Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


69. Harvey


“I feel like a pimp.” Harry does the childish smile where he bites his lip, making it wobble slightly, whilst we walk down the quiet high street of Dagenham; me and Rachel on either of his arms.

Rachel giggles and I sigh indignantly “Harry, you can imply that I’m one of your bitches.” He takes the joke and we all laugh together at my posh attempt at a Dagenham accent.

“Who’s going to stop me?” Harry looks down at me challengingly.

I just raise one eyebrow and call over at one of the four security guards, who is flanking the square that they are making around us, for precautionary protection. “Paul, are you hearing all of this? Think we might be able to mention it to Niall later on?”

“Aye!” I turn back to see his smile and we all chuckle at the look of mock-fear that passes over Harry’s features. Rachel can’t stop herself from giggling on Harry’s arm but I just carry on walking to prove my point smugly. I notice one of the guards ahead of us is also trying to hide a snicker behind his hand –disguising it as a cough.

Not only have we had to travel 30 minutes out of London, to make sure that the reaction that we get from fans isn’t as bad as it would be in Central London, but we have also been persuaded to let 4 security guards come with us too. I have to admit that I was quite reserved in front of them all at first but now I have learnt that all four of the security guys are genuinely nice guys.

 Paul is my favourite; he may be the biggest and most intimidating but he was the first one to introduce himself and ask me and Rachel things about ourselves. It seemed like he was curious about getting to know us –in a positive way- and Niall had told me a few times about how Paul and Alberto were the ones who travelled everywhere them and were their favourites. Alberto and the other two were also nice, however they seemed more reserved and professional than the jolly and chatty Irishman called Paul.

So far, we have spent the first 3 hours of our trip milling around shops and finding a few pieces of clothing that we have each liked and brought with our own money. Now we are on the search of a vintage shop that Harry has heard good recommendations about in the past. He’s specifically helping me to locate something that would be good to buy Niall for a present, especially with it being just under a month until the 25th of December.

We haven’t actually talked about presents yet but Harry has persuaded me that he’s got something in mind that Niall will absolutely love.

“It’s not the most glamorous looking town is it?” I laugh at my two friends and Harry nods his head.

“What do expect? It’s Dagenham.” He says it dramatically and I know that he’s not being serious. Harry would never say it as loud as he had if he wasn’t joking; especially with his distaste for hurting people’s feelings and taking part in confrontation.

“Omg, shut up! Essex is reem.” We both look over at Rachel like she’s gone crazy and then all three of us burst out laughing at her exaggerated attempt at an Essex accent.

“And I thought Harry’s was bad earlier!”

“Shush you. Hey, here it is. After you, me ladies.” Harry holds the door open for us, so that we can enter a grungy vintage shop that smells of mothballs, smoke and old people’s perfume. The shop is dark from shutting out all natural light on the street outside and the smell does reek; it’s overpowering, even as I walk in, and I know that I won’t be able to spend very long in here.

Things all around me are stored in baskets and boxes on shelves and are stacked up high, all the way around the shop. It creates a maze of old junk, books and vintage fashion, making me wonder how we will ever search for anything in here. Luckily, after one of the security with longer hair than the rest has a word with someone at the counter, they decide to close the shop specifically for us and offer us their full attention.

“Hi.” Harry greets the woman who welcomes us with a smile. She is heavily tattooed and I am able to guess that she probably gets most of her vintage fashion from this very shop. “We were wondering whether you have any Eagles merchandise. As in the band The Eagles?”

“What sort of time period were they around?” The woman bites her extremely short nails as she talks, mainly to Harry. His presence doesn’t seem to faze her, nor does the presence of 2 teenage girls and 4 security guards who are all intently watching her.

“I think it was the 70’s. Most of their albums were released around 1975.”

“’Kay. It would be over here if we have anything then. You might just be in luck.” She leads us to the left of the shop, away from the corner before taking another quick left to lead us into a tiny nook that I wouldn’t have even noticed had I been searching alone.  When she turns her back I notice that her long black hair has been dip-dyed a glittering turquoise colour that then turns lilac at the bottoms. Rachel must have noticed too because she gingerly steps in front of Harry to compliment her on the colours. The woman accepts it, with a noticeably bored smile, and then suggests some more colours that might suit Rachel’s hair tone when she gets bored of the red.

The woman starts picking various items up from a shelf when I turn away from them and start going through a rack of old clothes without being fully aware of what I’m doing. Harry calls me to look at something when my fingers brush over a plain brown leather jacket. The colour, which is rich and warm like a strong cappuccino or the rough skin of a peanut, that makes me take attention of the jacket at first but then I notice the fitting of it and how good quality it is to say that it’s at least second hand.

I turn to see what the woman and Harry have found. It’s an old record –probably an original. I nod my assent and go to put the jacket back on the rails when my hand scrapes the back and feels something rough compared to the leather of the jacket. Just out of curiosity, I turn it my hand and I am instantly struck by the patch that I see on the back. It’s a large circle that has been sewn neatly onto the back of the bomber jacket. My fingers lightly sketch over the edges of it and it suddenly occurs to me what I’m looking at. Just to be sure of it I call Harry over.

“Harry. Come look at this.” I feel him peer over my shoulder a few seconds later and then a gasp escapes his mouth. “This is the Eagles right?”

I look up and he’s watching it intently as if searching it for something. “I think… You’ve just found something that isn’t supposed to be here.” His voice is a whisper and he looks back over his shoulder to check that there is no one else behind us –I think he’s specifically searching for the woman.

“What do you mean?” My voice is also a whisper as Harry takes the jacket from me. It has white fur on the inside and he looks closely at the patch which is bigger than my hand. It has a picture of an eagle with ‘The Eagles’ written beneath. The whole emblem is outlined by rings that make up a red and blue circle.

I was expecting Harry to look at it for at least a few seconds longer when he flips it over quickly and searches for something inside. That’s when he beams triumphantly, doing a little flick with his hair, and shows me a label on the inside of the fur. It has the initials ‘D Henley’ written inside, and although I don’t have a clue who D Henley is, I can tell by Harry’s wide smile that we’ve found something great.

“What this means, is that if Niall doesn’t love you forever after giving him this, then he never will.” We both laugh together and take it to the counter quickly, in our haste to get out.

“Will it fit him?”


“That’s £20 please.” The woman smiles at me blankly as I hand her the cash and I decline a bag, deciding that I’ll be able to fit it in my handbag instead. I can’t help feeling like I’ve gotten an amazing deal –especially with the way that Harry can’t stop jumping around –even though he’s trying to act as cool as possible on our way out. Once we’ve all made our way out onto the spacious morning pavements we decide to go to Starbucks for a coffee.

“I’ll catch up with you guys, I just need to run over the road and get something for my mum.” They leave me with a smile as I walk down the pavement and Harvey –one of the security guards with shoulder length blonde hair- catches up so that he can stay on my tail.

Not wanting to be rude I wait for him so that we can walk side by side, so that I don’t look ignorant or bad mannered to anyone who’s watching me walk in front of him. He thanks me with a smile and I point him in the direction of boots.

"Looks like you've got the short straw of following me."

"No, why would it be the short straw? It's my job." I laugh at how polite he's trying to be; if it was me I know that I'd rather be sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, than following an 18 year old girl who's on the search for a gift in a drug store.

“So how long have you been doing this for the boys?”

“Not long,” Harvey laughs but it sounds more like a grunt. “I was recruited by their management exactly a week ago actually.”

“Really?” It’s surprising to me –I’d expected for him to have been working with them for a much longer time period than that- but that explains how reserved and quiet he’s been all day.

“Yeah, are…” I walk through the shop briskly and Harvey constantly keeps pace with me “are you dating one of the boys? I know you’re friends with Harry but I just need to get to know my clients, you know. Any information would be helpful.”

“Yeah, I’m going out with Niall.”

“The blonde, Irish kid right? I’ve only met all of the boys once - when they went on the Jonathan Ross show on Friday.”

“That’s him.”

“How long have you two been going out?” His voice is curious but friendly. It’s not hard to feel at ease around this gentle giant.

“Just less than a week but… well, If I’m being honest we only met each other last Wednesday.” I’m prepared for the way that Harvey’s eyes widen but then go back to normal a few seconds later. Most people are shocked when they hear how quickly the famous boy jumped into our relationship. If I hadn’t been the one experiencing it –the one who felt the connection that was instantly there- I would be just as shocked as anyone else.

“So around the time that they hired me. A little bit suspicious huh?” I hadn’t thought of it that way before but Harvey was right –the management had hired him around the time that Niall had made it clear to them that there was a girl in his life- even if said girl was only a friend at the time.

“Yeah maybe.” I smile and walk towards the escalators to go down stairs towards the perfume cabinets.

“Right, so info time. Who do I need to watch out for, who’s the shy one that should never be overlooked?”

“Well for starters, never take your eyes off of Louis. Even take your eyes off of him for one second and it could be dangerous.”

“Trouble maker?”

I reply with one word “Understatement.” We both laugh and then I correct myself after feeling a slight twist of guilt. “No, he’s not a trouble maker in the way that some bad people would be described; he’s just cheeky and he knows how far he can go without overstepping the line. He’s the oldest but is basing himself on being the youngest soul. That’s the best way to describe him.”

Harvey fiddles with a chain on a bottle of perfume that I glide past and then looks up with a smirk “Ah, I see. So basically I just gotta keep my eyes peeled.”

“Yeah. Zayn’s the quiet one but don’t be fooled. He’s the ‘Bradford Bad Boy’.” I imitate his accent and the security guard guffaws. “To be honest, they’re all a handful, but boys will be boys, and I’ve seen how much they care about their team. You’ll be in safe hands as long as you can keep their hands out of troubles reach.”

“Well said. I’ll just have to remember that and take your advice Roselyn.” I feel like correcting my name but decide against it for now. Ever since Niall has started calling me that whenever he’s in a weird mood it has meant that I’ve become more accustomed to it and don’t shy away from the name ‘Roselyn’.

I notice that Harvey has a southern accent, unlike the Northern boys and their team, who are also made up of Northeners. “Where abouts do you come from Harvey?”

“Just north of Brighton.”

“That’s only 45 minutes away from where I live.” I squint at him, watching his brown eyes for any signs of what I’m currently thinking. “It’s quite interesting how much we have in common don’t you think?”

“Yeah… And somehow I don’t think it’s a coincidence.” Harvey flicks his long-ish blonde hair over his shoulder to keeps it off of his face.

“Me neither.” We are both on the same thought process now; did they boys hire him with one person in mind? I wouldn’t put it past Niall if he was worried that I might need someone’s protection at some point.

“Well that would make sense why Paul told me that I have to concentrate on you today. Test drive do you think?”

“Probably.” I laugh “Well you’re doing well at the moment anyway Harvey. Keep up the good work and I might put a good word in.” He laughs gruffly whilst I pick two different Marc Jacobs perfumes out of a cabinet; spraying one on each arm. “Tell you what, tell me which perfume you like best and I’ll put in an even better one.”

He laughs and takes a whiff of each one “Who’s it for?”

“My mother.”

“Definitely this one then.” He points at the Daisy fragrance “The other is too childish.”

“Exactly what I thought.”

A short while later I have picked out a bottle of Daisy for my mum, also deciding to have it gift wrapped with Christmas paper so that it's ready to go. I've also chosen a small pot of Maybelline dark purple, glitter polish that I will experiment on my fake nails later. Harvey stands back to let me pay and I feel satisfied in his company; like he can be there when I want to talk to him but he knows exactly the right time to move away and give me a bit of space too.

I thank the checkout assistant and navigate our way back to Starbucks on the high-street. The roads are basically empty, with only a few noticeable people walking out from quiet shops. “I still don’t get why 4 security guards had to come with us today.”

“Neither do I. I’m guessing it’s just a bonding trip.” The thought of it makes me smile. "You can never be to safe anyway."

If I had to have a security guard around me at all times -although I said that Paul was my favourite earlier- now that I had gotten to know him, I really wouldn’t have a problem with the chilled out Harvey being the one to tail me around busy places for my own safety.

Harvey holds the glass door open for me as we walk in and I spot Harry and Rachel animatedly talking near the back of the shop. They don’t notice me at first so I take the opportunity to go straight to the counter and grab a drink before I head over there. Harvey nods at me as he walks over to the table where the three other large-shouldered men are sitting in conversation.

I order a latte frappe coffee, without the cream, and take it over to Rachel and Harry.

“I could have brought you that!” Harry nods at my drink and I shake my head.

“No honestly, it’s fine.”

Rachel smiles up at me and I plant myself on the armchair between the two of them. Only a few other people dressed in suits sit around the café, eyes glued on their computers or phones- probably work related. We sit there for a while in quiet chatter when Harry remembers that he had something to show me.

He takes his phone out, pulls safari up, and then passes it to me. It’s a photo that he’s found on the internet of a guy who’s wearing a brown leather jacket. It looks strangely familiar and then I remember Niall’s present. “Is that… wait. That’s the jacket but who is he?”

“D Henley. One of the original Eagles.”

“So this is legit?”

“Yep. Like I said, you’re really lucky. It wouldn’t be in a vintage shop if someone had realised. I don’t even know how it got here, to Dagenham.”

“Woah. How much is it worth?”

Rachel looks as equally shocked as both me and Harry. “Lets just say that Niall has been searching for some original gear online for a while and would have been prepared to get himself into a bidding war to win it. Rosie, however, got it for 20 quid.”

I jump in my seat, just once, to show how excited I am before giving Harry a huge high five. We spend another half an hour, stuck to our leather armchairs, as we all chat quietly and Harry happily doodles in his journal. 


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