Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


125. Goodbyes


“Look El!” He lifts the bags of presents excitedly. “It’s like Christmas and my birthday all at once!” Eleanor and Louis have just decided that it’s time for them to get on the road up North, and we are all gathered around them in the hall way by the front door.

“It is Christmas and your birthday you dimwit.” Everyone laughs as El shakes her head mockingly at her boyfriend.

“Well isn’t that just lovely.” Louis sarcastically rolls his eyes at Harry before supressing a dirty laugh.

Before long, Rachel runs back from her house with a Christmas bag that has silver snowflakes on a red back ground. “Merry Christmas you two.”

She hands it to Eleanor with a kiss on the cheek and then receives the same from Louis. “Aw thanks Ray Ray.” She snickers at the nickname but pulls them both into a cuddle.

“Have a great Christmas.” From the corner of my eyes, I see Harry with a warm expression on his face as he watches the three of them. They pull away and his eyes were clearly only ever on one person as they follow her automatically.

“Have a good Christmas you guys.”

“Oh,” I remember “and enjoy your birthday on Monday Louis! Your present’s in the same bag.”

“I did the same.” Rachel laughs with a smile at me.

I walk over to Louis, with Niall standing behind me, and give him a bear hug. “Merry Christmas you.” Before I can pull away I manage to whisper something into his ear. “22!”

“Shut up!” He shouts and everyone guesses what I was teasing him about. “I’m still 18 in here!” His hand claps down on his heart and Zayn goes forward to move it, so that his hand is hovering over his forehead and brain instead. “And here.” He chuckles admittedly with Zayn.

Everyone says goodbye. Before long, the beautiful couple are hauling all of the bags of presents into Louis’ car and are seated in the front. I can see Eleanor has a pillow and blanket with her in the passenger seat, as she told me that she’s going to catch up on some sleep on the overnight journey whilst Louis drives. If the two of them were to only stop once along the way, then they should arrive at Louis’ family home for about 3am, as it is a 4 hour drive from here.

Once they are far enough down the road that we can no longer see the rear lights, we all head back inside to sit around the kitchen table with a few beers. The only people with soft drinks in their hands are me and Rach –because we simply don’t want to get drunk out of our minds- and Harry, Sam and Liam –because they are responsible for driving everybody else home tonight.

Jade’s boyfriend Sam is the first one to announce that he should be getting home, and Leigh-Anne and Jessy decide to go with him. We all say goodnight and once they’ve gone to grab Jade –who managed to fall asleep in a guest bedroom half an hour ago- they get her into Sam’s car and head back to the Little Mix house in London.

After a while of care-free banter and craic, I go to grab Liam and Sophia’s Christmas presents, because they’ve also decided that it’s probably time to start thinking about leaving, as they’ll be leaving for Dudley in the early morning of tomorrow.

When I get back to the table I can see that Zayn and Perrie have also gotten up, but I don’t worry about fetching their presents as they are going up to Perrie’s parents house once Niall has left for Ireland tomorrow evening. He can give the gifts to them before he goes. We say our goodbyes and now there is no one else here except for a few of my parents’ friends, who are chatting to my mum in the living room, and Harry, Niall, Rach and I in the kitchen. The whole house is in a bit of a mess but that was to be expected.

I dot around the kitchen with a bin bag, throwing away disposable cups and plates from every surface and the others start to join in voluntarily. I reach the living room just as my mum’s friends decide to get up and leave.

“Okay, bye everyone. Thank you for coming Steve, Julie, Miriam.”

“Oh it’s no problem Marie.”

One of them, called Miriam, catches my eye. She’s a woman that my mum worked for in the past, with white hair and she’s in her late 50’s.

“Is this the lovely daughter of yours that planned the majority of the party?”

“It is.” My mum beams proudly. “Her name’s Rosie.”

“Well thank you for the party Rosie. It was great. There were so many people and everyone got on amazingly. I haven’t had a dance like that in years!” The other two agree and start to head out of the room; my mum following them to see them out.

I’m picking up another plate when Niall is suddenly behind me. “She’s right. That was one heck of a fucking party.” I turn around to smile at him.

“You liked it?”

“Of course, and I got to meet practically your whole family and all of your parents friends.”

“That’s true.” I smirk. “I think you passed the test.”

“You think?” He scoffs, as if there’s no questioning it. I know that he definitely did. Every single person that met him has complimented me on how lovely he was and how lucky I am to have him as a boyfriend.

“If you’re lucky, you might have passed.” I tease.

He comes over to kiss me sloppily on the cheek. “Good.”  He sucks in a breath. I can smell the alcohol, but it’s bearable. He kisses me a few times before he starts to tickle me and I drop the bin bag to the ground.


“You’re beautiful.” He slurs and walks back out of the room again.

“You’re drunk.” I call after him and hear one of his signature cackles.

When I walk back into the kitchen, Harry and Rachel are giggling about something.

“What’s funny?”

“Go take a look.” I walk around the table to see Niall on the floor.

“What the hell’s he doing down there? Niall, baby?” I crouch down but there’s no response. Is he… he’s asleep. I sigh into my hand with a laugh, to stop from waking him up. “What happened?”

“He… He tried. He just-” Rachel can hardly talk for crying of laughter.

“He literally just walked into the kitchen, said goodnight, jumped onto the floor and fell asleep.” Harry finishes for her. We all laugh. I can’t take my eyes off of him as his chest rises and falls softly.

“What am I gonna do with you now, huh?” He gives a distant, cheeky smile but makes no effort to move from the cold tiled floor.

“Don’t worry. I can move him.” Harry gets up to pick him up but I stop him. “What?” I take out my phone with a chuckle. This photo is going straight to Instagram.

Too many eggnogs huh? Great place to go to sleep @niallhoran ;) Sweet dreams!’ I make sure to share it to twitter too, before passing my phone over to Harry and Rachel for them to see.

“Love it.” Harry laughs. “I’ll take care of him.”

“You know where my room is?” He hoists him over one shoulder and stands up with a lot of strength. I see Rachel raise an eyebrow in subtle interest.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’ll put him to bed, don’t worry.” He makes his way to the door before muttering to his friend who’s over his shoulder. “God Niall, no wonder you eat so much –you weigh a tonne.”


“Where did everyone put all of Rosie’s family’s Christmas presents?” Harry whispers to me as he walks back from his car with a large bag of wrapped packages. Rosie’s just gone upstairs, so he’s making the most of the moment to sneak her, Lola, Justin, Carla and her parent’s presents in. Everybody else has been doing it throughout the evening.

“We’ve all put them under the Christmas tree in the living room. She doesn’t know yet.”

“Well that would make sense.” Harry laughs and I follow him through to the living room, checking behind me to make sure that Rosie’s still upstairs in the toilet.

“There are so many.” I laugh as we hear someone on the stairs and walk back out into the corridor.

“You two okay?” We both smile innocently. “Is there something going on, you look sneaky… like I’ve just caught you…” Harry grabs my hand and she catches sight of it, thinking that that’s the reason why we’re acting so strange. “Oh, right, don’t worry. Do you guys want another drink?”

“No, actually, I’m going to get going. I have lots of presents to wrap and lots of clothes to pack before tomorrow.” I feel a little bit disappointed.

“Okay, oh hang on.” Rosie goes to the small cupboard under the stairs. “I wanted to give this to you personally. Niall’s already got so many things to give to people tomorrow and you know how forgetful he can be sometimes.” She hands him a small bag with a snowman on the front. “It’s from Niall and I, we picked it out together.”

“Nothing too expensive I hope.”

“No.” She smiles sweetly and he leans in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay, well I soaked Niall in a bathtub of cold water, which sobered him up a bit, and changed him into a spare pair of his clothes that I found in your wardrobe. Sorry if I’ve made a mess of any folded clothes whilst I was searching for them, but he’s asleep now.”

“Thanks Harry. And merry Christmas.”

He puts his hand on her arm appreciatively. “You too hun.”

I smile at Rosie and wait for her to give us some privacy. “Okay, well… I’ll just go and wash some of the glasses from tonight… see you later.”

She disappears into the kitchen whilst stealing a few glances over her shoulder and I start to walk Harry to the door. “It’s pretty quiet now, huh?” He’s right, it’s almost haunting.

“Yeah, it is.”

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yep. What will we do?”

“Well, I was thinking we could go and see that film that I fucked up for you. And then, after that, I guess we can get some food and go back to mine and chill? Sound good?”

“Sure, I’ll bring your presents with me.”

“Great.” He steps out of the door and then turns back to me, playing around with his keys in his hand. “I’ll get a car to pick you up for 2. Okay?”

“Yeah, that’s cool.”


“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then?” He clicks the button on his car keys, unlocking the doors automatically. I hop out onto the step and Harry leans forward to kiss my cheek.

“Yep…” We stand in a comfortable hug -him holding me tight like a life size teddy bear- when he whispers behind my head. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do what I did today –tell you how I feel. It’s a weight off my chest. I’ve wanted to kiss you for so long; I don’t even think you understand.”

I look down at the floor as he steps back and finds his way to the car casually, like nothing happened. I wait until he’s sat in the driver’s seat of his Mini Cooper, waving to me with his right hand –the ring reflecting the doorway’s light on the glass in front of him- and he flashes me a dazzling white smile, before I step back into the warmth of the house. It’s not long before he is reversing out of the driveway and I only have tomorrow to look forward to.

“Oh but I do understand,” I whisper to the black, empty skies. “I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me for just as long as you have wanted to…”


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