Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


123. Finally

A/N: I really hope that everyone enjoys this chapter, because I'e had it written for the last two months and it's been excruciating having to keep it a secret :') please leave me comments if you have any suggestions about anything -story plot, writing techniques, anything about the story that confuses you- and I will try my best to incorporate it into this story or clear up anything you're unsure on :) I'm having a great time writing but my exams start in May and things are starting to get real (I have 24 exams to revise for) so please just be patient and continue to love the story as you have all been doing for the past few months :) thank you... all the support that I get means a lot to me. Keep reading, Nialls_Tribute xo


My mum’s sister arrived just over half an hour ago, along with her husband and children. So after introducing Jade, Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jesy, El and Sophia to my little cousins –who are all totally infatuated with the two of them- Niall and I have finally managed to fight everybody off of them for a dance.

I’ve got Tommy on my hip whilst Niall crazily swings Julie around, tickles her and does lots of jumping up and down. We catch each other’s eyes multiple times –having a good old sing along to ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’.

Niall is just throwing Julie into the air, hands under her arms to catch her again when I quite clearly hear a shout from somewhere outside of this room. No one else around us looks bothered by it, and they all continue to drink, eat, dance and talk, but Niall looks at me in confusion.

“Did you hear that?” He nods. “We best go see what it was.” I untangle myself from my five year old cousin Tommy, who has been making weird shapes with my hair the whole time we’ve been dancing and now has his fingers caught in my long curls. Niall tuts, and patiently helps him to get them out with a smile, whilst I tell Julie that we’ll be back in a second.

As soon as we’ve gotten away, Niall takes my hand softly and starts to pull us through the crowds. I’d never have known that so many people could fit under this house’s one roof.

"Excuse me. Sorry. I need to get past." I push through the people standing on the stairs and 1st floor corridor, greeting our guests and smiling to them as I go. Niall however has a bit more trouble. We're just coming to an opening when one of my dad's beefy work colleagues recognises Niall as my boyfriend, and acts as a barrier; just a bit of ‘overprotective-father-figure-banter’ whilst Niall tries to duck around him.

In the end, I get impatient and grab his hand. "Sorry to spoil your fun Tony, but for all that shouting, there’s likely to be a massacre going on in one of the bedrooms. Wouldn’t want that case on your hands would you?" I give him a grin and a wink, just to make sure there’s no harm done, as Niall follows after me gladly.

"Okay," Tony laughs with us and Niall claps him on the back. "Watch how you step now Rosie."

“Who was that?” Niall chuckles once we get past him.

“One of my dad’s colleagues…”

“Oh,” he chuckles. “You know I keep forgetting your dad’s a lawyer. I should really be on my best behaviour tonight.”

“Aren’t you always?” I raise my eyebrow innocently.

Niall laughs at my comment and we’re still giggling together as we get past the rest of the people, to see all of our friends crowded round the doorway. Zayn and Louis are standing further into one of the guest bedrooms, with Liam, Sophia, El, Perrie and Jessy flanking them. We push forward as someone screams in agitation. My eyes latch onto Rachel’s; tear stricken and fearful, she looks like she just needs someone to save her.

I’m about to step forward, like the best friend that I would be in any situation, when Liam leans over to whisper something in my ears.

“They’re arguing. It’s bad, I know, but he’s about to tell her. I can see it in his eyes. You know he needs to tell her. Harry knows it’s now or never… just have a little faith.”  I nod assertively and decide to hold my ground next to Niall. Rachel notices and it’s blatantly obvious that she’s just lost all hope. Just hang in there, I think, just a little bit longer and you’ll know everything Rach, I promise.

They continue to argue for the next 5 minutes. At some point during the war of words, it gets so intense that it nearly causes me to turn away and march back out of the room, into the louder corridor where all sounds will be lost. Niall notices me turning away and catches my hand, wrapping one arm around my waist to bury his face into the space between my neck and curtain of hair. "It will be okay. They don't mean it." He kisses the bare skin above my collar bone lightly and then pulls away before anyone can see. It comforts me intensely, but the horrible words that continue to fly between my friends don't help to loosen the sick knot at the bottom of my stomach. 

Please stop hurting each other, I think. Please...


(A Few Minutes Earlier:)

"Don’t you dare shout at me! You may be famous, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk to me like that for telling you the truth. I thought you'd be supportive and kind and tell me everything's going to be okay."

He cringes at my words before remembering the reason why he's shouting. "But it's him! It's not just anyone -its that fucking abusive ex-boyfriend of yours!"

I fold my arms roughly, over the chest of my metallic silver dress. "Thanks for the reminder! I nearly forgot!" We both scoff. "You're one to talk anyway, who was it you cancelled me for the other night? Kendall fucking Jenner? You've never even mentioned her to me before! At least I tell you about my ex!”

“Rachel! You know that’s different! You know its not like that! We’ve already talked about Kendall, but you deserve better than him! You said you wouldn't let him near you again!”

"I was drunk!"

"Great excuse..." His green eyes are dark and shadowy as he looks at the floor.

I'm angry and it feels like he's been attacking me ever since I told him about what happened last night with Miles. He wasn't happy with it, which is why I should have known to shut my mouth about him kissing me last night when we were both drunk -preferably before the words spilled out of my mouth like a waterfall. 

I wouldn't have wanted for it to have happened if I was in the right frame of mind. As my friend, Harry should be comforting and reassuring me that it will be okay -not verbally abusing me.

I would have left the room by now, if it wasn’t for his tight hold on my wrist. I test his strength by wriggling it but it makes no difference.

“How do I deserve better when he is the best that I can do? Don’t you understand that? He’s the only one I had! The only one who was there for me, when I needed someone... Anyone!” There's a silent plea for help in my shriek. I still need someone... anyone. 

We're both shouting at each other in frustration. Tears run wildly and fervently down my cheeks.

Harry shakes his head fiercely and as he looks away I'm sure that I see a wet shine in his eyes? He's blinking hard but is Harry really trying not to cry? I decide to tell myself that I don’t care. “No… no… that's not true.”

So he doesn’t understand then… unless that's not what he meant. Zayn and Liam have gathered around the open doorway, poking their heads through but keeping a clear distance. I look at Liam for help, but all three boys -including Eleanor and Louis who have recently joined- just carry on watching their friend with what looks to be pity on their faces. What the hell's going on? Why is no one pitying me?

“Why do you even care so much Harry?" He digs the heel of his free hand into his eyes and shakes his hair around his face so that I can’t see. His childish state is condescended by the shout that emerges from his throat.

“Because I do Rachel… Because I… I-”

I cut him off with an equally loud shout. “No Harry. You hardly know me so why exactly do you think you can just walk in and dictate my life to me? I’ve made my mistakes in the past and I know! So there’s no need to keep reminding me!” Harry suddenly looks up –his eyes are glittering with moisture but look dull and dead at the same time. They're red and swollen from him rubbing them.

We have a whole crowd of our friends now, as a giggling Niall and Rosie emerge, unaware of what's going on. The laughing stops as soon as I lock eyes with them and they observe the room. What is it that tinges Rosie’s delicate features as Liam whispers something to her behind his hand? Is it sadness? For me or for Harry?

“You don’t understand how I feel Harry! You just don’t!”

“I’m trying to-"

“But you don’t!” My shout trembles and he looks straight at me with painful eyes. He's hurting, but so am I. Zayn frowns, putting his arms around Louis and Liam protectively and for support. That's when it hits me. Not only is our arguing hurting each other, but it’s hurting the people around us too. My eyes scan over our friends apologetically. There's nothing but blank and helpless glares in return.

“You don’t understand Harry. And I wish you did.” He's frustrated again and this conversation is just going round in pointless circles. I decide on an ultimatum. “You know what? Maybe we should just stop seeing each other. We’re only causing more problems for each other… For everyone. It would be for the best.” A tiny voice inside of my head lets out a shrill scream and my heart beat rises by at least 40% at the thought of what I'm saying.

“No! No way! It wouldn’t make anything better! You’d go straight back to the abusing son of a bitch!”

“Then what do you suggest, huh? It would mean you could get on with your fairy tale life and live happily ever after!”

“If that’s what this is... then I don’t want a fucking fairy tale life, or a happy ending!” I have the urge to roll my eyes. He doesn’t know what he wants.

“Then what are we going to do Harry? Because I know that I’m not going to argue with you like this every time you want an argument!”

“I don’t… I don't want an argument." His voice turns soft before the anger kicks in once again. “You know Rach… the part I don’t understand is why you keep going back to him, when there are so many people who love you twice as much! You just don't see it!”

I stand strong as I turn towards him. Somewhere within me I find the strength to yank my arm back and hold it boldly by my side –a fearless fist at the end. 

His falls limply like he's just been scolded by my distaste for his touch. I don’t like seeing him hurt, but it's me that has done this to him. I've hurt him –just as he has reduced me to tears. We're both embarrassed at the effect we’ve had on each other, and are both just ignoring it, for the sake of our pride.

“You say that there are people who love me twice as much but I don’t see them! Even if I did –I wouldn’t deserve them!” My words taste bitter as they leave my mouth. The fact that I am looking straight into his eyes as I say that 'I don’t see them' confirms my doubts. Harry doesn’t love me. I wouldn’t have said it if he did. Two people that love each other wouldn’t hurt each other like this.

“That’s not-”

“No. It is true! The only person that I will ever deserve is Miles! I deserve to be beaten to a pulp whenever he gets drunk and I deserve the abuse! Well its true isn’t it? I do!” My shrill voice is manic as I admit defeat. The others all cringe at the words as I look over at them through new, blurred eyes.

“You are so fucking stupid. How have you not realised yet?” So he thinks I’m stupid as well as blind now.

“You think I’m stupid? Don’t worry it’s not the worst I’ve heard! That just confirms it huh? I deserve fuck all! Why are you even here Harry? Why don’t you just-" Wait… His last sentence echoes in my mind as I stare into his hurt green eyes that so remind me of the pine trees in the back garden of my house; like home –even if the feeling feels distant underneath my anger. “How have I not realised what exact-”

Harry grabs my face, forcing me to stop talking, and I am about to fight him off –finally satisfied that I have reduced him to violence.

I wonder who will be the first people to pull the two of us apart…

Zayn? Louis? Rosie?

I want a fight. A fight that will enable me to push all of these feelings to the back of my head and allow my primal instincts to take control. In fact, I don't want a fight, I need one. These emotions hurt. I need an escape route.

There is definitely something wrong with me right now.

I feel crazy. Harry was someone that I could count as a reliable friend, only 10 minutes ago.

I don’t hate Harry and yet I’m getting ready to fight him.

I uncurl my hand from a fist, so that I can slap him instead -probably the option that will cause him least pain- I don't want to hurt him... We're both hurting enough already. I cant physically hurt him anymore... I won’t admit it, but it’s true.

And that is when his lips smash against mine.

A flood of tears reach my eyes and spill over both of our cheeks as they press together. My fingers automatically part to curl in his hair. His fingers hold the tops of my arms urgently. His lips are soft against mine and move quickly.

It's new and exciting, but everything fits into place, as if my whole life and existence has been leading up to this one moment. We fit together perfectly; as if we were made with each other's shapes and sizes already in mind. Like two pieces from a jigsaw puzzle -we work as if we were made for each other.

We are kissing. We are touching. We are still and happy in this blissfully perfect moment.

There's only one thought passing through my mind. Finally.


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