Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


157. Admittance


At around 11:30 I hear Harry stroll in from the elevator, the sound of a few other familiar voices echoing in the flat before harry wishes them goodnight and the metal doors shut again.

“Rach?” He shouts into the dark flat. I bite my tongue and turn over towards the large city windows.  “Hey, there you are.”

“You’re back.”

“Mmhm.” I feel the mattress sink as he gets in beside me, kicking his brogues off and resting a light hand on my hip. “Sorry I took so long, we stopped at a pub on the way back and there was a problem.” I adjust my hand to lay it between the side of my face and the pillow. “We actually stopped at the one where Jace lives, which we didn’t realise at the time. Any way, he made an appearance and Niall got into a fight with him. Took a few punches and they were both on the floor, but neither Rosie nor Niall have spoken a word the whole way home. Lou was saying it was really awkward…”

I’m sort of shocked by the outcome. That’s not like Niall at all. “I’m glad Niall hit him. It’s what he deserved.”

“Well yeah, apparently that’s what he thought too, but it won’t be good if the kid goes shouting about it.”

“Mm…” I mumble.

“You’re really quiet. Are you okay?”


“I’m sorry I had to go.” I can see him smile in the reflection of the window. He’s so gorgeous it almost hurts, but for once the sight provokes me.

“It’s fine.” I reply with a yawn, having to shut my eyes to control my feelings. “I’m just a bit tired.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m gonna have a shower and then I’ll go to sleep.”

“Okay.” I don’t need a shower. Whilst Harry was gone I spent nearly two hours under the faucet of water,  waiting for my skin to turn numb under the heating and feeling sorry for myself –wishing that he had said something.

But now I have to say something. “How was your day?”

Harry gets up from the bed and walks in the direction of the en suite. “It was good. Ben says he’s happy with all the footage we got.”

“I wasn’t talking about that part.” I whisper quietly.

Harry must have heard because he turns back to me. There’s no getting out of this now. “What?” I dab at my eye before I can start crying and end up giving myself away. “Rae… What’s wrong?”

“Harry… You know what I’m talking about.” I turn to meet his eyes but he looks away guiltily.

“It was… okay. Publicity stunts are all the same… You go out, pretend to look happy and then smile for the cameras that have been passed on the ‘secret’ message by a supposed anonymous source. Amazing how many cameras Modest got there this afternoon…”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” That’s what’s been bothering me the most.

“I tried to. I did. But how do I tell the girl I like –the girl I really like- that it’s time for me to go out to pretend to be with another girl?” I don’t envy him, that’s for sure. “It was just a dinner, okay? As soon as this is over I’ll take you to a hundred dinner dates. A thousand if that’s what you want.”

“I don’t… I just want people to know about us… and until then I want you to tell me so that I can prepare myself and not look like an idiot when my best friend knows more about your day than I do.”

“Okay, I can make that promise.”

“So when’s the next one?”

He bites his lip, looking up at the ceiling with his hand in his hair before he drops it to his side heavily. “On Monday.” That gives me 3 days. “It’s just lunch and a game of crazy golf but I’d recommend that you find something to do that day because us boys have a charity event that evening.”

“Okay. Thanks for telling me.”

He bites his lip with even more guilt; his voice going very low and his eyes reaching even lower. “Rach, don’t forget I’m going over to LA for a week as well.”

“Oh yeah, that’s fine. Well it’s not fine but I’ll be back in school by then –doing lots of work and stuff.” I try my hardest to make it sound like I’m not bothered –like I’ll have more to do than just sit around moping until he returns. “My parents are coming back home and I’ll probably go out with Rosie. We can make lots of plans because Niall will be getting his operation. Things will be fine… just fine.”

“Okay.” He raises one side of his mouth in a half-smile. “Well I’ll take a shower now and then we can go to sleep. We can talk about it some more when I come out?”

“No. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” I say quickly -perhaps too quickly… “Sorry… I mean sure, no promises I’ll still be awake though.”

“That’s fine. Go to sleep love, you look tired.” And with that, and a short genuine smile, he disappears into the bathroom as if a weight has been taken from his chest. This has all been a relief to him, lthough I’m not sure how I feel about the lump still stuck in my throat… I hope it will go away in time, because I’ve never felt sicker to the centre of my stomach than I have over the past few hours.

What is it with me and relationships? I question myself, slinging an arm over my tired eyes as I clench the duvet in my fist and look up at the ceiling. They never seem to run smoothly when I’m involved…


As soon as we arrive at the block of flats, all of the boys and Eleanor wish us a quiet goodnight, with only Zayn and Liam chattering between themselves quietly. The elevator empties one by one as people and couples get out, leaving Niall and I leaning against the same railing. The doors open and I soundlessly walk out, striding ahead of the frowning boy who hangs back and then reluctantly follows me in. I’m not mad. I’m not upset. I just can’t get the sound of knuckles meeting flesh out of my head. I can’t get the image of those tortured blue eyes out of my mind. I can’t forget the weirdly quiet journey here.

I hang around in the middle of the laminate floorboards, surveying the room and wondering what to do first. I could make a drink but I’m not really bothered. I could go and watch TV but I don’t see any point in that. Instead I just stand still and take a deep breath, sighing everything out of my system and dropping my bag to the centre of the floor.

“Talk to me…”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“So tell me how you’re feeling.” He fills the silence with more words. “Are you angry? Upset? Annoyed? Just tell me, I can’t deal with this silence babe it’s driving me crazy.”

I don’t feel any of that, I just feel… “I feel like a burden.” I turn around to Niall sharply, my eyes softening as they meet his disappointed gaze. At first he looks like he understands, and that he knows he’s done something wrong, but then his facial expression distorts into one of confusion. He brings his hand up to his face and gnaws on one of his nails. He only does that when he’s nervous.

“You feel like… a burden?”

“Yes…” It’s only now that I’ve said it that it’s become apparent to me. That’s exactly what I feel like.

“What? Well… why?”

“The more time I had to think about it in the car, the more obvious it became… I’m still in school and you’re paying for a body guard for me, along with many other things-”

“-I’m not having you in fights because some girls have a hate campaign against you... Besides you like having Harvey there don’t you?”

“I get you into fights with other guys-”

“-That was just this once and it was my decision, not yours.” He interrupts to correct me, stressing his point, but I shake my head and carry on.

“We’re constantly travelling between London and my house to see each other and as soon as I go back to school we’re hardly going to see each other anyway.” I lift my arms in exhaustion. The pitch of my voice goes up an octave and my breathes come more deeply and fast paced, especially as Niall turns away from me, shaking his hands and refusing to listen like I’m being ridiculous. “I don’t want to be the person who ties you down and stops you from having fun! I’m not even 18 yet, you’re 20. You could be out drinking with your friends and going to clubs as often as you want. Having flings with girls who can give you what you want! Some of the most beautiful girls in the whole world…” I sigh.

“That’s ridiculous…” He shakes his head mildly but I ignore the gesture and comment.

“You could be doing whatever you want! Instead we’re doing…” I look around the room expecting to find something. There’s nothing. “Well… this.”

Niall folds his arms, leaning back against the counter next to the oven. “And what if I don’t want a life like the one you just described. What if I used to have that life, and it’s only now, only once I’m being ‘tied down’” he makes quotation marks with his fingers and a roll of his eyes “that I’ve realised that I’m finally happy?” As if he even needs to reiterate what he’s just said he carries on. “Drinking, girls, clubs, sex. I don’t give a fuck about that.” He laughs shyly. “I’ve only just really figured out what’s important to me and that means that I don’t want to lose you… It’s such a fucking cliché but I don’t.”

I’m left speechless. “Come here.” He strides over and takes my hand, leading me to the couch where he sits down and sits me down next to him. I look at him with apprehension when he puts one leg up and opens his arms to let me fall back against his chest. Niall takes out his phone and holds it in front of the two of us before opening up his music collection and jumping into a popular playlist.

“Look at this… All of these songs, every single one of them. What are they?”

“They’re your songs.” I study with a creased brow.

“But that’s the thing.” I look back at him in confusion as he scrolls up and down through the three albums worth. “They’re not my songs. Or at least they weren’t. I was singing them… but I wasn’t really singing them? Do you get what I mean?”

I nod lightly, finding a place to rest the back of my head on his shoulder. “Are you talking about the lyrics?”

“Exactly.” He bites his lip quickly. “I don’t know, I kind of feel like they’re all making sense now. Well, most of them anyway.” His finger hovers over Taken and I hope that he never has to experience that one. It’s probably one of the only ones that he’d be best not really singing from the heart.

“What about that one?”

I point at the screen but Niall must have seen it from a different angle. “Hmm… Why Don’t We Go There? Yeah. I think there’s a few things I can relate to in that one.”

He smiles at me with admittance, waiting for my reaction, but I try to keep a straight face to stop myself from laughing. I fail miserably as a few of the lyrics make an appearance in the back of my mind and end up giggling uncontrollably; feeling bad for laughing and cupping his cheek. “Yeah, I was actually talking about Kiss You.”

He looks down at his phone where the songs lie next to each other and then lets out a chuckle, his eyes crinkling in the corners. “Oh… Well, yes, definitely that one.” I raise my eyebrows and show him my cheek pointedly. Not a second passes before he leans in to peck it quickly.

He wraps his arms around me, resting them both on one of my hips as I twist in his embrace and lean in closer to cuddle against his chest. “I’m sorry about earlier Rose.”

“It’s okay.”

“I scared you.”

“You didn’t scare me. I knew it wasn’t what you’d want. Not if you were thinking rationally…” I bite my lip, contemplating over whether I should say it. “Although I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the look on his face when he realised what had happened.”

“And that kid’s only 16?”


“Jesus, he really did need teaching a lesson. Little fuck...”

I let Niall have his moment of pride before giving him the inevitable negative. "It was good, but you can't do anything like that again."

"Hopefully I won't need to."

"No but Niall I'm serious. He's exactly the type of guy that's going to go running to some form of media about it. You heard him… You can't afford that. Next time I don't care what happens, if there even is a next time, you let me deal with it or you ignore it. I don't want you getting into trouble."

"I don't care, if someone-"

"If someone hurts me, the effects of reacting to it will hurt everybody else twice as much. You can't have bad press."

"Baby I'm not going to let anyone hurt you."

"Well do me the favour of not hurting yourself. You have no idea what it felt like seeing him tackle you centimetres from that bench –punching you and hurting you… I know you were standing up for me, and that's the sweetest and single most cutest thing that anyone's ever done for me, but it's not you. You're completely the opposite of that person you were today."

He shrugs rigidly. "I guess. But that's not a promise." 

"Well that's good enough." I shrug it off with a laugh and an exaggerated roll of my eyes. "You Irish... Not as lucky as I once thought."

He traces a finger around my waist line, over the material of my t-shirt, a cheeky smirk playing on his lips. "I'm Irish through and out baby. Better get used to it."


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