Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


87. Olivia


The last text that Niall sent me was 'Have a great time tonight! I'll ring you later to ask what you got up to. Love you xx'.

I'm quite worried, because he hasn't replied to me in the last hour, but I just assume that he's busy which is why he told me to have a good time. I push the sickening worry to the bottom of my stomach and hold my nerves in as we decide to go onto a 40ft roller coaster. Just looking at the steep descents and the triple loop-the-loop makes me want to throw up and rid my stomach off all the sticky hot chocolate we just drank. If I'd known what El was planning on riding, for our first roller coaster of the night, perhaps I would have turned down the drink that was practically just melted chocolate.

Sophia notices my grimace and I have to admit that she too has gone a puce shade of green. "You okay sweetie?"

"Not the biggest fan of roller coasters."

We hand over our 4 tokens each, to a uniformed member of staff, who is guarding the entrance, and then shuffle down into the short queue of people. Apparently this ride isn't particularly popular with the rest of the crowd. 

"Me neither. Perhaps you wouldn't mind if I sit next to you and cling onto your hand whilst screaming?"

"As long as you don't mind the possibility of finger nail marks on your palm and an equally loud scream in your ear?"

"Of course not." Her facial expression warms, but we both laugh as equally nervous as each other. Rachel and El stand against the queue’s metal fences, jumping up and down and chattering about how excited they are. Rachel's always loved roller coasters, but with a best friend like me, I'm finally relieved to see she's found another adrenaline junkie like herself to cling onto and psych herself up with.

In front of them, Harvey is trying his best to look cool and business like. It doesn't work as a grin spreads across his blonde stubbly face and his toes tap impatiently on the muddy grass. He volunteered to come on this ride for 'safety reasons', although I'm sure he only did it for the thrill and the adrenaline rush. You can tell by his facial expressions that he’s excited too. We move forward, both Sophia and I holding back as we get nearer and nearer to the front. A tingling feeling runs all the way from my toes to my brain, making me feel lightheaded, before it runs back down again.

Behind us is a group of girls and a couple of boys, probably 8 in total. Whilst two of the girls standing closest to the two lads -well, probably their boyfriends- all look impatient for the ride, the other girls in their group keep tiptoeing to get a proper view of what our little group is all up to.

I notice one with a 'Made for Styles' t-shirt and another with one that reads 'I can beat the Zaynator'. They're similar to my 'Nialler's girl' one and so I can only imagine that most of their group is made up of fans. As I look behind, even one of the girlfriends smiles back at me -indicating that they are all together and she's probably only playing it cool because of the guy that she is with. I give her a wink and she looks back at the 15 year old boy happily. Cute.

That’s when I hear the other girls behind. They are moaning at one of their friends.

“Come on Liv. Gosh, you’re so wimpy.” I can’t see who they’re talking too. She must be standing right at the back of the group of friends.

Sophia tug on my arm lightly to pull me along with the moving queue. There’s only 12 people infront of our little group now.

“You can’t back out now! We’re going to be sat on the same ride as them!”  By ‘them’ she means me and my group of friends.

“Guys… I don’t know. I’m scared.” The girl named 'Liv' seems more worried than I am.

“Oh come on, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You might pee yourself or puke...”

“No! I wont!”

“What then? You might cry?”


I hear two of the girls start laughing as the girl being picked on moans for them to stop. Some friends they are…

“Fine, fine, I’ll go. Just stop teasing me.” Her voice is starting to crack.

I tear my eyes back to the rollercoaster entrance and see that everyone ahead of Harvey is being permitted onto one long car of the rollercoaster.

We’re next, I think, oh fuckk…

Once the carriage sets off, completes the circuit twice and then pulls back into the loading bay three minutes later, I am petrified and having to control my breathing.

Everybody gets off; cheering and laughing and breathing heavily.

The gates open; the guy is calling us up onto the platform. Oh noo… not now? Why did I think that this was a good idea again?

Harvey, Eleanor and Rachel go running towards the front row. The carriage is set out with 4 rows of 3 seats. The first row is now taken. Sophia tugs on my arm with a gentle smile. “Come on. You okay?”

I lie. “Yeah I’m fine.” I’m sure that I’ll be fine in a few minutes. “Are you?”

“Yeah.” She courageously pulls me up the steps with her and she files into the seat furthest along. We’re on the row behind our other friends. I take my place in the middle seat and wait for the third to be filled up. Who will sit next to me?

The whole group, who were behind us, is now standing on the platform, arguing between themselves about who should sit next to me. The couples don’t mind –they sit in the rows further back so that they can sit next to their partners. That only leaves me with 3 options and all of them are girls. That’s when I notice her.

She’s standing behind her two friends, keeping quiet as she waits to be told where to sit.

Her hair is impeccably short and cute –like a pixie cut. She wears a beanie over the top but it doesn’t hide the length. Her light brown eyes are wild and scared as she surveys the jungle of tracks and metal around us. She must be Liv.

I speak up before I know what I’m doing, pushing myself up from the seat so that she can see me better. “Hey, do you want to come and sit here? There’s a spare seat.”

I try not to pay attention to her two friends who have shut up - faster than I could have told them to myself. Liv looks at me with a half smile and nods her head. She looks so young and innocent but from her group of friends I can tell that she must be around 16 years old, but still the baby of the group. Liv comes to sit next to me and nervously waves at Sophia who’s beaming at me. She can't keep herself from glances over at me and Soph every few seconds. I smile back -genuinely happy that she is sitting beside me.

“What’s your name sweetheart?” I already know it but it’s just to be polite.

“Olivia. Most people call me Liv but I like Olivia.”

“How strange… Why do you let people call you Liv if that’s not the name you prefer.”

She shrugs her shoulders. “I guess old habits die hard.” A guy comes over to pull the bars over our heads. It’s a suspended rollercoaster that is secured to the tracks above. I pull my brace tighter over my body and help the two girls on either side of me to do the same. Olivia's is really loose around her small frame so it takes some adjusting to make sure that she's secure.

“Well Olivia, I’m Rosie and this is Sophia.”

Sophia waves her fingers from beside me and leans as far forward as she can to hold her hand out to Olivia to shake. I notice Olivia’s multi coloured chipped nail varnish. I used to paint my finger nails all different colours like that –it brings back some of the only good memories from being in hospital; the nurses who help me to paint them every week.

“So are you scared?”

“Yes. I’m terrified.” She bites her lip and secures her fingers around the bars over her chest.

“Well don’t you worry. We can all be terrified together.”

Sophia laughs nervously from beside me. “You can say that again.” She has to shout over the wind as we make our way into the air, dangling our feet in the nothingness below.

As we climb higher and higher, the chain clicking above us, I notice all of the flashes and cameras below. Sophia notices too.

“Well Olivia, you better smile when we get to the end, because there are lots of people watching us.” Olivia laughs quietly and I reach my arm out towards her hand kindly. She hesitates and then wraps her cold hand around my own; it shakes slightly showing how nervous she is. Sophia does the same to me and we all cling on to each other as the roller coaster starts to dip forward… and then we are released. Down, round, to the left, up down… get ready… upside down, round up, back down and over and over we spin. I scream, Sophia screams, even Olivia roars in excitement and terror.

We’ve only just gone around once when we’re being thrown back up the ramp again.

“Oh my god!” Olivia cries over the cold wind that makes my cheeks tingle and burn.

“Having fun?”

She meets me eyes and laughs, kicking her legs forwards and backwards. Her ankles are bony, just like her fingers. It only makes me hold on tighter because I am scared that I’ll let go by accident and she's too fragile to leave by herself. I feel protective over her.

I look back through the gap between my chair and the row behind. The girl that was being rude and horrible to Olivia is now glaring at me, her hands folded over her chest as if bored.

I turn back to the girl on my arm and smile with even more happiness. Maybe I haven’t been given the opportunity to beat my own bullies yet, but at least I’ve had the courage to stick up for someone else, in the same position.


We are walking down the busy winding routes between rollercoasters and amusements and winter market stalls. I use my fingers to untangle a piece of candyfloss from the stick that Rosie is holding for the two of us. Our arms are interlinked and the other two are standing a small distance behind whilst they chatter excitedly.

“Can you tell me something?” The candy floss is delicious. I laugh as Rosie turns to me; she’s stuck some over her top lip to give the impression of having a furry, pink moustache.

Rose notices my serious eyes and pulls it off with her tongue to eat it quickly. “Yeah?”

“Why did you do what you did? You know… that girl?”

“What? Ask for her twitter and stuff?”

“Not just that, why did you ask her to sit next to us in the first place?”

“Well… I don’t know. I heard two of her friends picking on her. I thought maybe if she sat next to me then they wouldn’t be able to pick on her.”

“But she wouldn’t have been sat next to them anyway?” It’s not that I don’t agree with her, I’m just trying to delve deeper –find out more about her good intentions.

“Sometimes there are those who deserve good things in life, but there are also those who want good things in life. For people like you, I, the boys –people who could be considered to be ‘the good things’- we need to differentiate between those people so that at the end of the day, we can be fully assured that we did the right things that day. If we only have a certain amount of time to spend with a huge number of people then all of the time needs to be spent efficiently. We need to know that we spent it on the people who matter.”

It’s exactly what I wanted to hear and more.

“You know what Rosie Stephens? People underestimate your heart of gold. I think it was really sweet what you did. Olivia looked so chuffed. Will you really follow her when you get home?”

“Of course I will –I want to let her know that friends will come and go but there will always be people that she can rely on. I hope I can be one of those people.”

“How is everything that you say sooo cuteee?” I rip of another piece of candyfloss and Rosie bumps her shoulder with mine gently.

“Hey you, you’re not so bad yourself either. I saw that big hug you gave her.” And she’s right. I did it purposely, because like Rosie, there was one particular fan that I once took a shine to when I first got together with Li. I used to message her every day. I say ‘used to’ because a few months ago, cancer beat her. It was the sadest death I had ever witnessed because she continued to message me, over twitter, up until her last half an hour. Whenever I go onto my DM’s I still miss little Amy.

What Rosie hasn’t realised though -something that I realised when I first laid eyes on her short pixie haircut, transparent skin and bloodshot eyes- is that Amy and Olivia could potentially share more in common than most other fans. I will research it tonight, when we stay around the Stephen's house, but I hope for Rosie’s sake that it isn’t true… Is Olivia fighting the cancer battle too? Just as Amy was?

I look down at my phone. I have a new message. “Rosie... it’s Liam…” She looks over at me seriously, her eyes sinking in worry. “He says you need to try the German hot dogs before we go ice skating.”

Rosie untangles her arm from mine and hits my arm lightly before stepping back into my open embrace. “You can’t do that to me Soph! I thought something had happened and you know Niall hasn’t been texting me!”

I laugh apologetically. “Sorry babe! There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fun and he says not to worry –he’s just got lots of conference calls and phone call meetings to sort out. Just business stuff.”

“Okay.” We fall back so that El and Rachel can join us. Next is hotdogs and then ice skating. I’m really looking forward to it, although the last time I went, Liam was supporting both of my elbows and ice skating backwards around the ring to look after me. Only 3 more days and he’ll be home. Thank god for that.


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