Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


136. Brown Leather Eagles Jacket


It's only just gone 8:00am, due to Tommy's early and excited awakening, which is why we all look exhausted and tired. I'm also surprised when my phone starts to move across the soft, warm carpet next to me. I pick it up and know there's only one person it can be.

"Hey Niall." FaceTime connects and his image kicks in in front of me, but he's not alone. Theo is sitting on his lap, swinging his arms about wildly, and clutching at his uncle's tshirt, arms and even his hair at one point, with the cutest grin on his face.

"Hey cutie." I smile and watch his eyes grow wide as they spot me.

"Hey." Niall grins cheekily. "Now say hello to Theo!"

"You're such an idiot," Theo grins with an open mouth and reaches his fingers towards the camera. "Heey..."

"That's Rosie." Niall whispers to his gorgeous, chubby nephew. "Yeah, I agree. She's looking even prettier this morning." I scoff at him, although the comment makes me feel all warm.

"How are things over there?" I ask, wiggling my fingers at a mimicking Theo.

"Yeah good." He laughs lightly and plays around with his nephews legs, propping his phone against something so that he's free to play with him. "Me and this one are getting along like a house on fire. We've made our own club."


"It's called the daddy smells club, ain't that right Greg?" Niall looks above the camera and laughs at someone.

"Careful bro. I could send your missus some reaaaally good photos if you keep at it. How'd she like looking at baby photos?"

'Missus'? Aww. "Love them!" I speak up.

"Good. They'll be on their way." I hear a stronger Irish accent chuckle.

"Aww don't Greg, it's just me and my nephew having some chill out time. No harm done." He stands Theo on the tops of his legs and kisses his tummy, as if forgetting that he's on FaceTime to me. I manage to get a screenshot of the adorable moment and stick my tongue out at him when Niall hears the sound.

"You'll have to send me that one."

"Sure… it may even be twitter-worthy."

"Sure." He repeats with the smile that I’ve missed seeing for the past couple of days, although he’s been trying to make up for it with snapchats and private instagrams, as well as the facetimes and phone conversations.

"Have you opened any presents yet?"

"No, we're just being relaxed about it."

"Lucky for some! I could have done with a lie in this morning but my crazy monster cousin woke me up." All of a sudden Tommy notices I'm on FaceTime and runs over to me, leaving his wreckage of presents behind on the carpet, before jumping in front of the camera.

"Speak of the little gorgeous devil." I laugh, grabbing Tom's cheeks.

"Niall!" He shouts in realisation.

"Hey buddy. Did Santa leave you lots of presents?"

"Yeah!" The excitement is practically rippling off of him as he jumps around and nearly steps on my knees.

“Hey,” I laugh, cuddling him to me and watching his reaction to being on FaceTime with Niall and Theo.

“Niall… you have a baby.” Tommy tilts his head in confusion as my Irish man lets out a loud cackle, making Theo giggle and wave his arms around in excitement.

“Yes…” He explains patiently. “This is my brother’s son –my nephew Theo.” He takes hold of Theo’s hand and moves it as if he’s shaking Tommy’s hand through the camera. I encourage Tommy to do the same but he just goes all shy, cowering into my neck, and holds something up that he was holding behind his back.

“Ah that’s cool! Is it a Spiderman watch?”

“Yeah!” Tomster shouts at Niall, and he holds it out for me to see.

“Do you want me to open it?” I ask.


I peel the plastic away from the glued cardboard and clasp the plastic watch around his chubby wrist. “All done!”
“Super man!” Tommy shouts as he runs around the room, confusing his super heroes, before settling back down in front of his stocking and presents from Santa.

“When are you gonna open your presents then?” I ask, suddenly excited for Niall to see what I’ve brought him.

“Uh… I can do it now if you want?”


“Okay... hold on Mr Theo." Niall cooes to his nephew. "I’ve got to run up stairs.” I think I see Niall cross the living room into what looks to be the family kitchen. I see a flash of long blonde hair as Niall gives Theo away, murmuring to the person -whom I'm guessing is Denise. Theo starts to cry as soon as he’s out of his uncle’s arms, but it’s quickly stopped by one of Niall’s funny faces. “Okay, say hi to Denise!” Niall shouts and I literally only get to see a flash of her and wave hello before Niall is back out of the room and walking me round the house.

“Have you opened any presents yet Rosie?”

“Yeah, my stocking and my present from my parents. The idiots brought me a new laptop,” I smile up at my mother with another thankful wink. I really wasn’t expecting a new one. “Because my other one’s an older model and… well, I kinda cracked the screen and wrecked the keyboard... somehow.”

“Yeah, Rach told me about that.” He laughs and before long he is back in the lounge, sitting on a sofa with all five presents that I've brought him over the past month.

 I notice he picks up the large, bulky present that hasn’t got much weight to it first. “No! Not that one!”

“Why?” He asks, teasing the ribbon and cello tape with a wink.

“No Niall! That one’s my show-stealer. You can’t open it first.”

“Yeah yeah.” He rolls his eyes, but I still notice them peeking back over to where he dropped it, in simple curiosity. “Okay then… first one?”

It’s a small package, just a little thing I saw on my discoveries which made me think of Niall. “What is it?” He asks dumbly once he's opened it and has failed in trying to figure it out for himself.

“It’s a Doodle case. You put it on your phone and you can draw the design onto it with the felt tips –but it also wipes off. I know how you’re always changing your case and I thought it could be funny. One day if you bump into a fan asking you to sign their case you could ask them to do the same and completely freak them out.”

“Ahhh that is such a sick idea!” He laughs. “Can you imagine their face?” He coughs and puts on his best posh accent. “’Um excuse me miss, I noticed you’re a fan of me but, um, could I have your autograph?’ What a craic… I’m so gonna do that.” He puts it to one side and picks up another gift.

It’s a bag of Giorgio Armani toiletries. “How did you know? These are my favourites!”

“Niall, you have about 10 different –and pretty empty- bottles of them in your shower.” He nods in realisation and I feel like a proud girlfriend for remembering his favourite. “All of which you can now throw out, as seen as you have these new ones.”

“Thanks!” He smiles at me and picks up another present. “I wonder what this is? It’s a pretty big box.” His eyes widen slightly. “I think I know.” There’s hardly any time for me to say anything before he rips the paper right off of the orange and white box. “Yess! Greg!” He calls next door. “I have new Nikes!”

They’re a pair of Nike Blazers that I managed to custom design for him. I can’t wait to see his reaction as he opens the box, and I’m not disappointed when his wide smile drops to an open mouth. “Wow.”

“I know they look crazy but just trust me. I’ve seen another guy who has them and they look great –even with a suit and tie or just for a casual day out.” Niall doesn’t speak for a few moments as he takes the shoes out of the box timidly, showing them to Greg in all of their glittering and golden glory. The whole shoe, apart from the white Nike ticks, laces and the top panel of the shoes is completely covered in silver and gold glitter, but the majority is made up of tiny circular diamantes. “If you don’t like them I could always take them back.”

He frowns at someone on his right. “What do you think bro?”

“Well…” I take a deep breath and force myself to think positive. Shit. “Um…They’re great! I actually love them!” Niall lets out a laugh as he catches my horrified expression a second too early before I can wipe it off with a beaming smirk.

“Haha we tricked you! No, I love them, I’ve actually wanted a pair like this for ages but I’ve been too scared to buy them for myself. I didn’t know if they’d suit me-“

“They will.” I assure him. Greg’s arm reaches into my view to grab the trainers and I smirk as he gasps.

“Bro these are sick. She even got them custom made for you. Look, they say NJH1D on the heel’s ID.” Niall raises an eyebrow and I hear Greg whisper. “Mate, she’s definitely a keeper. Think she’ll design some for Theo too?”

“Maybe.” I grin and speak loud out loud; just enough for Greg to hear that I heard him, and we all laugh together. Greg seems like a really charming guy. I can’t wait to meet him in person one day. He reminds me of a more serious and calm Niall –although more down to earth about his brother’s career. Even if Niall thinks he’s the most grounded celebrity there is, there will always be a small part of him that is smirking with pride, 24 hours a day –but that’s positive- it shows just how proud he is of where them boys have gotten to and how successfully lucky they’ve been over the last three years.

“Okay, open another one.” This is the fourth present now and it’s a small, cube box which could hold any number of things if I didn’t know exactly what was inside.

“Whats this?” He asks, intrigued by the black, velvet box that he finds inside of the wrapping paper, and then soon enough he’s opened it to find the watch.

“What? This is great… I just… Wait. This is Michael Kors…”

“Yeah,” I smile “I know who it was made by.”

“But… how?”

“Are you lost for words Niall Horan?” I tease.

“No, no. Never.” He laughs. “But seriously, these are expensive. A quarter of a grand at least –and that’s if you’re lucky.”

“Maybe I’ve got some other type of luck on my side.” I smile over at Uncle Nick, giving him the thumbs up from where I sit against the arm of the sofa on the carpet.

“You’re crazy. Is this…? You got it engraved too?”

"Yeah! You like it right?" Similar to the shoes, I had a bit of help when it came to personalising the gift. My uncle, a high-up worker within the Michael Kors business was able to alter the design of a certain golden watch that I liked and add an engraving to customise it for Niall’s personal use. He was also able to reduce the price by a weighty amount. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that my uncle persuaded his boss to let me have it for a fifth of the price –and of course the fact that I was buying it for the Niall Horan helped me to reduce the price drastically.

“Well obviously. You’re amazing. I could actually swear if the two of us weren’t surrounded by kids.”

“Don’t worry. I picked up the intentional ‘f’ word that I was sensing you wanted to add to that sentence.”

“Mmmhmm…” He puts the watch on, showing me that it is a pretty perfect fit for his right hand wrist. “So can I open the ‘show stealer’ yet?”

“I suppose.” I laugh, sitting up straighter as he picks it up and tears into the paper, revealing the brown, leather bomber jacket.

“Well this is different…” He checks it out with a smile, obviously expecting more from what I worked it up to be.

“Niall?” He looks at the camera curiously. “You’re not paying attention. Look at the back.” He does what I say, spotting the sewn logo on the back of the jacket.

“Ahh! It’s the Eagles! My favourite band, forgetting my own band of course!” I receive a wink, which is why he’s confused when I roll my eyes with a sigh.

“Niall. Bloody pay attention before I come all the way to Dublin to kick your butt.”

“Mullingar actually.” He corrects me with a smirk. He holds the jacket up, trying to look closer to every detail, when he clumsily drops it onto his lap, and he must have spot it -he must have- because in that moment he screams and jumps up higher than I’ve ever seen him do so before. I cringe at the thought of his knee, but the only thing I can hear is him shouting as the phone is thrown to the sofa and he goes running through the family house. “Dad! Greg! You gotta see this!”

“Has he opened it?” Justin looks down at my phone from behind me to see the perfect view I'm getting of nothing but the sofa’s black leather surface and a sliver of the white wall. The jacket and Niall's reaction has been a hot topic of conversation ever since he left for  Mullingar. “I guess he has.” My brother laughs and I do the same with a few quick nods. I guess it was the show stealer then.

Eventually, Niall finds his way back. “You’re bloody amazing! I could kiss you and hug you and everything else all at once!” He holds the jacket up again, checking the label multiple times. “D Henley. The D Henley. Is this legit?”


“How the hell did you find this? It’s impossible, they’re not giving anything away these days and no one’s selling, and yet you’ve managed to grab yourself the lead’s most popular jacket.”

“Actually, it’s yours, not mine remember.”

“I love you. Like if I ever said it before, it means nothing compared to now.”

“I know.” I giggle, giddy with pride and gratitude for Harry’s observance.

“I can’t even say thank you now… just wait till I get back to London. You're honestly the best. No one matches you.”

“That's cute..." I give him an adoring smile before tearing my eyes away. "Okay, well I’m going to go now. I’ve still got a whole pile of presents sitting in front of me and it’s honestly starting to become torturous. I also have a laptop to set up.”

“Well have fun. You’re amazing Rosie. For everything. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Niall.”

“Love you.”

“Love you.”

“I’ll talk to you later.”

“You seem so sure about that.” I wink.

“I am.” He smiles. “You haven’t opened or seen any of my presents yet. It’s guaranteed that we’ll be on the phone as soon as you do.”

“Okay, well see you later then Niall.”


“Bye.” I wave and the call is disconnected. Well, I think to myself, observing the room of happy and oblivious people, that was a beautiful start to the morning, but right now I’ve got a huge pile of wrapping paper and presents to tend to. Being the impatient person that I am, I get stuck in straight away. Let’s see… the present from Sophia and Liam or the present from the three other Little Mix girls first?


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