Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


131. Home Bound


I’ve just driven Niall all the way back to the apartments. He protested at first but I wanted to spend as long as possible with him before I have to say goodbye for the Christmas break. I pull into the car park and let out the breath that I’ve been holding. Niall has his flat's keys, phone, wallet and sunglasses in the beanie that he’s jiggling about on his lap, when he suddenly turns to look at me, a pout crossing his face.

“I’m gonna miss you Rosie Posie. I wish you could come home with me.” His new nickname makes me blush -he only uses it when he's trying to be cute- which usually  works if I'm being honest. When is Niall not cute?

“Soon.” I promise, but I know it’s not good enough. “Hey, you’ll get to see your dad and Theo and Greg and Denise. Your mum and granny are looking forward to seeing you too!” I’ve not actually spoken to any of them yet, but Niall has been excitedly chattering about his phone calls and messages with them for the past few days.

“Yeah,” his expression lifts but it doesn’t change his down heartened eyes. “I want them to meet you, you know.”

“I do know. We’ll have to arrange something for after Christmas.”

“Okay love, I just don’t want you to feel like I’m keeping you away from them. I’ve met all of your family and yet you hardly know mine.” He jingles the keys in the palm of his hand and throws them back into the beanie.

“I know… distance sucks.”

“It does.” He agrees.

“Do you really miss Ireland?”

“Hmm…” He tries to play it of but I raise one eyebrow and he nods in admittance. “Yeah, I miss it a lot. But if I wasn’t living down here I wouldn’t have met you.”

“That’s a lie.” I laugh. “You’d still have had to perform at Koko.”

“Maybe.” He laughs with me and places a kiss on my cheek. “But maybe if I was living in Ireland I would have already had a bird back home and would never have even noticed you.”

The idea makes me sick but I fight it away with a slap on Nialler’s leg. “Yeah you wish. That imagination of yours is running wild.”

“And she still isn’t as pretty as you are in my mind.”

“Pppht.” I giggle. “If you’re after something then your presents are in the boot.”

“Presents!” He shouts like an excited puppy and runs out of the door before I can stop him. He comes back around to the driver’s door once he’s got a hold on the large Christmas bag of gifts. “You’re the best.”

“Debatable.” I smile and wind my window all the way down so that he can lean in on his elbows.

“Well I’ve still got to pack before I get a train to Liverpool and hopefully make it in time to catch my ferry.”

“You’re not travelling alone are you?”

“Nah, Deo’s still coming with me.”

“Good, they’re forecasting really bad weather this evening and tomorrow. You need to be careful.”

“Yeah yeah.” He jokes but I can tell he’s taking it seriously at the same time.

“Well enjoy your busy Christmas.”

“And yours. How many people in the Stephen’s house this year?”

“Um…” I take a second to count the number on my fingers. “Eleven –including mum’s sister’s family and Carla and Melanie.” It was a pretty last minute decision to have everyone over at ours, so I’m glad that mum hasn’t done the Christmas shopping yet.

“Jesus... By the way all of your presents are at your house. Lola’s looking after them until Tuesday. I knew you’d try to open them straight away if I gave them to you.”

Niall gives me a teasing wink. “I’m not quite sure whether to be glad or pissed off that you know me so well.”

He swings my door open and holds his arms out wide. “It wouldn't change a thing, no matter what you feel. I've given her strict instructions. Okay... Give me one more hug then before you get your ugly face outta here.”

“Oi you.” I laugh, but squeeze him as tightly as I can once I've jumped out and into his arms. “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas. Hey, do you want me to sing you a little Irish song before you go?”

“No, no, I’m going.” I scramble back into the Land Rover hurriedly and he laughs loudly before leaning in to peck me on the cheek once more.

“Love you babe!” He shouts as I leave him behind in the car park.

“Love you too! Have a good journey! Message me and takes lots of photos!” He starts toward the building and gives me a thumbs up before waving me away.


We're sitting in Harry's apartment, just lounging around on the sofas, when he tells me his idea. "So let me get this right, you brought a tree and you want to decorate it... when you're leaving for Chesire this evening? What's the point?"

"Who says there has to be a point?" He laughs. "But it will be fun! Come on, I've never decorated a tree by myself. Do it with me."

"Okay," I give in and push myself up from the sofa. Harry goes to a cupboard by the kitchen and comes out with a huge green bundle, wrapped in three black bin bags so that it can be completely covered. "Jesus. How big is that tree?"

"Big enough for this apartment."

I look up at the high ceiling and the sight doesn't comfort me. He smirks at my face and gets to work, pushing up the sleeves of his cotton sweater.

It's not long before I get tired of winding tinsel around branches and threading baubles with metal hanging pins. "Harry," I moan. "We've been doing this an hour..."

"Here, I'll put some songs on, see if that gets you in the Christmas spirit."

I must admit, as the classic songs start to play I do feel a bit more festive as we both dance around the seven foot tree, decorating it with glittering green, red and silver baubles.

We've only got a few more to place on the tree when I wipe my forehead with the back of my hand and let out a tired sigh.

"It looks good." Harry observes. He's right, it's one of the best looking trees I've ever decorated. 

"You should put a picture up on the Internet. Fans will be wondering what you're doing on this fine festive evening."

"Yeah, when it's finished." He agrees. I work out where I'm going to put the bauble I'm holding -somewhere I can actually reach- when I hear Harry laugh from beside me. "Hey, you've wiped glitter on your forehead." I scramble to get it off but forget about the glitter that is spread even worse over my fingertips and the palm of my hand.

"Oh shit..."

"Don't worry." Seconds later, Harry emerges from the kitchen with a damp cloth. He's about to place it in my hand when he decides against it and starts to wipe at my forehead himself. The motions are soft and gentle, as if he is cleaning the skin of a sleeping baby.

"It's actually quite cute. I wasn't going to tell you but I couldn't stop from laughing..."

The comment makes me grin but i cough awkwardly and decide to look away -anywhere but the intimidating guardian angel that's standing over me. I'm still not quite sure how to act around him since the turn of events. If this was a story, rather than two people's lives, it could only be described as a 'plot twist'.

"I'm glad you did. I could have gotten some very strange looks walking around looking like I've been bombed by a glitter fairy. Is it done yet?" I place my hands on the tops of his shoulders to steady myself.

"Just a second." He bites his lip casually and goes over my forehead with an unused side of the cloth. "That's better." 

He drops his hands and raises one eyebrow. "Can I...?" He looks behind his shoulder to the kitchen but I keep my hands where they are.

"No." I tease, daring him to pull himself away from my grip. 


"You can move if you want to." Now I'm the one with my eyebrows raised whilst Harry pouts.

"You're making it really hard for me to forget last night you know."


"Because you currently have your hands on my shoulders and-"

"-No, I meant why do you want to forget?"

"I don't know..." But I do. He's still got the contract sitting at the back of his mind, along with his stupidly thoughtful morals that I almost wish he didn't have.

"So don't try to forget then..."

"Okay." There's still uncertainty on his face.

I'm suddenly filled with a confidence that I wasn't ever aware of possessing.

"Harry, I'm going to do something, just don't get mad?" He nods shortly and seriously.

I lean forward slowly when I start to pull back and tell myself not to be so stupid. This is what he did to you yesterday, I remind myself, at least you're giving him some warning.

I reach up and place a kiss on his lips. Just a short one that is brief and sweet, but as I pull back I'm sure that Harry leans forward momentarily before our lips part.

"What was that for?"

"Hmm... I'm not sure yet. You can either take it as my half of the argument to encourage more of them or as an excuse to do it one last time..."

"Rach..." He warns "You know my opinions."

"And that's exactly why I did it." I shrug, turning away from him to allow myself a short amount of time to compose my saddened facial expression.


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