Sepreated *Larry*

This story is about a famous boy band and two of there singers who are deeply in love but must keep it hidden for it is forbidden. Will the two ever be able to fall in love or will they fall apart trying?


12. Falling for my best friends girl friend

Niall's pov:

Call me crazy but I think I was falling in love with Eleanor. I mean I know I just met her but I couldn't help it. It was lat in the day now and I decided to take Eleanor out for a night on the town. I mean don't get me wrong I asked Louis if this was okay and he said yes. Only what happened last night was something neither one of us will ever forget.

Eleanor's pov:

I was walking around London at night with Niall. I was really surprised that Lou said it was okay with him. I was pulled out of my thoughts bye the sight of Niall fixing his jacket. I just laughed at him causing him to jump. "What's so funny?" I was laughing so hard now that my face turned a bright red. I just pointed at him and watched him do a fake laugh and then role his eyes.

"O Niall you crack me up." He smiled at me and then pointed to a restaurant not to far off. "How about we go and get something to eat?" "That sounds like a great idea." We made our way over to the restaurant laughing the hole time and cracking jokes too. When we arrived the waiter got us a lovely seat and Niall was real genital men. We ate our food when it arrived and talked about our lives.

"Wow so your a model?" I nodded seeing how shocked he was. "What about Niall?" He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. "My life isn't that great but it shore its fun." I looked at him confused. "You see what im saying is that I may not have a to of things in my life. Yet their so fun to me because I make the best of what I have." He winked at me  and I laughed again.

Just then his smile was gone as he looked at me. "What's the matter Niall?" He looked at me and said, "Nothing nothing sorry I zoned out for a second their." He smiled at me and then went back to eating and I knew that something was wrong but I didn't ask. "Um Eleanor how long have you and Louis been together? Like when did you to meet?" "Well we've been together a year so far. We met back in Doncaster. I was just another huge fan of you guys at the time with a dream of meeting you guys. I just happened to be lucky enough to meet Louis. We fell in love and things took off form their." I smiled at Niall seeing how deep he got into my story.

*Skip rest of dinner*

Me and Niall walked around London a little more before heading back to the lads. "I had a great time to night Niall thank you so much." "Your welcome and I had a good time too." We were back at the house right out side the door. I was just about to go in side when Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. I didn't know what was happing at first. I was thinking he wanted a hug good night or something but then when I least expected it he leaned in and kissed me. The strange part was that I kissed him back our lips moving in sink.

I pulled away from him and said, "Niall I can't I'm with Louis." He looked down and I could that he was up set that this had to end. "Your right Eleanor I'm sorry." I gave him a hug and went in side. A little why after he followed.

Niall's pov:

I can't believe that I just kissed her. Your so stupid Niall. Why would you do that?! Can't you see that she loves Louis and always will.  I was pulled out of my thoughts bye Harry patting my back. Hey Niall your home how was it? Did Eleanor have a good time?"  I smiled at him and nodded my head. "Hey Harry can we talk about this tomorrow  maybe? It's late and I had a long day and I'm really tired." He looked at and gave me a hug. "Yea of course night Nialler see tomorrow." "Night Hazza." I ran up stairs and locked my self in my room. I have to stop my self before I fall in love Eleanor!!!!!!


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