Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


162. Family Dinner


Carla and I get back to find everyone crowding around the dinner table, serving themselves some of the warm beef and carrot stew that mum has made. There’s mash to go with it, and also some vegetables to go on the side.

We rush in, smiles on our faces and tease everyone with our sparkly fingers. I pop down in a chair next to Niall and he compliments them, asking if we had a good time.

“Yeah it was great!”

Carla nods her head in agreement and shows off her nails to my mum, who sits beside her on the other side of Justin, across the table from us.

Lola and Chloe show us what they’ve been up to, and in turn, I compliment the shaky nail art that they’ve done by themselves on their fingers with diamantes studs and nail art pens. I observe the rose that Lola did on her thumb and see the red crystal she has glued in the middle. “Hey those are mine!”

She shies away from my grip cheekily and I flick her fingers, pretending to be annoyed before bursting into a smile.

“So come on,” Dad smiles. “What happened? Did you just go to the nail salon?”

“No we went to Starbucks after didn’t we Carla?”

“Uh huh! I just had a tea, but Rosie on the other hand got herself a caffeine blast.”

“Yep.” I grin, taking the ladle of the stew and serving myself some.

“Great. Now you’re going to be talking in your sleep again!” Niall laughs at my parents. “I’ve been telling her for ages to keep away from that stuff –it turns her into a right nutter.”

Mum winks at me. “You do what you want Rosie. If you need to unleash your sleep talking and keep him awake then do it.”

I know that my mum’s aware of how much Niall cherishes his sleep, so it’s quite a throw to hear her say that. All of the boys look down at their plates shadily and try not to laugh.

“What did he do?” I extend the ‘do’ accusingly.

“Nothing! I mean… it was only something.”

“That sounds like bad news to me.” I laugh.

“I just… I…”

“He thought it would be fun to jump on all of the Styrofoam that was on the floor. Made a real mess.”

“You are such a kid!” I tease, cherishing the fact that my mother was able to turn Niall’s cheeks red. He’s always the one doing it to me –I guess the tables have turned.

“Hey, hey.” Dad guffaws. “He was having fun, and we cleaned it up didn’t we Niall?”

“Yes sir.” Niall salutes, getting his confidence back.

“I’ve got something by the way.”

Everyone looks over in interest as I pull my handbag onto my lap and slip the magazine out.

“What’s that?” Mum asks. “Heat magazine?”

“Yeah.” Niall squints at my ecstatic expression and then goes back to watching my next moves.

“Well basically…” I open the magazine to the double page spread. “Someone actually wrote a nice little article about me. It’s all lies,” I explain as they lean into have a look “But at least it’s not accusing me of anything or trying to get people to hate me, right?”

Niall reads through the article first as he is sitting right beside me and then turns to face me with a smile, squeezing my leg gently. “That's great Rosie!”

"One day huh?" Mum smiles at me and dad pats my hand proudly.

"Well the girls at the salon actually seemed pretty excited about it before I told them the truth... so perhaps." Everyone nods their heads happily and Jus winks at me from across the table. They all know that it's been my life long dream; and as for the good publicity -it's been my one wish right from the start of all the horrible articles.

We all tuck into our meals and Chloe tells everyone about a school project that she and Lola have to do before they go back to school. Something about building a castle for their History class. Lucky we have so many cardboard boxes right?

I take a mouthful of hot meat, gravy and carrots and instantly kick myself. It’s way too hot. My eyes go wide and I look over at Niall who finds my expression hilarious and nearly chokes on his food from bursting out laughing. I wave my hands around my mouth and eventually he stops for long enough to hand me his glass of water.

“Thanks.” I mutter once I’ve chugged half of it.

“No problem.” He laughs comfortably, rubbing my back once and turning back to his food.

Being able to sit back and let my mouth cool off -observing Niall happily eating in the company of my family- it tells me just how lucky I am. How could life be any better than this?


A/N: I've had the 5SOS debut album on shuffle and repeat for the past few days! It's amazinggggg! Do any of you like them too? Comment below which songs are your favourites; mine are voodoo doll and amnesia :') Let me know if you have the album already or if you're going to get it because I'd seriously recommend it! :D Keep reading! Nialls_Tribute xo

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