Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


77. Main Man JB


We jump out from the car and are only half way down the bustling London high street when my eyes are caught by a bulky man, wearing sunglasses who stands on the edge of the pavement; trying his best to look inconspicuous and blend into the crowd of busy weekend shoppers.

His full head of shoulder length, dirty blonde hair is what settles my decision that I know him and I turn to Niall. He swings his hand, pulling my arm along with his, as we walk and I am surprised that his eyes have already found the security guard's with a short smirk.

"What's Harvey doing here?" I'm curious, but also quite excited to recognise another friendly face who will be joining us.

"Well, as seen as we're in central London, we're going to need a bit of help when bumping into fans... I thought why not?"

"Why not bring him -someone you don't know- instead of your favourite bodyguard? Really?"

"I thought Paul would be out with one of the others." My look is pointed and he tries to avoid my glare for as long as possible but it doesn't work. "Okay, you got me. He's not here for me, well he is, but from now on he'll mostly be here for you. I thought that as seen as I'm sucking you into this crazy whirlwind of a life I might as well find you someone who can get you out of a crowd and won't leave you to your own intuition. Partly because your intuition is stupid." I stick out my tongue as we both remember the kind of things my 'stupid intuition' has done; locked me in bathrooms and made me be sick when I received hate mail, locked me inside of my own mind the first time I was scared by a crowd of paparazzi. He's right; my intuition is stupid... mostly.

Niall must think that I want some sort of further explanation because he carries on "I also wanted them to recruit someone new so that they could train him differently. All the other guards' mind sets would be on me and the boys if we ever got into a tricky situation. That's how they've been trained. You wouldn't have been anyone's priority, except for mine, if I just relied on the old team to look after you. That's not what I want. I'm sorry if you don't like that I've hired you a bodyguard -or if you think I'm being too overprotective- but I only care about your safety. By hiring Harvey I could make sure that you were his priority from the start: that he would always choose to help you, when given the choice of helping any of us. Sorry."

At first, I don’t know what to think about having a body guard hired specifically for my own safety, but I now know that I am flattered, especially after hearing his good intentions and the reasons why he decided to do it. That's why it confuses me when I see that he has set his jaw; creating a blank expression on his face. I remember that he might think he's being too overprotective and that I'm angry at him for doing it.

"Hey... Niall." I squeeze his fingers softly in mine, urging him to look down at me, as we walk at a slow pace. "Thank you. That's the most thoughtful thing anyone's ever done for me. I'm not angry at all -flattered if anything." His smile is wide enough to attract the attention of every single person around us. "He's really nice actually. Have you met him before?"

We're only metres apart from him when he says "No" just once, under his breath; as if slightly nervous.

"Hey Harvey." I announce our arrival and he turns around with a smile.


"I don't think you've met Niall yet." I gesture my hands between the two of them, standing on the tips of my toes, to correct the flat soles of my converses that I am not yet used to -specifically after wearing heels to lunch.

"Hi! Good t'meet you." They clap their hands together and shake them in polite greeting.

"Hey man. Great to meet you too. Are we okay to go? We're going to be wandering around the shopping centre for a couple of hours."

"Yeah, whenever the two of you are ready. However I think there's a little something you should get round to doing first." Harvey is easily a foot taller than me and he looks over mine and Niall's heads with ease. I turn around to follow his gaze and see a group of five girls crowded round us, too shy to interrupt or come too close. Niall turns around after me.

"Hey, did you want a picture or something?" I give them a pleasant smile and then eye Niall to make sure that my suggestion is okay with him. He seems mildly surprised by my surge of confidence and pleasantries towards them; he’s already made it clear that he doesn’t expect me to get involved with the fans after receiving those letters. But I couldn’t force myself to ignore these five innocent girls if I tried - the people who have been so supportive of my boyfriend's band and haven't done anything wrong to upset me.

“Yes please!” One girl looks ready to burst, two of the others look giddy with excitement, and I giggle nervously whilst holding out my arms for them to huddle in between us. Harvey offers to take a photo from a short distance away and the 7 of us smile for the camera. It still feels weird having to do activities such as this; though I can’t imagine it ever becoming any less weird for Niall than it is for me now. He used to just be an average school student like me and who could ever get used to something like this?

Each of them take a separate selfie with Niall, on their own phones –to my own surprise the small ginger girl who is absolutely adorable asks for a separate picture with me too- and then they chatter to him excitedly about the other boys. After 5 minutes we have to tear ourselves away from the girls. Harvey advises us to get going, so that we don’t start to build up a crowd of more fans who are constantly passing by.

Walking down the street laden with shops, we bump into a few people, but Niall says we’re in a hurry and so just throws himself in front of their cameras so that they can get a quick picture with him.

Whenever we leave a group of people he automatically takes my hand back and doesn’t let it go for as long as possible before he is spotted and has to repeat the same process over and over again.

It does get tiring, but I understand why he has so much patience. Most of the people we meet are such lovely girls; it would be unfair to say yes to one of them and then no to the next. Plus he has such enormous love for them, just as the other boys do, because it was the fans who made their careers for them. They want to give as much back to their fans as possible -I can see that now.

It takes us 15 minutes to walk the 7 minute stretch of pavement, that will lead us into the small outdoor shopping centre, and Harvey is on my heel with every step. “What are we getting?”

“Need a Christmas present for someone.”

Niall is on the look-out for somewhere specific –most likely a shop. “My mum told me you said it was for Justin Bieber. Was that a joke?”

The smile on his face makes it flippantly obvious that it was not a joke. “Why would I joke about my main man JB?”

"Main man?” I burst into a fit of laughter. “Please.”

“Just ‘cause you’re jealous.”

“Yeah, I actually am jealous that you’re besties with Justin." It's meant to sound sarcastic but instead just sounds desperate which causes Niall to chuckle. "So what did you want to get him?”

“Something that will… remind him of me whenever he looks at it.” There’s a smirk on his face and I know that he’s up to something. He’s plain cheeky and I can see a plan formulating behind his almond eyes as he glances at me from the corners of his eyes.

We’ve found our way into The Disney Store and are standing in a dangerously small alcove near the back of the shop, where 3 whole walls are covered in merchandise. “Oh my god! Rosie look at this!” I bend down to see what he’s picked up off of the floor.

“What is that?” He’s holding a box, the size of a toaster.

“It’s a desk lamp with my face on it!” Niall is completely in his element, rooting through every piece of merchandise that has some reference to One Direction on it. I, however, find it extremely unnerving to see a whole wall filled from top to bottom with a younger version of my boyfriend and all of his friends. “This is great.” His laugh sounds through the whole shop, over the top of a soundtrack from the Lion King.

“You do know that if someone comes in here to buy any of these things then they’re gonna completely flip when they see you crawling on the floor playing with One Direction dolls.” Niall hesitantly looks up at me and then, as soon as he’s had a chance to think about the image that I’ve just created in his mind, he decides to put down the Harry and Zayn dolls. 

Harvey laughs and I have to roll my eyes with a fond smile.

“Yeah you’re probably right. I bet that would look great on twitter.” He starts to get up but then I tell him to sit back down and pull out my phone at the thought. 

"Thanks for the idea babe." I snap a picture and add it to a tweet.

“Awh man. Does my hair look alright in that?”

The tweet reads: Who wishes they were exploring The Disney Store with us? You’ve just missed Niall playing with the Zayn and Harry dolls ;) quite hilarious, I must admit. Xo

“Perfect as always.” I smile and pass him my phone so that he can look for himself. “Right what we getting?”

“I’m stuck between the mug and the lip-glosses…” I can’t quite tell if he’s being serious… “Joke. I’m gonna get the mug and some of the wristbands. Haha he’s gonna think this is hilarious!”

I can’t help myself from laughing at the image of Niall presenting Justin Bieber with a mug and 6 wristbands; all sporting the boys’ names and a huge picture of the five of them. “I wish I could see his face.”

"I’ll try and record it for you. Seriously though, can you imagine Justin Bieber drinking a cup of tea out of this? Legendary...” He chooses between two mugs on the shelf and gets the one with the latest picture of them. I look over at Justin's face that’s covering his own wall of merchandise, and laugh at the thought. 

“I bet it’s weird for you; seeing all this stuff.”

“Super weird, but it’s so cool at the same time. I never even thought I’d have my own single –never mind a whole section of the Disney shop dedicated to me and the boys. It’s completely crazy -but in a good way.”

“Good.” I repeat softly.

We’re about to walk to the checkout when something catches the blonde’s eyes. He walks closer to the shelf and the roots through a line of hangers. “What you looking at?”

“I’m getting you something.”

“What, why?”

He finally picks something out from the rack and then checks it before showing me. “Nialler’s girl?” The t-shirt is white, with a black and white print of Niall’s face stretched across the front. He looks much older than the rest of the merchandise and Niall explains that it’s one of the newer items for the Christmas range –he didn’t even know they had released it for sale yet. The top of the t-shirt reads “Nialler’s” in bold, black lettering. The phrase is finished at the bottom of the t-shirt with “Girl”. Nialler's girl. I am his girl.

“Wooow. That’s, well… quite perfect for me!” I have to admit it’s a great picture of him –one where he's wearing glasses without lenses in- and the style of t-shirt is good too.

“If all my fans are going to be wearing this then my girlfriend has to have at least one.”

“At least?” I imagine having a full wardrobe of them which causes me to laugh quietly, with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, I might be able to fix up a few different colours for you. Or one for every day of the week-”

“One’s okay thanks.” Harvey joins in my laughter from where he leans against another rack of clothing.

“Good. I was only joking –about all the different colours, I mean. I know what you’re like about your fashion. I’m getting you this one though.”

“You don’t need to.” His expression tells me that it’s not up for debate. He wants me to have a ‘Nialler’s Girl’ t-shirt. “Okay,” I laugh and turn to Harvey “what do you think?”

“I think…” Harvey stares at the t-shirt for a long time and then sarcastically turns to Niall while we wait for his verdict. “When can you get me one that’s extra-large in lime green?” 

We all chuckle and Harvey goes to stand by the shop window whilst we go to pay. Niall gets asked to sign a ‘visitors book’ before we leave, though I’m sure it’s just the red-headed cashier’s way of getting his signature whilst doing her work shift.

Niall is oblivious, to the flirty flicks of her hair and the batting eyelashes, but I pick up every movement with a scowl. I feel like rubbing the t-shirt that she’s scanning –or at least trying to, due to her lack of concentration- in her nose. 

Does she not realise that I’m his girlfriend? As a precautionary measure I take his hand on our way out of the shop and look behind us to make sure that she notices. The frown that she gives me, and the narrowing of her eyes, explains everything.

Ha. That will serve her right. It occurs to me that I’m really going to have to get a grip on my jealousy; especially because I hope to continue dating this A-list celebrity.

Perhaps I should just learn to control the way that I deal with it; smirking at young, trainee staff probably isn’t the best way to go about taking my anger out on the entire female population for how good looking and irresistible my boyfriend is.

"Do you want to get some food?"


"I'm not even going to lie- I'm starving."

"What? How? We only ate about two hours ago."

"I know but you know how hungry I get." His smile is playful and apologetic, his hands glide over his stomach.

"You are not normal."

"Sorry! It's just what happens… but it's worse when I know I'm going to be on a long flight all evening with crappy food..." The sympathy card. I have to stop myself from laughing at how see through he is and sigh.

"Let's go get you a sandwich or something then."

"Okay." He takes my hand as we walk, a slight bounce in his step, and my eyes meet Harvey's with a smile.


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