Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


96. Heated Contracts


As soon as I follow Lola into the black and dark windowed car that’s been waiting for us for the last three minutes it only takes me a second to see that Thom is driving us today. I’m midsentence of saying hello and holding up my hand in a wave when I notice that there’s someone sitting beside our chauffer in the passenger seat. It’s Harvey. His shoulder length dirty blonde hair and slightly darker stubble is a straight giveaway. Harvey notices that I’ve recognized him and chuckles at me through the rear-view mirror, a great smile present on his face.

“Oh… Hey Harvey, I didn’t realise that you were driving with us… What are you doing here?” He’s probably just hitching a ride with us so that Thom can take him to his next job. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re picking up someone like Sophia or Liam and Harvey’s guarding them for the day. Maybe Paul and the others have a day off –Harvey was only hired for my own personal use.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m taking you to school.” He takes a bite from something in his hand and I observe that he’s holding a Nutrigrain fruit and cereal bar.

“You do realise that it’s just a car journey? There’s hardly any point… unless you want to protect me whilst I walk up to Rachel’s door any second now?”

“No thanks.” He cocks his head at me in the tiny sliver of mirror and raises an eyebrow. He’s amused –at what exactly? “Niall didn’t tell you, did he?”

“Tell me what?”

“Chicken.” Harvey laughs to himself as he looks out of his window. “I knew that boy would chicken out and leave it to me to tell you.”

“Tell me what?” It’s starting to get annoying. These days, people are always talking about all of the things that I don’t know, without getting straight to the bloody point and telling me.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Even Lola’s caught on. She’s half laughing from beside me as she lounges around on the seats and moves a pen idly across a piece of maths homework that she’s due to hand in today. “He’s going to school with you.” With… As in, you’re coming to school with me?”  Well, that would make sense as seen as he’s my supposed personal body guard. I raise my eyebrow at Harvey to see if Lola’s judgement is correct. He just smiles helplessly with a shrug and goes back to eating and typing into his phone.


“We’re supposed to go through the door…” I’m pointing to the door that leads out from the reception into the school. Rachel’s just about to go through now, but is holding back to wait for us. Harvey tells her to carry on and I’m left standing awkwardly as Rachel disappears and Harvey takes a seat on the sofa opposite to the drafty automatic doors of the school’s main reception.

“I can’t go through.” He nods towards the woman at the desk who’s sitting on the phone with a pair of tight, sour puckered lips. She turns away to talk into the phone but keeps making nervous glances back at us every once in a while.

“So you’re not actually allowed in? How did you expect to accompany me when you don’t even have the permission to come in?”

“I’m not allowed in yet…” Harvey doesn’t seemed bothered by the situation but I would bet any money that the receptionist is on the phone to my evil headmaster right this second –explaining about the bulky man who has just walked into the reception unannounced and is sitting on the sofa with his ‘most wanted’ student. I can almost imagine him giving other students rewards for turning me in to him, like some sort of menacing criminal in a movie who ends up being the heroine by the time that the credits roll onto the screen.

I try not to laugh as I take a seat and make the most out of the time that we just sit here in silence; both waiting for the same Modest woman. Many teachers and sixth form students walk in –most of them either greeting me politely and stealing glances at Harvey or just being plain rude and ignoring the two of us egotistically. Becky wanders in at some point, surrounded by two of her friends named Charlie and Laura. All three of them look down their noses at us and strut past; I force myself to look down at my phone and in the opposite direction.

No matter how badly she is trying to infuriate me, I will not let her have the last laugh this time; but I won’t lose myself either. If anything, I just feel sorry for the poor girl. Whilst she insults me over twitter and goes running to all of her little friends and followers about how horribly mean and scary I am, I’m texting her crush and planning nights out with all of her idols. ‘Jealousy is a terrible thing Becky’ is what I want to say to her; but perhaps she’ll learn that one day – and hopefully without my influence.

Before long, I see a tall woman with wiry black hair that she’s pinned up on the top of her head walking through the doors and towards the desk. There are some hairs falling out of it, but I guess with hair like that it’s as neat as she’s going to get it. I wouldn’t know who she was if it was not for the ‘Modest!’ badge on her tweed brown suit blazer and the descending tone with which she talked to the receptionist.

“I’m sorry miss, but it doesn’t look like you’ve made appointment… Mr Chapman would have written it down on here…”

“Well, I was expecting for Mr Chapman to have conveniently forgotten about our appointment, which is why I decided to make copies of our emails.” The woman neatly pulls out a few pieces of paper from her laptop bag and then hands them to the dumb-founded receptionist with a flourish. She has no other choice but to scan her eyes over them as the paper is presented right in front of her face.

“Ma’am… I can’t just let you in with the evidence of an email!”

“So what evidence do you need then?” She opens her bag to pull something else out, and I half expect her to, but she decides to only pull it out enough to show the huge wad of paper in her hands –it looks to be the size of a thick book. “Do you need to see evidence of the legal action that we will be taking against this school and all of its employees if we do not happen to reach an agreement by this afternoon?” I must admit this woman is already starting to make a good impression on me; she’s strong and independent. She’s here for my benefit and yet she’s acting like it’s number one on her priorities list. She’s professional and the way that she talks is extremely direct.

“I’m still not sure…” You can tell that the receptionist looks worried; legal threat towards her place of work and job, or her reputation for being Mr Chapman’s trusty number one fan at Harris High?

“Look, I don’t need your permission; my client over there has access into the building –I’m just trying to make this easier for everyone.” I smile back at the smart woman, and then triumphantly at the receptionist, as they both turn towards the sofa where Harvey and I both sit. He goes to stand up, sensing that soon enough we’ll be through the doors anyway, and I join him. The receptionist has no other choice now; its either signing us in and allowing us through respectfully or allowing us to make our own way in with no way of recording our details.

“Okay then, name here please.” I see the woman write ‘Jennifer Miller’ onto the form in front of her and then watch the receptionist gesture toward the body guard beside me, who is currently checking his pockets for his phone for the billionth time. “And his name too please.”

“No, I don’t think that that is needed.”

“I do.”

“No, I don’t, his identity is protected from organisations such as this school under a contract that we put in place a week ago. There is no chance of him writing it down right now.”

Harvey gives the receptionist a polite smile, which I can sense annoys her even more. She mutters something under her breath and then gives an exasperated sigh whilst pressing the button in front of her. “Fine. Go. Just go!”

We all make our way through the door that I could have opened for the three of us in the first place and then hold out a hand for Jennifer Miller to shake. “Hi, I’m Rosie.”

She shakes it politely and then takes out a pair of glasses to place daintily on the bridge of her nose. They make her look smarter and more business-like straight away. I notice the copious amount of freckles running around her face and her tight white lips. She looks to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s. I wonder if she has a family. “Nice to meet you Miss Stephens, my name is Mrs Miller. I can see why Niall like you –very pretty girl.” Her eyes run over my face with a smile and I feel myself blushing slightly. Harvey chuckles from beside me as he greets the Modest woman. “Be a sweetheart and lead the way to your principal’s office?”

I do as she says and within no time we are waiting outside of the door. I really don’t want to go in, I really don’t want to see him again…  Mrs Miller knocks on the door before I can turn around or walk in a different direction.

Mr Chapman pokes his head around the door and I can see that his lips are about to form an excuse when the woman beside me kicks her heel forward, to open the door fully, and strides in; ignoring the way that he was trying to stop us from entering.

In exasperation Mr Chapman leans further into the corridor as we enter and screams at a year 9 child as I sit down. “Connor! Take that coat off.” Jennifer rolls her eyes at me before setting her bag on the table and pulling out the extremely thick A4 document once again. It is covered in tiny, miniature writing; signifying that this is the contract.

He waits for the student to do as he says and then walks back in, to see that we have already taken over his office. Mrs Miller has taken his regular seat behind the desk. I’m sitting on a chair opposite on the left and Harvey is hovering around me –gesturing for my headmaster to sit on the less comfy chair on the right that students would normally be expected to sit on. This must be the last straw because his face turns a shade of purple and he barks at the modest woman in front of us.

“Who even allowed you in here?”

“You were the one who agreed to this meeting.” She is calm and collected –unlike my manic teacher.

“Yes! But I didn’t write it down on my list of appointments!” Oh, so he admits to purposefully forgetting it does he?

Sit down Mr Chapman. May I remind you that you are in no position to be arguing with me today.”

He warily sits down beside me and I shuffle my chair closer to Harvey –distancing myself from the man who created this mess for himself.

“So why are you here then?”

“I think that I’ll be doing the talking today sir.” I try not to laugh as Jennifer catches my eye with a comforting smile and then gives my principal a deathly stare. It shuts him up at least. “Here is a contract.” She gestures to the pad of paper. “Do you know what a contract is?”

“Don’t be so stupid –of course I do!” He’s pissed off to say the least.

“Good, because I couldn’t be sure, to say that you went against all of the regulations of the one you signed to become headmaster when talking to my client less than a week ago.” Ouch…

“I beg your pardon? Which clauses exactly?”

“Rosie, were you alone with Mr Chapman at any point during your meetings?”

I didn’t realise that he wasn’t supposed to do that… “Yes, um… multiple times in fact.” Jennifer raises one eyebrow in interest.

“Did he get you to write an incident form to account what had happened on the day of your attack?”

‘My attack’? I really like this woman. I can’t recall any forms or written documents... “Nope.”

“Did he ask for a verbal account of the incident?”

He hadn’t even asked for my own opinion of what had happened –he just took Becky’s story into account and I don’t doubt for a minute that it was filled with more of her lies and rubbish. “Nope.”

“So… neither written nor verbal?”


“What did he ask you then?”

“About my relationship with Niall.”

Mrs Miller turns to my worried head teacher. Did he not think that I would tell her? “May I remind you that Niall is another of my clients. You may not bring him up in conversation without either his or our permission.” She turns back to me. “So what did he say then?”

“That I had to break up with him?”

“And how did he tell you that he would take action if you did not succeed?”

“By excluding me?”

“Was it a threat?”

“Yes…” My voice is quiet.

“This is RIDICULOUS!” My head teacher’s voice, however, is loud and tormented.

 Harvey shuffles closer to me as a precaution. “Shut up Mr Chapman!” Mrs Miller is patient and it’s clear that she hold all of the authority in this room.

I notice Harvey give him a hard stare as they catch eyes, and my body guard flexes the muscles in his arms beneath the clean cut, white shirt that he is wearing.

“Now, I hope you realise how much evidence we have on you –our professionals have been working hard all week to gather a whole case worth –and let me tell you right now. If it goes to court then there is no doubt that you will be riddled of every penny and possession that you own. You will lose your job and you will pay for this.”

“Is this not a threat?”

“Fortunately for me, my contract doesn’t say even one bad word about threatening the people that we have every right to hold at court.”

I look over at the man beside me and he looks ready to cry. I don’t even feel an ounce of guilt within me –he’s never treated any of the pupils in this school with respect. Apart from the minority of sixth form girls that he likes to rotate every year as they leave for university. Perhaps I would have been one of them if I had not turned down his offer of head girl at the start of the year. I wonder how they all make such an impression on this 50 year old man –actually I’d rather not think about it.

“We would like you to sign this contract.”

She pushes it forwards and towards him –along with a pen that was already on the table.

“I’m not signing something that I know nothing about.”

“You should have thought about that before signing the past one –then you might not be in this position.”

He narrows his eyes at her. “What’s in it?”

“A few things –but you should know that if you sign it we might be able to come to an agreement about this future court case of yours.”

He picks the pen up straight away. “Where do I sign?”

She directs him through it and before long he’s finished with it. Stupid idiot –did he not think to read any of it? They could have so much power over him now and he probably doesn’t even realise. I might like this one woman, but I do know what the rest of Modest is like.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Rosie, you and Harvey may go off to your regular classes now.” Everyone starts to get up from their chairs and Mr Chapman wipes the sweat from above his brow.

“I’m not happy with that! Who is this man? He could be anyone and I’m supposed to just let him stride into my school's lessons and do whatever the hell he wants? Is he even allowed near children?” Harvey just ignores him and strides towards the door confidently before turning back.

“Perhaps you should have read more of the contract sir. I now have permission to be here, you signed it yourself. And as for being around children, I have all of my CRB checks which state that my records are clean… unfortunately for you, very soon you won't have any of yours.”

“What are you on about? She said that I’m clear of any charges now.”

“I said no such thing.” Jennifer gathers everything into her bag –taking out another copy of the contract to leave on the table. “You’ll be hearing from our lawyers.”

“But you said-“

“You shouldn’t trust everybody sir –especially when it comes to me. You see, I don’t take kindly to threatening pigs who take comfort in scaring children and any of my clients.”

Mr Chapman throws himself onto his regular chair in despair. “Rosie Stephens! Stay here!” What will he do? Exclude me? Punish me even more thoroughly?

“I think not. You have no right over the punishment of Rosie anymore. And don’t think for a second to punish her indirectly through Rachel or her sister. All three of them are mentioned in the contract and you may not force anything upon them from this point forward.”

I’m just as shocked as my teacher… Technically I’m free. Harvey must have known about the contract because he just looks smug. “So who can then?”

“They’re under our control. They do nothing without it going through us first and any behavioral problems will be looked at by Modest. That is the way that it will work. Any time that they feel the need to take out of school will be decided by us, and you and your school have no more control over it. Thank you for signing that. That was the one chapter we thought you might have been awkward about.”

He wasn’t even given the opportunity to be awkward. I bet he wished that he had at least read some of it now. We leave him to his own misery and step outside of the office, closing the door tightly behind us.

“Did that seriously just happen?” I’m practically jumping up and down on the spot.

“Yes. We thought that he was going to be much more difficult but it was great.”

“He should have read it, but I guess we don’t care about that?”

“Nope.” Harvey smiles and gives me a quick high five.

“You should know that now you’re Niall’s girlfriend, Modest has taken a lot of interest into your relationship and a small amount of control over your life.”

I’m sort of skeptical, but if it means that I can complete my education in peace then I don’t mind.  “What does that mean exactly?”

“It means that you might be asked to do interviews and a few photo shoots? Nothing too strenuous –you’ll be accompanied by the rest of the girlfriends for most of them.”

That doesn’t sound too bad –a modelling career was never out of the question for me. “Yeah, that’s okay.” I think about what lessons I have now. Drama with Rachel. I need to tell her everything. “Can I, sorry we,” I keep forgetting about Harvey “go now?”

“Sure thing.” Jennifer Miller takes a card out of one of her blazer pockets and hands it to me. “If you need any information or someone to ring then don’t hesitate, though I’m sure Harvey and Niall are both clued up on your situations.”

I give her a smile and shake her outstretched hand. “Okay, thank you.”

“It was lovely doing business with the two of you.” And with that she is off. I walk slowly towards the staircase that will lead us to the huge drama studios, explaining everything on our path to Harvey as we walk. He wants as much information as possible so that he can get to know his surroundings and find his bearings. Before long, I am introducing him to my teacher, who seems to keep giving him the eye, and then go over to sit on the floor with Rachel.

Harvey looks out of place and none of the other students can take their eyes off of him -especially the girls. I’ve never really noticed it before, but he’s quite good-looking for a body guard. To me, Harvey is more of a big brother or a very young uncle which is why I've never noticed it myself. To everybody else he probably just looks like an extremely good-looking and early twenties piece of eye candy. I have to stop myself from laughing at all of the dreamy faces, and I try to tell Rachel as much information about the meeting and contract as possible, between learning the lines of a new script that we will be acting out after the Christmas holidays.

“So no one can punish us anymore? No more detentions?” Rachel’s hyper at the thought and I have to laugh.

“I don’t think so, but Modest’s punishments could be worse, so I wouldn’t go looking for trouble if I were you.” She laughs and flicks hair over the shoulder of her grey dress. It’s like a pinafore with a white three quarter length sleeve shirt underneath. Very stylish for a school day.

“We’ll see.”

Harvey talks to us occasionally and asks for people’s names as he catches them staring at him. We end up laughing as one girl gets caught staring and turns an obtuse shade of orange due to her cakey foundation and fake tan. Rather than helping us or joining in with any acting, Harvey often just sits on his iPad and flicks around on the internet.

Halfway through the lesson I remember that I told Niall I would text him about how things went, but instead of messaging him, I open Snapchat and get a selfie of Harvey, Rachel and I all making a pose for him. ‘Things went well. He signed the contract. What’s going on at home?’

He sends one back a few minutes later. He has his shirt off and is posing with an Xbox controller. I see that he’s in Justin’s room and laugh to myself. ‘Things are fine but Carla threw up after breakfast so Justin’s taking her to the doctors right now.

I take a sad one of just myself this time. ‘Was she okay?’

I get a close up of his squinting eyes in reply. Weirdo. ‘A bit of a state but that’s expected when she’s not feeling well. Text me later. Stop getting distracted and do some work ;)’

Just to tease him I take another selfie of the three of us and send it with the caption. ‘Okey dokey. Will do Nialler ;) Don’t be too jealous of our fun drama lessons. x’


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