Sepreated *Larry*

This story is about a famous boy band and two of there singers who are deeply in love but must keep it hidden for it is forbidden. Will the two ever be able to fall in love or will they fall apart trying?


18. Silent treatment and a trip to ......

Harry's pov:

I started to blush just like zayn at the sight of niall siting in the kitchen. Only i wasnt blushing because of niall i was blushing because i was thinking about lou and how everything he does makes me love him more.

Right after Liam ran and scooped Niall up i turned to talk to zayn again. Then thats when i saw louis comeing down stairs. "Good morring lou!" Me and zayn said together. Lou looked at me and then at zayn. "Good morring zayn." He said a smile on his face.

I sat their waiting for my time to get a good morring from him only i never did. He just kept walking after that. "Hey lou are you okay?" I asked him looking confsued. He just started to whisle and kept walking.

Liam's pov:

"Niall what were you cooking your all sticky!" Niall looked at me with a smile on his face. I felt my face get hot right then. "I was tring to make you a cake for your birthday tomorrow." He had a smile on his face still. I wanted to be mad at him but i couldnt be mad at him.

I mean you try being mad at him. Its like the hardest thing to do. "Okay niall but next time ask harry to help you?" He nodded gus head. "Good now take a shower niall you smell. Ill get some clean cloths." He started stripp down as i left the bathroom. Okay now to pick out cloths for niall.

Louis's pov:

It looks like my plan is working. Now that harry is taken care of i can go and talk to niall. I went back up stairs with banna. I heared some one in the shower so i figured it must be liam vut instead when i went to nialls room. Their was liam taking out nialls cloths. I knew he liked him but this is just creepy.

"Hey liam what are you doing....?" Liam turned around a little like what? Who is that? "O hey louis im just geting cloths for niall well he takes a shower." I shook my head yes. Then said, "o well when he gets out can you tell him i want to talk to him?" Liam shook his head yes and i walked away.

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