Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


29. Johnathan Ross


"Boys, boys, boys! He took a second to smile at us and wait for the crowd to go silent "How are you?" He emphasised the word 'are' like he was pleased to see us again.

"Great thanks!"


"Amazing thank you."

"I see you still haven't found a replacement for the naughty one over there." He pointed a finger at Louis who's expression sank and I wrapped my arms around him.

"Don't worry LouLou, he's only joking," I whispered audible enough for everyone to hear through my mic when I turned back to Rossy and said "no we wouldn't change him for the world. I don't think it would work if any of us dropped out anyway..." I leaned my face on Louis' shoulder and the crowd let out gasps of adoration.

"I think you're right Niall! Anybody have any ideas why?"

Harry spoke up in a small voice -that meant that he was being very serious. "I think that it's because we're all our own people and have managed to find a way, over the past three years, that means that we can differentiate ourselves to the fans, whilst still resembling the same band that they fell in love with." The audience cooed and I watched Harry; he smiled shyly and the blush was trying to make its way past his powdered cheeks. I patted him on the back and I could feel most the boys around me nodding their heads as I had been doing.

"Cute," Jonathan paused, deciding on his comeback to lighten the mood "so by differentiate you mean that Liam's the responsible one, Zayn's the manly one, Louis is the funny one, Niall is..." he looked at me searching for a word "the Irish one-" the crowd laughed as I gave them a cheeky smile and clicked my heels together like a leprechaun "-and Harry's the one that gives hope to the grandmas that dream of falling in love with one of you boys."

I loved this guy's show; he was hilarious and made every comment comfortable, even when it could sound patronising if it came from any other person but himself.

"I don't agree with that Jonathan... I'm definitely not the mature one; I just like to be on my best behaviour when doing business." He smiled at Jonathan who was about to speak and I decided to pipe up indignantly and over-enthusiastically "I don't agree with that stereotyping either Mr Ross!" Everyone looked at me with confusion... Of course I was the Irish one so what was I complaining about? I let out a laugh as I said the next words and looked further down the sofa "Zayn is definitely not the manly one! Have you seen how long he takes to get ready and mess about with his hair!?" The crowd bellowed and clapped at my joke.

I got a pat on the back from two of the other boys as they all laughed along and Zayn held his fist out to me, finding it hilarious.

"Okay then," Jonathan laughed before looking up and down the sofa. I had obviously brought him into his next topic for the interview "So if you had to describe each of your own personalities in one word -maybe something that noone ever sees when you're out of the publics eye or whatever- what word would you use?"

Zayn started "There isn't really a word but something that people don't know about me is that I'm extremely good with children." He flicked his hair and I noodled along; remembering Rosie's sister.


He laughed embarrassed at what he was about to say "I'm actually quite a self-conscious person whenever we take a step out of the limelight." 

"Nooo! Really?" He looked quite shocked, as did some of the front seat audience members.

"It's true." Liam laughed as he gave Harry a reassuring smirk.

"So what about you Liam?" Jonathan missed me out... I knew it would come to this, but I still felt sick in anticipation of what I knew was going to come after my response.

"I think I’m actually an open book so whatever I am, the fans see it, in my opinion –you could ask the boys though!”

“He’s a bit of a worrier...” Zayn said through narrowed eyes.

“Yeah... that’s only because he’s very smart though –he’s like the boys’ eyes, ears and memories.” Harry laughed and I agreed.

Louis spoke up next, leaving me until last, as I had guessed would happen purposely. “I’m very... well I’m annoying but everyone knows that. I miss my family and friends a lot too though so I guess I’m...”

“Sentimental.” Harry finished off for him and the audience laughed.

“Yeah, I guess I’m sort of sentimental about little things like that.”

“Little things.” Zayn whispered to make us boys laugh quietly. We always had to point it out whenever one of us said something to do with our song lyrics without realising; it had become a personal joke, because while other people probably found it cringy, we found it quite funny and surreal - to put it mildly.

“So we just have Niall left. What kind of things describe you Niall?”

“Well...”I laughed nervously “Everyone knows I like food so that’s out of the question.”

“Everyone also knows that you’re always happy and laughing.”

“And that you’re a leprechaun!” Louis blurted out with amused eyes “So what else are you Niall?” He was being sarcastic and enjoying seeing me on edge. “Oh boys...”

“What?” they chorused, obviously catching onto what Louis was doing.

“Well we all know that Niall gives the best hugs.” I felt like hiding my head and bursting into a laughing fit to draw the attention away from what was about to happen.

“Oh really?” Jonathan was enjoying this, also.

“By far.” Louis slapped me on the back and winked –waiting for me to take the final step.

“I guess I’m cuddly then?” I just shrugged my own shoulders before crossing my arms around Harry’s. He leaned into the hug, helping me to exaggerate the simple motion, when Mr Ross gave a husky laugh.

“Oh no, we already knew that! Didn’t we?” He shouted to the crowd and they jeered back. This was starting to feel like a pantomime. “Take a look at this...” He winked at me before the picture of me and Rosie popped up onto the screen and lingered for a while.

“So who’s this mystery girl, Niall? You were seen together last night at Westfields shopping centre, is that right?” I shifted in my seat and looked at the audience as I rubbed my hands before staring straight into his eyes

“Yes that is right.”

“So come on! Tell us the gossip! Who is she? Are you together?” He was encouraging me to go on and I took a deep breath. The boys had shifted away from me, leaving me isolated in the centre, so that they could all turn to watch me.

“Well Jonathan I’m glad that you asked really. This girl-” I pointed to the screen “-and I are just very good friends, the whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion. So, unfortunately there is no gossip to tell.” I smiled at Jonathan and there were mixed messages in the crowd, some cheered while others booed in disappointment. I raised my hands and shrugged my shoulders.

“Gorgeous girl like her and we don't even get a name?” He laughed.

“No, it wouldn’t be fair to her. She has a normal life and I don’t think she would appreciate the attention right now.”

“Shes a very pretty girl Niall. Are you sure there’s no hope of anything happening in the future?” He tempted me with a raised eyebrow.

I looked at the boys for help and Harry intervened, noticing the subtle panic on my face.

“Well if anything did happen, she at least has our stamp of approval.” Harry winked at me, making the atmosphere more bearable and light hearted.

“She can be our carrot princess!”

I laughed “Like I said, she’s just a friend.”

“Okay!” he smiled before muttering “For now.” And he winked at me “No, I’m only joking, I know the pressure that your career can have on any kind of relationship that you have; with friends, girlfriends... even family.”

“Thank you Jonathan.” I bowed my head appreciatively.

“However we do know that she’s definitely watching at home, can we say hi?” Harry interrupted with excitement.

“Of course boys.”



“Vas happening!”


“Hello, carrot princess!”

“Oh, and her friend! Hello friend!” Harry chuckled as an afterthought and I remembered the shady phone conversation he had with them on my mobile without my permission.

Jonathan laughed. “Yes, hello carrot princess and friend!” We all gave a wave to camera 5 and there were screams of greeting from the audience, who were all sat behind.

“So you’ve all met her then?”

“Yes she’s lovely; really genuine and sweet.”

“I’ll second that!” Zayn smiled at Liam who had spoken, and then at me.

“Well anyway, now we have all that cleared up - and we are aware that Zayn, Louis and Liam are all tied up in relationships - would you like to explain your relationship status young man?”

“I liked the way you said that.” Louis chuckled as he imitated our interviewer “‘Tied up.’ It’s funny.” Everyone laughed along with our lovable friend.

Harry looked at me and blushed “Can’t we go back to talking about Niall’s predicament?”

I laughed menacingly “No, you’re not getting away that easily, I had to go through it so now it’s your turn!”

“So is there any special lady in your life now Harry?”


“Why not, with your ladies-man reputation it mustn’t be that hard?”

“To tell you the truth, I just haven’t met my ‘special lady’ yet.”

“So, what I think just about every person in this audience wants to know is, have you ever thought about dating one of your fans and what attracts you to a girl? Or woman?” He winked and I let out a loud laugh.

Harry shifted slightly in his seat. “I don’t think I’m going to be out ruling any type of relationship with anybody...” He smiled at the audience shyly as he waited for them to stop screaming “although I’m not sure what I’m looking for.” He turned back to Jonathon as I patted him on the back “But what I do know is that I’m sure that I will know when I’m looking straight at it.”

“That, my boy, is a wonderful attitude to have.” Jonathan held his hand out in gratitude and Harry shook it before throwing his hand out to the crowd to thank them for their cheers.

“So now, I just have a few more things to say. Firstly, you’re new song from your album ‘Midnight Memories’?”

“Story of my Life.” We all chorused.

“That’s the one!” he smiled pleasantly. “I just loved the video, lets take a look at this clip.”

We watched the clip, commented on the making of the video, told the crowd about what to expect from our new album and answered where we wanted to see ourselves in 5 years; still making music together and having lots of fun. 10 minutes later we were being thanked and wished the best of luck as we entered the green room and waited for the show to resume after the adverts.

I got out my phone and texted Rosie immediately

‘Hope that was okay Carrot Princess? What did you think? Niall x’

A minute later, my phone buzzed and Louis and Harry leaned over each of my shoulders to read the message before turning to the other boys and letting them know too. We had no privacy when it came to things like this; but we didn’t need it.

‘Couldn’t have been any better. We’re so proud of you all! Tell Louis I approve of the new nickname. ‘Carrot Princess’ and ‘Friend’ xx’

The interviews all went by quickly and smoothly and before we knew it the boys and I were in the limo and Jonathan had his head in through the door. “Fantastic interview, boys! It’s been a pleasure once again.” We all nodded at him in appreciation and respect “Good luck with the carrot princess.” He said specifically to me as he left with a bright wink.

30 minutes later I was in the elevator with the boys and saying farewell to each of them as they left me to travel to the top flat.

“Sleep well mate. Come down to mine when you’re up and we’ll have some grub.” We hugged and he flashed his security card that granted him entrance to his flat. When I got into my flat I tried to relax and watch some TV but I was extremely exhausted and wasn’t able to pay any attention to the programme that was being displayed by the huge TV on the wall.

I took myself off to bed and stripped down before climbing into my bed sheets. What I really needed was some good sleep and a laid back day of relaxing tomorrow. It would be great to see Rosie and Rachel; as it was their weekend and they wouldn’t have to go to sixth form.

I couldn’t think any longer as drowsiness over took my conscience and I fell into a sleep of dead dreams.


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