Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


12. Departing


At about 7:30am- me, Lola, Mum and Dad were sitting around the kitchen table, devouring a feast of golden syrup waffles; ham and cheese omelettes; and a bowl of crisp, red grapes. Dad took one last gulp of coffee before he started to get up and put his work coat on.

He kissed Mum on the cheek before walking out from the room. As he was putting his shoes on by the door in the hallway he called out clearly “Have a great day my three beautiful girls!” Before he picked up his briefcase and walked out of the door, waving as he went. 

All three of us turned back to each other when we heard his car depart and were awkwardly eating our food in silence when Mum coughed, so as to get both of our attention. She was blushing but looked up at us, particularly me, as she said "So Lollie told me you had an interesting night Rosie."

I nodded my head as I took a sip of orange juice and replied "Well that's one way to put it." I caught Lola's eye and we started laughing, mum joined in, starting to get comfortable with the topic of conversation we all knew she was leading up to.

"So what's he like then, this Niall boy?" Her eyes were bright and she seemed as excited as her daughters were at the sound of his name.

I managed to choke out "He's amazing mum." Before I looked down into my lap blushing as Lola finished off what I wanted to say. "He's one of the youngest and cutest in the band and he acted like such a gentleman towards us, especially Rosie of course, but all of them did! Niall went to find Rose after the show as she nipped outside for a bit of fresh air and she didn't know about the meet and greet they were doing after."

"Is that true Rosie?" 

"Yeah," I smiled fondly "he scared me at first but when I realised it was him he was really kind and escorted me to the room where I found Lollie at the back. We were the last to go up and meet them all so they made an extra effort with us and gave us some merchandise."

"It wasn't just because we were last Rose, it was 'cause of you! It wouldn't have mattered where we were." I rolled my eyes with a smile, sceptical but it was probably true.

"So did anything else happen?" Mum encouraged me to carry on speaking.

"He asked me for my number!"

"Really?" Both of them chimed together.

"Yeah," I was starting to get embarrassed "but I think we should just be friends. I hardly know him that well but I want to get to know him better. You'd love him mum." She took my hand in hers.

"We'll I'm glad you had such a good night sweetie but you've got to get going. And so have I for that matter. The clock on the oven stated that it was nearly 8:00am. Shit. 

"Yeah sure Mum! Come on monkey. Have you got everything?"

We skipped out of the room together; Lola gathering her blazer, shoes and rucksack whilst I got my blazer, coat,black high heeled shoes, hand bag and land yard - that was a compulsory piece of the sixth form business uniform.

Great. I was ready to go and so was Monkey. I checked my phone and rachel had sent me a message saying she had set off.

"My baby girls are getting so grown up! She cooed as she kissed us and we exited the house.

Rachel had just appeared outside when we made our way over the drive and onto the pavement.

"Rosie! Monkey!"



We hugged her and started walking as I asked her how she was. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, for the moment." She seemed unbothered by the fiasco last night or was at lest trying to appear strong for her own sake.

Apparently miles had turned up an hour later, begging and crying for her forgiveness. It had been a hard decision but she still loved him, so she accepted his apologies with a strict warning and threat that she would break up with him if he even so much as looked Patricia's way.

I was biased and decided not to forgive him until he had truly proved himself but, luckily, Rachel didn't expect anything more than that from her best friend.


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