Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


62. Miss Green


I burst into Miss Green's room and she immediately looked up at me with her forgiving eyes. “Rachel, everything okay?”

“Yes, well no...” I drag Rosie into the room behind me and she smiles apologetically at our favourite teacher. “Everyone in the schools going nuts and Rosie needs a classroom to stay in until she has rehearsals. Can she stay here with me whilst I do my work?”

“Sure, sure, just so long as you promise me that you won't get distracted from your course work.”

“You know I won’t.”

“Well in that case, take a seat Rosie.” Luckily the kids had stopped following us on the floor below, but only after a few teachers had tried to diffuse the situation with threats of detentions.

“Thanks miss. I don't think I can handle any more mental 14 year olds today.” Rosie finally let go of the breath that she had been holding on to and sighed as she turned to me.

“Me neither.” I laughed and we made our way to the front row of the classroom so that we could sit on the Macs opposite Miss Green.

“No problem girlies. What's going on anyway? You said something about mental 14 year olds? I know the kids at this school are already crazy, but has something happened?”

“We'll explain everything in good time Miss, don't you worry.”

I took one look at my best friend, who kept looking towards the classroom window nervously, and as I caught her eyes with mine all of the adrenaline and previous terrified emotions turned into a huge round of laughter and a fit of giggling. My teacher could only watch us suspiciously and slightly amused as we carried the giggles on for at least another 12 minutes. When the bell went off to signify the start of break, both Rosie and I decided to stay in the company of Miss Green.

Like I said, she was our favourite teacher. Even though Rosie hadn't chosen to carry on with Media Studies for A Level, and I had, it didn’t stop Miss Green from being her usual understanding self and continuing to accept Rosie as one of her own students. Miss Green was very young, and was therefore really easy to get on with; everyone liked her apart from her year 10 bottom set English Media class –who she didn’t like very much either.

I was asking Miss Green to talk me through a tool in photo shop when Rosie’s phone buzzed, interrupting my words. She was immediately embarrassed and held it up to show that she was turning the volume down. “Sorry.”

Whilst Miss carried on explaining, I couldn’t help but keep stealing glances at my best friend. Her eyes were sparkling and her face was the picture of pure happiness; I remember having that expression more than a few times when reading messages from Miles a few days. The message could have only been from one person; Niall.

“Who’s that Rosie?” She looked straight up at me, not giving herself enough time to wipe the adorable, dimpled smile from her face.

“Oh, just, y’know...” Rosie looked over at Miss Green who was smirking at her Apple Mac, pretending that she hadn’t heard our conversation or noticed Rosie’s self-explanatory expressions.

Suddenly Miss Green couldn’t control herself anymore and looked up to speak to Rosie “There’s only one thing that could make a girl smile like that. I’m guessing you got a message from a boy?”

I nodded at my teacher, signalling that she had gotten the jack pot. “Yeah, my boyfriend.”

“Since when? I never knew that there was a boy in your life.”

“There wasn’t… until that concert I told you about last week?”

“Oh yeah?” Miss Green sat forward in her seat, ready to listen with a great big smile. “Tell me everything then.”

“Miss…” Rosie moaned feeling shy and I couldn’t blame her. How exactly was she gonna tell her that she was dating Niall? It seemed impossible to me; I still didn’t even understand how she could get her head around it yet.

“No come on. If you don’t then I’ll get Rachel too.” I held my hands up in the air and then pointed to the shy brunette who was holding her curls against her face and neck –something she did when she was either feeling sheepish or embarrassed.

“No. No way. This one’s all on Rose.”

“Kay. Fine…” She gave one more timid smile before watching something on her phone, brushing her fingers over the screen as she tapped it, and then getting up from her seat to walk over to Miss’ desk. “Okay, don’t go crazy. I met him at the concert and he sent me a really stupid video bless him. Ready?”

Miss Green rolled her eyes and I watched them enthusiastically. The way that her eyes flew open, before locking them on Rosie and then looking back and forth between the screen, made me cry out with a shriek of laughter. “Oh my fucking gosh miss. Your face!”

“YOU… wait what? You… and him? Rosie!”

Rosie shoved her white iPhone into my teacher’s hand and then backed away slightly to give her room. “Just watch it Miss.”

I couldn’t properly hear what Niall was saying, especially over Miss’ shrieks of excitement, so decided to wait my turn to watch it. “Rosie youre fricken going out with Niall! You fucking no how much I love them!” Teachers didn’t normally swear in front of students but it was understandable in these circumstances. I gleefully watched as she flapped her arms around and made gold fish impressions at Rosie whilst trying to find the right words. “Rosie! Since when? Why didn’t you tell me? This is great! Wait… whaaaat? Louis is there too! Oh my god I don’t believe this! Whaaaaat?”

“Crazy right?” Rosie half smirked at Miss Green whilst she passed the phone to me. I pressed the replay button to take it back to the start and then listened carefully.

Niall was sitting against pillows and looked like he had just woken up –eyes half glued together with a half as enthusiastic smile. He looked pretty good to be fair; it did make me feel slightly jealous of Rosie until I remembered just how perfect they were for each other. Niall and I were just friends anyway and he didn’t attract me the way that other boys did, so I forgot the though immediately.

“Hey babe, I just woke up. It was nice to wake up to your face but I’d rather that you were here. Oh yeah! Look who came to wake me up!” Louis’ head popped up into the screen and he waved at the camera; full of energy as usual.

“ROSIE! ROSIE BEAR! CARROT PRINCESS!” Louis jumped so high into the air, from the bed, that he fell backwards onto the floor and it made me snort in an extremely unattractive and loud fashion. Poor Lou; now I understood why Rosie was finding it so hard to keep a straight face as she watched it for the first time, only a few seconds ago. Louis never failed to either hurt himself, be the centre of someone’s amusement (including Niall’s, whose loud cackle that could be heard as he thumped onto the floor with a grunt) or both if he was in a particularly good mood.

“Lou! LOU! Tell me that you’re not dead.”

“I’m not dead.”

“Are you dead?”

“Yes.” It was too comical not to laugh along with Niall as Louis tried to get back up, only to trip over again.

“Just forget about him.” Niall laughed at the camera and then Louis found his way back in shortly.

“IM ALIVE!” Niall took a minute to just lock eyes with Louis in amusement before they both turned back to Niall’s phone. “OH YEAH! Tell her what we can do.” Louis’ whisper was audible through the camera microphone.

“Get ready for the most amazing talent you will ever see.” A second later, some music had started playing and they both grinned at each other as a signal. Without hesitation, both of the boys started eyebrow dancing and the sight was just too much for me to handle. I started to choke on my laughs and threw the phone back at Rosie whilst I started a coughing fit.

“Take it! It’s too much!” I couldn’t wait to see them later; all of them. There were no words to describe how amazing the boys were and even a day away from their company was too hard to go through.

Roselyn made her way back to where she sat, with an understandable smile and a sparkle in her eyes. She was the only person who understood how I felt, because Rose and I knew the boys better than most other people, and we loved each and every one of them. Forget about who they were and how pretty much everybody knew them –they were some of the happiest people I knew and their presence in our lives brought nothing but smiles and love.

We loved each and every member of One Direction, it was true; but in a way that was different to everyone else. They were our friends and we loved everything about them that the fans would never be able to explain. We loved them for being them –and that was the simplest way to say it.

“Well, at least that explains what you meant by ‘Mental 14-year-olds’.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” Rosie’s eyes were blank as she stared at Miss Green. Everything was so surreal, but one thing in the room that was common was each of our promising smiles.

“It will get better Rosie. You just have to find a way to control the attention or learn to deal with it.”

“I’m only just coming to terms with the actual relationship -forget all of the added attention.” The conversation had turned serious and slightly sinister, but through each of our whispers, there was also the audible hum of agreement and support. The future was promising -it was as bright as a silver star in the black of an unpredictable night.


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