Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


70. Kings Cross Station


I am standing in Kings Cross Station, holding Rosie's hand, being surrounded by security to keep the fans away from us. We are waiting for Eleanor’s train to arrive. It should be here any minute now.

Louis is standing infront of all of us, scuffing his converses of the floor with his hands in his pockets; an easy giveaway of how impatient he is feeling, whilst Zayn and Harry huddle around him and chat from a short distance away. All of us have made the trek here to greet El, including Liam, Sophia and Rachel who are standing around Rosie. Although I’m clutching her interlocked fingers tightly, she is facing Sophia and Rachel; idly talking about Sophia’s Uni course. From what I can recall, she is doing a fashion design course, which would explain my girlfriend’s interest. So far everyone has hit it off really well.

I am grinning at Liam when I realise that our security team are starting to close in around us, signifying that the bright headlights of a train that make its way towards us belongs to Eleanor’s train. Thank god this lot are more awake than we are.

At last –we’ve been patiently waiting for the last 10 minutes. I try to catch Louis’ eyes, as the train pulls up behind him, but  he notices just as the brakes are put on and people start spilling out from the open doors.

At first there is just a blur of people, whilst we watch from right at the end of the platform by the exit, but then I notice a girl with bouncing dark curls step out of the train onto the platform, pulling a leopard print suitcase behind her, as she stands on the balls of her feet and searches the crowd with a grin. I must have noticed at the exact same time as Louis because, before I can signal to him again, he is racing against the crowd; madly throwing himself further towards her and outpacing the security guard who is trying to follow him.

“El! El, over here! El!” I sigh happily as he reaches her at last and nearly knocks her over when he throws her arms around her neck. Both of their faces are a picture as Eleanor drops her suitcase on the floor, forgetting its presence, and they both spin around in circles together.

She’s only been gone a week, but any time is too long when you are as deeply in love as the two of them. Louis lifts her up under the arms and kisses her whilst her hair falls around his face, making a barrier between anybody who is watching them, as we are. The security guard catches up and stands back awkwardly so that he can keep the crowd moving around them. They both take a step back from each other with huge beaming smiles, but then they join each other at the hip again, as Louis puts both arms around her waist and they both pick up her forgotten bag to start walking back down the platform towards us. Perfectly entwined, I think to myself.

I don’t think that either of them could look happier whilst they talk quietly between themselves and I pull Rosie closer to me so that we can greet them together. Rosie smiles up at me and then we both look back to the couple in front of us.

“He’s a different person when they’re together.” Rosie sighs from under one of my tanned arms as she hugs me around my waist.

“I know.”

El goes to the group of boys first and greets them quickly, looking impatient as she keeps locking eyes with Rosie- a grin never leaving her face as she drags Louis along beside her.

Once she moves closer to us, only a few seconds pass before she throws her arms around my beautiful girl and talks into the curls that are a common factor between the two of them.

“You must be Rosie. It’s lovely to meet you!”

El pulls back and then hugs me whilst Rosie talks. “Yeah, it’s great to meet you too! How was your journey?”

“Too long,” El laughs and Louis puts his arm around her shoulder protectively as she looks back at him “Especially when I cant wait to see this one and all of his great friends.”

“Are we not your friends then El?”

“You know that’s not what I meant!” She giggles and Rosie introduces her to Rachel.

“Eleanor, this is my best friend Rachel.”

“Hi Rachel! Do you prefer Rach or Rachel?”

“Either.” They hug and then Eleanor greets the rest of the group. She’s so friendly and bubbly that it’s easy to see why she and Louis suit so well. I wink at him and he couldn’t look any prouder of both himself and his girlfriend.

I’m glad to see that Rosie gets along with Eleanor and Sophia. Especially because whenever I look at them, and then at the boys, I can’t help remembering all of the long weeks that we will be spending apart when One Direction starts their next tour. The boys and I are always in the same boat together. However, for the girlfriends it’s slightly different, because the only other people that understand what they are going through is each other. If they didn’t get along I would be worried about leaving Rosie for such a long period of time; well, I already do, but it would make it almost unbearable.

I only realise how long I’ve been staring at her when a sparkling pair of green eyes look up at me with a hint of shyness. Before she can question what I’m doing, I just put both of my arms around her tightly, holding her head against my shoulder, and we just swing from side to side in perfect harmony. It is here that I promise that I will make the most of every second we have together.

Eleanor nods to me from behind Rosie, a smile on her face as she watches us, and uses it as a reminder to take Louis’ fingers from beside her. I let Rosie go so that we can follow everybody else out of the train station, and hop into the vans that will take us to a restaurant where Louis had planned for us to go out to dinner together.


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