Sepreated *Larry*

This story is about a famous boy band and two of there singers who are deeply in love but must keep it hidden for it is forbidden. Will the two ever be able to fall in love or will they fall apart trying?


16. Love is in the air

Liam's pov:

I was going down stairs to watch some telly. It was like 2 in the morening and i couldnt sleep. It looked like i wasnt the only one that couldnt sleep. "Hey Niall what are doing up this late?"

He looked up at me a little suprised. "Just wantwd to wTch aome foot ball is all." I sniled as i took a seat next to him. "Is that really it?" Niall shook his head. "No, i cant sleep and im home sick. O yea and im also waiting for louis to come and tell me how his date went."

Just as he said that louis came down with a big smile on his face. "So how did it go with harry?" I turned around from the smiling niall. Now i was looking at a blushing louis. "Well we talked laughed ate and just had fun. He said looked cute in my outfit." Louis started to blush again.

Thats when niall shot up from his chair. "DID YOU GUYS KISS!!!!!!" He looked at me for a bit then back at niall. With out saying a word he nodded his head. We all jumped around yelling with joy for lou.

*2 hours later*

Lou went back up stairs to go back to sleep. Me and niall stayed down stairs to watch the game. Only about half way threw the game niall fell asleep on my lap. He kind of looked cute when he was asleep. You know maybe love is in the air tonight.

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