Sepreated *Larry*

This story is about a famous boy band and two of there singers who are deeply in love but must keep it hidden for it is forbidden. Will the two ever be able to fall in love or will they fall apart trying?


3. Your my only love

Harry's pov:

I had just opened the door up to see a tall guy with brown hair swept to the side. He had a British accent just like me. He was also kind of cute. I introduced to my self to him and then out of the corner of my eye I saw Liam Niall and Zayn all running at me with whipped cream. Just as they were about to spray me I swung around and got them. O I got them good.

Before I knew it we were all spraying each other well Louis just stood their and watched us.

Louis's pov:

I wasn't sure what to really do right now. Then Harry turned to face me and put their  game on pause. He looked at me with his big green eyes that took my breath away. Wait what was I thinking. Louis you have a GIRL FRIEND and you love her very much. I had to keep telling my self that I was happy with Elanour.

That's right guys as of right now I'm straight. I like girls kill me now. Any way he turned to me and said, "Oh um bye the way Louis. The guy with the heavy Irish accent is Niall.

  The one with black hair is Zayn.

The last one with the big brown bushy hair is Liam.

Then here is a picture of Harry the guy i think I'm falling for.


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