Actions speak louder than words

Might be really crap 1st fanfic sorry!!


2. Chapter Two- Why?

"What's wrong with him?" I asked 

They started sniggering after the assembly thing was over. 

"There is a lot wrong with him" Harry laughed throwing his arm over Rosie's shoulder. 

"Please share"

"Long story Mel. But I spotted someone staring at you. One of the new lads." Liam laughed fixing my head into a head lock. So I hit his balls making him double over in pain. We left him on the floor. Oh typical us. 

"What you got next baby?" Harry asked Rosie. 

"Uhm, Melanie what have I got next?"


"Great, just great!"


"Forgot my essay" she sighed

"Mel what have you got?" Zayn asked wrapping his arm around my waist. 

"Free period." I explained flicking his fingers away  off my hip. 

"Oh sad."

"Why?" I asked my eyebrows raising.

"We all got french or science" He murmured. 

I shrugged him off AGAIN! 

'Well i'm going to meet Wirral. See ya later!' I smiled rushing off to Wirral's locker. 

 Some idiot knocked my hands and I dropped my phone I went to pick it up but the stupid dick went down first . 


"Whatever" I sighed running my fingers over the cracked screen. I looked at him. 

"HEY! MEL!" i turned around to face Liam. 


"Why did you hit my ball-- hi louis"

"Oh uhm hey Liam, I got to go bye!" 

"Liam what happened between you guys?"

"Ask your best mate" he grumbled walking off

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