Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


132. Change of Plans


We're sitting on the rug breath the tree, admiring our work and taking in the smell of pine leaves and the bark coated in a light layer of sap. I've made the pair of us hot chocolates but we're both being unusually quiet. I don't know why Harry's so silent, but I know that my lips are sealed because I can't stop thinking about everything that's happened between us over the past two days. I'm trying to act normal but I really can't. Not when Harry's trying to pretend it’s never happened but I can't get it out of my mind. The idea of us -me and Harry- makes me feel like I'm already home in my thoughts. It's a safe place, a place where he can protect me and I can let myself relax.

"Okay," he smiles to himself awkwardly. "One present now and maybe a few later."

Being the impatient person that I am, I'd much rather have them all now. "Ugh fine." His eyes twinkle in amusement and I feel like he's instantly made it up to me.

"You first though." I pull the package out from behind the tree where I hid it a few minutes ago.

“What’s this?” He smiles and rips into the gift wrap. He finally pulls the garment of clothing out from the paper and holds up the hoodie that I brought him from Topman this week before our little feud. It’s a black zip up hoodie that I brought to be baggy on him, with white Aztec and snowflake patterns running up and down both sleeves and an extremely thick lining of fur that runs all the way from the hood down to the bottom hem.

“This is great. I love the patterns.” He slips it on over his jumper and it looks like a good fit.

“You like it?”

“Hell yeah.” He laughs and strokes the brown faux fur. “It’s so soft. Feel it.” He leans forward for me to touch it –even though I’m pretty sure I know how it feels, as that was what encouraged me to buy it for him. “Okay, you next.” He pulls a present out that was similar to mine but slightly thinner than the chunky folded hoodie.

“What’s this?” I ask curiously.

“Just open it.” He laughs, chewing his lip.

I do as I’m told and find a navy blue OnePiece Onesie with white hearts patterned in strips just below the armpits, running all the way around the centre of the torso. I love the pattern and unwrap it with a huge smile on my face. “I swear these are expensive.”

“I get deals on them remember –sponsorship and all that.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve actually been wanting one for ages. Thank you.” I lean over and hug him when another brown parcel –a jiffy bag to be exact- falls out from inside of the material.

I sit back with a quizzical look. “What’s this?”

He raises his eyebrow knowingly and I unwrap the second present even faster. “It’s… a pair of pyjamas?” Inside is a festive looking pair of pyjamas, with rows of white reindeer going down the legs of the red pyjama bottoms. Along with it comes a white pyjama t-shirt with a red silhouette of a reindeer’s face on the front.

“What’s this for?”

“It’s... um, kind of my invite for you to spend Christmas with me and my family…”


“You don’t have to, it’s just an idea.”

“You’re inviting me to go home with you for Christmas?”


I’m sort of speechless. “Really?”

“Yes.” He laughs impatiently. “Is that okay with you?”

“Yes!” I throw myself around him and the fur of his hood is soft against my cheek. “When did giving someone a pair of pyjamas become a fashionable invite though?”

“My whole family wears matching pyjamas –girls and boys separate, of course- but it’s a tradition.”

“And I have a pair because…?”

“Because Gem and my mum always make sure to send me a pair of girls pyjamas in the hope that I might actually bring someone home to meet them.”

“Is that what this is? Meeting your family?”

“It’s just an open invite to spend some time away with me and my family on Christmas and see whether I can make an exception for you with this contract thing. I’m not going to lie –it bothers me,” he sighs “but if there’s a way that I can get over it and get used to the idea of a secret relationship like you say you would be fine with… then maybe…”


“What about your family?”

“They’ve been talking about going away to visit my older sister, so I don’t see why travelling with one less passenger will be a problem. It will probably be a relief.”

“Are you sure?”


“And you don’t mind leaving this evening?”

“My stuff?” I question.

“Oh we can drop by your house once I’m ready to leave and pack some things for you –I wasn’t just going to put you in the car and tell you to deal with it.” He laughs at me softly and I run my fingers over the soft navy blue material of my OnePiece.

“Are you excited?”

“Of course.” I smile. “I never go away or do anything at Christmas so this will be exciting.”

“And you’re positive you want to go?”


“In that case…” He takes out his phone and puts it to his ear a few seconds later. “Hey mum? Yeah, those pyjamas turned out to come in handy after all. Yeah, Rachel. Yeah that’d be nice. We’ll probably arrive late by the way.” Oh my fucking gosh –is this really happening? Am I spending my Christmas with Harry Styles at his family home? “Okay. Thanks, love you mum, yeah, bye.” He puts it away and smiles at me from across the small spans of rug. “That’s sorted. Now you better ring your parents and help me make something to eat before I start packing.”


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