Sepreated *Larry*

This story is about a famous boy band and two of there singers who are deeply in love but must keep it hidden for it is forbidden. Will the two ever be able to fall in love or will they fall apart trying?


4. Lets have fun

Niall's pov:

I turned around to see why I heard my name. That's when I notice harry talking to someone. I guess he was my new band mate. Harry turned to us and said, "Lads this is Louis our newest band mate." Well that answered my question. I walked up to Louis and shook his hand. "Welcome to the band Louis. Hey do you want some help with your bags?" He smiled at me and shyly nodded his head yes. I grabbed his bags and lead him into the room I showed him our room. "Wait we all have to share a bed together?" I looked at him and laughed. "Well yeah Simon says we need to learn to get along and share since well be with each other every day for the rest of our lives. He said that sharing a room would be a good start to this plus this way we also get to know each other better.

"Oh okay. That cool I guess." I could tell that something was bugging him. He was probably just scared being in a new place with 4 total strangers who he didn't know. "Hey um Louis as you saw before were having a wiped cream battle out side do you want to join us. Me and you can team up against he others."

Louis' pov:

Niall lead me to my room and then asked me if I wanted to join their game. "We can be on a team together if you want." I shook my head yes and then said," I would love that Niall." He went down stairs to the kitchen as I followed him. He went in the fridge and got out another can then handed it to me. With this we both wen running out side screaming like crazy spraying the lads and laughing.

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