Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


57. Collection of Drawings


“Okay, we need to go now. I have to make sure my house is still standing and pack for the rest of this week.”

Niall frowned at me, disappointed that we couldn’t stay longer. He was sitting at the small kitchen table with the kids, drawing pictures and talking to them animatedly. “Now?”

“Yes. If we don’t leave now, then by the time I’ve packed and we’re ready to go, we won’t get into London until early morning.”

“She’s right.” Zayn got up from the sofa where he was sitting with my Uncle Nick and shook his hand –thanking him for the cups of tea and coffee.

“It was a pleasure. You two would be more than welcome to come back and visit, the kids obviously love you guys- I’ve never heard them so quiet. I hope we can see you and your friends more often Rosie.”

“Yeah! What happened to the times where I used to come round and baby sit or come around to play with them after school?” I smiled whilst reminiscing over the past.

“You grew up and got busy with all your exams- thats what happened. The invitations still open though.”

“Of course. Thank you. Enjoy the time you get off before it’s too late and they take that cast off! Not the cleverest idea you’ve had to get a break from work, but oh well.” I gave Uncle Nick a short hug, whilst he laughed over my shoulder, and then walked over to the table to give Julie and Tommy (my favourite cousins) a big hug and a kiss.

“See you later kiddies. I’ve loved spending time with you. I’ll have to come around after school one day.”

“Yeah yeah!”

“Dad, can we see Rosie before Christmas?”

“Yes. I think we’re going to the Christmas party they’re having at the house so we should see them then.” Nick smiled at me and I nodded enthusiastically, along with his children.

“It’s a date.” I laughed happily and then wrapped my arms around my small blonde sister. “Have a good week. I’ll see you at school tomorrow but then I won’t see you until Saturday.”

Lola put more pressure into our cuddle but made no effort to move away. “I know. I miss you Roselyn.”

“It’s only a few more days. You don’t need to miss me -you’ll be fine. Love you monkey.”

“Love you too.”

I backed away and pushed a thick, golden strand of hair off of her face. “Before you know it, we’ll all be back at home together.” She returned my words with a light smile before taking her seat next to Julie and fussing over the pen marks on her hands. I loved seeing Lola around Julie, she acted more mature and grown up. She acted the way around Julie, that I had acted around her when I was 12. It was just a lovely thing to witness.

“Rosie! Don’t go yet! I made you something.”

It was Tommy. He came stumbling over to me, on his short toddler-chubby legs, with a piece of paper in his hand. Whilst he approached me, I tried hard to decipher what was on the page, but could only see 4 stick men. One was considerably shorter than the rest; another had long hair and a skirt. The last two were hard to differentiate between; apart from the fact that one had black hair that shot straight up, and the other had yellowy-orange hair that went towards the side.

“Look. There’s me, and you, and Zayn, and Niall." Uncle Nick had corrected Tommy's pronunciation as soon as he had introduced 'Wiall' to his father -much to everyone's disappointment. It was starting to catch on and Niall didn't mind at all -he thought it was quite cute. "We’re all holding hands see?” He smiled up at me triumphantly and I realised how much I had missed my adorable cousin over the last few months.

“Aww, it’s so good Tommy. Give me another cuddle before I go.” He nestled himself into my arms and I picked him up whilst I squeezed him. From my arms, he went straight into Niall’s, and then Zayn’s, before he got put down again and presented me with the drawing.

“You can have it.”

“Are you sure?” The drawing was childish and basic, but I had seen how hard he had worked on it.

“Yes. I’m going to draw another one for me.” He gave me a stern look until I accepted it and he could run off with a wave. Bless the little guy.

“Bye everyone!”

“See you all later!”

“Ta ta.” Niall saluted his way out of the door a short while later we were sat back in the car, with Zayn behind us both, yet again.

I turned the radio up so that it was loud enough to drown my thoughts with notes and beats. Whilst I navigated my way back to the house, that was nearly 20 minutes away, the boys inspected the new drawing. The new and adorable drawing that I would add to the collection I had built up over the last 3 years that Tommy had started drawing pictures for me.


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