Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


21. David and Marie

“Will you come back to my house?” She was looking at me but then she looked around the car at everyone else. “It’s just that... we’ve all had a good day and it’s not extremely late, so you could come back for some food and then you can just leave when you want?”
“I’m up for that!”
“Of course you’re coming!” Rosie laughed at Rachel.
“Yeah, why not?” Liam shrugged at her and I did the same.
Rosie was directing Thom back to her house, apparently they had stopped off there after school so he was adamant that he could remember, but she just wanted to make sure.

We arrived at a huge white house that had a door way built into the building at the bottom to keep the rain off of people waiting outside, I could also see a large window that was center piece to the upstairs floor and had a small balcony, that was also built into the shape of the house, to ensure that the whole building would be able to fit the shape of a perfect square. We clambered out of the limo with the shopping needed and waved off Thom as we made a line and ascended the stairs to the doorway where we were stood under the upstairs balcony.

This was nothing like what I was expecting. Rosie knocked on the door and waited shortly before it was swung open.
“Rosie!” It was her cute little sister that had opened the door as she leapt into her sister’s arms. She was 12, but small enough to pass as a 9 year old!
“Hey Monkey.”
I could see that some other people had come to stand in the doorway but it was too dark to see them just yet.
“Hello Mr and Mrs Stevens!” Rachel chimed at them in a voice of excitement.
“Please do come in!” It was Rosie’s dad that had spoken as he held open the door widely and welcomed us into his home.
“Pleased to meet you Mr Stevens, I’m Niall Horan!”I held my hand out for him to shake, holding the girls’ bag of shopping in the other hand, and he beamed at me.
“Nice to have finally met you, too! After years of conversation with my two daughters about whether your new haircut suits you or whatnot, I think it’s been extremely overdue!” I laughed at his response; now I knew where Rosie got her humour from. He laughed with me and he let go of my hand. “But please, call me David!” I grinned at him before entering the house - well that was surprisingly easy.
“Hello Mrs Stevens-” I was about to hold out my hand when she pulled me into a warm hug.
“I’m glad to finally have met you Niall. You can call me Marie; I don’t like all this second-name business.” She laughed at herself and pulled away to walk into the kitchen.
I could hear Liam talking to Rosie’s dad behind me and was impressed at the warm welcome we had received. I finally got a chance to look around and realised how huge their house was. This was nothing that I was used to –sometimes people forgot that people like me and the boys had had normal childhoods with working class parents. Even this house seemed extravagant to me.
I looked at Rosie who had her eyebrows raised, probably just as surprised as I was that everyone was getting on perfectly well. Her green eyes looked gorgeous in this hallway light, where they contrasted with her cheeks that had turned red from walking into the heated house. She looked down at the child in her arms sweetly when she screamed at me.
“Keep your voice down Monkey!”
Monkey –I mean Lola- was holding her arms at me so I put the bag of shopping down against the wall and walked over to give her a big hug as she clambered from Rosie to me. It was cute how childish she acted and I could never imagine wanting to see her grow up. To me, Lola would always be the sweet little sister that loved me and the boys just as much as we loved her. I remembered last night and the way that Zayn hadn’t been able to stop telling us how cute and adorable she was. It was clear to me that she was probably just one of those little girls that charmed every person that she came into contact with.
“You look better related to Niall than you do to Rosie!” Liam exclaimed at Lola as he pinched her cheeks and followed Marie into the kitchen.
David, Rosie’s dad, was right behind him –asking me and Liam if either of us wanted a beer. I heard Liam say no and thought that I best say no to –I wanted to look like a good role-model for his daughters and to win his trust. I wouldn’t be able to take Rosie out if we presented ourselves as being irresponsible.
Lola jumped down to run after everyone else while Rosie took her shoes off and started to walk upstairs. “Just getting changed.” She grinned at me, walked a few stairs, looked back at me with a smirk and then started running up the wide set of stairs. I was about to walk into the kitchen before I remembered to take off my shoes. Liam hadn’t but I just wanted to be polite. I left them against the wall before walking back in.


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