Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


85. Kicking Chairs


“So are Rosie and Rachel going into school today?” I look up at him for the first time, from my breakfast, and see that Harry’s quite obviously worried although he’s trying to hide it.

“Why don’t you text Rach?” His face scrunches up and I can see that he would if he had the strength to wait for her to reply. He knows that I could tell him quicker. I direct the answer to the rest of the table so that everyone can hear. “No, they’re not going in today. I’ve told Rosie not to, because of the lawyers: that shitty teacher can’t exclude her if she’s not in school because he won’t be able to come up with a good enough excuse. She’s staying at home but Rachel has decided to stay at home with her for as long as Rosie is staying home from school. It’s mob mentality. He can’t punish one of them if neither of them are there.”

“That’s good thinking. What else is happening with the lawyers?” It’s Liam’s turn to ask.

“I don’t know. I need to call them back in our next lunch break…”

“Ah okay.”

“So the girls are at home, just sitting together with nothing to do? Why don’t we plan something for them to do later on?” It’s Zayn’s idea as he butters his almost burnt piece of toast –just how he likes it (dark brown before it has the chance to go black). It’s sweet because it’s a self-less idea and he knows Perrie won’t be involved. He’s just suggesting it for his own generosity.

“Like what?”

“Well… El hasn’t got anything to do either, and she’s been going on about going to Winter Wonderland?”

“Soph could go with them too?”

“Sure… but isn’t that in Hyde Park? A bit exposed don’t you think?”

Harry sasses and clicks his fingers around his face. “But Niall… you’re forgetting that they’re strong, independent women…”

I roll my eyes at his weird sense of humour and Liam assures me that it’ll be fine. “Mate, what’s gonna happen?”

“They could get mobbed again…”

“There’s the chance that they could be mobbed every day for the rest of their lives unless you want them to spend every day at home. They’ll be fine, plus Eleanor and Sophia know what to do when stuff like that happens. Just relax, but if you’re really unsure we’ll organise it ourselves and then they wont have to go by themselves. We can get some of the team to go with them.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Louis volunteers himself to handle it. He’ll get on the phone to someone about it once we get in the cars and I nod my approval. It’s Zayn that causes the whole table to burst out laughing as he jokingly murmurs to his toast. “Bloody hell Perrie… you and your goddamned tour.”

Later on, we are sitting in a small studio that belongs to MTV. They are about to interview us and we are all being fitted with microphone packs and many many wires. Louis managed to sort out the girl’s trip into London earlier and so I’m just starting to relax.

The robust blonde, who’ wearing a shirt and skirt which are far too tight for her figure, is going through regulations with the interviewer.

It’s all the same shit: nothing on beliefs, religion, Xfactor life, living arrangements, that kind of thing… but then I notice something different.

“You may not ask them about their girlfriends,” a confused expression flashes across Liam’s face and he looks over at me curiously. Louis looks at us after the words register, his eyebrows raised. “Zayn’s engagement, slash wedding,” that’s news to Zayn too. He looks around him in a horrified manner, searching for someone to correct the Modest! worker. “Niall’s girlfriend in particular… what’s been going on in the news, et cetera. You may not ask Harry about Rosie’s friend Rachel and you may certainly not ask them anything about what they’ve been doing over the last week.” Spending time with our girlfriends –and in particular our new friends Rosie and Rachel.

I’m the first one to call her out on it and I can’t help but laugh gingerly in disbelief. “Sorry, but… whaaaat? So what exactly can we talk about?”

“Anything that doesn’t concern those matters…”

“Go on then. Like what? Give us one example.” Louis has folded his hands over his chest and is leaning back. You can tell that none of us are happy with Modest!’s new -and quite frankly crappy- terms.

“Maybe they could start off with your music.” She whispers sourly.

“The music isn’t everything. To be honest I’d rather they just talked to us about whatever the fuck they wanted.”

Everyone around me is agreeing -even Paul has to remind himself to stop nodding, and the interviewer looks honestly petrified about what she’s going to be able to ask us as she shuffles through all of her papers of notes- and yet Laura has the nerve to direct her next sentence at me.

“Niall, could I speak to you outside… right now?”

I throw myself up aggressively and one of the body guards steps forward to follow me but I shake my head. This is starting to get personal, and whatever this is –I need to sort it out myself.

She leads me out the door, and down a shady corridor, before turning back to face me. She has a name badge stating that her name is Laura –I never even noticed before now.

“Look Laura, whatever this is, it needs to stop.”

“They’re not my instructions. They’re Modest!’s –you know that.”

“Yes I do.”

“Well then I’d very much appreciate it if you just got back in there, sat down, shut up and did your job.”

I look up at the ceiling to calm myself down before taking my eyes back to her own. “Laura… I don’t think I’d be doing my job very well if I went into an audio interview and ‘shut up’. Do you?”

She’s embarrassed. “No, maybe not, but you still don’t have the right to go expressing your opinions like that!”

“Are you saying I don’t have the right to express my opinions? Seriously? Because I know that I have an opinion on whether we should be hiring you or not. And to be honest, you’re not doing a very good job of persuading me that you’re worth the job, love.”

“Like I said, I only express the opinions of Modest. That’s what I’m here to do. They don’t think you should attract any more attention to that crazy girlfriend of yours, or the amazing news coverage that she’s receiving.”

“You don’t think that I should stick up for her? Are you crazy?”

“No. All good press has its bad press.”

“I’ve heard that before. So what about Zayn’s engagement? Perrie’s tour? Harry’s love life? What we’ve been doing over the last week? Louis and Liam’s girlfriends? What about all of those things, huh?”

“Might I remind you that half of those things bring up attention on the ‘Larry’ situation? That’s why we’ve added those things to our Terms and Conditions. And as for the other stuff -like the girlfriends- well! The fans don’t want to hear it. They’d quite happily watch you live the rest of your lives being single.”

“Well you obviously don’t know our fans then. All they want is for us to be happy.”

“Happy with cheating girlfriends?”

She’s hit a nerve. I won’t lose my cool. I won’t.

“People like you listen to the news too much. Some job you’re doing of keeping your own opinions to yourself. By the way, you can expect a complaint to be written about the crappy service you’ve given us all week. You’d be lucky to have a job by tomorrow.”

I storm back into the studios and throw myself down onto a chair, barking for them to start the interview so that we can get it over with. Each of the boys keep looking over at me with wariness so I just keep my eyes on the ground. I do feel sorry for the interviewer: she has about 3 questions that she’s able to ask us without Laura pushing her forwards and instructing her to “Skip the question.”

“So, um, how’s everything else in your lives going at the moment? What are you getting up to when you’re not having promote and do business meetings?” The interviewer is biting her nails and patiently waiting for Laura to tell her that it’s not a suitable question. She knows that it’s not but it’s the only material she’s got to ask us.

 “Skip!” It’s the 11th time that she’s said the command now; with a sickly high tone and a roll of her eyes. I lose it. I jump up, kicking my chair over in anger, and storm out of the sound booth. Silence is all around me, apart from the distant shouting coming from the interview that I left.

“Get him back here now!” Laura’s voice is impatient and bored.

Louis is the first one to reply “Keep on dreaming love. Come on boys, we’re off. Sorry babe, we’ll do your interview some other time we’re around -when we haven’t got all these bullshit regulations.” Good man. The thing about Louis is that he always sticks up for the five of us, being the oldest helps, but you can always rely on him to do it no matter the situation or the consequences. I’m glad that he was sweet to the interviewer though –it wasn’t her fault and MTV would be lucky to have anything worth putting together and editing.

I carry on down the corridors, kicking my feet and swinging my fists by my side. I don’t know where I’m going but they’ll follow. They always do. And then someone will give us the correct directions and we can get out of here.

We have no control anymore. We’re not allowed our own opinions. We can’t stick up for our girlfriends and the people around us. What can we do? We can create our own terms to work with people; that’s what we can do. That’s what we will do.


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