Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


15. Cadillac


We were lounging around on the sofas in the business suite, after school, when I could tell that Rachel was starting to get nervous. “Are you sure I look okay?”

For the fourth time today, I replied saying “Yes I’m sure! You look great, now stop worrying!”  I knew she couldn’t help it but she did look great so she had absolutely nothing to worry about. Today, she had been wearing a long sleeved, white silk, shirt that had small turquoise flowers dotted around it and a turquoise beaded collar. With that, she was wearing a pair of skinny, black trousers that emphasised her gorgeous figure, a grey blazer that had the sleeves rolled up along with her shirt so that you could see her forearms where she wore a turquoise and silver jewelled bracelet on her small right wrist, that lit up her gorgeous dark skin, and lastly she was wearing a simple pair of black heels to make her seem taller.

She had always been a pretty girl. If she wasn’t still going out with her boy friend Miles - or Prick, as I was referring to him these days - she’d have a whole queue of boys from our school lining up for her. The best thing about her appearance -apart from her rich, dark skin; soft, brown eyes; black and red hair; and stunning figure- was her gorgeous smile and straight teeth that could turn any guy soft and delirious, although she still complained about how unfair it was that I had a cute dimple.

 I’d heard a lot of people lately, walking down the corridors, talking about us and it was common knowledge that everyone at Harris High referred to me and Rach as the ‘Dream Team’. We weren’t always the best looking girls but in the last two years of sixth form we had blossomed into a pair of beautiful friends.

 I personally liked that she was quite short but it was the one thing that she hated about her figure, so she wore heels as often as possible. She did look great and, although she didn’t have the best fashion sense when we started getting mature enough to buy our own clothes, luckily most of my fashion sense rubbed off on her, especially when I went shopping with her meaning that we had a pretty similar taste.

She smiled at me gratefully but started playing with her hands and swinging her legs. I wasn’t surprised she was so nervous, 24 hours ago, neither of us would have ever even have dreamed of meeting any of One Direction –never mind going to hang out with two of them.

I looked at the clock that hung on the back wall that was lined with computers. It said 3:20pm. Our ride should be getting here soon enough so I looked around me to check I had my bag and everything that I had started my day with and found everything right where I had put it when we had sat down at 3:00pm.

A few teachers had walked past and asked if there was anything that they could help us with. We got more priorities now that we were in sixth form, like being able to stay at school for longer, but most teachers were still quite fussy about students hanging about after school hours.

Each time I would just reply calmly, saying that we were ‘waiting for someone to pick us up’ whilst I waited for them to carry on down the corridor and leave us alone.

I looked out of the glass windows that lined one whole side of the business suite. From here, you could see into the glass reception, that was next door, and the school gates -through which you could see the road outside and the cars that were parked, waiting to pick people up from school.

I was about to turn back to Rachel when I noticed a group of boys standing outside the school gates. About 20 of them had collected and were talking to a tall, suited man. He looked quite young from where I could see him and he was talking to the boys, gesturing to the car. Woah. “Rach.”

“Yeah?” She turned around to see where I was looking before I replied.

“I think our ride’s here...”

We both got up from where we were sitting and buzzed ourselves out into the reception; it was locked by a security card system. Sixth Formers and Staff were the only people presented with security cards to leave via the Reception. Everyone else was expected to enter and leave via the black metal gates around the sides of the building. As we walked over the court yard and out of the main gates I pushed forward through the crowd to the front where the suited man stood talking to one of Miles’ friends. He was in our year and recognized us, just as the young man looked up at me.

“You must be Thom?” I asked him with a smile.


“Hi, I’m Rosie Stephens!” I held my hand out to shake his and he accepted. His grip was firm and he seemed surprised that I had gone to shake his hand.

“Nice to meet ya’ Miss Stephens, but who might ya’ friend be?” He asked with a nod towards Rachel who was standing slightly to the side of me. His Irish accent was a hell of a lot stronger than Niall’s and it made me smile inwardly at the thought that I would be seeing him soon.

“I’m Rachel Stormes” she grinned back. Her eyes kept darting down the length of the car. It was a short, black  limo that most celebrities rode around in. No wonder the boys from school were going crazy about it. I knew enough about cars from my brother to recognize it as being a Cadillac.

“Miss Stormes.” he said as he bowed his head and held his hand out to her as I had done to him. She accepted it and shook it lightly.

“May we be ready to depart?”

“Yeah, sure!” I grinned at Rachel and she looked ready to scream in excitement.

“After you Miss Stephens.” He held the door open for us to climb into the short Limo and I hopped in, followed shortly by Rachel. A dozen boys’ faces were peering in at us and the interior; stunned that this was our ride, when the door was suddenly shut by Thom and they stepped back, still in shock. The interior was amazing.

There were only 3 wide seats that were found right at the back of the vehicle, but there was enough leg room for me and Rachel to lie down flat on the floor. There were little spotlights lined down each side of the car and there looked to be a small bar behind the front seats. The seats were decorated with white leather and I looked at Rachel who mouthed ‘woah’ at me, her eyes just as big as the boys that were still trying to look through the one-way glass that showed up as black from the outside.

Thom stepped into the driver’s seat as he said “Righty ho, off we go!” Suddenly I remembered to ask him something, before he would have enough time to set off.

“Thom, is there any chance we can stop off on my road so that I can run into my house and let my sister know I won’t be home tonight?”

“Sure, sure! Just direct me there and then we can set off when you’re ready. I wasn’t expecting you for another 10 minutes anyway so we’ll be on time, as long as you’re quick.” He smiled at me in his rear view mirror.

As me and Rachel buckled up, I squeezed her hand and we left them clamped together on the seat in between us.


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