Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


119. Cloud of Leaflets


“Well… Hey you.” The curtain couldn’t come down fast enough before I threw myself off of the piano stool and ran half way to meet Niall. His guitar is lazily rested on the floor as we press together in the centre of the darkened stage.

A laugh escapes his lips and his beautiful Irish accent is raspy compared to the lyrics that he just sang in front of everyone. “I just fucking serenaded you on your school stage and all you can say is ‘hey you’?” I can hardly hear him over the cheers that are coming from the audience –they’re almost deafening- and Niall suppresses his contagious laugh with warm eyes.

“I’m just lost for words, okay?” He kisses my lips softly, coming closer so that I can wrap my hands in the back of his hair.

“Of course.”

“So why exactly are you up here again?”

“Um,” he looks around the stage light-heartedly, as if looking for an answer, before taking two hands out to the side to do an overly enthusiastic set of jazz-hands “surprise?”

“Yes, it was a surprise alright.”

“It was Rachel’s idea. Something nice, that’s all. I like to keep my girl on her toes.”

“Thank you.” I kiss him one more time before Niall pulls away, as if we’re hearing the crowd for the first time.

“Jesus they’re loud. We should probably um, bow or something?”

“Let’s just go and find everyone and hope that you don’t get mobbed.”

“Okay, or that.” He shrugs and allows me to lead the way around the side of the curtain and off the stage. I’m immediately sprung on by Perrie, Eleanor, Sophia, Rachel and even Jade.

“Wooaaah…” There’s even a small crowd of people building up around me as other acts fly out from the opening curtains to find family and friends. The whole hall is in a frenzy.

“You were amazing!”

“Oh my god. You have to join Little Mix, doesn’t she Jade, doesn’t she?”

“Yes! Yes totally pet!”

“Wooow, that was just…” Eleanor is lost for words, as is Rachel who just wraps her arms around my neck in a jokey over-protectiveness to keep me from the others.

Niall’s head searches for me over the crowd and I can see him laughing away as I am huddled and people encircle me like a cage. “Yeah right, I don’t think I’m the one who needs to be worried about getting mobbed tonight.” I laugh sarcastically at him, wishing I could still keep a hold on his hand as he moves further away into a clear corner of the hall.

A growing trail of school students follows behind him, with their cameras and some of the other boys in tow too. I instantly know that he’s just trying to give himself more space –even though some people wouldn’t realise that it’s for his own claustrophobic benefits rather than everybody else’s.

Once I’ve spoken to all of the girls, my family and finally a whole crowd of people that go to my school -but I would never recognize on a normal school day- I’m let free to venture back over to Niall. There’s an awkward bunch of girls standing round them –about 15 in total- who are just standing there for the sake of spending as much time with One Direction as possible. Only a couple of them are talking to Louis whilst the rest try to listen to what’s being said. Zayn, Harry and Niall, however, are all talking to Lollie’s best friend Chloe. I recognize her from the countless evenings that she has slept around our house.

“Hey Lola.” I give her a hug that she returns with adorable pride. “Chloe!” I say, greeting her. “You were good!” I bend over to give her a subtle hug too.

“Thank you Rosie. You were great too!” Aww.

“Here’s our little pop-star!” Harry jokes, holding one arm out to give me a familiar half-hug as I fit under his shoulder. Zayn does the same but takes one of my hands casually and kisses me on the cheek.

“Look at you! You were great, honestly, I know everyone’s saying it but man… that was something.” I smile widely at Zayn and then reach out for Niall’s hand across the circle. He takes it and pulls me over to him, slinging an arm over my shoulder and trying to tickle my back with the other. Lola and Chloe are watching us with warm eyes and I’m suddenly aware of how exposed we are. Niall and I have never been in front of a whole group of people like this before; without security, any boundaries or anywhere to rush off too. The few camera lenses which are trained on us are slightly uncomfortable, but the fans behind them are lovely and smiley; making me feel a lot better about our public affection.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” A voice rings out over the chatter, from beside the hall’s empty exit. “There are refreshments in the corridor outside. Please feel free to make the most of them before leaving. We hope you enjoyed this evening.” With that the woman is gone.

“I guess that means they want us to go and stop causing a ruckus.”

“Who’d have thought it? One Direction does a meet and greet at Harris High.”

I laugh lightly. “Come on, Nialler. Let’s go.” We lead towards the open doors where people are now spilling out as instructed. Niall grabs Louis and Liam on our way, saying that we should tell the fans that they’ll only be doing a few more photos outside and then that’s it.

“You were perfect this evening by the way.” He nuzzles into my hair and it really does make me feel like a million dollars. When Niall compliments me I know to take it seriously.

“Thank you.”

We look into each other’s eyes for a few seconds before he starts laughing –a laugh that makes me melt and start laughing too, goddamnit. “I really don’t understand you, you know.”

“What? Why?”

“You’re just…” he searches for a word and I look away shyly. I meet a young primary school girl’s eyes sweetly as he wraps his arm over my shoulder again.

“I don’t know… too good?”

I snicker. “I’m too good?”

“You know what I mean… you always look amazing, smell amazing, sound amazing. I’m starting to think you’re not real.”

“Well I definitely I am real…” He laughs and pinches me lightly, as if to check. “But I’m not perfect.”

“Good. Fuck perfect. Perfect’s boring.”

“Shh you. We’re in a school you know. And my family’s here… idiot.”

“Idiot.” He mimics my voice with a grin.

We’ve just emerged from the school hall, into the corridor outside with Niall leaning over my shoulders and chattering to everybody around us, when I see Rachel up ahead. She’s picking leaflets off of one of the tables, ready to put them into a bin now that the concert is over. I’m about to run over to her, to put a smile on her constantly tired face, when I notice Harry in front of us. He’s nervously stepping towards her with a confident expression. I can see straight through it.

Rachel suddenly looks up, smiling at me and then noticing the worry on my face. It causes her to look around, sussing out the source of my apprehension when her eyes lock with Harry’s. Her mouth is set in a harsh line as he makes his way over to her, pulling one of her arms to back away from the crowd so that he can talk to her more privately against the wall. I’m surprised she didn’t just lash out at him, then and there. This can’t be good. The anger’s been bottled up for days already.

Zayn notices; pulling Perrie and Jade to a stop so that they can divert the people around our little group. Eventually everyone realises what’s going on and comes to a stop, apart from the flow of families and other school kids around us. As Rachel stares into Harry’s eyes rigidly I know what I’m witnessing.

I pull Niall’s sleeve nervously, wanting him to get Harry out of there, or to be ready to step in at a seconds notice. Niall’s arm goes rigid around my frame and it’s clear that everybody else can see the tension too.

I know what I’m looking at. Isn’t it obvious? It’s a car crash waiting to happen.


“Rachel? Ummm…” Shit. What do I say? “Umm… look…”

She waits expectantly and then becomes impatient; a mad kind of fire is metaphorically burning through her eyes. “Oh hi! You must be Harry Styles.”


“I’ve seen so much about you in the news! You should know that I’m, like, your biggest fan ever!

“Why are you acting like this? Can we not just talk?” I’m starting to get used to the feeling of being ignored.

“Will you marry me? Actually, no, take a photo with me. No, actually,” her voice is no longer sarcastic as it turns into a scary growl; her face turning scary alongside it. I’ve never seen her act like this. I try my hardest to forget how sexy she is when she’s angry and take this seriously. Rachel’s mad –extremely mad. “I’ve changed my mind. Why don’t you just sign all of these fucking papers for me?” She screeches and I’m thrown a whole stack of leaflets. They fly around my head and I only just find the time to lift my arms to guard myself before they fall to the floor one by one.

By the time that my vision is made clear of the blue and yellow paper cloud, I can see that Rachel’s storming down the corridor- scaring a whole bunch of school kids and one family- as she pushes past them and then screams back at me. “Sign all of them! Because that’s all I am to you right? Just another petty fan who’ll never be treated any differently to anybody else. Oh, apart from that Kendall. Why isn’t she here, huh? Oh that’s right, she’s probably gone straight back to LA, leaving you here with me, so that I can do the dirty work and entertain you until she comes back.” Rach is practically out of sight, turning another corner when I hear her scream one last retort for everyone around the whole school to hear. “Well fuck that Harry fucking Styles!”

I’m glued to the spot, my hand rubbing my forehead and sweeping the hair out of my eyes involuntarily. I hear someone awkwardly cough behind me and I know that the whole of our group is standing there; I can’t bear to look at them for much longer than a few seconds. Their faces show nothing but concern for Rachel and disappointment. Jade is the only one to step forward and put a hand on my shoulder. If she knew the situation any better than I have no doubts that she'd be stood back with the others; keeping her hands to herself.

I’m a horrible person. Horrible. I promised Rachel I’d be there for her since she shut Miles out of her life, and now I just look like a player. A fucking player and a womanizer. Great –that’s one way of getting One Direction some publicity.

I jerk out from under Jade’s sympathetic hand and storm out of the school. Niall tries to call me back but I don’t need his sympathy. I don’t need Louis’ advice either, as he calls after me to ‘stop being a dickhead and take control of the situation.’

When I escape from the school’s open doors there is a small crowd of paparazzi and the school’s pupils who have been waiting since the show finished.

"Harry, is it true about you sleeping at Kendall's hotel room?"

"I bet she's good in bed. Is she?"

"Harry, what've you got to say about your latest romance? Anything? What about your sex life?"

The paparazzi's shouts make me sick to my stomach. I don’t even bother to stop for pictures or remove the hard stare from my face. Instead of directing it at the paparazzi and fans –who I wish would disappear, just this once- I stare at the ground and stride back to the car park. I don’t want to hurt or upset anybody else. My mother taught me better than that.

Once I’m in the car I’m able to take a breather, but only once I’ve slammed my hand on the horn a few times and shouted the word ‘fuck’ repeatedly.

I don’t really remember how much time goes past until someone opens the door. “Get the fuck out! I don’t need fucking sympathy or stupid advice off of anyone” I stop in my tracks. It’s Rosie. She runs a shy hand through her hair as she pulls it over the shoulder nearest to me and stares straight ahead once she’s sat in the passenger seat.

“Niall said you get angry… He said to keep away from you because you lose your temper –but only when it’s really bad.”

“I don’t fucking lose my temper. He’s a twat.”

She takes a deep breath and carries on smoothly –still staring straight ahead. “He also said you swear a lot…”

“If he told you to keep away then why are you here?” I’ve got two fingers pressed against each temple.

“Because you’re angry.”

“That fucking obvious?”

“And you feel like everyone’s pissed off at you.”

“They are.”

“You’re right; I’m not exactly your biggest fan at the moment.” She chuckles slightly and it allows me the time to take a deep breath –her honesty is quite charming; at least she’s not pretending that she has nothing against me like the others. “But I know that this wasn’t your fault. I’m not angry with you for what happened –I just want you to come out and tell her the truth before it’s too late. That's what everyone else wants too. We're angry because you're missing a great opportunity. One that makes you happy.”

“It’s not that easy-”

“Harry, I know. We all saw those flyers get thrown at you –she needs to stop being so petty too, but you also need to just come out and tell her that this is Modest. Not you. Stop waiting for a fucking fairy tale –that’s not how life works. Just tell her.”

“If you’re words weren't so… right, I’d probably be swearing at you and releasing a lot of anger right now. So, just to make me feel better –fuck.” I slam the heel of my hand back down on the horn again. “This is all fucking bullshit. Stupid… fucking…” She patiently waits for me to get everything out before I take a deep breath. “Okay…”


“Much better.”

“Great, because I bet the school will be thrilled with the copious amount of beeping and swearing coming from their car parks.” We both laugh.

“Good. Serves them right, the fuckers.”

“Hey, they’re not all bad.” We sit comfortably in silence until I start to tap my fingers on the wheel and we both go to say something.

“Go on…”

“No it’s fine… what were you going to say?”

“I was going to say that she’ll come round. Eventually...” Somehow, Rosie’s already answered my question without me having to ask it. “But you’re going to have to do something special. Do you know one of the first things I thought when we saw the article –after all of the complex and quality swearing of course- but do you know what it was?”

I shake my head. “No.” I’d never realised how interesting pulling the threads out of a pair of jeans could be. It’s probably why I have so many pairs of jeans with holes in the knees though.

“I thought ‘You know what? Harry’s mucked up big time.’” That makes me feel great. Like I didn't need reminding again. I’m about to tell her to stop when she puts one finger up to me. “‘He's mucked up big time, everyone knows that... But the people who really know him would also be aware of how big his heart is –and I don’t mean for this to be cheesy- but also how hard you’d work to tell her that you’re sorry.’ Am I right?”

“Yeah… um, I think so.” She is right, but I feel like there’s been a huge block in my mind since hanging out with Rachel –I have no idea how to resolve this problem. “But I don’t know how. Nothing I can think of seems good enough for her. She deserves more than anything I can think of – a stupid meal out or a walk... She deserves something more special than any of that.”

“A walk?” Rosie laughs softly, but there are undertones of seriousness. “No offense, but never take Rachel on a walk. There was this one time, we went to Brighton and she wore a pair of wedge heels. I’d told her we’d be walking a lot, but she didnt listen and her feet hurt, so after a few hours we just had to find a café and sit there for ages. Anyway. You don’t want to hear about that.” I kind of do, but I hope that there will be lots time for talking in the future. “I have an idea. It’s sarcastic as fuck, but it will make Rachel laugh, and hopefully end up with an apologetic phone call?”

“That’s good enough for me.”

She explains her idea and I agree to it. It does sound like the kind of joke that Rachel and I would have –especially with her sarcastic and sophisticated sense of humour. “She’s going out later, so if I get Niall to bring some of them out to your car and you do them, then I should be able to set it all up later.”

“Are you sure? It’s not too cheesy? It won’t piss her off?”

“I’m sure it will be fine. Things will be all patched up by tomorrow. Anyway, Niall will be worried. We have lots of party planning to do for tomorrow. She opens the door and gets out, turning back to give me a smile. I return it gratefully.

“Thank you. You’re honestly such a great friend –to everybody. We’re all lucky to have you.”

“It’s all in return –take it as a thank you for being my famous best friends.” I’m given a wink before I call her back again and she ducks down. “Yeah?”

“Rosie,” I lean over the console. “I forgot to really tell you how great you were tonight. You’ve definitely got a future in singing sweetie. Great song choices as well.” I give her the wink this time and we both laugh sarcastically. “See you later.”

“Yeah, later. And Harry?” I look back, at the slightly open door frame, where Rosie’s ducked her head to meet my eyes. “Rachel’s done worse things than throw a bunch of flyers before. You should consider yourself extremely lucky.” I expect her to leave when she adds with a whisper. “And it also means she cares about you.” With that, I’m left alone with my thoughts of the plan and tomorrow’s Christmas party. It’s a mixed emotion of apprehension and excitement. It will be my last chance to say what I need to say and patch things up. I need to get things right.


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