Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


115. Lazy Day


I open my eyes to the morning with a different kind of pain in my stomach and an extremely dry throat. Niall’s snoring to my left and his big arms are holding me close. He didn’t lie when he said I’d be in his arms all night long. I look across the room and see that it’s nearly 10:50am. “Niall.” I try moving but I can’t. His hold is too strong. “Niall? Niall, anyone home?”

My fingers that lightly shake his chest cause him to stir. “Whhh…” I try to get up and reach over him but I can’t even get 10 centimetres off the mattress. My throat’s like sandpaper.

“Niall… Niall, I need to get up.” I must have finally broken into his sleep because his eyes shoot open; the usual worry that was there last night is still present.

“I’m sorry. What’s wrong? What do you need?” He looks over my body twice to make sure that I’m okay.

“I’m fine, I’m just really thirsty.” He throws a hand off of me to his side table and picks up one of the glasses of water that he placed there for me last night. I drink the whole thing and then flop back down onto the pillows. Niall just watches me for a while but then his eyelids droop back into a state of sleep and I join him. Oh well, I think, the food can wait until later. It’s not like I’ve never missed a meal before now.

The next time that I wake up, Niall is nowhere to be seen. My mouth is parched yet again, but I feel too drained of energy to get up and find a drink this time. The door to the living room space is open and the voices of familiar yet distant people echo around the flat softly. After a while of lying still, my eyes start to close again and I roll onto my front to bury my head back into the pillow and fall back asleep. Only what feels like a few moments later, someone is lifting up my elbow. It’s Niall. “Rosie? Rosie, you were calling me…” He’s managed to pull my elbow up high enough to tuck his head under my arm so that he’s lying right against me –our foreheads touching.

“No I wasn’t… I was sleeping.”

A smile crosses his face sweetly. “Do you realise you sleep talk princess?”

I was aware of it but it hasn’t been a problem since Niall had gone away to the States, or at least that’s what I thought... “Was I… was I sleep talking?” I yawn tiredly and he places a kiss on my nose.

“Yeah- ‘Niall, Niall! Niall come here!’” He mimics my accent too dramatically –making me sound like a young, posh, English child. “Care to tell me what you were dreaming about?”

I think about it for a little bit before I look into his eyes; going cross eyed from the bright light around us and his close proximity. It makes him chuckle one of his deep and quieter dirty laughs. “I actually have no idea… probably something nice if you were in it.”

“Aww, aren’t you a charmer this morning, huh?” I let my eyes droop for a second before opening them back up. “How are you feeling love? Any better?”

“A lot better I think. Not perfect though. Still feel a little bit ughh.”

“A little bit ‘ughh’? That’s a new one.”

“Hey, stop taking the piss out of me…” Nothing that I say in this moment sounds serious –just dreamy and slight delirious and it makes Niall giggle every time.

“We’ve got some guests by the way… if you’re up to seeing them that is?” To make his point I hear a high pitched giggle from the room next door, which has been muted down, to try to not disturb us.

“I guess so… Niall, have we got anything to eat?”

“In my place there’s always food to eat. Do you think I ever let the cupboards go bare?” I’m awarded with a little wink whilst he pushes himself off the bed and pulls me up with him, wrapping the duvet around me like he always does when I’ve stayed the night. He waits until I’m on my feet and then wraps his arms around me from behind; subsequently bundling me up like a burrito.

We sway from side to side as we go into the living room, with me not even bothering to look in the mirror to acknowledge the state that I’m probably in, and I see El, Sophia and Perrie all sitting around the sofas with mugs in their hand.

“Good morning Sunshine!” Perrie chimes at me as she turns away from the others to watch me walk in. I feel really self-conscious –they’re all showered and dressed whilst I’m wrapped in a tracksuit of Niall’s and his duvet. I’m about to turn back around, to go and get showered, when Sophia speaks up after realising my intentions.

“Babe, don’t worry about it. We know you haven’t been well –we’re just glad to see you up and moving.”

Niall laughs on his way to the kitchen, sticking something in the microwave to heat it up. “Tell me about it. Rosie sure knows how to scare me.”

“He was super worried.” Eleanor informs me from where she’s curled up like a cat on the furthest sofa from me. “What a shame he wasn’t worried enough to decide to call me and Louis to tell us whether you’d even survived the night though!”

He cowers in the kitchen with his arms raised in apology. I decide to stick up for him –it’s the least he deserves after looking after me so well. “I’m sure we can forgive Niall though; he was an angel to me last night.” We all laugh as he fist pumps the air and dances around, to a song that’s quietly playing on the radio by the elevator.

“So how are you feeling?” Perrie makes room for me on the sofa that she was previously lying on and gives me a wink as I sit down.

“A lot better than I was yesterday but you probably know what it’s like on any normal day, of being… well, you know.” I’m guessing that the cats out of the bag now and that most people know the reasons as to why I felt so bad last night. It’s a bit embarrassing really.

They all nod along sympathetically and Sophia cups her hands around her mouth to shout. “Niall! Cover your ears –this is girl talk.” He does as he’s told, like an obedient child, and Eleanor giggles in her usual high pitched tone. It feels like I haven’t seen her in ages; especially after the trip that she took, back up to Manchester to visit her family and friends.

“So how bad was it? On a scale of 1-10; 1 being light period cramps and 10 being ‘I FELL LIKE I’M GIVING BIRTH TO THE FRICKEN DEVIL’?” Perrie is being her usual self and struggling to filter any of her thoughts or questions. Niall who is standing in the kitchen -still with his hands over his ears, bless him- jumps about a foot into the air when he hears Perrie scream the whole building down. The other two just roll their eyes at me, familiar with Perrie’s absurd manners.

“Well I don’t know… I’ve never experienced your idea of a ‘10’, so how would I know?”

“Just guess.” Sophia looks at Perrie out of the corners of her eyes in disbelief and I try my hardest not to giggle.

“Okay, maybe a 7?”

All three of the girls start to empathise with me –making horrified faces as they try to imagine how much pain I was in last night. “Jesus fucking Christ…”

“Sophia!” Perrie clasps her hands together as if in prayer as she scolds our friend for her language. “You must not speak bad words in the presence of our Lord.” She looks up at the ceiling and makes the cross over her chest “Dear lord we ask you for the forgiveness of our terribly rude friend Sophia fucking Smith…” She speaks the words with no pause in between and all four of us look at her with confusion. She’s honestly so weird.

“Perrie, has anyone ever told you that your future career definitely lies in acting? I can see you as a nun in the sound of Music…”

“Shut it Niall… Zayn told me that yours definitely doesn’t lie in the world of comedy.” We all laugh as the banter bounces back and forth between the two of them and Niall finally ventures over with a plate of food and a glass of water for me.

“Breakfast a La Styles.” I’m given it with a flourish of his hands and I try not to laugh as he bows down like a servant. “Harry made it this morning and left us each a plate so you can thank him –it’s his equivalent of a get-better-soon message.”

“Apart from it would take too long for him to get the words out, which is why he cooked you breakfast instead.” Eleanor retorts as they all watch me take a first bite of my breakfast. Niall rolls his head back, as he laughs a throaty chuckle that gives away his Irish accent, and has to cross the room to fist bump Eleanor. I must admit she was thinking on her toes. We all have a giggle about it when Sophia directs a question at me.

“So how’s Rachel, getting along with Harry then?”

“Rachel?” I keep forgetting that Perrie hasn’t met my best friend in person yet –even though they’ve been in contact over the internet -she still needs a little bit of a reminder.

“My best friend.” Perrie nods with a sweet smile. “Don’t even get me started –it’s been driving me crazy.” I suddenly remember that I never actually got round to telling Niall about what I succeeded in extracting from Rachel last night, which concluded her obvious feelings. “She finally admitted she likes him though, so that’s getting somewhere right?”

Sophia clasps her hand and holds them just under her chin in excitement. “They’ve got another date tonight right?”

“Well she won’t admit it’s a date, but yes –I think she mentioned the cinema.” Niall confirms my information with a nod.

“Something has to happen!” El can’t contain herself and has to shout into the open room. I just nod along, all excited at the thought of ‘Rarry’ becoming a real thing, and Perrie takes in our reactions calmly as she sits back and listens to us talk about them. “Honestly Perrie, you don’t even understand how well suited Rachel is for Harry.”

“As long as she’s nothing like Taylor then I’m sure we’ll get along.” I’m interested in the history of Perrie and Taylor, but the awkward and persuading expressions that the others give me tell me not to ask. Niall’s gestures from where he stands behind Perrie –a cutting motion of his throat with his hand- makes my mind up, so I decide to ask him later.

“Anyway. If something doesn’t happen tonight, then I’ve already arranged to go down to his flat and kick his ass at a convenient time to him, so don’t worry ladies –Niall will sort it.”

They all look at him as if to say ‘yeah right’ and I feel so much more cheery as I eat my way through the plate of protein and carbs before me. I hadn’t realised just how hungry I was.

Later on, I start to get tired so Niall ushers me back to the bedroom and kindly waits for the girls to leave. I of course thank them for coming –it’s made me feel so much better and it’s put their own minds at rest- but with very little stamina, I’m completely exhausted.

“Right,” Niall says with a smile once the girls are finally gone, poking me lightly in the stomach with every word he says. “As seen as I’m taking the day off and I want to make the most of it, now that you’re feeling better, you have two choices. We can either sleep the whole day off in my very comfy bed. Or we can watch TV and lounge around with a few DVD’s on the equally comfy sofa.”

I pretend that it’s a hard decision before climbing back into his bed and replacing the duvet back on top of us. “How about we do both?” In reply he switches the TV on. At first there’s not really much to watch so we watch a box set of the first whole series of Friends, but later in the day there’s a football match that Niall was intent in watching. I don’t really know what’s going on, so instead use the time to drift in and out of sleep and snuggle up to him. He tries to explain little bits of the game and I take it all in, but as soon as he start’s to explain the offside rule, I’m completely lost. He doesn’t seem to impressed at my lack of knowledge –although I can tell the exasperation is only a mock.

“You’re just not interested.” I smirk and move his lips back into a smile with my fingers.

“No, I am! I’m interested in whatever you’re interested in.” This causes a real smile to appear on his face. “I’m just incompetent when it comes to football.”

“Incompetent people don’t use big words like that though love.” He just sighs as if he’s fed up with my dumbness and he thinks I have no hope in understanding the completely genius world of Niall. I laugh at his facial expression and the way that his lips are pouted.

“Maybe I’ll understand one day.”

“Yeah, maybe.” We’ve only just started laughing together, Niall hooking his fingers through mine, when my stomach gives a huge growl. How the hell am I still hungry?

Niall finds it hilarious. “What was that?” he teases.

“Nothing!” I pout, on the defensive. He’s trying to embarrass me.

“Okay.” I’m surprised by how easily he lets up on me, but as his eyes wander back to the game I observe that he keeps looking at me from the corners of his eyes; a smirk plastered on his face.

We’ve been sitting there for what feels like ages when I finally give in. “Okay.” I throw my hands up in the air. “God damn it. I’m hungry, I admit it.”

“Took your time love.” He laughs at me and places an arm around my shoulders protectively.

“Niall?” He’s still trying to watch the game. This is going to take some pleading. “Niall please can we go and get some food?” He just chuckles; eyes too focused on one of the players in a black shirt, who is dribbling with the ball and gets taken out by a violent tackle. I cringe inwardly. “Niall please? Just for me?” I smirk and plaster a kis on his cheek, kneeling up to start annoying him. “Food, please?” I’m just about to ask him against when he jumps up suddenly, scaring me a little bit.

“Okay let’s go.”

“That didn’t take too much…”

“When did I ever need convincing to go and get food?” True - very true. “Do you want to go and get ready?”

I look down at the jogging bottoms and white top that I’m wearing. They’re not dirty; just a bit shabby and too casual. Oh you know what? I don’t care. “Can we just go? I’m literally starving and I don’t really care what I look like –we’ll just have to pray that the paps aren’t on the lookout today.”

“Well I never.” He laughs as he grabs his keys, his jacket and a hoodie for me. I neaten up my curls by tying them into a high bun as he switches the TV off and I wear a pair of my trainers that I left here last week; a pair have been sitting feeling neglected by the door, in Niall’s messy stack of shoes. “Rosie Stephen’s leaving the flat, in a pair of my very own tracksuit bottoms.”

“Take a picture,” I tease as we get into the lift “it might last longer.”

“It’s a good look. You can pull anything off love –I’m jealous.” I lean against him with my hand on the silver railing and observe the two of us in the mirror. He’s right, I don’t look too bad –but that still doesn’t take away my fear of being photographed in this unusual style of clothes for me. I think I’d die of embarrassment if they got into the newspapers; but maybe it would be a little bit more bearable with this gorgeous blonde boy hanging around my shoulders.


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