Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


45. Damp Kisses


Niall was in the shower, so I got changed into a similar pair of grey jogging bottoms to his, and matched them with a baby pink crop top that was tight, but covered enough of my cleavage for me not to feel self-conscious. Particularly when in a room filled with teenage boys. 

After a few seconds thought, I changed the crop top into a more sensible option for the cold weather; a lush, pink, long sleeved, stretchy tshirt that would keep me a little bit warmer.

I went over to my bed and lay on my back, legs in the air, as I waited for 3 long minutes before I heard the bathroom door click open.  I rolled over next to his bag, where the contents had been scattered neatly over the bed spread, and watched as Niall walked out from the bathroom.

He had the towel draped around him and it was tied at the waist. His hands were brushing through his wet, dark blonde hair that lay on top of his head; forming a tall quiff of dripping spikes. He flashed me his wide, white smile and I suddenly felt overwhelmed. His smile, his flawless muscular body, the attention he was paying me.

Giving him a quick, tight smile, I turned over onto my back once again and tried to not look over at him.  “Mind giving me a little privacy?” He didn’t want to push me out but I welcomed the opportunity to leave. Seeing him in a towel, for the first time, already felt like it was too much for me to handle. I was already out of my depth.

“Of course. I’ll just go and sort myself out.” I quickly walked into the lemony, fog that protruded from the bathroom and sat down on the toilet seat. I breathed deeply and quickly and suddenly realised how conscious I was of the boy that was standing in my bedroom.

None of my family were at home. I had all the privacy in the world. I was here all by myself, to manage the six other people that were staying here tonight -5 of them being world famous and the other 1 being my best friend who I trusted to look after herself.  What was even scarier, than the thought of looking after One Direction, was that one of the five boys, stood in my bedroom; getting changed out of a dripping wet towel –looking as gorgeous as a fallen angel.

Before One Direction, the closest I had come to having a boy in my room was when Justin occasionally came in to talk to me.

I felt like it was all happening to quick. I hadn’t ever had a proper boyfriend before. I had no control over the situation. It scared me, but at the same time I welcomed it with open arms. My feelings were confused inside of my jumbled up mind.

Love, worry, doubt, excitement. They all blurred into one ecstatic emotion that caused me to breathe deeper and deeper, to catch the breath that I had not yet lost.

My mind was split, my body was split. Butterflies flew through my chest whilst elephants trampled onto my stomach. I needed to get a grip. I had told the boys that they could stay around here, along with Rachel, so what was I worried about? I realised what it was.

Niall and I had kissed a few times, but at the thought of having him stay around, I was suddenly petrified at the idea of what could happen. Don’t be so stupid. It’s just a sleep over. Things wouldn’t go that quickly. He wouldn’t let them. Would he?

I couldn’t believe that I was actually considering the thought of Niall taking things too far. He had been nothing but gentlemen since the day that I met him, and I was sure that that was not going to change. I took a deep breath and got off of the toilet lid to stand by the sink.

I picked up the toothpaste and my toothbrush (after seeing that Niall had already placed his in the same cup as mine) and smiled to myself as I started brushing my teeth, unable to see myself in the misted mirror, that was on the wall in front of me.

When I was done, I wiped at the mirror and used it to help me guide my hair from being loose, to being put up into a messy bun. That was better. I was nervous about stepping back into the bedroom but boosted my confidence with a last look in the mirror.

Niall had switched the TV on and was lying on the bed, his chin rested on the hands that were supported by his elbows. "Squidge up." Just the sight of his innocent smile made me feel stupid for the doubts that I'd had when in the bathroom.

He shuffled over and I mimicked his style of lying on the bed. "You were quick."

"You changed even quicker." He turned away from the cartoons that played on the tv and smiled at me. This time his eyes lingered on mine just that little bit longer, forcing me to look down and flutter my eyelashes out of old habit. It was this trigger that made my cheeks flush; it happened every single time.

He pushed himself off of the bed slightly, to move his hand to my face.  I noticed that his hands were manly but soft, and his nails had been bitten back. "It's ironic isn't it... Rosie with the rosie cheeks."

looked back up at him and was captured by his light blue eyes, that caught my breath, every single time. He brought his face close and I whispered into his lips "I think that's the point." His blue eyes reflected my green ones, creating the perfect summery sea combination.

"Everything about you is so perfect Roselyn." I would normally have gone crazy about somebody using my full name, however the proximity of our lips and the person whispering it, drove me to a completely different kind of crazy. That's why I surprised him when I closed the gap, that he was trying so desperately to keep between us, to extend the moment.

We kissed. It was sweet and soft -his lips were still soft and damp from showering and mine were still minty and cool from the toothpaste. We moved in time and our lips found each others' pulses. I moved one of my hands to his wet hair as I pulled back just enough to whisper into his mouth "Look who's talking."

He paused and his eyelashes fluttered against my tightly closed ones. I also paused to try and keep the moment memorable, valuable and passionate.

I'm not sure how much longer we kissed; sat in the same position with only our lips and fingers moving between each others' faces.  Each extra second felt like a drop of gold. Each minute more was as worthy as a basket of diamonds. Time meant nothing, it was only a sum of kisses and strokes.

  That was when a voice shouted, from the outside of our private Utopia. "Guys! C'moooon! Stop whatever your doing and get your arses upstairs." It was Louis' voice. He was teasing us and enjoying the interruption that he had made.

Niall pulled away and my eyes shot open. It felt like we were 2 naughty school kids who had been caught doing something mischevious, as we grinned at each other cheekily and he stroked my cheek one more time.

"Yeah come on!" Zayn's broad accent lingered "You don't want us to come in right?"

"Too late!" Louis screamed with laughter as he burst in and Zayn shook his head disapprovingly at Louis from behind. "Oooh! Look at this Zayn! They were smooching!" Louis wolf whistled as he ran over to the bed with pointed fingers and jumped straight on top of us quickly.

"Louis!" I screamed with laughter as he pushed all the air out of my lungs and started tickling me. "Hey! Get ooooff!" More screams. "Niall help me!"

In the end it was Zayn who had to intervene and drag Louis off of the two of us, to hoist me up onto the floor. "Come on! We want to see the secret room!" Zayn grabbed my hand childishly and pulled me along the corridor and up the stairs to a waiting Rachel, Harry and Liam.

"About time." Harry chuckled "What the hell were you guys doing down there?" His voice was implying and telling so I smacked his arm, that still held the ice on his lesser red fist, lightly. "Put a shirt on Harry." Harry rolled his eyes and pulled me in for a shirtless hug before I could move further forward. Moisture gripped my cheeks and clothes as I tried to pull away. "Groooss!"

"It's only water -I had a shower!" He laughed as I shook him off and he finally decided to give in by putting on a similar shirt to Niall. Although they were the same off-black colour, Harry's top had a lower cut, to show off the flamboyant butterfly tattoo that covered his collar bones. 

"That's better." 

"C'mon Rosie! We want to see!" Liam bounced up and down on the spot like a child at Christmas and I knew that I couldn't make them wait any longer. 

"Right guys, this room is known as..." I stepped towards the second door, on the top floor landing, and pushed the handle down slightly before swinging it open and running inside "the Den."

Everybody watched me from the landing and their mouths each dropped open in turn. 

"Woah." They breathed out together. 

"Welcome to our film night!" I sang melodically, as I spun on the spot twice, with my arms in the air.



Just to let you guys know, I'm so thankful for all the reads and great feedback! I'm really enjoying writing this fanfiction so I hope that you enjoy it enough to stick with me until the end -whenever that may be. For more information and updates, you can follow my twitter @Beth_Hutchflin_ where I follow back and will also keep you up to date on new chapters. I'd also really appreciate any attention that you can get to this story over social media! Keep reading everybody! Thanks a million, nialls_tribute xo

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