Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


14. 'Must Be Lucky'


Rachel was finally starting to come to terms with the idea of me and One Direction, towards the end of the double lesson, and before I knew it, break time was over and I was sitting in my Textiles classroom.  Miss Cox, the teacher was sitting at her desk around the corner from my computer so that I was out of sight.  The class size was small, about 10 of us, so we could afford to sit further away from each other.

That's why no one noticed when I got my iPhone out, after feeling it buzz, and peered at the lock screen. One new message. It was an unknown number and I don't know why I didn't expect it, but the fact that i had realised that it was from Niall stopped me in my tracks and i froze before i could unlock my phone.

Just over an hour and a half ago, I was telling Rachel it was unlikely that he would even contact me. But now, much less than 24 hours after he had asked for my contact number, I was already reading a text that he had sent to me.

'Hey Rosie. Hope that you're having a good day at sixth form. Was just wondering whether you're free later? I was hoping we'd be able to meet up. Me and Liam have the day off. Niall x'

I saved his number into my contacts and then texted him back immediately

'Niall! I'd love to meet up but me and my bestfriend were supposed to be spending some time together tonight :( Rosie x'

'Bring her with you! Any friend of yours is a friend of ours :) Niall x'

'I'll have to ask her but that sounds great. She's been dying to meet you guys since I told her all about you five boys this morning in drama :) what did you have in mind? Rosie x'

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed yet again.

'All good things, I hope ;) and thats great! You have a good fashion sense right? Niall x'

'Im not sitting in my A Level Fashion and Textiles class right now for nothing! Of course I do! Rosie x'

I wondered where he was going with this fashion thing.

'Perfect! If you text me the address of your school I'll get someone to pick you up at around 3:30, does that give you enough time to get out of school? Niall x'

School finished at 2:50 and most people started leaving by around 3:05. He had given us more than enough time.

'Yeah that should be fine. Don't we get any more clues though? Rosie x'

'Sorry, no can do. You'll just have to trust me. Look out for a chauffeur called Thom and don't keep us boys waiting ;) See you soon, Niall x'

I blushed as I read the message and put my phone into my blazer pocket while I smiled to myself, before I was suddenly aware of how urgently I needed to speak with Rachel about this. And by urgently, I meant as soon as I saw her at lunch. I hoped we could talk by ourselves.

I didn’t want her feeling as if I had dragged her into anything and so needed to give her as much prior-warning as I could before we were committed and couldn’t bail out, if needed. The lesson went by slowly and I could only concentrate enough to do less than half the amount of work required from us.

  As soon as I got bored, sitting there blankly in front of the computer screen, doing nothing but assessing the length of my nails, I found myself typing something into Google search. ‘One Direction’. I needed to be well researched as I knew that worldwide boy bands weren’t expected to be very informative. I had found that out last night. Apart from Niall, I couldn’t recall any of the boys introducing themselves by name when I first met them; therefore, I wasn’t sure how much they would expect me to know already

. A few pictures popped up but I scrolled straight past them, after smiling slightly to myself in adoration of them, and straight onto the One Direction Wikipedia page.  I didn’t need to know what they looked like, I had spent the whole of last night inspecting their looks, mannerisms and personal traits: Louis -the crazy and lovable one, Harry – the supposed ‘promiscuous’ and cheeky one, Zayn – the sexy and surprisingly gentle one, Liam – the well informed and mature one and last, but by no means least, was Niall who was just Niall to me.

I didn’t want to put qualities to his name. He was the one that I cared for the most and felt the closest too. If anything, he was just My Niall to me. According to the Wikipedia page however, it said that Niall was the cute, blonde Irishman of the group who had half of the room in his heart taken up by his love for food. It certainly didn’t lie.

I chuckled as I scrolled down the page, on a mission to find more informative facts. That was when I was stopped in my tracks by a cough from behind. I turned back slowly, expecting to see my grumpy textiles teacher with another of her famous lectures on the tip of her tongue, when I found an excited girl from my class who I think was named Becky.

She had gotten up from her chair to see what I was doing. “I never knew you were a One Direction fan!” Her voice was hysterical with glee and was too high-pitched for my liking. I had the urge to put my fingers in my ears, to block out the sound from her mouth but found myself replying instead.

I gave her a slight smile. “You’re not the only one; I never knew I was either.” Becky returned my smile.

“They just sort of creep up on you, don’t they?” Her voice was getting really irritating now. I thought back to last night, the moment when I had gotten up to re-enter the club, to find Niall standing behind me. I giggled at the irony of what she had said.


“Have you met them before? I’ve been to both of their tours twice! Plus, I was a fan from the start! Niall and Louis are my favourites, so hands off, okay newbie?” She said it jokingly, but with an honest sense of pride and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Irritation couldn’t even begin to describe my feelings about what she had just said to me. If only she knew that I had already had my hands over both Louis and Niall last night. The jealousy Becky felt would be hilarious to watch, but I told myself to play nice. Luckily she didn’t notice; I wasn’t trying to be rude, really, I just couldn’t help it while her voice rang through both ears.

Her proximity to me didn’t help so I shuffled my chair forward just a tiny bit, to get further away from her, before saying. “Actually I was there last night. You know, for the exclusive concert in London? They did a surprise meet-and-greet after, too.”

“Wow! That’s so lucky.” She looked genuinely surprised and I could almost imagine her turning green on the inside with jealousy already. I’m glad I didn’t take it any further than that. Besides, there were some things that I wanted to keep private and personal about last night. “But I thought only hardcore fans were allowed to go?” What was she trying to say? I didn't deserve to go and see them? Bitch.

The bell rang, informing us that it was time for tutor (registration as some people call it) or whatever your house activity was timetabled as. Me and Rachel’s tutor was timetabled as having early lunch today, so it meant we would be able to start our lunch break 20 minutes earlier than everyone else - who would either be in tutor or their house assembly. I wanted to get to the canteen and find Rachel as soon as possible so I scooped my things up before shutting down my computer. I did this all in three seconds flat and was half-way out the door when I called to Becky over my shoulder “As you said, I must just be lucky.”

I knew I sounded like a bitch but it gave me satisfaction after what she had said about the boys and to ‘keep my hands off’. It was stupid how over protective the fans got about the boys who seemed more genuine and grounded than most people in my school. Why did they think they had the right to dictate the boys’ lives to everyone around them, when most of them had never even had any proper social interaction with any members of the boy band throughout their whole lives? Unless you counted the fans tweeting them of course?

It pissed me off but I knew it wasn’t the fans’ faults. After all, it was them that decided that they would help the boys to succeed in the first place.  

I was close to the canteen now and could hear the noise making its way down the huge hallways – the reason being that it was a very modern building and most facilities were open plan, such as the canteen, ICT rooms and the business suite -that had couches instead of tables and chairs. I headed towards the normal spot where me and my few good friends ate lunch, when I spotted Rachel sitting there, waiting for me alone. Perfect. I could talk to her alone before all the others got there.

I greeted her with a hug and some small talk before I sat down on the chair opposite and got straight to the point “You know how you’re coming around mine tonight, for some girl time?” She nodded at me as she stopped eating and looked up from her sandwich, obviously interested in what I had to say. I was trying to control my expression but I was excited and so she could tell it was something good. That’s why, when I said: “Well... change of plan.” –still with a huge smile on my face- she narrowed her eyes at me in confusion. That wasn’t what she was expecting me to say.

“Why what’s happening? We’ve had this planned for ages. You can’t just ‘change plans’!” She seemed disappointed as she put her Chicken and Mediterranean Salad sandwich down and sighed at it.

I smirked but she didn’t see. This was quite funny but I’d had enough of winding her up and wanted to see her reaction right now. “Oh... okay. I mean, I thought it would be nice for me and my best friend to go and see Liam and Niall, you know – two fifths of One Direction - but if that’s what you want I’ll do anything to show you that I’m here for you. I’ll just text Niall now and let him know we won’t be able to make it. I bet they’ll both be disappointed.” I pouted sadly whilst I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pretended to start typing in a message.

She looked happy that I had given up so easily and smirked at me when I looked up at her again solemnly and saw that realisation had hit her hard and fast.

First she was completely still and then she started to look frantically at the people around her before she looked straight at me and then my fingers that were typing on my phone before she slapped it on the table and looked at me again.

Lastly she started flapping her hands around before she whispered as quietly as she could whilst trying take in what I was trying to tell her “OMG. What do you think you’re doing? Do NOT text him. We are going! How could you turn that down? Just to make sure I heard right... We are going I meet Niall and Liam? OMG!”

I played stupid and planted the best expression of confusion that I had onto my face. “What so we’re free now?” “For ONE DIRECTION we fucking are!” Suddenly I couldn’t take it any more so I started a laughing fit.

I couldn’t help it. Everything was so priceless, her expression, her flapping arms, her reaction and the way that she wanted to shout but was trying to whisper so that everything she said was coming out as a high pitched and intense squeak.

“Aww Rach! Did... you actually... think... I was... texting them.” I lbreathed the words out between uncontrollable laughs. I took a deep breath in before continuing “I knew you’d want to go but I needed to check so... I just thought I’d make it a little bit more entertaining!” I gave her an innocent smile and she proved she had found the funny side of it as she also started laughing.

“Okay that was funny! But you’re not winding me up? We’re actually going to meet up with them?”

“Yeah! If that's what you want. Niall text me when I was in textiles saying that him and Liam had the day off and he’d like to do something with us?”

She suddenly looked at me seriously. “It’s not a double date is it?”

“Of course not! You apparently still have a boyfriend,” I rolled my eyes at this before continuing “Liam has a girlfriend and me and Niall are just friends.”

My heart warmed up at the sound of his name and she laughed like she could see straight through me. “Yeah, you say that now!”

“Yes, he is super cute and sweet and yes, alright, he asked if we wanted to go hang out with them but I only want to get to know him. That means we can just be friends for now, right? Even if we did end up going out, I would need to know him well before we did anything like that.”

“Yeah yeah, I get it. You don’t know him that well yet so if you become friends you can, not only get to know him better, but figure out your feelings for him and decide whether you want to make anything official.” Exactly my point.

“I just have one little promise that I need you to make before we go out with them?”

“Go on...”

“No one else finds out.”

“Well that’s not a hard promise to keep.” She said cheekily and gave me a wink that resembled the mannerisms of a curly haired boy, with green eyes that were alike to mine. I picked up one of her sandwiches whilst I imitated the wink she had given me first. She just sighed as I took a bite from half of her lunch, but she allowed herself to smile at my sarcastic humor. Today was going to be a good, good day.


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