Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


63. Jace Towers


After Rachel and I had finished eating our lunch (and our morning-long chat with Miss Green) we moved to the back seats of the classroom. From the back it meant that we wouldn’t be in the way when she was teaching her classes. For the first lesson after lunch Miss Green was teaching a group of year 11s. She tied up her ginger hair in preparation and raised her eyebrows at me as they came in. Miss knew that I was nervous about people coming in; especially as it was for the first time since being hassled this morning.

I had been preparing myself for whatever came through the door, but luckily, most of the class was made up of boys. Surprisingly it went rather smoothly and the lesson was only disrupted by a cluster of boys in the row in front who kept turning around to try and catch our attention towards the end of the lesson.

I was looking up from my computer when I noticed one boy who had turned himself the whole way round, whilst Miss Green wrote on the board. He was leaning back on his chair and supported himself with his arm on the desk behind –the sleeve rolled up to reveal dark tanned skin. His eyes were dark brown, just like his hair that was cut short on the side and was held high with what looked to be gel or mousse.

I looked back down at the computer screen –where I was browsing Louis Vuitton’s newest additions to the winter range- but felt him continue to stare at me. I’d had enough.

“Sorry, but is there a problem?” I felt Rachel’s eyes on the side of my face as she tried to figure out what was going on.

He just smirked and leaned further back on the chair's two legs. The guy had defined cheek bones which made him look older -especially as he had slight stubble around the contours of his chin. He wasn’t bad looking -maybe even attractive to some girls- but his cocky attitude and self-righteous grin, which showed how highly he thought of himself, was an immediate turn off. Even his voice was tinged with self-importance. “Nothing’s wrong; especially when I’m looking at you babe.”

His comment caused my mouth to fall open. Who the fuck did he think he was? A couple of boys around him made snarky comments and clapped the guy on his shoulder. “Excuse you?”

“You heard.” He tried to seductively bite his lip but it only caused me to scoff. When had 16 year olds become so brave.

“I’ve seen you around sixth former, do you remember this face?” 

I scoffed yet again, whilst he pouted; I folded my arms over my chest and sat up a bit taller. “Never even noticed you. See, unfortunately for you, you’re not really my type.”

His friends ‘ooh’ed at my response and I sat back, feeling slightly satisfied; I could have been a lot less polite but to be quite honest, I found the situation hilarious and was enjoying taking his ego apart, comment by comment.

Rachel held her hand out for me to slap whilst she took her turn “Kid, just turn around and do your work. You’re definitely out of your depth right now; it’s almost a death wish.”

“Oh, am I? Why’s that? I’m just talking to her… nothing wrong with talk right?”

“There is something wrong with it when I’m making it quite clear that I’m not interested.”

“We could always change that.” He was becoming too suggestive and I really wasn’t happy with the way he was talking to me; the way his friends listened intently as if it was some sort of entertainment.

“You’re not my type and I’m already taken. You should know that by now –everyone else does.”

“I’m not your type… So what is your type-“ He hooked his head round the computer to see the User ID “-Stephens? Blonde? Rich? Famous?”

“If I were you Mr, I would turn my little sorry butt around and get on with your own work. You may only end up coming out of this place with 3 GCSE’s but I’d at least try to make the time count if I were you –instead of wasting it on a cause that was lost the minute you even looked my way. Get it?”

I had managed to get him to drop the act and he suddenly looked like a child underneath the ‘cool-kid’ exterior. His friends all turned back to their work but the dark haired boy held my eyes for a little longer. I heard Rachel giggle beside me when Miss Green suddenly understood that there was a complication. “Jace! Is there a problem back there?” Jace left me with a wink and turned back to the front.

“No miss! I was just turning back around.”

“Well next time you feel the need to hit on Rosie, maybe you should be brave enough to talk to her boyfriend before you try anything.” The class laughed as Jace turned a colour that was a shade darker than his olive skin.

“Yes miss.”

I smiled at Miss Green but waited until she had turned her back before I whispered to the boy infront; a good attempt at unnerving him and making sure he never tried anything again. “And just so you know, I’d have to be crazy to even think about choosing you over Niall. You may think you have the looks, but as soon as you get out of high school that counts for jack shit.”

My work was done; he didn’t turn around for the rest of the lesson and I was free to text Niall and browse the internet as I conversed quietly with my best friend.

When the bell went to signify the end of the school day I started to pack up my bag and waited with Rachel for the year nine class to file into the corridor outside. Eventually, when they had all left, we thanked Miss for being so accommodating over the school day.

“Don’t you worry about it girls; any more problems and you know that you’re always welcome here. You could tell your new friends all about your favourite teacher tonight though?”

“How do you know we haven’t already?” I giggled light-heartedly and held the door open for me and Rachel to exit. “See you next week Miss!”

“Alright girls! Rachel please try to do some coursework over the week but enjoy your study leave!”

“We will, not that Rosie’s got much studying!”

“My subjects are all made up of practical coursework! What do you expect?”

“Haha, okay, well enjoy your… leave… then Rosie! Can you believe that next week is the last week before Christmas!?”

“I know –its crazy! Bye Miss, we have to rush!”

“Bye Miss Green!”

“Bye! Bye!”

We started a brisk walk down the quiet corridors –choosing the less popular walk to Music that was found down the back of the school. Rachel grabbed my hand and skipped alongside me. “Okay, I’ve sat with you whilst you’ve done all of your media coursework –now it’s your turn to be there for me.”

“Rehearsals here we goo!” Rachel sang happily as she pulled me into a slight jog.

“Now that is the exact reason why I’m doing the rehearsing and you’re just watching.” I pointed towards her open mouth and she nudged me in the ribs in return, but we didn’t falter in our speedy pace.

I knew that things were changing for the two of us –especially me- but it never faltered to amaze me how easy it was to maintain the exact same friendship that Rachel and I had had before.

Nothing felt different when it was just the two of us, because we were experiencing an unforgettable journey; together.


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