Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


141. Fight? No, Flight.


Haha! Result! I just kissed one of the fittest girls in the whole school. If I’m not respected by every guy in there now, then it’ll only be because they’re jealous.

It wasn’t my original plan, but once she mentioned that her boyfriend was here, I knew that it had to be done. Maybe she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, but who gives a fuck? I feel like the greatest guy alive. Maybe the slap was a little rough but I deserved it. It’s worth it anyway –it would be worth it just for the bragging rights, forgetting the kiss.

Not only did Rosie Stephens just snog me in front of her own famous, cock sucking boyfriend, but she also slapped me. Is that a subtle way of punishing me for being a better kisser than her Irish guy? I fucking hope so… What a slut. But who cares? Because I, Jace Carter, just made out with the girl that everyone wants. Who wins? Me. I do, atlast. Woo fucking hoo!


It was in that one moment where I turned around that all breath was taken from me. Rosie Stephens, my beautiful girlfriend was sitting opposite another man. She smiled at him and I had the urge to go over, ask who he was and escort him out of the door if need be.

I started away from the bar, taking deep breaths and holding my chin up when Rosie suddenly held her hand out for the other guy to take. He used it to pull her closer, to place his hand where I lay mine on the back of her neck, to hold the sensitive spot just above her hip. In those few seconds I stoped again, blinking overtime to check I’m looking at the right to person. She could just be a lookalike. My eyes scan around the place, looking for her. Where’s Rosie? Where’s my Rosie? You idiot, she’s being kissed by that guy, my brain tells me arrogantly.

I look back at the table, cringing at the thought of what I will see, but instead she’s staring at me. All heads are turned in the couples direction; I want mine to be facing in any other direction. I can’t deal with this. I can’t lose her. We’ve had such a short time together and it’s already about to come crashing down on me.

I start to hyperventilate, taking deeper and deeper breaths, but receiving less air each time. It makes me panic. My eyes are locked with Rosie’s but I can no longer see them across the pub; there’s something between us. It’s either a wall of anger or a wall of fear. Perhaps a mixture of the two.

I see the guy beside her, cradling his own face as he shouts things at Rosie that I can’t hear. I imagine the encouragement he’s giving her to just end it with me on the spot. I cant… do this. I can’t breathe. She doenst turn to look at him but I hate to think that she’s taking his instructions. I want to punch him so hard that he can’t move that jaw of his again. I could do it. Mark’s given me a lot of boxing training –a lot of self defense classes. I could smash his face in right here right now and beat him to pulp. I could, but I won’t; Rosie’s standing between us. I can’t bear the thought that she’ll take the stranger’s side, cursing me for lashing out and wishing we never met.

Get out. I tell myself. Get out of here right now, as far as possible. I hand someone besides me the drinks that I’m still holding and take a short jog out of the door until my trainers reach the car park’s tarmac and I can sprint, inhaling the cold air to relieve my hot and bothered lungs.

I wanted to fight. I always fight. But today my whole world got flipped upside down, so therefore, today I take flight.


I pull myself away, terror slamming my heart against my chest repeatedly, breaking it and bruising it beyond repair. What the? –Niall. That’s my first thought. Where’s Niall? –I need Niall!

My second thought is that this year 11 kid has just kissed me. Taking control just as quickly as he took a hold on my face, my hands make contact with his cheek in a harsh slap. People around us look over, and suddenly, me and this… boy are suddenly the topic of excitement. “Get off of me!” I push him off, remembering his name is Jace, not Niall, and feeling like I’m about to throw up.

I grab my bag and push my way past him, whilst he calls me one derogatory female name after another. I look around in the direction of the bar and that’s when I see him. My poor Niall is frozen to the spot, staring at me as if looking into space. He holds two drinks in his hands, but they’re not there for much longer when he shoves them at the person nearest to him and takes two long strides out of the pub’s main doors.

I run after him, thankful that I swapped a pair of heels I was planning on wearing for the black Toms that he brought me, for Christmas, as a last minute decision. “Niall!” I shout, cursing myself for not moving fast enough. A guy gets in the way and I push past him roughly. “Sorry.”

“Calm down love.” I keep pushing my way past people until I find my way out into the open, black sky and a burst of cold air hits me straight in the face.

“Niall!” I shout again but he’s nowhere to be seen in the busy parking lot. There are a few smokers who are standing around the door, regarding me with curiosity and apprehension, but only one woman offers me help.

“If you’re looking for the famous blonde guy then he just went that way.” She points towards the main road and I thank her a few thorough times before I set off running again. I’ve only just made it over the parking lot onto the main road when I see a figure on the opposite side of the road, flagging down a vacant taxi.

“Niall please! Listen to me.” But he doesn’t. Instead he tears his eyes away from me to duck down and talk to the driver through the window, leaving his fists on the top of the black cab. “Niall for fuck sake don’t just run away!”

“Maybe you should go back –spend some more time with that guy. You know,” his voice quickly becomes bitter and reproachful “there have been rumors of you wanting to break up with me, but you should have just said, not gotten some guy to make out with you in front of me!” He looks away from me, running a hand through his hair and nearly punching the roof of the taxi before he stops himself.

“Niall! God damn it it’s not like that! Listen to me!” He opens the door to the taxi, making it obvious he’s not going to stand around to talk and chat.

I have four lanes of traffic to run over, and although the sight terrifies me, I’m not going to let him get away without a fight.

“Don’t!” He shouts back to me, second guessing that I’m about to throw myself forward, into the road.

I look up at him, tears stinging the corners of my eyes with what I feel is a pure expression of panic and fear on my features. I can’t let him get away and it’s obvious that he won’t stay to talk –it’s written clearly on his face. "It's worth it if it's for you!" I shout back. "I'll do it for you! I'd do anything!" He just shakes his head in defeat, as if to say ‘do what you want, but I warned you’.

I do exactly that.

There’s a sliver car hurtling towards me at 50 miles an hour as I step straight into the road –there isn’t a second to waste. I earn a deafening beep from the driver as the bonnet only just misses me and catches the back of my dress.

Although I made it over the first lane, that puts me right in front of another car, going at the same speed. This one brakes with all its might as soon as it notices me, trying to stop before it can hit me, but not fast enough as it knocks my legs from under me. I ignore the screams from the female driver, and the dull aching in my legs, so that I can keep pushing forward; ignoring the knuckles I tore open on the metallic, gritty bonnet.

I’m half way. Only two more lanes to go. I’m lucky with the next one as there is no oncoming traffic, but I don’t see the motorbike that’s gunning me down without it’s headlight on before I can step out into the fourth. The biker swears at me loudly and only just manages to swing the bike around me in time, whilst I pray for my life- convinced that I was going to be hit.

As soon as I touch down on the pavement, I make a mad dash towards the taxi, realising that Niall is already in it and ordering the driver to go. “No! Niall please! I can explain! Please!” He looks out of the window, with a look of hurt in his eyes. “Please…” I sob, hiccupping on my own tears. It kills me to see him like that; he’s always so happy-go-lucky. I never imagined that that could be taken away from him. I clench the locket around my neck in a tight fist and the last thing I see before the taxi pulls away is Niall, as he drops his face, letting his eyes fall to the floor in disappointment. I can only watch him fly down the road in horror before I drop to my knees and take a deep breath. I will not cry, I tell myself, I will not cry.

I lied.

After trying my best to get my head around what just happened, and letting the blood from my knuckles flow freely from my hand, to my locket, against my chest and then down to the white material of my dress, I pick myself back up with a strength I didn’t know I had. I’m walking down the road, each step taking more effort than I feel is necessary and wishing I could just curl up on the ground.

He’s gone. Niall’s gone. He went without me.

I try calling him a few times, thinking that maybe this was all some kind of mistake. Niall didn’t mean to leave me, it was an accident… but then I remember the kiss and my shoulders start to shake from the silent sobs that echo in my empty chest. He’s gone. He’s really gone.

I’m somewhere close to my house when it starts to snow lightly –not enough to settle- and my toes go numb. I don’t want to go home, I can’t face all of those faces. I ring him a couple more times, I even try Liam. Liam will know what to do –but there’s no answer.

I don’t understand how, but after a while I find myself dragging my feet along the gravel of my drive. I open the door, finding it unlocked, and take one last step onto the carpet before closing the door quietly and sinking to the warm ground. I start to cry –not the silent cries that made me shiver all the way home- but big, loud cries that scream for help and send people running.

People find me –I think it was Justin who found me first- and before long there’s a huge crowd, all asking me stupid little questions.

“What happened?”

“Are you okay?”

“Where’s Niall?”

“What happened to your hand and your knees?”

I don’t answer any of them, I just let it all out, and when I have no more tears to give I stare blankly into space, at no particular point with as little purpose as possible. It will take the pain away –stop the thoughts from hurting.

They all fuss. They fuss over stupid little things like my torn up knuckles or my beaten knees. Apparently the skin there is grazed –I hadn’t even noticed. I’m washed and treated, bandaged and comforted. In the end, I’m carried up to bed and left there to sleep.

“Darling…” My mum pleads with me. “Please, just tell us what happened. We’ve tried our best to sort you out and treat your grazes and cuts, but you need to talk to us. We’re worried. Niall won’t pick up either. Talk to me. Please Rosie.” At some point during our little one-way conversation I roll over and face the opposite side. I hear the door shut quietly behind my mother, as she gives up on me shortly after.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how many antiseptic wipes they’ve used, and how many bandages they’ve rolled me up in. It doesn’t matter one bit, because how can you take away the terrifying thoughts that I may never see Niall again and that he probably hates me? How can you take away the images of flying cars and disappointed stares? No matter how cliché it has sounded to me in the past, how can you take away the pain and fix a broken heart?

Maybe I'm delusional. Maybe I'm crazy. But without Niall I'm nothing.


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