Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


153. "Hello Stranger"


Once I’ve dropped Louis, Niall and Eleanor off at the south London set, I make the most of the close proximity and free time to go back home and apologise for my lack of residence. As soon as I jump out from behind the wheel and make my way into the house, I’m welcomed with nothing but silence. I start to doubt that there’s anyone home, when I’m greeted by my dad, who I find with his laptop at the kitchen counter.

He notices me walk in and raises his eyebrows. “Hello stranger.”

“Hi.” I mumble, feeling partly guilty for spending all of my time with Niall since New Year’s Eve.

“You have a good time with Niall?”

“Yeah, I always do.”

“I’m glad things are okay now.” He picks up his reading glasses from the table beside his laptop and puts them on to proof read some documents.

“Thanks dad.” The house is strangely silent. “Where is everyone?”

“They all decided to go food shopping together. I think Carla needed to pick up some new clothes too.” He grins sympathetically. “They’re all getting a bit small now.”

I take the chair next to my dad and lean back into the wooden frame. It’s kind of sad. I feel like I don’t really remember my family anymore –everything’s new. Justin’s going to be a dad. Carla’s moved into the house. Lola’s so grown up now. Two out of three kids can drive. I feel like I’m practically living away from home, and yet, somehow things still feel too familiar for the newly developing family. Everything else is the same. Dad’s grey and balding hair. The feel of the cold kitchen tiles beneath my bare feet. Even the house’s smell is the same, although there are new wisps of lavender that come from Carla’s usual perfume.

“Are they going to be back soon?”

“Hopefully, why?”

I study the way that my father works –the way the skin between his nose and two bushy eyebrows creases and the way he makes his jaw more square, rather than the gentle oval shape it normally is. “I just…” I hate to admit it but I do. “I kinda miss everyone.”

“They miss you too.” He replies, still not looking up from his laptop.

“They do?” His grey eyes meet mine.

“Of course they do Rosie. I do too. We hardly ever see you anymore –and it is a good thing. I know that –I’m glad even. But you’re still my baby girl. My first daughter. Seeing you grow up and prepare to spread your wings for the first time is always going to be hard to watch.”

I raise one side of my mouth in an emotionless smile. “It’s hard for me too. I love spending time with Niall, I love it so much. But coming back here makes me feel so guilty. I wish I spent more time with all of you.”

“Hey, don’t feel guilty. It’s life. Everyone’s been through it. Remember when Justin used to spend all of his time over at Carla’s house.”

“And now she’s living here.” I acknowledge, giggling quietly.

“Exactly. Me and your mother are letting you make the most of it now, whilst it’s still the school holidays and you’ve not got many commitments, but I’m warning you now, you know it won’t be like this when you go back, right?”

I knew that from the start, which is why I haven’t made an effort to come back here until now. “Yeah, I totally agree with that.”


I decide to leave my dad to his work and go upstairs to gather some laundry. Hauling my whole basket downstairs, I take it into the laundry room to start riffling through and pick out some clothes that will make up a few loads of washing. I’ve still got about 2 hours to waste before I need to go and pick Niall up again. I throw the clothes into the two machines, add the washing liquid and turn them on.

When I go to step back into the kitchen I’m surprised when I see my dad leaning against the door frame, watching what I’m doing.

“You scared me.” I laugh, rubbing the back of my neck in embarrassment.

“Sorry. I just… I wanted to say something and it’s been bugging me.”


“Well actually I wanted to apologise.”

That’s news to me. “What? Why?”

“Well… the way I acted on New Year’s Eve wasn’t appropriate. You’re right. I was being selfish and insensitive. I’m completely supportive of anything you want to do in the future, but seeing you so weak and fragile over those last few days put me into a really weird mind-set.”

I think back to the time where he told our neighbours that I was going to University and then scolded me for correcting his statement; chastising me like I was being irrational and childish.

“I don’t know whether it was because I felt the responsibility of having to look after you, after seeing you so down and helpless, or whether it was because I thought you were incapable of looking after yourself… but whatever it was, I know that I wasn’t looking out for your best interests by putting you into that position.” He looks so sullen; so weary and down. This has really been getting to him; I can tell by the way that his eyes are glued to the floor in disappointment. Before I even know what I’m doing, I’m stepping into his arms, fitting in between his small beer belly and the crook of his arms like I remember doing as a child. It’s the sudden realisation of what I’m doing that tells me I haven’t done this in a long time. I haven’t hugged my father in far too long.

He squeezes me tight and brushes a kiss on the top of my hair. I feel 12 years old again.

“I’m not one of those controlling fathers who gets people to do it his way or not at all. You know that. All I want is to see my three children happy.”

“I am happy dad.”

“Well then so am I.”

We stay like that for a while, listening to the spinning of my washing and feeling the warmth that radiates from the copious amounts of dryers, radiators and heating racks that fill this small room. “You haven’t hugged me like this since you were a little girl.”

I nod, quiet in thought, and pull away when I hear the doorbell go. “I best go and say hello to the rest of my family.”

He nods; an adoring smile on his face as I walk towards the kitchen.

“And Rosie?”

“Uh huh?” I turn back to see him running a hand through his greying hair.

“You know that Niall can come over as much as he wants. If it means we get to see you more often then he can come round here every day if that’s what it takes.”

I nod my head, understanding. It’s not a fact –it’s a plea. “I promise, you’ll see me a lot more from now on, okay?”

“Okay.” He smiles, motioning for me to go and let everybody in.


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