Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


100. "For the Publicity"?


Harvey and I are sitting in the back of textiles. Today we are sitting on the desks in the middle of the room so that my teacher can give a demonstration of printing onto a material. Harvey, who is patiently watching Miss Cox transfer blue paint onto a large piece of cotton sheeting, suddenly loses interest and swings back on his chair. I laugh lightly under my breath.

“How do you do this every day?”

“I don’t.”

“So what do you do at school then?”

“Oh nothing… just a bit of this…” I gesture down at my page where I’ve been scribbling little drawings and sketches of future designs. “Sometimes I start a fight… you never know.” I smile at Harvey humorously and he looks amused at my sarcasm whilst he watches what I’m scribbling.

“So what are your grades like?”


“You’re getting A grades, at A Level? With this amount of work?” Everyone around us is jotting notes down into their portfolios whilst I just sit here inanimately.

“Yeah.” Harvey pretends to be deaf so I nudge him, I don’t like it when people act like this around me. Why do you think I do nothing in class? I can’t stand the way that people look at me when they think I’m some sort of genius. Not that I am. I’m normal.

“How do you even get those types of grades, when you act like this in class?” He’s amazed in a positive way; the smile says it all.

“I do it in my own time. I know all of this anyway –I’ll just do it later.”

Harvey looks shocked, so I just sit back and relax; running hands through my hair. Charlie, one of Becky’s best friends looks over at me and then turns back. A second later, both she and Becky are turning back around to look at me sourly. I just give them an overly sweet smile in return and flop back onto the table –my head is flat on the table over my folded arms.

“When’s lunch?” Harvey laughs at my moan and checks his watch, turning the gold face around to show me; its 11:30, 40 more minutes left. “Can you pretend there’s an emergency and that we have to go?” I jump up at my great idea, with a huge smile, when he laughs at me simply.

“For someone so smart you don’t have much common sense.” I sink back to the clinically white plastic table and stick my tongue out at him.  “I’m a body guard not a magician.”

“Go on, I dare you. I can’t get into trouble and it’s not like my work has been productive this lesson anyway.”

Harvey rolls his eyes and looks around the room sceptically before turning back to me. “You, Missy, are a liability.” He stands up straight, picking up his iPad and jacket whilst I get up after him. Miss Cox looks straight at us, her pursed lips showing how unimpressed she is that we’ve interrupted her. I can’t wait to see this.

"And where do you think you're going?" She directs the question at me but Harvey intervenes without even a trace of nerves in his demeanour. 

“Sorry, but we have to go.”

“She can’t just leave! This is my lesson!” Miss Cox shouts incredulously, her poisonous hazel eyes burning into mine.

“Not my orders, Miss. They’re Modest’s, and this is an emergency. Now excuse us. If you have a problem then I’m sure Rosie’s agents would be extremely interested in hearing what exactly your role is here in this school –considering even Mr Chapman has no power over these situations anymore.” 

Harvey storms out of the door, mocking a bow, as Miss Cox stares after us. I give the whole room a smug raise of my eyebrow, which I make sure they will remember, before tapping my way into the corridor and shutting the door quietly behind us. I never liked that class anyway, with the exception of a couple of people. Harvey is carrying on down the corridor in no particular direction.

“That was so cool!”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t expect me to do that every time you feel like skipping class.”

“I won’t, but respect to you!” He laughs as I jog slightly to keep up with his lengthy strides. This might not be what I’m used to, but it’s fun having someone to talk to in all of my lessons. I feel much safer at school –less at risk. Plus, it makes our business-like relationship much easier to maintain -I’m even starting to consider Harvey as a friend.

"So where now?"

"I was thinking we could go climb the roofs and refuse to go down." This is fun -I'm discovering a rebellious nature which I never knew I had. He spots the smile on my face and rolls his eyes. "Don't get too far ahead of yourself kiddo -it was a joke. Let’s just go and get some seats in the canteen."

I laugh to myself. Maybe a little bit of normality is what I need right now. If the best option available is for me to sit in the canteen until everyone else is let out of class, then I’ll happily take it. 


It’s half twelve when I finally get my hands on a bowl of cereal at the recording studio. Zayn is half asleep on my shoulder, his body facing away from me on the sofa, with his head occasionally rolling from side to side.

Liam is in the recording booth already, and the other two are lounging over the sofas opposite Zayn and I. I spoon the oat cereal into my mouth hurriedly –all of us are supposed to be ready to start practising once Liam’s finished, and by the sound of it, he’s almost done. I watch Harry as he bounces his knee up and down, tapping his phone on the sweatpants that he wears, when he suddenly throws his iPhone onto the coffee table screen down, resigning himself back onto the couch. “What’s up man?”

He’s quite obviously irritated. “Nothing. Don’t matter.” The uncommon frown on his face tells me otherwise. Louis’ picked up on it too.

He pats his knee and gives me a shooting worried glance. “C’mon buddy, you can tell us.”

“I’m just waiting for a reply, that’s all.” So that’s who this is about.

“Mate, she’ll be in school. I wouldn’t worry –Rosie hasn’t texted me back yet either. They’re probably busy.” He nods stiffly.

Zayn, who I didn’t realise was awake, speaks up from right beside me. “That’s not all. Come on, tell them.” His eyes are closed and one leg is propped up over the arm of the sofa, you wouldn’t have guessed that he had spoken if you didn’t know Zayn’s typical accent.


“You want me to?”

Liam walks out of the booth happily and then leans against the door frame as he tries to work out what’s happening.

“I don’t even care.” Harry’s really stressed now. He rubs his hands through his hair three times before shaking his curls and securing his palms over his face. He leans forward to rest hiselbows on his wide spread knees.

Zayn finally sits up, taking most of his weight off of me, to face everyone in the room. His features are sharpened and tense. “Modest have arranged some dates for Harry to go on over the next month.”

“As in ‘date’ dates?” Louis frown is echoed in his words. Zayn nods angrily, but also with a hint of exhaustion. Something tells me that he’d already tried to do something about it, whenever Harry decided to confide in him, only to fail miserably.

“He can’t do that,” I laugh “He likes Rachel! We all know that.”

Louis is staring at me dryly –like I’ve missed the point. Liam takes it upon himself to explain to me. “Niall, he likes Rachel… that doesn’t mean anything. Yeah, we’re aware of it, but does that mean that the public or Modest is –how would they know that he likes someone already?”

“They can’t make him do that!” Blood runs to my cheeks. “That’s not fair on you Harry, you don’t have to.”

He takes his palms away from his face and lifts his fingertips up, as if shrugging. “Niall, I’m the only single one left. Now that you’re with Rosie, I’m the only one who they think can get us the publicity that we need as a band.” It’s bullshit. We don’t need the ‘publicity’. Not when we have our fans. Are they not enough for Modest?

“Fuck the publicity!”

“Try telling them that.” Louis coughs and we all sit in silence for a while. I don’t know what I can say –there’s nothing we can do except…

“But Harry, we dropped Modest, what the hell can they do if you refuse?”

“May I just remind you that they’re the ones sorting out your girlfriends education. There’s a lot that they could do if I don’t conform.” His heated words hit a soft spot.

“Hey,” Liam warns Harry. “That’s not cool, they’re helping Rosie, Rachel and Lola –you know that.”

“Yeah… sorry.” He looks up at me in embarrassment. “Sorry mate, you can see I’m stressed, it’s just…” His voice cracks and Louis shuffles closer to him to pat him on the back. I don’t like it when the tension is running high between the five of us –it feels wrong. I let out a breath and relax my frame, pulling one leg up onto my knee. I rotate my ankle for a while and then decide to speak up.

“When are the dates gonna be?”

Zayn speaks up for Harry “As soon as they can get him set up with someone.”

I wonder who it will be; Emma Watson, Lily Collins, Dakota Fanning, my friend Barbara Palvin or maybe even one of the Kardashian sisters. They’ve all been mentioned to us by Modest beforehand –particularly to Harry and I when we were both single- so it makes me curious to think about who will be the first to give in, and oblige to go on a set up date, with the famous Harry Styles. It makes me feel sick –if I didn’t have Rosie then I’d be in the same position; being auctioned off to the highest bidder for a publicity stunt. There’s no way that any of us boys will let that happen to Harry.

Liam comes up with a solution first. “Right, well we’re just going to have to find some way for you to pick your balls up off the floor and tell Rachel about how you feel, before Modest can get in touch with anyone.” Harry smiles slightly at the thought, but the fear is still there in his eyes.

Later on, once we’ve finished recording the acoustic sound track for ‘Happily’, we are all sitting in Zayn’s flat, after just arriving home together.

“Oh! Oh, I’ve got an idea, you could put a packet of Cheetos through her letter box and have someone write ‘Will you go out on a date with Harry Styles because he’s too fucking scared to ask you himself’ on the packet inside.”

We all burst out laughing at Louis’ sarcastic idea. Our mission for the whole day has been setting up Harry and Rachel, although he’s not taken to half of the ideas that we’ve come up with. I must admit, I was quite impressed with my idea for him to get ‘Go on a date with me?’ tattooed onto his arm along with all the other crap there, although he didn’t seem too keen when he gave me a deathly stare and whacked me over the head with a cushion.

“Guys, I’ve had enough of all this.”

“C’mon Harry, we’re all joking.” He sits back down, as Liam pats his arm, and I smile at him apologetically.

“Harry, seriously, just ring her.”

“What, now?”

“Yeah! Just ask her to go out with you again.”

Harry looks unsure, so Louis and Zayn both pop up behind either ear. “Unless you’re too chicken…” They chorus cheekily and then duck out of the way before Harry can turn to get them. I sit back and watch as Harry finds her number and then presses his phone to his ear…



“Hey, it’s me, Harry.” I cringe, she’ll know who it is –my number is saved on her phone.

“Yeah, I know,” there’s a hint of a smile in her voice. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m great.” Liam and Niall both give me an excited thumbs-up. “How are you?”

“Not so bad, just hiding in the bathrooms opposite psychology to take the call.”

I laugh “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.” 

“No, it’s no problem –I’ve been looking for an excuse to take a break anyway. So what’s up? I thought you were at the studio today?”

“Yeah, we finished about an hour ago.”

“Oh right, that’s cool. Was it good?” 

“Yeah it was good, all good –we finished up pretty quickly.” I’m stalling for time –Zayn’s just nudged me in the arm to tell me to hurry up. I need to do it. I told the boys I’d ask her within a week –that gives me until next Wednesday. “I was calling to ask if you wanted to meet up, not tomorrow or Friday because you’re at school, and I’m working, but what about the weekend? We could call it a..." No, I can't say it. Not with everyone watching me and being put under pressure. But I have to. No, I can't. "nice day out, just you and I?"

  Rachel’s silent for a few seconds. Please say yes. Please… “Oh, I’m not too sure; I need to do my portfolio at the weekend.”

“What portfolio?”

 “Photography. I’ve got an outdoors theme so I’m going to need to go outside and get some pictures for my work.”

“What kind of outdoors?”

“I don’t know, just a pretty view, Rosie was going to come with me and do some modelling for it.” That gives me an idea. I didn’t know what I would plan for us to do together but now it’s clear.

“Okay, I’ll pick you up on Saturday morning.”

“Wait what? I thought I just said… -didn’t you hear me?”

“What?” I joke around with her. “No, I’m only joking, of course I did. Just leave it with me, okay? I’ll pick you up on Saturday from your house; just have all your equipment ready to go, okay?”

“What, are you sure Harry?”

“Yeah, yeah, it will be fun!”


“Okay… Well I better go now –I’ll leave you to your exciting lessons!”

She whines on the other line. “Nooo! Don’t go! I don’t want to go back in there…”

“Bye Rachel…” I taunt her with a chuckle.

“I’ll hate you if you leave me here Mr Styles.”

“Go on, go and do some work!”

“Okay, fine. Bye Harry.” 

“Bye love!” I hang up feeling satisfied and less concerned about my possible problems with Modest.

The rest of the boys just sigh and shake their heads mockingly. “I didn’t hear the word ‘date’ Harold, did you Louis?”

“Nope. I didn’t hear the word ‘date’ either, Liam.” I laugh with them, because this time I don’t care –there’s no point rushing something that feels so natural to me. The only thing unnatural is the circumstances that we’re being forced under, and to be honest, I couldn’t give a shit.


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