Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


27. Audition


I had my bag slung over my back and was walking towards the hall, from getting changed, when my phone buzzed in my hand; it was Niall.

‘I’m sorry about everything in the news this morning. I’ll put things straight this evening. Hope your auditions go well –the boys and I are all looking forward to seeing you and hearing how it goes. Text you later, Niall x’

I made a promise to him, silently, in my head; I knew  that I hadn’t been out in front of a stage to sing for a good while, but I had to try my hardest. Everything that I did today would be for him. He had gone out of his way to make me feel special over the last couple of days; it was the least that I could do for him.


“Rosie Stephenson!”

My best friend took her place on stage, with her back turned to the audience, and waited for the music to start. She was dressed in black from head to hips - as she was wearing pink tights and her most prized ballet shoes, that allowed her to go on pointe. Her mum had designed them for her 17th birthday and they were pink satin shoes with silver jewels embroidered into them and silver, glittered ribbons that glittered under any kind of light. They were Rosie’s prized possessions.

My heart twirled in anticipation and she shifted as I could see her take a deep breath. The classical music started at a high tempo, meaning that she was left skipping, hopping, jumping and prancing around the stage. The smile that was plastered onto her face showed all of her perfect teeth. Her long legs looked beautiful as she jumped and did the splits in mid air before coming back down into a triple pirouette.

Her beautiful talents never ceased to amaze me; dancing, singing, designing –and I could feel my jaw dropping as I sat in the small audience of people watching as they waited to audition. Somehow, she managed to make ballet look cool; perhaps even sexy. Two guys next to me were whispering about how hot she looked. She was gliding across the stage on her toes, looking as beautiful as an angel and they decided to refer to her as ‘hot’? I had to roll my eyes: typical Harris High.

Some girls were whispering about how talented she was when I turned around to smile at them and saw that most people were captivated by my best friend’s elegance. I wasn’t surprised –pride wasn’t even the word to describe it. She finished off her routine by pirouetting on one leg whilst on her toes and spinning off of the stage. The audience clapped along with enthusiasm and Miss Thompson, our A Level dance teacher, just smirked at the other two teachers and whispered something to them.

Rosie walked back onto the stage, her shoes were replaced with a similar pair of socks to the pair that she had been wearing last night, and the jumper that Niall had bought her and cuddled up to her when she was wearing it yesterday. The two of them were so cute but I knew that things would be complicated until they both understood what they wanted. It was so sweet to see her cuddled up inside of it on stage though; a sentimental secret that only my friend and I knew, for the moment.

She was holding a microphone as she walked into the centre of the stage. “Thank you for that performance Rosie.” Mrs Jones said as if dismissing her “Now who’s next...” She looked down her list on the table as Rosie spoke up and her music teacher got up onto the stage - to take her place at the piano.

“Actually Mrs Jones, I was planning on auditioning twice. I’m going to be singing now.”

“Oh, okay... Carry on then dear.” There were mumbles from around the hall; noone else was going to be auditioning twice.

Rosie spoke shyly to the audience. “This song is for someone who is very special to me and will be in my mind whenever I think of this song.” She smiled at Mrs Winters and she started playing the piano for her. I knew I recognized it from somewhere, as did the people who sat around me, mouthing words at each other excitedly.

Rosie attached the microphone to the stand and closed her eyes as she listened for her queue. She started the song and the penny dropped. It was none other than one of One Direction’s songs.


Try to make me stay

Or ask if I'm okay

I don't have the answer


Make me stay the night

Or ask if I'm alright

I don't have the answer.”

I knew her voice was gorgeous and I hadn’t heard her sing for a while but this was on a completely different level than before. Every note was held and it melted into the next - like thick, sweet caramel. Her voice was sweetly, high and raspy, like a young Ellie Goulding.

She was in her own world as she whispered the lyrics into the microphone and I started to feel my eyes well up. She took a deep breath and - through the gorgeous lyrics - let it back out as she belted out the lyrics that led up to the chorus. Her fingers were wandering up and down the microphone stand, one at a time, as her eyes were wandering the crowd.

“Heartache doesn't last forever

I'll say I'm fine

Midnight ain't no time for laughing

When you say goodbye

It makes your lips

So kissable

And your kiss


Your fingertips

So touchable

And your eyes


She dragged the last word out in a whisper and took a deep breath before she looked up at Mrs Winters and then down to the teachers. “That’s all I have for now.” The audience, as a whole, were just sitting there stunned when I shot up and started applauding as loud as I could, whistling and jumping. I heard people start to join me and before I knew it the whole hall was bursting with applause that came from the students that were sat filling up the front 6 rows.

The hall was starting to quieten down as I heard Mrs Jones whisper to the other teachers “Well I think we’ve found our little star.” It wasn’t supposed to be audible but most people heard it. "Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings, don't miss any of them Rosie Stephens! There's going to be a lot of songs you'll be taking part in. You have an incredible talent so you better not waste it young lady!" Mrs Jones called at her from the middle of the teachers panel. They weren't supposed to tell people who was in the show until Monday; well... it's Rosie. People always make exceptions for Rosie, I laughed to myself.

“She’s amazing.”

“I love her voice!”

“I’m so jealous.”

“We might as well go home now mate. There’s no point auditioning after that.”

“Who knew she could sing like that!?”

Rosie jumped off the stage and ran straight into me “Your voice is so beautiful.” I hugged her tight in my arms and the clapping started to die down as the next kid to audition was called to the stag "And now you're in the End of Term Winter Show! You don't even understand how proud I am of you!" I noticed that she had a tear in her eye “Hey.”  

She apologised. “Sorry, that song just gets me.”

“You need to sing it to the boys!”

“Nooo way! I couldn’t do that.”

“You say that now.” I just smirked at her as I took her hand and walked out of the hall with her so that she could get changed and we could go home.

“Was it really okay?” She didn’t even realise how good she was.

“Are you fucking serious? Rosie, I haven’t heard a voice like that since...” I couldn’t even think when. She just laughed at me as we entered the girls toilets, where there was a small changing room, and she started to get back into her clothes that she had been wearing before.

Five minutes later we were ready to go. “Have you had any texts from you-know-who?” It wasn’t safe to talk in the girls toilets; anyone could be in here. Rosie was washing her hands in the sink when she pointed for me to go to her phone.

“Look for yourself.” I unlocked her phone and went to her messages where I found Niall at the top of her recent messages. There were two. One thanking her for such a goodnight and letting us know that the boys were interested in meeting up with us some time soon. The other was to say that he would sort out the problems with the media and good luck for her audition today.

“How did he know? About the audition I mean?” She looked at me in the mirror.

“Oh I just mentioned it to him last night.” It was surreal to see her talk so offhandedly and casually about such an important celebrity. Of course I knew that she felt the same hesitation as me inside, and that this casual behaviour was just an act to make herself seem more confident.

“Rosie, is it all still weird to you? I keep feeling like I need to pinch myself.”

“Of course it is, why would I feel any different?”

“Well I was just wondering whether you’ve gotten used to it yet?”

“How could I get used to it in 2 days? Oh yeah, did you want to come over to mine tonight? We can watch the boys’ interviews and you could stay around mine?”

“Yeah that sounds cool!” I just remembered what my mum and dad had reminded me about this morning, before I left for school. “I have a party to go to tomorrow though so I’ll have to leave just after lunch, that okay?”

“Sure!” As she smiled at me in the mirror and played with her hair I remembered her angelic voice. The simple version of the boys' song was so beautiful and showed off her talent. I made a promise to myself that one way or another; Rosie Stephens would sing to the boys of One Direction. It was her dream to make it in the performing world, so she had to start somewhere.


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