Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


137. Locket


It’s been an hour and a half since my Face Time call with Niall and I feel that I’m quite deserving of my presents by now, but monkey is still refraining from getting them for me until I give her a full makeup using her new sets of Mac, Maybelline and Rimmel London. We’re sitting amidst all of the wrapping paper and our gifts as I’m just finishing her light makeup with long flicks of black eyeliner and a bronzer-blush.

“Okay, I’m done. Now go get me my presents before I forget where the boys told me to put yours.” Lola runs up to her room to grab my presents in excitement. Everyone brought my family some little gifts for letting them come around so often and being so welcoming, but the boys put aside an extra special present for Lola and told me that I could only give it to her when she’d opened all of the others. It’s just up on the mantel piece behind a couple of vases and Christmas decorations, so I sit back and admire all of the generous things I’ve been brought.

A pair of shiny, coffee coloured 6-inch heels with tiny silver chains falling from heel to toe from Perrie and Zayn. They’re an amazing brand so I can’t wait to match them with a beautiful outfit. Maybe even the white, cotton lace dress or the pale blue jeans from Sophia and Liam? The rest of the Little Mix girls brought me a Ticket Master voucher so that I can get some concert tickets for their UK tour, with the promise of being able to go backstage afterwards. They also sent me some mini testers of all of their new make-up range, which I begged for after being so impressed by their fake nails sets in the summer before I’d even met them.

Louis and Eleanor got me a gorgeous rose-gold watch with tiny silver hands and a diamante strap, although I felt to call Louis and scald him after he hid the present inside of an Our Moment box, which he must have found lying around somewhere. I texted Eleanor asking if she knew about what I knew that Louis had done, and making sure to say thank you for the watch, but apparently she had no idea. Cheeky idiot. My face was truly a picture whilst I was opening the gift, I’m sure he would have loved to have seen it –it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

From Rachel, I got an assortment of summery crop tops to go with a navy blue pair of jeans shorts that have extra-long frilly pockets peeking out underneath the material. She must have brought my present after the one day at school where I was complaining to her about having hardly any nice summery and springy clothes, especially for when the weather gets better. I’ll be able to wear the shorts with a pair of tights and boots though, until the sun starts to make a proper appearance in chilly London.

From Harry, I opened the wrapping paper to find a baby pink, leather bound journal, similar to the brown one that he has. I’m excited to start using it –I might even be able to sketch out some outfit ideas and dress designs. He also got me a Hollister hoodie that smells of their notorious and well-known fragrances.

I use the few minutes that I have left, before Lola comes back down, to chat to everybody and help Julie open a box that holds a new, life size, baby dolly for her to dress up and play with. Once we’ve changed her into a bright pink, fluorescent frilly dress, I take out my phone and go to WhatsApp. Someone created a group message with all of the boys, all of their girlfriends and Little Mix –basically all of my best friends- this morning. I scroll to the top and see that it was Liam who started the chat, thanking everyone for his and Sophia’s presents.

‘Thanks everybody for mine and Soph’s beautiful presents! We’re going out for a meal with my family now, before we spend the evening with the Smiths. Hope you all have great days and that Santa brought you some awesome presents :o) Soph and Li x’

Louis replied ‘It’s cool bro. Hope everyone’s having a good day too, but we’ve yet to open our presents. Went out last night and all of us are still drinking off our hangovers with black coffee and water. We’ll let you know if we like the presents later ;) x’

Harry skipped the whole messaging process and just sent a photo of himself and Rach, sitting on Harry’s bed –I’m guessing- with mugs of hot chocolate and wearing their Christmas pyjamas. I’m glad they’re having fun, because it was an impulse decision for Rachel to go up there to visit his family. I’m not sure what’s going on between the two of them, and I doubt the two of them know either, but they look happy, so El, Sophia and I have decided over text to just let them be and allow them to go at their own pace without any intervention. It’s probably the best thing we can do for the two of them right now.

‘Thanks for my presents everybody. Not really sure if Santa stopped here… we might have been a little bad this year ;) Lola has yet to open her last present -I'll let you all know if there are screams or tears. Rosie x’  I enclose the sarcastic text with a picture of the room, overflown with presents wrapping paper and smiling members of my family.

Niall is the first to read it and replies by sending a photo of himself and Theo, standing on his lap in a reindeer onesie that we brought for him, as a present, together. It looks super cute; I hope Greg and Denise like it too.

“Okay!” Lola walks into the room, holding something behind her back. It’s a gift bag. “Here you go, but only if I can have mine.”

I roll my eyes and reach for the present. “It’s on the mantel piece.” I say casually.

“Who’s this from Rosie?” My dad asks from where he sits behind me on the sofa.

“Mine’s from Niall.”

“Oooh!” Mum overhears and comes rushing in from where she was cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast. She had said she wanted to see me open them.

“And Lola’s is from all of the boys.”

“Are you kidding?” She screams, as if on cue. She’s jumping up and down by the mantel piece. “Mum! They brought me five tickets to their tour!” I smirk to myself. I knew she’d react like this –I’ve known about the tickets for a while. It was Niall and Liam who had suggested it to me one afternoon, asking if she had already booked tickets.


“Saturday... June the 17th!”

“What?” Mum smiles. “So they’re for the tour this year? The one that we couldn’t get tickets for before they sold out?”


“Where are you standing?” I prompt knowingly.

Lola lets out a shrill scream. “Front row too! I have to tell Chloe! She’s definitely coming with me but I can bring three others too!” She runs out of the room, looking for the house phone before anyone can stop her. Auntie Becca, Melanie and Uncle Nick, laugh wildly whilst Mum and Dad shake their heads.

“Well… we know what to get her next time.” My aunt laughs to her husband.

Mum turns to me next. “Say thank you to them all for me and your father. That was really generous and sweet.”

“I will.”

“Where are mine though?” Justin mocks from beside me, pretending to be really upset about it. “So the sister gets five, but does the brother get one? No, of course not.”

“Aw Jus, Lola can take you if you really want to go.”

He laughs it off quickly, and I know he’s imagining the crowds of screaming teenagers. “No thanks.”

I turn back to my presents and open a flat, envelope-looking present first. Inside is a red land yard, decorated with white 1D logos all the way down, with a card inside of the cardholder at the bottom. “What…?” Lola comes rushing back in and plops herself down on the carpet beside me.

“Niall told me all about this. He said the boys call it the girlfriend pass. It means access all areas. You’re basically a member of the crew with it. The boys and Lou and their stylists and everyone get one similar to this.”

“Do all of the girlfriends get one?” I ask.

“Yeah,” She smiles. “Niall was saying it’s basically like a Nando’s gold card.” I smile at the stereotypical-Niall link. “In his own words; ‘it’s practically the pass to life and everybody wants one.’” We laugh together at the funnily arrogant quote and I’m glad that the other girls will have one too –it will give me some back up when I don’t want to face the crowds by myself but I want to see their shows.

My second gift is a small box, with the boy’s faces on. “Ah, this is their perfume.”

“No…” Lola corrects me, looking confused. “Their perfume’s called Our Moment…”

“That moment.” I read from the packaging. “What is it?”

I open it to find that I was right, although it’s not a bottle that neither Lola, Carla nor I have seen before. “It must be a new one. I didn’t know they were doing a new one.”

“Neither did I…” I pull the lid off and sniff at the fragrance. It smells amazing, reminding me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on…

I spritz some over Lollie first. “Watermelon!”

“Yeah but there’s something else…” I rub some between my wrists and that’s when it hits me. “It smells like apple and do you remember those sweets… Parama Violets?” She nods along and I pass the bottle to an intrigued Carla who sits on the armchair opposite, next to the Christmas tree, watching me open my presents.

Carla agrees and I decide to open my next presents. There are two shoe boxes, one with a pair of black, leather Toms and another with a pair of pink, navy and white Nike blazers. I laugh at Niall’s attempt at getting me to wear his brand of shoes –he’s been complaining I don’t wear trainers enough and so, like the great person he is, he’s brought me two pairs of his favourite trainer brands- although Louis must have helped him with the Toms because those really aren’t his style. I feel spoilt by his generosity.

I open a much less rigid package of about the same size to find a new dress –it’s black with a high collar; has tiny, fabric covered buttons going all the way down to the waist line; and the fuller, layered skirt goes out slightly to accommodate the girl’s hips and look more aesthetically pleasing. The material is see through with a tight, elasticated under-dress that has a heart shaped, strapless cut. It looks amazing. On the tag the price has been removed but someone’s written across the thick card board strip. ‘For a special occasion. x’

“Do you know anything about this one?” I want to know what occasion he has in mind.

“Nope. I’m guessing New Years Eve though.”

I smile at my little sister. “Good guess.”

Mum takes my dress and holds it up to get a better look at it. “It’s lovely.”

I agree. “I’m going to ring Niall now, okay?” I’m about to get up when Lola stops me.

“No, you’re not done yet.”


“There’s this one too.” She holds out a little blue box, free of gift wrap and almost every girl in the room, except me, gasps.

“That’s a Tiffany’s box!”

“Jesus…” It is. There’s silver writing over the top.

“You know what they say about Tiffany’s. Every girl’s dream is to wake up to a Tiffany’s box on Christmas.”

“Rosie’s getting engaged!” Carla teases me.

“I am not. We’ve only known each other for about 2 months. If it is then I’ll kill him. And not all of their jewellery is rings!”

“Good.” My dad and Uncle Nick laugh.

Everyone’s eyes are on me, apart from Tommy who’s whizzing about the hallway somewhere on his new scooter, as I open the tiny box. Inside is a silver locket, bigger than my own thumb and in the shape of a heart and it's curved, like some's stuffed it or blown air into it.

My initials are engraved onto the back, along with a tiny picture of a moon, but the front is left clean and polished. I flick the tiny latch open and find that there are two pictures inside. The first is a picture from… wait, I’ve never even seen the picture before. It’s one of Niall and I hugging at the meet and greet where we first met -you can just make out my Niall’s face and the back of my head. Lola never took the picture, so that must have meant that one of the other boys took it. Why? I wonder to myself. I was just another member of the crowd that night. Okay maybe he came out to find me and we ended up exchanging numbers but I shouldn’t have been any different to any of the other girls who were there that evening.

The second picture of us is from a little over a week ago. It’s a selfie we took and uploaded to Instagram whilst we were in my car. My hair is in a high ponytail and I’m leaning into Niall from the driver’s seat whilst he took the picture with is phone. Niall’s black sunglasses are on the top of his head and he was pulling one of his smirky-smiles. I wonder if he took the picture with this locket specifically in mind, using Instagram as an excuse to take it.

“That’s adorable…” I smile, closing the locket again to pay better attention to the detail. There’s also a scripture engraved on the back, beneath my initials. It says ‘then and forever’.

It’s passed around the room and everyone 'aw’s at it –making it Niall’s show-stealer gift to me. I can’t stop myself now. I head out of the room, ruffling Tommy’s hair as he scoots past me, and ring him once I’m leaning against the kitchen counter.

“Hey you.”


“I love you.” I say, not being able to filter my thoughts or keep my emotions bottled up.

Niall giggles proudly. “I’m guessing you opened them then? Love you too.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing, all of it. The shoes, the landyard, the perfume, the dress and especially the necklace.”

“It’s no problem.”

“You’re seriously an idiot though. Tiffany’s? Really? Everyone thought I was about to get engaged.”

“Oh,” he laughs childishly. “Sorry, I didn’t think about that. Maybe one day though, eh?” The thought makes me smile.

“Maybe.” I don’t want to be getting my hopes up. “What’s with that perfume though?”

“Oh, us five boys got one each. They’re the first editions so we’ve given them all to our girlfriends obviously. You have to keep it a secret. No one even knows yet –no one but us guys and you girls.” And my family, I want to add, but I know they’ll keep it quiet if I ask them to.

“Cool, it’s really nice. It smells like-“


“Yeah, watermelon and Parama violets –and also apples. The fans will love it.”

“That’s the aim.”

“Thanks for the tour pass by the way. It will come in really handy.”

“You mean the girlfriend pass? Yeah, I’m expecting you to be there all the time. That’s your job now –professional girlfriend.”

I laugh. “I’ll do my best.”

“Good. We haven’t had to fire anyone since Dani and Taylor.”

"Niall!” I say, in shock laughter. Did he really just say that?

“Oh shit. Forget I said that –it slipped out by accident.” He groans loudly. “Ugh it’s too early! I don’t think at this time.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be our secret.”

“Thanks. You’re doing well by the way –at your job. That was my first test.”

“Sure it was.” I laugh.

“See you passed stage 2 as well! The 'boyfriend is always right' test. You were born for this.”

“Shut up Niall.” I laugh, running a hand through the tips of my hair. I really need a haircut soon. “So when are the UK shows again?”

“Agh, you know I’m shit with dates. Like the 9th of June, the 16th, the 17th and the 18th?”

“Okay, I’ll try to put them into my calendar- keep them free.”

“Don’t forget the others too.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know the pass isn’t just for London?”

“What? Like the whole UK?”

“More like the whole world.” Okay, well that changes everything.

“And you’re expecting me to be there for how many exactly?”

“As many as you want.”

“You’re crazy but definitely amazing.”

“Just let me know whenever you want to come out and I'll just sort everything out for you."

"Aww, you're so great -you're too good to me."

"Shut up." I can totaly imagine him rolling his eyes on the other side of the call. "But, do I make your list of top 5 boyfriends?”

“Hmm…” I tease. “I think that’s pushing it.”

“Top 10?”

“Yeah okay, I’ll let you have that one.”

He laughs at me fondly and I could stay on the phone to him all evening if my mum hadn’t just walked in to start plating up breakfast. She gestures to the bowl of sausages a few times with an apologetic expression.

“Ugh, okay I need to go now. We’re about to have breakfast.”

“Okay, I might talk to you later, depends if I feel like it or not –whether I can deal with my annoying girlfriend or not.”

“Yeah, okay then. She might not even want to pick up –you never know. She might have better things to do.” I say, sassing around with his joke

“Aw, too bad. Babe I’m joking, I’ll call you later.”

“Okey dokey, laters Horan. And thanks.”

“No problem. I’ll be expecting a proper thank you when I get back.” He chuckles and I hear a cough and suggestive whistle in the background.


“Okay, okay, talk later Rosie.” And with that we both hang up, laughing giddily like we always do when we're around each other.

My mum’s smiling at me as Carla comes in. She forgets the buttered bread for sandwiches and goes straight to the bowl, picking up a sausage to eat whilst she rubs her baby belly. "I'm eating so much these days..." She mumbles to the sausage with a frown.

I catch my mother smiling at me for a moment too long. “What?” I say, slightly embarrassed at her eyes on me.

“Nothing, it’s just that I remember those days –all the loving conversations and giggles and sassy phone calls.

“Yeah…” Lola comes running in with everybody else behind as Mum calls them for breakfast, and Dad comes over to me to lift my ponytail and clasp the locket around my neck. It falls in the perfect position. I don't think I could love it any more than I already do.


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