Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


67. Differing Relationships


“What’s wrong with you today?” Everybody is sitting on the couches watching movies and eating a Chinese takeout, that we’d had delivered to the apartment- except for me and Harry. It is as he corners me in the kitchen that he whispers to me. His eyes aren’t angry, just kind, which makes me feel even worse as I avoid their gaze. He is just being his normal caring himself.

“Nothings wrong.” He sees through my pathetic lie straight away.

“You’ve been acting weird since you set eyes on me today.”

I try to hold his green stare but drop it after only a few seconds –proving his point. I don’t even try to justify myself this time. There would be no point in denying it. Harry would only find it patronizing.

I quietly place my plate on the side along with the tea towel that I was using to dry it, so that I can hop backwards to sit on the counter. He was intimidating as he leaned over me and I wanted to be at eye level.

“You can’t even look me in the eyes for longer than 5 seconds and you hugged me differently.” The corners of my mouth turn down as he points out the things that I had tried so hard to conceal from him. “Have I done something wrong?” His voice is hurt as he ruffles a shaky hand through his curly fringe.

His question shocks me and I look straight up, focusing my vision on his right cheek bone. It’s the best that I can do without having to look away. “No, of course not!” My voice mimics his tense whisper so that no one will hear us or notice that something is wrong. Is something wrong?

“So what is it then? Don’t tell me nothing because I know it isn’t.” He bites his lip as he waits for an answer and I slump back against the cupboards behind me.

I kick my legs slightly, accidentally finding his thighs, as I think about my options and the only one suitable seems to be giving him the only small truth that I know. “I don’t know Harry.” It doesn’t come out sounding indignant or annoyed; instead, my voice is tired and strained. I try to expand and reassure him that things aren’t as bad between us as they seem. “I don’t know... but what I do know is that I’m just in a weird mood. I stormed out on Rosie earlier and now this, with you. I don’t get it.”

But I do. I do get it… sort of.

“Well, is there any way that I can help?” There is no way that he can fix it. It is something that I have to do myself.

“No. Well, yeah. Come here, give me a hug.” He leans into my arms and I am provided with an opportunity to fix my earlier mistakes. I put all of the energy that I can gather into the hug as I grip his shoulders tightly. The same urge to pull away tries to overcome me, but I fight it off for now, and frown over his shoulder instead. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for –just no more funny business.” He laughs gently but that wasn’t what I meant. I wasn’t sorry for acting weird –well, I was, but that wasn’t what the apology was for.

The apology was me admitting, to myself and to him, that I had done something wrong last night when I broke his promise. I had broken Harry’s promise, and by some miracle, no one knew yet. However I knew. I also knew exactly why I felt the subconscious urge to act weird, around the friend in my arms, and the urge to keep my secret from those who were closest to me.

I had put all of their comfort and friendship, from over the last few days, in jeopardy. How had I ever been so stupid? So very stupid, because I had done the one thing that I had promised to never do again. I had done something that they would all frown over and tell me that I was crazy for doing. I had let the person who had hurt me back into my heart by letting him brain wash and console me. I had let Miles back into my life.

There was no getting rid of him now. I would have no friends if they knew.

I could only make one more promise and I hoped that I wouldn’t have to break it this time. The promise was that I would make the most of the friendship, between me and Harry, whilst it still remained intact. Before he would find out what I had allowed to happen and decide that I was either too broken or messed up to be worth his time.


I had taken to Niall’s bed with the full intention of going back down to mine and Rachel's apartment when I wanted to sleep. We had chatted for a little while, but somewhere in between kissing him and holding his arm tightly -in both of mine- against my beating heart, I remember letting my eyes droop and falling limp against his mattress.

I remember him pulling the duvet from under me, to pull over the top of us, and I remember him kissing me on the forehead before he fell asleep, but that was all until now.

Niall is watching me through sleepy eyes and the light that creeps in, through the gaps between the curtains and the walls, falls lightly on a darker patch of his highlighted hair. He must register my fluttering eyes whilst I wake up because he whispers to me and shuffles his body around. “Mornin' beautiful.”

His hair falls flat over his face, meaning that his eyes are partly covered. I reach a hot hand up to move it to the left. That's better. I can see his eyes now.

“Morning.” I had only just spoken when a huge yawn left my mouth and he chuckled quietly.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, sorry for crashing by the way… I was going to leave but-“

He shushes me and interrupts my chain of thought. “Don’t worry about it. I sleep better with you next to me anyway.” It lights up a smile on my face as I remember that so do I. Yesterday I had woken up from a nightmare; the bad dream’s absence today is silently celebrated in my head whilst I take some time to just watch him wake up.

“You look nice when you've just woken up.” As soon as the comment leaves my mouth I automatically feel embarrassed. I don’t remember allowing it to move from a thought to a cluster of audible words. He just gives a throaty chuckle and hides his face with a pillow, peeking over the top subtly.

I suddenly realise that he has allowed me to have the whole duvet and is lying bare, apart from a pair of shorts. I look down at myself and see that I am still fully clothed –apart from my shoes, which Niall placed by the side of the bed last night. 

Worried that he might be cold -and using it as an excuse to get closer to him- I pull one corner of the duvet up and throw it over him. He laughs and wriggles closer to me like a little worm. It’s always nice to wake up to Niall –you never know if you’re going to find a sensible-Niall or kiddy-Niall. Today it’s obviously the latter as he hides under the covers so that only his hair pokes from underneath.

I run my hands through it and watch as he pops his face out, like a game of a peek-a-boo. “You’re in a weird mood.” I laugh and plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Its cause I’ve got too much energy. Especially when you fell asleep really early last night so that I had to go to sleep early too.” He scrunches his nose up, like a child trying to rebel against his parents by wanting to stay up as late as possible.

“Yeah, well that’s good. You have work today.” He groans as I remind him and throws the cover back over his face so that he can talk into it.

“Ugh. Do I have to go? Can’t I just stay here with you?” His Irish accent was muffled through the blanket as he moaned at me.

I just joined him under the blanket –like it was our own little den- and planted a kiss on his cheek with a smile. “Yes. You have to, like I had to go to school yesterday.”

He frowned at me “It seems like you keep getting the better deal.”

I laugh dryly “Getting the better deal is not being hassled by the whole school whilst you go in to do some work. I’m sure that happened to you yesterday.” My eyes roll slightly as I bury my head further into the comfortable pillow.

He shrugs and leans close to whisper sarcastically “Oh yeah, I’m sure that us boys won’t be terrorized by a whole group of people, no matter if it’s your school or our fans.” We laugh together as he outwits me “The only difference is that I’ll have about 4 security guards with me.” He chuckles and hops out of the bed, placing a short kiss on my pursed lips, before I can react.

He walks into the bathroom briskly, and even with a locked door between us, I can still hear his satisfied giggle that sounds more like his signature howl of crazy laughter. I pull the sheets up to my neck and try to get a few more minutes of content, drifting sleep before he will disturb me with either a kiss or a childish trick, such as either jumping on me or throwing a wet towel at me.

I take in the smell of his cinnamon bed sheets, lemon shower gel and minty toothpaste, that all merge into the one familiar smell that I adore so much, whilst I let my eyelids close and listen to the soft sound of water that tells me that Niall is showering.


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