laughing at Niall as she turned towards him more and he was looking into her eyes and talking, whilst making wild motions with his arms. “Actually I think I’ll wait with you.” I tapped my finger nails on the serving board and Liam laughed.

“Are they that bad?” He peered over at them nosily and then turned back to me with a friendly smile.

“No... I just don’t want to interrupt anything.” I laughed at myself and he laughed back.

“Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. How do you think they act around each other compared to when they're alone? Does Rosie normally act like this.” He signaled to them with his arm.

I thought to myself before replying as we watched them. “No... she’s different. More confident, happier, maybe a little bit more flattering?”

“Really?” He seemed genuinely surprised, but in a positive way.

“Yeah.” I chewed my lip suddenly interested. “What about Niall?”

“He’s different too. He acts more comfortable around her... I’ve only ever seen him act himself -like this- when we’ve been together in Ireland at his Dad’s house... I think they bring out the best in each other.” I nodded in agreement. As a second thought Liam added. “He’s also being surprisingly well behaved –he’s normally a lot more cheeky and mischievous than this.”

“This is him being well behaved?” I laughed in mock horror.

“He’s not that bad.” He smiled at himself and it was obvious that he was extremely fond of his Niall.

Just as he stopped speaking, the Barista came over with a coffee cup. “Caramel Latte?” Liam nodded his thanks while he put it onto his tray.

“Well, come on then.” He laughed to me before he picked up the drinks and food and headed in their direction. I followed behind him, not wanting to be the one to disrupt anything; but they were just talking when they looked up. Niall practically pounced straight on top of Liam when he saw him carrying his food on the tray.


“Calm down, boy!” Rosie ordered as she emphasised the word boy.

He turned back to her to whisper “Sorry Rosie.” Before he passed Roselyn her orange hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sauce, first, and then took his frappuchino and Panini, second. Niall was the only one with a sandwich. As Liam put the tray down and sat himself on the sofa, he patted for me to sit next to him. I sat down and went to pick up my doughnut and cappuchino.

Liam had ordered a doughnut and I had asked him to get one for me too. It was so nice of them to pay for us, but I really wasn’t expecting them too –it was just a very kind gesture. I hoped that we would be able to pay them back a favor or two in the future to make up for how courteous they were being to us today.

“Are you sure you didn’t want anything to eat Rosie?” Liam asked her as he sipped his latte and gestured to our doughnuts.

“I’m sure.” She smiled back at him gratefully, as she blew on her hot drink and looked over at Niall.

“You okay there?” She had her eyebrow raised and I couldn’t blame her. Niall had taken the top off of his drink cup and was pilling on cinnamon. There was now a thick layer of orange dust covering the top.

“He always does that.” Liam just rolled his eyes but me and Rosie burst out laughing before he put the top back on and smiled proudly at his orange mess.

“What? It’s nice!” He laughed at us.

“Okay,” I said “So now I know that you’re always hungry for food, you can get extremely impatient when walking around shopping centres and you like to pile ridiculous amounts of cinnamon on top of your drinks, is there anything else that we should know?.”

“Nothning else... But well said!” Liam laughed out, impressed, as he put his fist towards me, so that I could bump mine into his.

“No! That’s not true.” Niall pouted. “I only get impatient when there's food involved." To emphasise his point he took a huge bite from his Panini and smiled widely at me.

“Grosss!” Rosie laughed as she slapped at his arm. He sat back and made the most of his food, while we all chatted about various things like schools and interests. I told them all about my interest in photography when Niall spoke up.

“Okay then, little Miss Paparazzi. Take a photo of us all now, in the best angle possible, but the only rule is that you have to be in it!”

“Easy!” I grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket and turned away from the two couches so that I could hold my phone away from me and get everybody in the picture from behind me. Snap. I looked at it, quite impressed to see Rosie pulling an over enthusiastic smile, showing all her teeth whilst her eyes were squinting. I was the only normal smiling one; as the two boys were both pulling silly faces with their tongues out. “Hey I actually like this one.” I passed my phone around and everyone muttered their agreement.

“You’ve surprised me Rachel!” He said with a friendly wink.

“I take photography for a reason you know.” I retorted, rolling my eyes at him. Everybody laughed.

We were having a really good time. The only thing that was surprising to me at the moment was the fact that Rosie and Niall weren’t cuddling up right now. They suited each other so well and they didn’t even know it.


It was nice. Everyone was getting along well; not only had I gotten to know the boys a lot better than I had last night, but so had Rachel, and I was extremely glad that she fit into the small group that was present right now very well; just as I had hoped she would. I couldn’t help feeling that she’d get along with the other three just as well - if not then better.

“Right, are we ready to go?” Niall smiled around the table before he looked at me. I couldn't help but burst into a fit of giggles.

“Niall, do you realise that you now have an orange moustache?”

“Oh.” He laughed before he looked away embarrassed and rubbed at it making it worse. I picked up a serviette and rubbed it off quickly with two strokes before I was even aware of doing it. “Thanks!” He jumped up off the sofa and I put my finger up at them whilst I tilted my head back and drank the rest of the warm, chocolaty orange goo. This drink was my favourite in the winter. I placed the cup on the table before unfolding my legs and wriggling my toes. “Someone help me up,” I laughed “My legs are dead!” The two boys jumped over to me and pulled me up by my elbows before steadying me and applying their disguises.

“Do you realise it feels like we're walking around with two really crappy FBI agents when we’re with you?”

 “Is it? I’ve never thought of it like that.” Liam and Niall laughed together whilst Rachel and I nodded thoroughly.

We walked out of the shop whilst deciding to go into Topshop first; to look for the dress. Liam showed me a few more photos of his girlfriend so that I could get a grasp on her style. Right. I knew what I was looking for now. Classical. Chic. Something to show off her figure.

I went straight towards the designer collection, where the dresses were hung up on rack after rack of hangers. No one bothered me with any words, as Rachel had warned them that I had now gone into my work mode.

I flipped through a few different numbers until I got to a sparkly, sequined, turquoise dress. Too formal. I found another one that was grey but had a low chest line. Too slutty. I went through dress after dress until I finally found the perfect one. It was burgundy with a circular neckline and thick shoulder pads that darted upwards to emphasis her breasts and had a peplum style waist line that darted outwards to show the difference between Sophia’s small waist and elegant hips. The dress had a slim fitting skirt, to show her long legs, and looked like something that Sophia might choose to wear herself.

“What about this?”I held it up to Liam and explained what I liked about it and how it would benefit her figure. The boys looked speechless to say the least, so I smirked back at them. “What size is she?”

“Um... a 12 I think. I looked at the tag and saw that I had picked up the right size –purely coincidental of course, unless my fashion powers were now taking over my psychic ability to guess sizes too. Yeah right, I laughed to myself.

“So what do you think?”

“It seems perfect! I’ve even got a tie that colour!” Aw, coordinated outfits were so cute on couples.

“Mate, I could so imagine her wearing that!” Even Niall was in shock at my abilities, bless him.

“So are we getting it?”


He took it from me and went to queue up with it but I stopped him. “Did you need a pair of shoes too?”

I headed towards the shoe section and Rachel pointed out a few pairs but there was only one pair that I had eyes for. I could see them on the far wall and they interested me. Everybody followed me over as I picked them up. They were a pair of black suede heels with a high platform and thin heel. They had a strap that would go around the ankle and another to go down the middle of the foot, towards the toes, with 3 little ribbons on it. Perfect. “Get these.” I thrusted them at Liam after picking up the size he told me, and he seemed grateful that I had found him an outfit so fast as he carried them in his strong arms.

“Is that okay?”

“Perfect.” He smiled at me whilst Rachel chimed in.

“Wow Roselyn. Even I didn’t realise you were that good." I smirked as we made our way to the checkout but then looked away and rolled my eyes as I realised what she had referred to me as.

“Don’t call me that Rach... It’s Rosie or Rose.” She laughed at my fussiness when another voice spoke. It was Niall’s.

“Aw don’t get embarrassed... I think it’s a cute name.” It made me feel better about myself but I was arrogant and I couldn’t be seen to be backing down on my own argument, so I simply raised my eyebrow at him and smiled, as we walked over to a clerk for Liam to pay. Within minutes we were standing outside of the shop and wondering what to do next.


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