Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


112. Christmas Shopping


Rachel and I are scouting Westfields in Central London for a last few things before Niall comes to join me and Harry comes to take Rachel out for the evening –in other words we’re getting more presents for them before they can come and supposedly ‘ruin’ our secret Christmas shopping. We’re just exiting Urban Outfitters after Rachel brought something for Harry when I confront her.

“Rachel, how much exactly have you spent on him?” She’s brought him 3 presents in my company so far. “I don’t know… £50? Maybe £55?”

“With a £20 spending cap? Congrats babe.”

“Oh come on… all the times he’s taken me out for dinner and paid for my food this week –even when I’ve told him not to.” They’ve spent every night together since Saturday and have also been planning to spend the rest of the week in each other’s company before he heads back to Cheshire for a family Christmas on Sunday.

“And you’re trying to tell me that they don’t count as dates? Seriously Rachel… you’re deluded.”

“But they’re not dates! If they were then he would have told me!”

“Okay, so, listen to this –hypothetically-” yeah fucking right “-Harry is too shy to ask you. He’s scared you’ll turn him down or worse, he’ll frighten you off? What if this whole week he’s been taking you on ‘hypothetical’ dates” she tries to cut me off as we get onto an elevator but I put one finger up to stop her “but you’re just not seeing through them. You’re not…” I struggle for the right words “I don’t know… catching his hints?”

“Rosie, there are no hints…”

“Hypothetically.” I repeat again.

“Okay, well I’d be very stupid and naïve.” I nod along incredulously. How the fuck is she still not picking it up? Even I’m hinting it now –I might as well have given her a safe, holding all of Harry’s secret feelings towards her, guarded only by a single digit code and as many tries as it takes for her to break into it. “Can we get off this subject now?”

“No. You won’t let me suggest that he has feelings for you, so if you want to move past this you need to admit your own feelings for him.”

“That’s bullshit.” She turns around to look at me in mock unhappiness –I can see straight past her fake disguise. I raise one eyebrow and wait for her true reaction. The shock starts to fade into an amused smile as she rolls her eyes and shrugs her shoulders. There it is. “Okay! You got me, I like him. Who doesn’t? He’s Harry fucking Styles.” Her answer’s so generic but she still admitted it so I let her off the hook.

“So you like him…” I play around with the words in my mouth in thought. “So does that mean you’ve imagined kissing him?”

“Maybe…” It’s one of the only times I’ve ever seen her blush. We’ve already talked about the two of them ‘nearly kissing’ by the lake on Saturday and she didn’t have this kind of reaction then, so I know there’s something else… That means she must have been imagining something else… something more-

“You dirty little-” Rachel tilts her head back to giggle loudly, cutting off my sentence midway and it reminds me of Niall. He cuts me off with his laughs too –mostly because of how much they make me cackle alongside him. “You’ve thought about more than kissing him!” The guilty eyes that she avoids from meeting my gaze give her away until she turns to look at me.

“So what?” Her expression is playful and jokingly harmless “Not all girls wait a whole month before letting their boyfriend get to stage two with them.”


“Aww, you’re so innocent, bless you.” She knows nearly everything about how far Niall and I have gotten –clearly not that far as I haven’t had much trouble with needing to slow him down to go at my own steady pace so far.

“Niall’s just respectful. He knows I want to wait –he knows that it will be my first time.”

“It’s funny how deceiving personalities can be…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing –it’s just he’s the one making most of the innuendos and sex references whenever you’re out of the room.”

“He’s just got a dirty sense of humour-”

“-and a very good patience, by the looks of it.” My best friend looks me up and down humorously. “I don’t know how, but he does.”

“The funny thing is that he really hasn’t got even an ounce of patience in him. I must just be special –well I hope that’s why.” Niall can hardly even wait for his food to arrive once we’ve ordered in a restaurant. Literally 5 minutes into waiting and he’ll start bouncing his knee up and down, finding it hard to concentrate on anything for too long. I start to doubt myself in the safe trusty environment of my best friend “Rachel… what if he’s not being patient –what if he just doesn’t want to…”

“Have sex with you?” She looks at me as if I’m crazy. “Girl, who wouldn’t want to have sex with you? He can obviously just see how special you are and he probably doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.” She thinks to herself before whispering her next statement to me. “Taking someone’s virginity is a big thing… especially when you love them, like a lot, and you’re not a virgin yourself. Can you imagine the pressure that he’s putting on himself with that in mind?” I don’t know how she does it –if she wasn’t denying everything between her and Harry I might call her a love guru.

“Yeah, that sounds… reasonable.”

“Babe, I know my stuff. Relationship advice is my forte.” I know it is –it’s a shame she can’t take any of it herself though. “Okay, so where to now?”

“Well that depends. How much stuff have you still got to get?”

“Nothing. I’m all done!”


“Yeah, well except for my love over here,” she holds a hand out in my direction and I take it with a huge smile. “But I’m sure I can get that another day.”

“Okay then, let’s go to River Island. I was looking up gifts for Perrie on the internet last night and I saw this amazing pair of disco pants with little silver dimantes in the material. They’re high waisted too, so she’ll love them.”

“So you two’ve made up then?”

“Yeah, we’ve decided to be friends.” Things last night went extremely well –after the meal we even got to chat in private again whilst our boys played Xbox together. I got to know her a lot better and I’d say that I’m glad we got the chance to make up. It’s no surprise everyone was so surprised at our argument on Sunday –we’re so alike that everyone was positively confident that we would have gotten on extremely well, which now we do, so it’s all okay.

“Aw, I’m glad. But don’t go leaving me for a more glamorous best friend, okay?” She nods her head to make her point more assertive but then adds in a wink to tell me she’s joking.

“Hey, no one can beat my current best friend. No one –not even Perrie from Little Mix.”

She laughs. “Good, because I might not know how to sing as well as her, but I definitely know you better than most other people.” I pull her in for a hug with my free arm that lacks the tonnes of shopping bags.

“Just so you know, Niall will be here in half an hour, so we really need to speed up.”

“Okey dokey.” We make a mad dash to the shop, where we pace around for ages when we suddenly come across a few teenage girls who are milling around and looking at things to buy. They recognize us –me in particular- so after convincing them to help us find the particular pair of disco pants that we’re looking for, we finally find them together and I agree to take lots of photos as a thank you. We’re out of the shop by the time that Niall and Harry arrive –meeting them at the Starbucks where Niall, Liam, Rach and I spent our first meeting in Westfields together. Whilst Harry and Rachel decide to leave straight away, Niall and I decide to straight on with our Christmas shopping. We still have to buy presents for Liam, Sophia, Zayn, Eleanor, Louis, Harry and Rachel.

We’ve just stepped out of Topman, after buying Louis a dark green winter jumper, when I start to feel really uncomfortable. “You okay babe?” Niall must have noticed because he makes his hold tighter around my shoulder and brushes a kiss on my cheek.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Oh I don’t know,” he laughs “because your face is all scrunched up and you look as pale as a sheet?” I stop dead in the middle of the shopping centre when I feel as if someone’s kicked me hard, just below the stomach. He hangs back nervously, with worried eyes as I whimper an ‘ow’ involuntarily. There’s only one thing it could be. Shit. Not now. I wasn't due on until next week.


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