Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


76. Little Miss Grump

NIALL’S POV:           

When I wake up, Rosie is still asleep. Not wanting to wake her, I quietly untangle myself from her warm arms that encircle my chest and leave her to go downstairs to make a drink. It’s only 9:00am and she wouldn’t be grateful to have a Sunday lie-in taken away from her. It’s still weird finding my way around this huge house- only a number of days ago I was new here. Now it feels like my second home.

When I walk across the kitchen’s tiled floor to put the kettle on, in my cold and bare feet, I hear a click to my left and turn quickly in my sleepy state. Luckily it’s only Marie, walking through the glass doors that lead to the patio, and she looks just as frightened as I was. Luckily we laugh it off as she wishes me a good morning.

“Gave me a bit of a fright there, Marie.” I shake my hands in an accentuated fashion, with an ugly grimace on my face to support mock fear, and she starts chuckling under her breath as she places the now empty washing basket back into the laundry room.

“You can talk. I’m not the one who’s not supposed to be here. Nearly gave me a bloody heart attack. I don’t often have young, blonde men walking through my kitchen.” I think about it from her point of view and can’t stop myself from spluttering with an ugly laugh.

“Haha. Yeah you’re right. Sorry. By the time I decided not to go back to London last night, you were already in bed, so we couldn’t ask. Rosie said it wasn’t a problem but I probably shouldn’t have gone wondering around the house unannounced.”

“No, you’re right.” I fill a cup with strong, hot coffee -to give me a caffeine kick- and settle into the chair opposite Marie, at the oak kitchen table that is a common place of conversation in this house. “Rosie was also right though. We don’t mind you staying here as long as you’re respectful, and that doesn’t seem to be problem as of late. You’re most welcome here Niall.”

I’m glad she thinks so positively of me -but that doesn’t mean that I’m surprised. Most of the boys’ parents seemed to like me, even since the first few days that we first got together as a band and met each other’s families. “Yes ma’am.” I give her a jokey salute and lean back into the chair to yawn.

“Busy day today then?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.”

“Go on then.” She encourages me with the motherly smile that I’ve learnt to recognize.

“Okay so I need to pack my bags, find a present for one of my buddies –you might have heard of him…” She raises her eyebrows in an amused fashion “Justin Bieber?”

“Name dropping are we?” She laughs at my humor and I join in.

“No, no of course not.”

“I’ll have to tell you about designing David Beckham’s house one day, but we’ll save that for another story. I’m sure you’d enjoy that one. Go on, what times are your flights?”

“We’ve got an evening flight for 21:30. That way not many people will be waiting for us at JFK airport when we arrive.”

“Smart.” She seems impressed “Wait, that way it will be… what, just after midnight when you arrive -with time zone included?”

“Yeah, 20 past. I wouldn’t be impressed if I were you –we have a whole team to figure out stuff like this for us. We just get told to be somewhere at a certain time and we do it.”

“Fair enough. So do you know if Rosie’s going with you?”

“Yeah,” Marie’s eyes wander over mine kindly “she said she wanted to see us off and help me pack. If we have lunch with all of you, and leave straight after we finish, then that gives us plenty of time to visit some shops, get packed; maybe even get some food with everyone else.”

“Well –I’m just looking forward to a nice little lunch with my family-” it touches my heart as she gestures towards me; including me in her own small family. “-and to put my feet up before work tomorrow.” I laugh at how crazy she must think my lifestyle is compared and she would be right. Nobody else that I know of gets airplane flights every other week, to visit capital cities all around the globe and promote their boy band that is recognized worldwide. It’s incomprehensible - even to me and the boys.

“I’m looking forward to a good sleep on that plane before jet-lag can kick in.” She laughs with a smirk; somehow I get the impression that she completely understands what I’m talking about. “You ever visited before?”

“Visited? I lived there –in Florida for two years and LA for one year.”

“Wow. How comes?”

“Once I was finished being a student, I decided to go out there and find some experience. I assisted with a few top designers –you probably wouldn’t know them- but they were the ones that gave me my reputation and told all the big names about me back in the UK. I had people queuing up for my expertise for nearly a decade. How else did you think people had found out about me? That was all a couple of years before I met Rosie Dad for the first time, back in London, but you’re not the only one who’s experienced a lucky career. I wouldn’t be anywhere that I am today without a few of the risky options I took back in my day –they were the choices that made me my career. My name even.”

“I never knew that about you. I mean –just looking at this house I could tell that you were something big, but wow. That’s great. I guess people like me and you show that we can all work hard in life but most lifestyles, like this, are made out of complete luck.”

“And luck is exactly what you and your friends have at the moment. Don’t let go of any of it –I did and… well. Sometimes I just wish I took that last little step - just to see if I could have made it.” I want to ask her what she means. What was the ‘last little step’ that she never took? But I can’t ask my girlfriend’s Mom because she is already getting out of her seat, to leave the room. “Bear that in mind Niall. Oh, and wake Rosie up at some point. I’m going to see who else is awake –we need to be ready for lunch by 11:30.”

“Okay, wish me luck with that.”

Marie laughs “Trust me, you have better luck with that than the rest of us do.”


Surprisingly, Rosie wasn’t that hard to wake up this morning. As soon as I fell back into the bed, next to her, she sprung to life; making sure to be very generous with copious amounts of kisses and cuddles. “Morning.”

“Morning.” Her eye lashes flutter shyly on her clear skin and I am sure that my knees would have buckled at the sight, had I not already been lying down on her left.

“You know, I don’t get why everyone calls you grumpy in the morning. Whenever I wake you up you’re all hugs and smiles.” I raise my eyebrows intentionally and snicker at the blush that I predicted to linger on her cheeks as a result.

“Well that’s cause it’s you.”

“Maybe I should wake you up more often?”

“I think that would be nice.” She stretches under the covers and I tell her all about my conversation with her mother –specifically about how I scared her half to death- and receive small giggles from my one-girl audience.

“She was okay with you staying?”

“Yeah, course –your mum loves me.” I give her my biggest grin, reducing my eyes to slits, as I finger through the blonde locks of Rosie’s hair. “Hey. Have you ever noticed that we have something in common?”

“What?” Her eyes are tired and you can tell that she’s only just woken up. I probably look the exact same way –even though my caffeine kick and getting up early has given me a slight head start.

“We both like to pretend that we’re blond.”

She bats at my arm and I have to duck under the cover. “That’s a bad joke Niall.” Her voice is so serious –like I’ve really disappointed her- that I have to let out a giggle. “And besides, I only dye the ends of my hair blonde.”

“So do I. Mine’s just a lot shorter.” It’s true; all the brown is starting come through as my hair gets longer –I’ll have to get Lou to cut it. Our stylist that is –not Louis. I wouldn’t even trust him with a comb.

“Oh sh. You know what I mean.” I laugh and she bats my arm again.

“Okay, maybe you’re not so friendly in the morning –even with me.” That doesn’t help her change of mood as she darts out of the bed, to run after me and make me take back what I said. I let her catch up with me so that she can push me back onto the bed and pin my hands on the duvet by my hair.

“Take that back.”


“Do it”

“No.” I smirk a little and wait for her to lean further over me, a bit closer than she was a second ago, before I use the tiniest bit of muscle power to push forward and meet her lips with mine. “Haha.”

“Not funny.”

“Let’s go downstairs.”

“No.” Rosie rolls over to the side with a tired sigh, finally giving up so that she can bury herself back into the duvet.

That’s when I put one arm around her stomach and pull her back towards me. “Right little Miss Grump, I know what will wake you up a bit.” She can only raise one eyebrow before I pick her up easily and fireman-lift her onto one shoulder.

“Niall put me down.” she warns me, but I just take a tighter grip on her grey, Hollister jogging bottoms and leave her bedroom with a laugh.

She playfully kicks and slaps my back, all the way down to the kitchen, so I make sure to bounce my shoulders up and down with each step I take; especially whilst going down the stairs.

“Come on. Breakfast time.” I wasn’t intending to have everyone down in the kitchen for an audience, but it encourages me to make it even more theatrical and causes Rosie to wake up a bit more as she realises that all of her family are watching us.

“Niall…” She practically begs me but only receives laughs from her family. David looks up from his newspaper with a chuckle, Lola is grinning at me behind her bowl of cereal. I can only just make out the sound of Rosie mouthing ‘help’ to her mother, behind my back, when I see Marie wave her hand dismissively and laugh at my show; anticipating the sight of her daughter being taught a lesson –probably as a result of all the mornings where she had to wake up her grumpy child.

Justin even offers to help me. “Need some help Niall? I can hold her for a while if your shoulder gets too tired.” He’s loving this so I just wink at him and walk towards the cupboards.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Rosie’s ignoring me so I just laugh and wait for an answer. “It will mean you can sit down quicker if you just tell me. Don’t be stubborn.”

Her arms are folded whilst she hangs upside down, all the blood rushing to her head, but she eventually answers. “Just some fruit… please.”

“Okay.” My voice is sing-songy and happy –just to torment her that little bit more- as I cross the kitchen again to get to the fridge. I take my time pulling out the bowl of fruit salad and hear David howl with laughter from behind us. “You should see her face Niall. It’s a picture.”

“Talking about pictures.” Justin takes out his phone before I can turn around. “Smile!”

“Great.” Finally agreeing that I’ve put her through enough torment to stop any future grumpy-morning-fests, I put her down and kiss the top of her head to make up for any hard feelings. Her mouth is set in a straight line, but as she goes to sit next to Justin it finally turns into a smile, as if it was all an act. I pass the bowl of fruit over to her and grab a croissant from the kitchen side for myself. We sit for a while, asking Justin what he’s been up to this past week, when Rosie takes my right hand with her left and we let them swing between our chairs for a while; steadily gripping onto each other’s warm skin and pulsing fingers.


“Are you sure you don’t mind driving? We can get someone to pick us up from here?” We hop into the Range Rover, which I am still claiming as mine even though my parents don’t seem too impressed about having to lend Justin one of their cars, and I nod my head to Niall vigorously.

“Honestly it’s fine. It’d be more bother to get someone out her to pick us up and run after us all day.”

“Okay. I just keep forgetting that you’re new to driving, and it feels like all I ever do is sit here in the passenger seat whilst you drive me around.”

“I surprisingly enjoy driving –I’m not even sure why.”

“You’re weird.” Niall smiles as he watches me reverse out from the small parking space we found behind the old converted barn restaurant that does some of the best Sunday Roasts in South London. Coombe Lodge is a bit further south than Croydon, but it’s worth the extra 20 minute drive to get a delicious meal and have a relaxing walk around the large gardens that all visitors are free to wander, either before or after their meal. Coombe Lodge has been a family favourite place to go since we were little; whether it was for a walk on a sunny day to get out of the house for a bit of extra fresh air, or to go to eat when Mum couldn’t find anything edible back at home.

The rest of our family are standing over by dad’s car so that they can wave the two of us off, particularly Niall considering that they won’t see him again for a little while. We manically wave our hands at them and then laugh together at how surreal the situation is for both of us.

“Yeah okay, I’m weird. But you’re even weirder.” He pokes my arm indignantly and I just shrug my shoulders with an amused smile. “Put some music on please?”

“Sure thing.” He leans over to fiddle with his phone and the stereo system whilst I refer back to the satnav to check that we’re going in the right direction. 

He puts on an indie rock band and I smile at the unusual choice of music. It’s a nice change and it makes me appreciate how informed my boyfriend is on his music and all of the different genres.

I tap my fingers on the wheel. Niall bounces his knee up and down, occasionally chatting to me as he points out the places and people that we pass on the streets. They get busier and busier, more crowded with less forage, and before long we are giggling at one of Niall's typical jokes as I pull into an empty parking space on the curb of a London road. It’s a short walk from the shopping centre that we’re aiming for and the whole street is already laden with shops that make my heart pound in excitement. Shopping.


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