Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


154. Boy or Girl?


I pull the door open to find my mother rambling about something or other. “Oh David, run out to the car and help everyone to grab the bags of shopping please? We brought far too much to carry-” She looks up, swinging her auburn hair to one side, when we lock eyes.

“Rosie! You’re home….”

“Yeah.” I smile, taking the three bags of food from her hands.

“I’m so glad!” She laughs, wrapping her freed arms around my shoulders and stepping in to take her boots off. “You look great!”

“A big difference from the dark circles and bed rest huh?”

She laughs at my weird sense of humour and cups my cheek. “Yes. Don’t do that to us again. How long are you staying here for?”

I scrunch my lips and narrow my eyes with guilt. “Not long. Niall’s at a music video shoot until 8:00pm so I’m picking him up after that.”

“Okay, well I’m glad we got to see you for a little while at least.”

“I’m coming back tomorrow night though. Think you might be able to cater for another possible visitor too?” I pout my lips and raise one eyebrow challengingly. Well it is a big challenge having to cater for Niall...

“Of course love. I can’t wait to see Niall again. We haven’t seen him since he went to Ireland.”

“Lucky you.” I joke.

“Well go out and see your siblings then.” I do as she says and run outside into the cold to find Lola, Carla and Justin rummaging for bags in the boot of my mum’s Mercedes.

“I can’t carry all of these, babe!” Justin’s laughing at Carla as she piles her bags on top of him. Lola’s standing watching, cracking up laughing at the sight of Justin trying to juggle them all as they mountain up, way past his head and blocking his sight.

“Maybe I could help…” I suggest tentatively. They all turn around at the sound of my voice.

“Rosie!” Lola pounces on me, hugging me tight before stepping back and passing some of the bags to me.

“What are all these? I wonder…” I smile knowingly at Carla as I take more and more bags of Mothercare, New Look and Next clothing off of Justin’s hands.

“Where’ve you been huh?” Justin wraps one arm around me as soon as he manages to get it free. Carla does the same, hugging me awkwardly around her baby bump. It’s so defined at the moment.

“How’ve you grown to nearly twice size in three days?”

“I’m not even sure myself.” She laughs, twisting her long blonde hair into a bun on the top of her head. “The doctor says he’s a big baby!”


“Just a guess. Don’t worry, I don’t want to find out yet.”

"I think it's a girl." Justin pouts from beside me, staring at Carlie's baby bump like it will somehow give him an affirmative.

"I can't decide." Lola laughs, shrugging at me.

We argue about the sex of the baby the whole way in, driving my mum and dad crazy as we shout for either a boy or a girl.

Mum seems to agree that it's a girl, whilst dad argues for a boy. "I won't be able to stand it if she's a girl!" Dad laughs. "The little thing's going to have her granddaddy wrapped around her tiny finger."

"Bless." I giggle, just imagining my father's puppy dog eyes at the sight of his first granddaughter.

"But imagine if he was a boy Justin." Carla entwines her fingers with my brothers to grab his attention as he loads items into the freezer. "You can teach him to play football and how to be a gentleman. You can get him into cars and buy him tiny pairs of football boots."

"Convincing." He retorts. "But if it was a girl we could buy her the most gorgeous dresses and take her to ballet lessons when she's big enough."

"Ohh..." Carla hides her mouth behind her hand in delight. "Okay, you got me. I don't mind anymore -I just want to meet our baby."

Everyone in the room coos. "I feel the same. I just want to meet our little Stephens." I skip over to where Carla stands, leaning my head on her shoulder and wrapping my arms around her as I imagine my niece or nephew squirming in her stomach which juts out by at least 10cms now.

"And you girls will help me take care of it?"

"Course." Lola giggles. Coming over to hug Carla's other side.

"We're all in this together." Justin laughs, waiting for everyone to get the reference.

"Yes we are." Dad grins proudly, and out of the corner of my eye I see him take hold of my mother’s fingers. I'm glad I came home this evening. I wouldn't have wanted to miss this moment for the world.



Hello everybody.

I’m sorry for leaving you all clueless in reference to my update schedule for a little while, but it was what I needed to get my head around things. A number of days ago, someone sent me a little comment, giving me the encouragement to be honest with every single one of you, and to explain what is going on inside of my head right now.

As you may know, I am at that absolutely crappy stage of going through a whole summer worth of exams. I know what you’re all thinking. Yes, everyone goes through them at some point, yes, I need to learn how to manage myself and my workload, and yes, according to everybody and the whole world I should be doing more revision, more practice papers and more afterschool sessions. Right now, trying to handle my revision, afterschool sessions, out of school activities, job and writing this book is becoming an increasingly impossible task. It’s come to that point where I have to ask myself ‘what do I prioritise?’ Of course, my heart is telling me something different to my head. ‘The book, the book!’ is what it’s telling me, and I do half agree, but in my head, I know that it is not right to do that to myself. However much I hate myself, the schooling system, the exam boards and the whole wide world for this, I know that it is my own responsibility to take care of my education –an opportunity that many do not have at their disposal. Therefore, I have come to the horrible, horrible decision that I must keep this book as one of my lowest priorities, for the sake of everything else that I’m having to juggle at the moment.

This is not goodbye, I am assuring you that. This book is one of the only things that keeps me motivated –if I can even describe myself with that quality anymore. I will be tottering around the page every once in a while –updating any chapters I’ve had prepared for a while over the next few days, but there will not be any new content until I’m sure that I will be able to manage fitting writing into my schedule.

 I’m going to be blunt with all of you. My exams start on the 12th of May. From that point forward, I have 24 exams until the 20th of June. I am starting to feel like I am drowning. For half of the exams, I feel like I need to be learning the whole syllabus again in order to do well… I’m petrified.  I’m not saying that the book will be abandoned -of course not, I’m always writing my ideas down in my journal and developing them in the notes section of my phone- but what I am saying is that I would like you to look at ‘Roses for Roselyn’ in a different light. I feel that it would be easier for everyone –for me as the writer and for you as the audience- to think of the book as a frozen project. It’s not finished and it’s in no way stopping here, but I will be lucky to update it during this period… If we can look at in this way, it will not only take the pressure from myself –making it easier for me to do what I need to do- but it will also allow you to be pleasantly surprised if I can find a spare 30 minutes in my schedule to update it. Finding that I’ve updated a chapter will turn into something positive, rather than a negative because of the fact that I haven’t been able to write any new chapters for the past month, for example.

I hope you can do that, because I hate myself for doing this to all of you, but I always knew there would be a point where I needed to take some time off. Please don’t be annoyed, I am disappointed too. You guys are such amazing people –so motivational and such an inspiration to me. It’s you who keeps me going when I’m stuck for ideas or need to find the time to update. It’s the reads count, ticking up each second, as each of you open my story to read -and the thought that you will hopefully enjoy it- that keeps me going. It’s your beautiful comments that truly move me and make me feel like I can be myself – you give me the opportunity to belong to a group and community of people that I have been able to create myself. I haven’t lost my hope. I haven’t lost my love for this book. I haven’t lost my creativity, my passion or my motivation to write. I definitely haven’t lost my love for the characters, the boys themselves or you beautiful readers. I have just sadly lost my time.

So I’ll leave you with a promise. In the days that you are anxious for an update or some sign that I haven’t lost all hope in this movella, just think about the date. June the 20th. That’s the day it all ends. I will be the happiest girl alive, because that’s only the start. It’s the start of my two month summer and holiday from school. I can just imagine it now; spending everyday typing away on a sun lounger, getting lost in the beautiful world that I have created. Trying to keep to a minimum update target of one chapter a day. So that is my promise to all of you.

If you can be amazing and patient enough to wait until that one date, I will reward you with a whole summer of content. I by no means expect you to –I’m frustrating myself enough, even by writing this, but if you can do that… then I will be the most gracious, thankful person that I have ever been. You guys are the most amazing little fandom I’ll ever have. I love you all, and until I upload next, I just want to tell you guys that sometimes it’s okay to put things in perspective, no matter how strongly you oppose or how selfish it may seem to you at the time. For me, that is my exams. I will never have another chance at them, however I can write this story in the little free time that I do have.

This has been really hard for me to write –harder than any chapter I have ever written- but I feel that I was advised in the right way. I need to be honest with you. This is me being honest. Thank you. You are all incredible. I will never cease to be amazed at how supportive you are of just another obsessive fan who decided she wanted to write a fan fiction. You all deserve the world and more, and I hope that one day you will get to meet the boys and that they will notice the same qualities in you too, because there’s not even one of you who doesn’t deserve that. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this update. It’s the least that you deserve. And you should also know that I’m always here for you; as a friend or an advisor. This is such a horrible letter; it feels like I’m saying goodbye, but I promise I’m not.

Stay happy. Stay motivated. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to the boys. Don’t lose hope, in me or the characters. See you soon. And most of all, keep reading…

Nialls_Tribute xxx

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