Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


80. Match Making?

A/N: Thank you so much for the incredible support guys! It's seriously overwhelming but let's try to get this story to 100 likes or favourites! If we can do that then I'm sure I'll be able to find some way of updating more regularly :D Got some great plot twists and surprises lined up. Let me know your thoughts in the comments -I'm always up for a good discussion or idea on how to improve it. Trying out a new format for while 'the boys are away'. Follow me on twitter @BethHoranHutch thanks guys! Lots of love and keep reading as always, Nialls_Tribute xo :) 


That evening, I sleep terribly. Sweat collects on my arms and beads on forehead each time that I wake up. I throw myself upright around every half an hour -with my heart pounding and my breathing deep- trying to calm myself down, enough to make myself go back to sleep, over and over again.

At around 3am I wake Lola up with my loud sleep-talking, which is closer to being a shout and a cry on this one particular night. She has to soothe and cuddle me back to sleep; telling me that I don’t need to worry –the boys are fine, Niall is ok. She helps me to check through twitter and the British Airways flight tracker, to make sure that their flight is still Airborne and that I’m being nothing more than a paranoid girlfriend.

I don’t know why I’m taking this so badly; why this evening has been so excruciating. I never used to like plane journeys myself; maybe my fear has something to do with it, but when it’s someone else that you love -who’s on an eight hour flight- the worry is ten times worse.

“See, there’s nothing to worry about. They’ll be arriving at 5:20am, just calm down and try to get some sleep before then.” I take my little sister’s advice and apologise for waking her up. That’s when I force myself back into the torturous sleep; it teases me with horrific images of the boys and every possible scenario that could involve a plane, but this time I know that it’s all just a dream.

The next time I wake up, it’s because I hear my phone ringing, from the table beside my bed; relieved to finally have an excuse to leave the nightmares inside my head, I sit up as fast as humanly possible whilst still being half-asleep.

The caller ID is Niall’s –he’s landed. I quickly reach for it and force it to my ear with a little too much force.

“Hello.” My voice is groggy from sleep, but is overtaken with urgency and panic.

“Wow, you sound terrible.”

I grunt and rub my hands over my tired face. “I’ve just woken up. What time is it?”

“Umm… just coming up to 5:40am where you are. It’s 40 past midnight here. I called you as soon as I could, but we had to get off the plane and go through border control. Can you believe they said that there was a problem with my passport? I got through eventually, but they had to get two different people to check it on three different computers.”

“Aw, babe.”

“Sorry… You must be tired.”

“Yeah I am… –I’m not being very talkative.” I slap the sides of my cheeks to try and get the blood moving –I need to wake up more. I need to speak to him.

“It’s okay. Did you get much sleep?” His voice is worried.


“So that’s a no then? Why didn’t you get a good nights sleep? You have school today…” I can’t hide it from him or I’ll have to make up an excuse for going to bed so early tonight.

“No… I didn’t sleep a wink if I’m being honest. I was just… worried sick.”

“Poor baby, at least you know I’m safe now.”

“Yeah, that’s all that matters. Where are you?”

“On our way to the hotel. Everyone says hi.”

I can hear shouts and laughs in the background so mumble into the microphone with my eyes drifting closed again. “Hello everyone.”

“Aw babe, try and get some more sleep before school okay?”

“Okay –I’ll have an hour and then I’m going to have to wake up. I’ll send you some texts but if you don’t reply I’ll just… wait until you wake up or aren’t too busy to reply or… whatever.” I don’t understand half of the things that I am saying to him.

“Okay, you don’t need to worry anymore. I’ll speak to you later love.”

“Yeah, bye.”

“And Rosie?”


“I miss you lots.” There’s a pause at the end of the line.

“I miss you too, handsome.” And it’s true, because even speaking to him -knowing that he’s a whole, wide ocean away from me- tears tiny strips and layers from the outside of my heart and causes me to choke down tears.  


‘Hey babe, message me when you’re awake. I’m just sitting here in textiles –so so bored and extremely tired… :’( ahead with my coursework and waiting for everybody else to catch up. My only saviour is music, at this moment in time. Help. Rosie xx’  -10:57am London, 5:57 New York

‘Time difference is messing with my head. I can’t decide if I’m on London or New York time… so yeah… that’s why I’m up at 6am –I already slept loads on the plane too. At least you’re ahead and not behind ;) what’s being at school been like today? Any better than Wednesday? Niall xx’ -11:14 London, 6:14am New York

‘Jet lag is the worst. If you can’t keep up with your body clock then how will I be able to? School’s not been too bad today. Lots of pictures of us last night that I thought would cause a stir but no… strangely relaxing to walk through school without any attention –something that I was already bored of this time two weeks ago but I now cherish :P what are you guys up to today? Rosie xx’ -11:29am London, 6:29am New York

Really, extremely, very, completely sorry. I fell asleep talking to you –I told you that it’s confusing me. The sky’s been dark for 17 hours and I think it’s driving me crazy :’( I want suuun. I don’t know what we’re doing today. Atm I’m just going to go and get ready; any ideas on what I should wear? What’s for lunch where you are? ;) Niall xx’ -12:48pm London, 7:48am New York

‘Just a bowl of pasta in white-cheese sauce. School dinners are sooo delicious :( Wear that baby blue polo top with a grey hoodie? It will look good –trust me J and don’t worry love, the sun will be out soon –I can tell the future when you’re 5 hours behind, and it’s a very beautiful sun here so you should look forward to it… Rosie xx’ -12:59pm London, 7:59am New York

‘Hahaha. I don’t think it works like that but the sun’s starting to rise so you could be right ;) they should let you cook your own meals at school –that wouldn’t be too bad. We’re all going for breakfast now. Harry’s feeling left out cause we’re all texting our girlfriends :’) aww diddums. I’m wearing what you told me to put on by the way and it looks alright :) Niall xx’ -13:41pm London, 8:41am New York

‘Tell Harry that I’m with Rachel and she’s not texting anyone… we’re just chilling in drama doing some theory work in the library. *hint hint* What’s your first American breakfast for this week going to be then? Let me guess; something traditionally American, something greasy and something extremely fatty? Rosie xx’ -13:45pm London, 8:45am New York

‘Yep, yes and correct. Maple syrup and bacon pancakes ;) yumm ahahaha. You’ll probably think it’s disgusting but I’m making you try them one day! They’re so good. Apparently he’s been texting her already… Is there something going on with them? All the boys are making innuendos and winking at him. Should I be worried? :’) Niall xx’ -13:50pm London, 8:50am New York

I’ll explain later- although I’m sure Harry would tell you if you asked cause he told me and you’re one of his best friends J tell them to keep it clean –she’s my little friend ya’know. Your breakfast sounds disgusting but you’d probably eat anything… so I bet it’s delicious haha! Rosie xx’ -13:55pm London, 8:55am New York

‘Very true. And Harry just told me by the way –I guess it’s not a huge surprise –they get on so well. Do you know if she likes him too? We should do a spot of matchmaking ;) set them up and all that. Niall xx’ -14:04pm London, 9:04am New York

That’s what I’ve been trying to do since like… Thursday? I really can’t tell. She’s been so hung up on Miles I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s given up on boys all together :/ Rosie xx’ -14:09pm London, 9:09am New York

‘What, so, you think she likes girls then? Kinky ;) haha, Niall xx’ -14:13pm London, 9:14am New York

‘NO! No not like that you idiot :’) I just meant, I think she’s put off the idea of getting into a relationship any time soon, you know… you’re seriously so weird. XD Rosie xx’ -14:16pm London, 9:16am New York

‘Haha I know ;) you knew since Thursday though? Niall xx’ -14:21pm London, 9:21am New York

‘Actually, I think I had an inkling since the first night you guys stopped round. You know how Harry was already awake when I went to get Rachel up? And I said I found his bracelet in the den? It was actually under her duvet… Rachel’s never mentioned it though, is that weird? Rosie xx-14:23pm London, 9:23am New York

‘Wow… A bit. Could it not have come off when he put her to bed? Niall xx’ -14:25pm London, 9:25am New York

‘Maybe, but with the way he ties it? I don’t think it would have just slipped off. You could ask him? Rosie xx’ -14:29pm London, 9:29am New York

‘Ok -I’ll do that. We have to go to this business conference now though, so I’ll find out all the goss and text you in a bit ;) laters Lovely :* Niall xx’ -14:32pm London, 9:32am New York

‘I’m finished being busy now, you can speak to my again ;) Niall xx’ -21:21pm London, 16:21pm New York

‘Thanks for the permission your highness. :’) Haha did you find anything out about Harry and Rach then? Rosie xx’ -21:32pm London, 16:32pm New York

‘No problem ;) now bow down to me- LOL what a craic. Um yeahh.. it was surprisingly easy. I got him to one side and brought up our first night all together at your house… 10 minutes later he brought up the sleeping situation himself –apparently I’m the only one he’s been able to talk to about it and he wanted to get it off his chest because he’s not even sure if Rachel knows or can remember. I think it helped that we were talking about his feelings towards her earlier. Niall xx’ -21:39pm London, 16:39pm New York

‘Go on then. What happened? :) Rosie xx’ -21:40pm London, 16:40pm New York

‘Harry put her to bed and she broke down crying. She wasn’t even aware of it because she was asleep but he got into the bed to give her a cuddle and stop her from sobbing. He said it kinda shook him up a bit and he was worried about whether he should say something because she’s never mentioned it since. He was going to move to another room once she’d stopped but he fell asleep too. When he woke up she was still asleep so he managed to sneak out feeling really embarrassed about the whole situation. He didnt want for her to be upset or annoyed with him. What do you think? Niall xx’ -21:44pm London, 16:44pm New York

‘I think it’s something that Harry would do. :’) He’s too soft for his own good sometimes. There's still something though -something that I know neither of them are telling us. It might not have been the last time it happened? Rosie xx’  -21:46pm London, 16:40pm New York

‘Completely agree with you love :) what are we gonna do about it? Will you ask her? Niall xx’ -21:48pm London, 16:48pm New York

‘No, I’ll just try digging and see if she responds to it. Until then don’t let him say anything to her about it –if she doesn’t already know it could go wrong –I’m not sure how she’d feel about it. Rosie xx’ -21:51pm London, 16:51pm New York

Okay, you know best :) what you up to? Niall xx’ -21:53pm London, 16:53pm New York

‘Just watching a film in the den with Lola, no more Disney movies anymore :( she wanted to put on a chick flick. Rosie xx’ -21:54pm London, 16:54pm New York

‘Don’t lie –you love chick flicks you’re just unhappy about your little sister growing up. You should try it sometime; then you might grow out of Disney movies too ;) Niall xx’ -21:56pm London, 16:56pm New York

‘Never! Haha you’re right… she came into my room this morning to wake me up from my nightmares. It’s like we’ve completely switched roles. Kinda scary :/ Rosie xx’ -21:58pm London, 16:58pm New York

‘It had to have happened some day :’) you’ll get used to it after a while –it’s what happened with me and Greg too. Only for a year or so, but I just took domination of the house for a while –it was great. Pizza, chips and kebabs most nights a week ;) hahaha. Niall xx’ -22:00pm London, 17:00pm New York

‘Haha! What you up to now Nialler? Rosie xx’ -22:03pm London, 17:03pm New York

Guess ;) Niall xx’ -22:04pm London, 17:04pm New York

Food? Rosie xx’ -22:06pm London, 17:06pm New York

'Ding ding ding! Cheeseburger and salad –cause I’m healthy :) Niall xx’ -22:08pm London, 17:08pm New York

‘Keep telling yourself that. Rosie xx’ -22:11pm London, 17:11pm New York

‘I will :P Can we face time later? About 22:35 your time? I should be back to the hotel room by then? Niall xx’ -22:13pm London, 17:13pm New York

‘Sure. Who you sharing a room with? :) Rosie xx’ -22:15pm London, 17:15pm New York

‘Zayny Baby :) Niall xx’ -22:17pm London, 17:17pm New York

‘That name (Y) hahaha by the way, I was listening to Midnight Memories earlier in textiles and music. Want to know my verdict?? :’) Rosie xx’ -22:19pm London, 17:19pm New York

‘Umm… I’m not sure if I want to, but… okay? Niall xx’ -22:20pm London, 17:20pm New York

‘You shouldn’t be so scared :’) haha your voice is just "wooaahh" in Through The Dark -so that’s my #songoftheday :P Rosie xx’ -22:21pm London, 17:21pm New York

‘You can tell which bits are mine? Niall xx’ -22:23pm London, 17:23pm New York

YEAH! Each of you sound different in a good way –you can always tell who’s singing :’) so yeah, that was my favourite today anyway. Rosie xx’ -22:24pm London, 17:24pm New York

‘I think I like this #songoftheday thing ;) any other favourite songs that you’re gonna compliment me on? :* Niall xx’ -22:26pm London, 17:26pm New York

You’ll have to find out tomorrow :P Rosie xx’ -22:28pm London, 17:28pm New York

'Haha I’m gonna face time you now and we can talk about it some more. See you in a sec love, Niall xx’ -22:30pm London, 17:30pm New York


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