Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


101. First Love


“So how was school?”

“Yeah it was good.”


“Okay, you got me. Taking to Rach and Harvey was good, but that’s just what’s expected from an average school day.”

“I guess.” Niall laughs quietly for a change “I really don’t get you. It’s not like you’re even struggling and yet you hate it there. I thought nerds were supposed to like school.”

“Heyy! I’m not a nerd!” My voice is sulky and high pitched with indignance. “School’s just boooring… I’d much rather spend all day with you. Even sitting at the studios all day would be more fun than school.”

“Booooring…” He imitates my accent perfectly –he can be quite the impressionist at times. He’s especially good at doing the other boys accents, who all get the pleasure of listening to it nearly every day. “Maybe one day you can come with us. Have a go in the sound booth; get to know what it’s like.”

“That’d be good.”

“I’ll see what I can arrange.” I can almost hear his toothy smile as he sucks his teeth. “When this school year is over you can come to interviews, go to the studios, come on tour with us –basically do whatever you want.”

“Don’t! The thought is too exciting! I can’t wait until I’m finished for good.”

“When will you be done?”

“March!” Most of the things that I’m preparing for are coursework deadlines –I only have one music exam and one textiles exam at the start of the summer term before I’m completely finished. Rachel, on the other hand, has her last exam in June. The thought would be truly depressing to me, but she handles it quite well herself. She’s good with exams and deadlines is Rachel.

“That’s not too long now, only a few more months and then you’re free, baby.” I pick bits of the lilac gel nail polish off of my fingers and imagine all the amazing things that I’ll be able to get up to.

“Can’t wait. Oh yeah, I just remembered what I was going to talk to you about. Rehearsals were good today!”

“Is it Wednesday already?”

“Don’t lie, you’ve been counting down the days since last week.”

“Days ‘til what?”

“You’re an idiot Niall.” He gives a loud laugh on the other end, signifying that he was only joking. I could tell; tomorrow’s our 1 month anniversary of when we first met each other and he hasn’t stopped bugging me about it.

“You know I’m only joking love. Sorry, I’ll stop distracting you with my sexy accent now.” It is actually quite distracting, now that he’s mentioned it. I giggle and roll over onto the other side of the couch that I’m lounging on. I notice my mother’s eyes look up from the TV to catch mine with a warm smile. I’m quite obviously happy, and over the past few days I’ve noticed it rubbing off on her –even with the amount of stress she’s been having at work lately. With a quick wink, my mum gets up suddenly to leave the room. It’s her way of giving me some privacy, I guess.

“So you were talking about… oh yeah, how was practice?”

“Really good actually. I’ve got all my songs together but I’ve decided to drop out of my dance piece.”

“Aww, why? You’re a great dancer!”

“I’ve just decided that I’d rather concentrate on my singing –they don’t need me to do a dance anyway, because there are more than enough dance troops to fill in my spot.”

“Aww, so my little sugar plum fairy’s retiring?”

“Shh… I swear to god, never call me that again. And anyway, that happened, so I was just concentrating on my vocals and they sound better than ever.”

“I’m glad you’re happy with them. What songs are you doing? And this is a big question by the way so choose wisely.” I can hear the sarcasm in his voice so I decide to throw it right back at him.

“Okay, ‘choose wisely’ so that means… I need to have picked the best songs… which would mean that I’ve obviously chosen Midnight Memories, Story of My Life, Best Song Ever and Gotta be you?”

“Awww,” he’s purposely trying to sound patronizing “I’m so flattered but actually no. The last one is supposed to be Little Things.” He gives the song a little hum and I laugh.

“Okay, but seriously do you want to know?”


“I’m singing Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri-“

“An old school classic.”

“Ellie Goulding’s Dead In The Water-“

“A song that’s less popular and more recent so you’ll be able to make it your own.

“And Leona Lewis’ One More Sleep.”

Niall surprises me with a cheer. “And a Christmas song!

“I think you’re more excited than I am!”

“Of course I’m excited… I am invited to the concert right?”

Did he seriously doubt whether he would be invited? I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Yeah of course, you can ask all the boys and everyone too.”

“What day’s it again?”

“It’s the Friday before Christmas. Friday the 20th.”

“Okay, I’ll ask them. You do realise that you’ve only got 3 songs there though?” He knows that I’m supposed to be doing 4.

“Yeah… I’m kinda stuck on the last one. I was hoping that you would help.”

He thinks for a second and then obviously gets an idea because he starts ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing until he manages to form the sentence. I can understand why the others refer to him as Baby Directioner at times like these. I don’t mind though, ‘cause he’s my Baby Directioner.

“Well you have to sing Little Things then. That’s my favourite so I’m putting in a special request.”

“Are you sure?”

“Honestly, it’s a real craic when we sing it live –you’ll love it.”

“Okay then, I best start rehearsing.”

“I can help you practice tomorrow evening. You can meet my other girlfriend too –my beautiful guitar, I’ll bring her with me.”

I let out a laugh. “Okay, that sounds good.”

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”



“Love you babe, sweet dreams.”

“You too gorgeous. Love ya.”

With that I hang up and decide to start practising whilst I get ready for bed. With it being one of my favourite songs that the boys have released, it means that I don’t have many lyrics to learn, and will only need a little bit of help from Niall tomorrow evening. I decide to have a bath tonight; tomorrow will be a long day.

When I get into the hot water –which is scented with a sugary bath bomb- it allows me the time to think about… well, everything. 1 month. That’s crazy. For one, I feel like Niall has always been a huge part in my life; like meeting him has brought a new consciousness and breath of emotion to my life. But how the hell has it been one month? It feels like I’ve had about 4 days’ worth of my gorgeous boyfriend. I guess what they say is true; time passes quickly whilst you’re having fun.

That must be the case, because it only feels like things are going to go quicker from this point onwards. Whilst one part of me jumps with excitement and adrenaline, another part quivers with fear that no time is long enough –that my eternal love for Niall will never be quenched.

How exactly do I think things like this? I’m only 17 for god sake and he’s my first love. Although I must admit, I hope to never experience another.


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